Kristen selfie busted

Hey everyone hope u have a great day and an awesome week greetings Kris 😘😘 #proof 

Tweeted on Twitter by @ImMsStewart.  I don’t know if it is a real account, but I believe it is her.  Check out the ring on her left ring finger!!!!

UPDATE:  Well, looks like the naysayers are correct!  Turns out that this is an imposter.  She goes under the pseudonym of kstewartlook.  Apparently, her picture was “stolen” by another poser called ImMzStewart.  As if Kristen doesn’t have enough problems with demented fans, paparazzi and haters, there seems to be another subculture of “wannabes” that post pictures pretending to be Kristen.

I understand that there are some on Twitter that are implying that JFK has lost its credibility by posting this picture.  That to me is sad.  People will go to tabs time after time and look at pictures that have been taken under questionable circumstances, possibly doctored and certainly posted with the intent of making money with no concern for the person in question.  They will view, those photographs, tweet them, and retweet them with no worries.   I stated at the time I posted the photo that I didn’t know if it was her or not.  Turns out it wasn’t.  I stand corrected.  A mistake was made and now has been corrected.  One photograph on this site does nothing to undermine the work that has been and continues to be done here.  If, in your opinion it does, you don’t need to be coming here anyway.


36 Responses

  1. I thought this account on twitter was proven to be yet another fake Kristen account. Are you sure, before you believe that pic is real….that it’s not a manipulation?…..

    As private as Kristen is, and has told us in interviews…I hardly believe this is real.

    Not trying to be a debbie-downer, but reality has to take precedence….or should…..

    • I don’t know if it has been proven to be a false account or not. I have no knowledge of it either way. However, I have been watching it for a while and I do believe that it is run by someone who knows or is close to Kristen. I could be wrong. But, if I am, then no harm done. If it is a manip. Fine. All I am certain of is that it is NOT a pap picture. She looks happy and I thought it was high time we saw that.

  2. I”m gonna have to fangirl for a minute. Hope that ring means what I think it means. Okay, I am sane again.

  3. I am not sure it is real but there is an IG with the same name. Also she has an which has been proven to be real. the name is @KJSte and you can ask/tell her stuff and she tries to answer when she can…She has answered one of my questions before.

  4. I don’t know what to think would love for it to be true…but I am not sure it is even her..something looks off with the nose and mouth, unless this is the week they are getting ready to reveal something, that looks like a double band sitting there on her finger.

  5. I’m extremely suspicious. I don’t think that’s even her in the photograph.

  6. I’m just glad to see a happy pic of her and not a pap pic.

  7. That’s not Kristen! It’s a girl who dresses like Kristen, I think her Instagram name is “kristenstyle” or “kristenclothes”. You can see a number of photos she took of herself-she even made herself her own “God loves ugly” sweater. In one photo you can see her face and it’s clearly not Kristen. 😉

  8. She looks happy and relaxed. However it got there, I’m glad to see her this way. If the ring on her finger gives the paps diarrhea, so much the better:)

  9. I don’t think it’s her 🙂 a lot of Kristen wanna be & trolls out there and if its hers, the twitter Verified blue icon must have given. The girl in this pic looks familiar with the wanna be Kristen in these 2 pics , don’t you think?

    Btw I ve never seen 2 bracelets on her left wrist before. 🙂

  10. Sherry- hkn haven claims they r engaged and she is friends with kristen cousin. She also posted on her site that they r thinking of leaving la cuz of papz..

    Re this twitpic- does anyone recognize that birthmark on her arm???

    • It would be nice if she is right about all of that. But if she’s only right about the part about them leaving LA that would be great. Kristen needs to get out of that paparazzi jungle.

  11. Sorry , I mean The Twitter verified blue icon must be given. *facepalm*

  12. Does Kristen have mole on her hand? Did not find on pictures…

  13. Of course I’d be delighted, astatic (sp) if this was true, but I’m not sure if it is legit. Wouldn’t the media have had a field day by now if it was true? I would love for this to be true.

  14. Sorry that picture they manip and that account is not kristen. Ppl fake her account.

  15. It just doesn’t look like her,no way.

    • Sorry to disagree with you delle1 but that is Kristen’s photo. Whether that is her account may be another matter.

      • Nick,
        I don’t know that I agree with you on that. The pic girl has a mole/freckle that Kristen does not have…the chin and the nose are not proportionate to what Kristen’s are…..JMO

  16. I don’t think it’s Kristen.

  17. I think she needs her fans to stop speculating about her rings,tatoos,caps,and whatever.If you are a true fan appreciate her for who she is and her work. I think shes great .Yeah i used to wait to see her pics and rings and caps and stuff,but i realized i am part of the reason why shes hounded to death.Not any more.I just visit this site and one more site.

  18. What does it hurt to follow & see? If it is fake, no harm done…

  19. To quote a line from BD1 “Oh Phil, it’s happening! Just saw photos of Rob at Kristen’s house this week….x17 Get ready for a bombshell I think and hope!

  20. I’ve been watching this twitter and IG too and am not sure (even though I want it to be her) This picture looks like a poser on twitter that REALLY looks like Kristen a lot, except the nose isn’t quite right and the chin is just a little too wide. She has posted “proof” photos a number of times, only to take them down when people say it doesn’t exactly look like her. Maybe I’m wrong (hopefully) but that’s what I thought as soon as I saw this pic go up.

  21. It sure looks like her to me! I am really looking forward to the teen choice awards… I hope so much to see our lovely ones there.

  22. Kristen not. Not his mouth or nose. There is no way that is her

  23. It can prove one thing. If there are convincing look-a-likes then last years pics could have been staged using a look-a-like. I think your credibility just went up.

    • Sherry: That’s an interesting take!

    • I have tó agree with you, sherry! That is exactly what it proves. I thought it was Kristen too, at first glance. And let’s face it, that is just what happend last year. People looked at the pics and took them at face value. It isn’t untill you take a closer look that you notice the discrapancies. I have to disagree that JFK lost it’s credibility. 1 pic does not negate all the other hard work done so far by the people here. The ones shouting that only wish it. Somethings coming and the haters can feel it and they are holding on to every last bit hope they can get. I for one, can’t wait for this insanity to be over!!

  24. veulentsavoir we love your important work, so what if you made a tiny mistake. Your site has done so much and raised awareness and spread such vital info – forget the haters!

  25. So do you think that Robert and Kristen will be at the Teen Choice awards??

    • I truly don’t know. I hope they will make an appearance together. It would be a perfect opportunity for them to show the world that they are together. However, they have played everything “close to the chest”, so who knows what will happen? Only them.

  26. Everyone should be aware, that many people were taken in by this photo. Please do not feel silly if you thought she really was Kristen. The girl REALLY looks like Kristen. She fooled several of us in the beginning. I don’t think she does it out of spite. As a matter of fact, I think she is thrilled to look so much like Kristen and tries to emulate her as often as possible. When I went to her page, it was pretty obvious that she likes Kristen. So, if you initially thought it was Kristen–welcome to the club! 🙂

  27. I just have a question about a Twitter account. Sorry, I do understand that there a lot of Kristen wannabes out there but this one is creepily weird. It’s called @KStewTweets. Is this person getting these pictures off the dailies or what? It seems too personal, too close or something.

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