“It may stop you from photographing children let’s say from a disaster at a high school…”

Larry Hackett, managing editor of People Magazine, stated this morning on Good Morning America, in reference to the segment on Jennifer Garner and Halle Berry testifying in California to support the  Paparazzi Law:

“Well if I could just  jump in…nobody’s going to defend guys jumping out of bushes and taking photographs of kids, that’s just not right.  But just like the previous segment, I am always concerned as a journalist about the laws that are passed.   This law is designed to protect children of celebrities.   However the way it’s written, it may stop you from photographing children let’s say from a disaster at a high school.  Would you be allowed to photograph children if they are under age?   I don’t know that.   Laws sometimes are written for one thing and they end up being used for other things that may not be the intention.   So, I don’t want to defend guys who hang out in bushes, but as a journalist, I’m always concerned about laws being passed, however well intended, that stop people from doing their jobs. “


It seems to me, Mr. Hackett, in complaining about the fact that a law that was written for one thing, could end up being used for other things that were not the intention of the original law, is like “the pot calling the kettle black”.  Isn’t that what the paparazzi and tabloids do every day?  Don’t they hide behind the law that supports freedom of press?  That law was not intended as an excuse to allow people to be stalked daily.  That law was never intended to allow men and women with high powered cameras to take photographs from unheard of distances.  The law concerning freedom of press was never intended to give photographers carte blanche.  It was never intended to allow photographers to yell malicious obscenities at people in order that they can get a “money shot”.  Mr. Hackett, you can’t have it both ways.  Either, get behind a law that protects children from the vicious attacks that they are being subjected to, or stand behind the law about Freedom of Press as it was originally intended.  Your magazine should quit purchasing photographs from paparazzi.  Don’t blame it on the public, sir.  If the pictures disappeared and were replaced by legitimate photographs taken with the blessing on the celebrity and with articles that were based on provable facts using sited sources, you wouldn’t lose your readership—it would probably grow.  At the moment, your magazine is nothing but a “a sow’s ear posing as a silk purse”.  You publish exactly the same BS that all the other tabloids taunt.  Why don’t you stand up and have some respect for journalism and Freedom of Press as it was originally intended.  Quit paying for photos by paparazzi—and don’t tell me you don’t know the circumstance under which they are taken.  If you are that oblivious to what is going on, then what the heck are you doing in the position of  managing editor at one of the most read magazines in the entertainment business?  I will happily show you hundreds of videos that show exactly how these photographs are taken.  It doesn’t take a genius—Google it.  Surely, you are capable of that.  And while you are at it, why don’t you start screening your articles to be sure that you are printing truths instead of innuendo and fabrications—and in many cases, flat out lies.

You are concerned about not being able to photograph children that have been involved in a disaster at a high school?  Are you kidding me?  Those children SHOULD NOT BE PHOTOGRAPHED AT ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!  If they have been involved in an incident such as that, the last thing they need are paparazzi posing as “journalists” documenting their reactions to what has been a life changing experience.

Your comments this morning were ill advised, sir.  You need to think about what you said.  And, I personally think you owe the nation an apology!

See his comments here:  36.42



36 Responses

  1. Just saw a tweet that said it passed. Can you confirm?


  2. Alright! And I agree that they don’t need to be photographing kids at a school disaster. Too intrusive.

    • That’s terrible! Who wants to see bad things happening to kids at a school, especially the parents of those kids…(Oh look isn’t that your son getting shot there?) What is wrong with this guy? With our media? Stop!!!

  3. FYI…current law forbids photography of a child on school grounds for any type of publication without express written consent of the parent/guardian. On another note, that guy is a jackass.

    • He is a human hyena,…….no, wait,….a hyena has a useful purpose in nature to clean up carrion, this guy has no usefulness whatsoever. He’s nuts.

    • I am a teacher and in our state the parents have to let the school know if they do not want their students photographed when we have special things going on. That includes the local paper. But, I agree the guy is a jackass.

      • Our state requires parents sign a permission form at the start of the school year allowing for any type of photography, be it print, broadcast or the Internet. This is a part of FERPA and up to states on how to implement the regulation. In our lawsuit happy society, I would surmise all states will get proactive and solicit written permission. Social media has made this even more imperative. Have a good school year:)

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  4. veulentsavoir I’m in awe every time you write. How you formulate your words and the tones that you use throughout your writings. As always you give us your best.

    I watched the testimonies given by Halle Berry and Jennifer Garner. If you have one ounce of a heart, you had to be moved and affected by what they had to say. As you said “Mr. Hackett can’t have it both ways.” Every bill calling for paparazzi and tab-liars reform need to be passed.

  5. Mr. Hackett’s concern for journalistic freedom is ridiculously transparent. The gossip press is riding on the coattails of real journalism, and degrading it in the process.

    Real news is meant to inform us. A story on a disaster in a high school might use a photograph to illustrate, but it can still provide the information if no photo is available. Not so with a gossip article in which the entire story is “here’s a picture of so-and-so’s kid!” Candid celebrity photos ARE the story – which means there is no story, only a chance to gawk at a famous person.

    Real news by real journalists checks facts for accuracy. Otherwise it is worthless. Gossip stories routinely lie, exaggerate, and mislead. If reporters are going to write fiction, they deserve only the protection afforded to other fiction writers, not to journalists. They can stay inside their magazine’s offices and write fiction; they’re not entitled to invade individuals’ privacy as if they were investigative reporters seeking out accurate information.

