Brad Wollack Needs to Be Stopped! Another Update!

Brad Wollack

An article is going to come out on E News about Kristen not going to the TCAs because she was in a hotel with another married man hooking up. This scum of a reporter writes for E News as well as Chelsea Handler’s show Chelsea Lately. He is the one supplying all the hateful opinionated stories to E News that has been broadcasted on their news show all month. Several of the fans have tweeted him and he won’t back down with the lies he is spreading.  His name is Brad Wollack and he needs to have this new lie he is spreading stopped before it ruins Kristen. The fans are trying but extra support would help. He is slandering her with this hurtful story that is going to come out today.

How can you help?  I am not sure, but this might help.  Contact @eoline and tell them it is not acceptable to be spreading unsubstantiated lies and insinuations.  Contact @BradWollack and tell him how you feel about his “reporting”.  This is libelous behavior.  I have contacted Ruth Bernstein, Kristen’s attorneys, and her agency.  This has to stop.

THIS is Brad Woolack:

Brad Wollack Image

I have an opinion, but I’ll keep it to myself.  I’ll let you decide what you think about this man.

This was the original tweet to eoline in context:

Brad Wollack Tweets

And this is his TL today:

Brad Wollak TL

He is SUCH a chickensh*t, that he deleted his original post and all of these!

Brad Wollack all deleted

He is SUCH a chickensh*t, that he deleted his original post and all of these!


41 Responses

  1. I understand that the California laws are designed to protect the papparazi and the gossip mags..however I don’t believe they should extend to openly libelous statements that are both untrue and unprovable. Who is the supposed other lover in this assinine accusation?

    The behavior in Hollywood wood has sunk to a new all time low and while Kristen and Rob have shown strength through all of this how much can two people actually take before it becomes too much.

    I will always wonder who was the person or persons that hated Kristen so much they want to see her destroyed…if we knew the truth would probably shock the world.

  2. Great job!!

    Keep us posted if her managemnt gets back to you!
    I’ve been saying they have to involved for awhile.

    • I believe that her management team is involved.

      Kristen is an intellignet young lady who is far beyond her years. Though we haven’t seen nor hear anything being done on her behalf, they possibly are keeping silent. There is nothing better than the element of surprise. Don’t forget “keeping them guessing.”

  3. I think the best thing to do is ignore him,if nobody reacts, the idiot has clearly made a fool of himself.I think trash should be left in the garbage bin and not commented on.I am sure everybody is fed up of the so called cheating story,no i dont think there will be any takers left(especially with the robsten story no longer on the scene) .Anyways on a brighter note,i heard Kristen is going to continue her education,yes go girl Kristen!Love the young lady ,she inspires me.

    • That has already been proven to be another false story. HKN reported about this being a false statement on her blog.

      • Oh,well i thought we were hearing something different for a change,college going Kristen sounds more interesting to me then the recycled filth they spread about her.

  4. Thank you Justice for Kristen. You are right this has got to stop.

    • For the most part it will stop when Kristen and Rob are no longer in demand by the fans. If everyone really wants to know how mags, tab-liars and paps are driven, check out PRI site. They will educate you on “supply and demand” and the industry as a whole. Fans have no idea that they are both the problem and solution.

      • Halle Berry and Jennifer Garner spoke today before the California Assembly regarding the paps. You can view thier statements on the PRI site. Just click on news links and click on 08-13-13 to see the video.

  5. That comment was very unnecessary. He should be stopped because comments like this is probably is one of the reasons why tabloids and paps are not journalist. Hollywoodlife are saying that Kristen would come if Robert decided to show up(which if they were broken up then why would Kristen show up if Rob showed?) or my favorite is the reason that Rob and Kristen didn’t show up was because they are OVER twilight (Serious? I don’t think they would be over a saga that made them famous) It is kind of funny because I think everyone has forgotten that Kristen and Rob are shooting movies so they probably don’t have time. Man I feel like they write stories from ideas that come out of a hat.

  6. Are you serious?! How do these people get away with these outlandish lies? It’s time to file some lawsuits. Hopefully Kristen’s lawyers are preparing a hell of a case with several trash elements named in a massive suit. Hit them all at the same time.

  7. Isn’t spreading unsubstantiated rumours and lies what they normally do?

  8. At one point Chelsea said that she wasn’t going to talk about it anymore..I think it was when they supposedly got back together last year..But since then..she has stepped it up on the slams to the point that she said she wanted her to just go away.. These idiots that they call writers are brutal for sure. Anything we can do to help shut them up can only do good. and any pap reforms. Please keep us posted!.

  9. Is this something that Kristen’s management team will try to stop or will they just ignore it? It will be interesting to see how this plays out. I would dearly love to see him raked over the coals. Why oh why do they keep targeting this poor girl! I think she is the most true to herself actress out there.

