The lovely thing about owning this blog, is that I have complete control of the comments that are allowed. Haters–you are wasting your time posting here. Your comments will not be approved. Move along, sir, move along!


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  1. It is wonderful to have that control. Same for my blog. They have to be approved. It is the best way to keep it clean and the hate out.

  2. Too sad, that the haters feel the need to spread their vitriol everywhere. Somehow, most haters do not get the message that no matter how loud they shout, how much vile they attempt to impart on the “ill informed masses”, their messages fall on deaf ears. I am not and never have been of the “sheep mentality”. I read, can comprehend, and like to believe myself a responsible, informed adult; therefore, the hater commenters need to take their tripe to the like-minded sites!

  3. Thank you for giving us this site . God bless !!

  4. As every five year old has been told, if you can’t talk politely you won’t be allowed at the grown-up’s table.

  5. Hah! ‘The Higher Ground’ post must have struck a cord. XD

  6. That is why I came here, to get away from the haters. Thank you for this site. Thanks for keeping out the hate.

  7. Thank you so much! This site gives all of us the peace and sanity we need in our effort to help combat the current issues! Thank you Sue!!

  8. I love your site I think kristen look scared in this picture I think she needs more body guard. Around her I love both her and rob my prays goes out to them it’s a shame that those to kids cannot go out together and enjoy a night out just the two of them that they have to hide away in their homes or go out with someone els instead of together stay strong rob and kristen hold your heads up love you two

  9. I don’t understand why haters actually post comments on a website that has Justice for Kristen as a name. Because mostly all the people involve with this whole site are fans of Kristen in some way or other and all support her (Rob Too of course) It is kind of like sitting at a home section when you are on the opposite side. But I just laughed because they probably took a lot of time (or not) to write all this crap but then not having it post all their hateful words on this site is probably killing them. This is site is probably going to change how the media is seen in the future(just have a gut feeling)

    • kyla I have that same feeling that something is about to change. I sense a smell of victory in the air. The tide is changing and I believe with all my heart that people from all over, not just fans, will see this site as a place where the truth and only the truth can be found.

      There are people who are searching for the truth but they don’t know where to look. I know because I was one of those people. I found JFK while visiting a fan site. Since coming here, I’ve seen the growth at this site and I know more and more people will find their way here. It’s contagious and it’s okay to spread it.

      veulentsavior we are all greatful for what you are doing with this site and we have your back.

  10. I would like to know if kristen and Robert is going to teen choice award together and receive their award and it would be nice to see if they win for best kiss they should kiss right their on stage in front all their haters hold their heads up wish them luck

  11. You are very appreciated!

  12. I agree totally, I am sick of the Kristen attacks, I have to give her credit for rising above it for the most part, I think I would have blown a long time before now if I were her. I do not like seeing Lindsay Lohan put Kristen down, this young lady (Lindsay), lives in the biggest glass house on earth and she still thinks she can throw stones at others, it is obvious that she is very jealous of Kristen and her work ethic and the life she has carved out for herself. It seems that Lindsay feels like she has to bring everyone down to her level. You go Kristen, you have a lot to be proud of.

    • CL, that’s what insecure people do, they put others down to take the focus off of themselves. I saw the headlines on the Internet “Lindsey Disses Kristen.” I did not click because I’m not interested in what she has to say about anyone, especially Kristen.

      • Personally I think Lindsey shouldn’t point fingers because her life isn’t going that well from where I am sitting. All she has to say about Kristen is laughable(I didn’t watch it too because I would probably be disgusted that someone that understands what Kristen is going through with her being a child star too make fun of her. Not right to me) People make fun of people of what they don’t like in themselves or like what you said and they are insecure and have to put other people down to make themselves feel better. I can’t stand how too many people focus on Money, power, fame, looks, and jealously(because really that is why haters hate without even knowing someone) And if we focus on the important things then maybe we probably wouldn’t have some of the problems we are having today in the world.

      • I hope that some positive changes in her life will come as a result of rehab. But disses your fellow actors no matter what the reasons, is not a good start. This young lady have a lot of proving to do, and she is in no place to start mouthing off. Being interviewed by Oprah does not put you on top immediately. In fact it can blow up in your face if you are not truful, just like Lance Armstrong.

        I’ve never heard nor read any negative comments made by Kristen pertaining to her fellow actors. You have to admire her for that.

  13. All their true fans need to get together and come up with something to stop the paps From-harassing Kristen and rob so they can enjoy their self when they go out together I really miss seen them together they look so sad being out alone I can,t Waite for their new movies come out I hope they go to the teen choice award together and hold their heads up high need to give her big kiss on stage if they win for best kiss couple in front of all the haters out their love them both can,t Waite to see them out together keep up the good work both of you

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