  10. Well they have to get revenge for The Great No Show at the TCA
    somehow. I suppose if Kristen truly is going away to college this is his idea of an appropriate going away present.

    I am of the same opinion as USH. If it’s not actionable in a court of law,
    why give this a$$ his 15 minutes of fame?

    A lot more people love and respect Kristen in Hollywood and among her peers than a dweeb like Brad Woolack can affect, especially with tabloid credentials. The Great No Show at the Teen Choice Awards
    proved that beyond doubt.

  11. Just read Kristen’s Twitter account and she said that she tried really hard to make it to the TCA’s but had a Camp X-ray photo shoot to attend. Which person will her “followers” believe this time?

    • Sheri,
      As much as I would like to say that Kristen has a Twitter account. I don’t think she does. I have been assured of this by Gio.

    • Sheri: It’s my understanding she doesn’t have a Twitter account. If you’re reading one which claims to be Kristen Stewart’s, I assume it’s yet another fake.

      • Badger you’re absolutely correct. Out of her own mouth she has stated that she does not have facebook or twitter accounts. That’s another reason why I enjoy this site so much. People here don’t attack you if you should make an incorrect statement. They kindly advise you on what is true and what is not.

  12. I think we should leave it alone. No response from her fans will make the story fade. Also, her friend Scout is going to UCLA not Kristen

    • The problem is that he doesn’t just write for the Chelsea Lately Show but is the one who is supplying the derogatory reports to the E! News crew to slander her on this show as well. Tabloids are picking up what he is spreading on Twitter and running with it . Wollack is no better than Chris Rogers or Bonnie Fuller. He has been doing this for months since E! News did the turn around on Kristen. You can thank him for it. E! News has been attacking her with a vengeance on their shows because of what Wollack is giving them. Some people who can’t differentiate between real news and gossip news media, think the reports are true. This is not just Twilight fans but the general public who watch this news show. What he is doing is slander and should be stopped.

    • The fact that you are even displaying his photo is an affront to me as a Kristen fan. Sorry JFK but I did not need to know what he looked like to know that he was a swollen d*ck head. If your intention was to humiliate him by displaying the face of the moron running his mouth
      about Kristen you have more than succeeded. Unfortunately it gave
      him his fifteen minutes of fame which was all this guy was looking for anyway. We already knew the tabloids are desperate for new material
      about Rob and Kristen. But this guy? He’s a self satisfied dweeb.
      Nothing else.

  13. Who could belive such outrageous nonsense? Just a jerk like Brad Woolack. Just look at him! These fools must stop! It’s disgusting.Just as people who revel in this.

  14. This is just s snotty comment you can find 1000 of them on HWL etc daily. That being said, since he is a reporter some might view it as a possibility or lead versus a sh*tty comment from an immature tool. I think for KS or her people to address it gives it more publicity, which since he yanked it, would be counter productive. Good job to all who held him responsible. I haven’t seen this picked up by any other outlet.

  15. He probably has to put down other people to make him feel good about himself. I feel like there is something in the water that both tabloids and paps drink to make themselves become childish and not trustworthy. It makes me wonder guys like brad wollack had a bad childhood because it seems to be slipping out when he “tweets” or whatever their job description is. I don’t even know what tabloids jobs are any more because they cross so many lines you start to get confused.
    Ps. The funny thing is I have never heard of brad wollack before. So he probably had to tweet about Kristen to have his moments of fame which is sad and pathetic.

  16. People who her do not reach even the ankles,who mean nothing,insulting her,with impunity.Strange world in which these people live,these evil,without respect,without tolerance,without love,because who could love a human who has a heart full of bile.

  17. I’ve been out of town the past week. I guess I missed a few things while I was gone.
    I think We should let E know how we feel and Chelsea Handler. I don’t respect either one, but Chelsea has several A list stars as friends. If she supports this crap I will happily boycott her show, I haven’t watched it since Before they bashed Kristen last week.
    I’m seriously so sick of this crap!

  18. I confess, I said something to him, if I knew he looked like that before I wrote something I would have realized, he’s not only discussing looking but he can’t help himself, so I’ve decided to just feel nothing for him, he’ll get what’s coming to him, people like him always do.

    It’s just so sad that Kristen has to put up with these kind of people, they make sick, my Dad use to say “What Goes Around Comes Around” So watch Out little man your day will come.

    • I totally agree. The one thing I feel that come out of the hatred comments that people say about either Rob or Kristen is that they are probably getting a stronger character than any one. Because once you have people constantly mocking you it makes you stronger and be a better person in my opinion. So really all the comments people make about Kristen and Rob it is really making them be a better person and have a thicker skin. Not to be old school but it really is sticks and stones will break my bones but words will never hurt me. I actually feel sorry for these idiots that are called themselves “the tabloids” because really how sad can someone be to have to put people down just to make money. Those people might become rich after selling their stories but really Money is never going make someone have everything. I just love this site. Everyone on here just gets how messed up the tabloids and paps are.

  19. For the love of me I can,t understand why are they messing with this girl my opinion is that nobody is really standing up for her not even her mother or father because if she was my daughter I might be in jail after I was finishing giving them all a piece of my mind that,s what I would have done if she was my daughter she,s on her own taking all that shit from the tabloids media the public and the people I get so upset to be reading all these horriable things about this girl it hurts me so bad sometimes I cry and she not my daughter I even gets mad at Robert pattinson to I love him to death but from. What I see he don,t give a shit about her any more sorry to say this about him She fell deeply in love with him and because of a simple mistake that she he can,t stand to be seen with her anymore now that twilight is over he,s on his own and on his way to bigger and bette things now he,s up their with all the big actors and actresses now so he don,t want to be around her anymore sorry I have to be so hard on him but.thats how I fell i listen to all his interviews where he was saying how he loved her before he even meat her and how they were in their own little bubble what happen to all shit he was talking now that twilight is over with he don’t love her any more maybe he can’t put a stop to all this shit she is going through by her self everytime I go into robsten and a picture with him and some well know actress he,s hanging out with right in her face that,s like telling I don,t want you anymore stay away from me I,m 63 yrs old kristen look so sad I still love them both but that’s how I feel and way he’s treating her just like the tabloids and everybody else

    • True fan,
      You are obviously new to this site, let me suggest to you to start off by reading the grand punk part 1 read through them all including the comments. You will see the scandal never took place and was just another in a long string of lies thought up by only God knows who.
      Don’t come here making accusations against her family and friends and especially not Rob, when yo really have no cclue as to what is actually going on, you need to spend less time visiting the gossip sites and take the time to learn the truth.

      I hope you will forgive my little rant I mean no offense to you, but you really have been terribly mis-informed.

      • excuse me nancy you took what i wrote the wrong way i was not blaming rob or kristen’s friends or your family for anything i was not on gossip cop i only read robsten and misty i just feel bad for both of them for what they are going through i’m sorry if you took what i wrote im 100precent kristen and rob i do read grand punk igets e-mails from them with what ever goes on with kristen and rob i wasn’tmaking any accustions againist anyone i’m so sorry again my apology

      • True fan,
        Lets start over, Hi I am Nancy glad to make your aquaintance and sorry if I get easily frustrated. I am very defensive of both Rob and Kristen…I love these two young people and think that Gossip mags have treated them unfairly and horribly from the very beginning.

        it’s ok to feel badly for Kristen as she is really getting hit on the worst. But I have learned over the yrs, she is a very strong young woman, she’ll come out the other end like the shining star she is.

  20. both rob and Kristen have put up with so much…I hope they have a plan….to escape this cesspool….from everyone…I know you are so good in keeping us up to date..

  21. Brad who? A week from now he will be back in obscurity.

  22. This guy is a douche. I just tweeted about this. I just figured Kristen was busy with her movie and Rob just said to hell with it so neither of them went. If you notice not one Twilight cast member was there. Curious! Anyway, since he took down his tweets it shows he was lying. Love you all.

  23. M, thank you for your undying support and I love it!! This Brad W, asked me through a tweet why I thought he was bullying Kristen! I only answered him with intelligent replies!!! He doesn’t know how to answer back. This site is God send!!!!!!

  24. Brad Womack, dickless coward. the end.

  25. I will never believe that Kristen had an “affair” with RS, I even hate to bring this up, but it seems that too many hate filled envious people just keep doing it, so….she didn’t look that happy in those manufactured photoshopped pics. And she certainly didn’t “wreck their home”, every time I see that I just want to scream at the idiot who said it. Their “home” was in trouble & already wrecked so drop that one folks!
    And every sleazy, immoral, dishonest, greedy, parasite that calls themselves newscaster or journalist has to jump on the money wagon just one more time. Anything for a buck.
    It is embarrassing as to the depth of depravity our “media” people have sunk.

  26. What makes this worse is that real journalists lost their lives today in Egypt. These people risked their lives to cover real news. I saw Jennifer Garner testified about the paparazzi. Time for this to stop. Jennifer got so emotional she started to cry. As one of the people on Good Morning America said today this is not journalism. I totally agree.

    • Sherry: An excellent point! While real journalists are working, and in some cases facing danger, to bring us the truth, others are exploiting the name “journalist” to invade people’s privacy for the sake of pointless, and usually inaccurate, gossip. They’re quite right, this isn’t journalism, and doesn’t deserve the protection afforded to journalism.

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