  6. I saw this on Good Morning America on Wednesday. I couldn’t believe he was worried about this. He claimed that the way the law is written it could cause problems. Well, I think the paparazzi cause problems. What we should be upset about is that a law has to be enacted to do what a normal common sense person should do and have respect for a child’s and anyone’s right to privacy. Legislating morality and ethics. How sad!

  7. So excellently well said. We MUST stop this shameful human scourge on America’s public. Thank you Sue, and thank you Jennifer garner & Halle Berry for your participation in this action.

  8. What an absolute moron he is.I bet if his family were subjected to papparazzi treatment like Suri Cruise,he’d be up in arms,creep!

  9. It’s pathetic to even think that this group of liars, stalkers, harassers, violators of the “Journalist Code of Ethics”, child abusers, hide and seek players and etc., have the audacity to call themselves journalist. They are idiots with cameras and nothing else. I’ve never seen Diane Swayer or Barbara Walters hiding behind trees waiting for some celebrity to leave their home to take a picture. If it takes laws to stop them, then so be it.

    • True, Waver. If anyone is to blame for future restrictions on journalists, it is these irresponsible celebrity-stalkers. (And, in all fairness, fans who look at their material.)

  10. This is an excellent piece of writing. The passing of this bill is good news. I applaud everyone who helped to get it passed.

  11. Larry Hackett is just an opportunistic tabloid jerk. What can you expect?

    By the way has anyone else noticed that the Do I Dazzle You comment board has gone quiet lately?

    I don’t know if it’s the new sign in format or if people are honestly giving up on Rob and Kristen.

    I hope it’s just a lot of people who aren’t up on technology and not a lot of people suddenly down on R and .K. No pun intended.

    • Ryan: I don’t mean to jump on you over a casual word or two, but I couldn’t help noticing the way you refer to people “giving up on Rob and Kristen.” Probably you mean giving up on the idea that they are still a couple; but maybe people are simply giving up trying to spy on their private lives. That’s not “giving up” but accepting boundaries, which is a good thing, even if they were more or less forced into it by the lack of material.

      It could well be that the two of them are avoiding being seen together in public in order to gain some privacy and take their relationship out of the public view. They may even be purposely misdirecting the press. If either is the case, their supporters should help them accomplish this and be glad that they’re succeeding.

      As the gossip press becomes more aggressive and less bound by common decency, we need to find a different way to be fans, one that doesn’t support intrusion into their personal lives.

    • ryan….I hope you are right also. I am at a loss technologically. But I’m a great fan of Rob and Kristen. My son set this site up for me but I ended up using DIDY more often because of it’s easy sign in venue.
      But I am afraid many are losing heart as a few tech challenged older
      ladies hardly accounts for the great fall off in comments.

      With so much good happening in the fight for paparazzi reform, loss of
      interest now would be a great pity. Especially since to a great extent
      Kristen Stewart’s troubles with tabloids and paparazzi is what got so
      many interested in the first place,and mostly on her behalf.

      I understand the changing need for site security. But since the change I
      have not commented. The new menu is a mystery to me. Before Kristen Stewart was thoroughly and unfairly trashed in the press my only use for the internet was minimal. Ordering from easy to use sites. I guess it’s time some of us dinosaurs got out of the way. I’ve
      this feeling Rob and Kristen wish we were less interested in their lives anyway.

      This was the place of my first serious comment and I guess may be the place of my last one too. I urge all you internet savvy people to follow veulent_savior, Misty and Twilighter57 in their fight for tabloid/paparazzi reform. I hate to think that ten years down the road we’ll still be at the mercy of their vile innuendo and outright lies in another young star’s life.

      We need to know and say, ” Enough is enough, and this stops now.”

      • Oops, sorry for the mistake. My comment was for deneb and ryan. That’s why it’s good to proofread.

      • Okay, I’m in real serious trouble today. Twice I’ve made a mistake and I thought I proofread before submitting. Here I go for the third time. My comment was for deneb and not ryan. I got it right this time. Sorry guys.

  12. I can see why people would start to give up on them. Here is why. We haven’t seen a pic of them together since Coachella. The rag mags put out a bunch of lies about them. Rob is spotted out last night at the Rob Long concert that they attended together last year. Like it or not, Kristen is wearing a new ring with a diamond, but no one knows what it means. From the average fans point of view it looks like they are not together. Oh, and Kristen has a new dog. Now, here is what it all probably means.
    1. Coachella: They got chased and harassed and decided enough is enough and decided to go underground.
    2. The rag mags had nothing so they started making up lies to get a reaction from Rob and Kristen, but came up dry.
    3. Kristen is not wearing the ring and necklace we have all come to recognize as the commitment between them. That is probably because she has a new ring with a diamond that looks vintage and could be Rob’s grandmother’s.
    4. Kristen has a new dog and we haven’t seen her or Rob with Bear or Bernie. Well, before here birthday it was said Rob was going to buy her another dog. Probably the dog he gave her.
    5. Rob alone at several concerts. Kristen alone at several concerts. So what? Who says they didn’t meet up there or later? When one of them doesn’t want to be seen, they aren’t seen.
    The bottom line? They have decided to take complete control of their lives. I don’t believe they are being rude to the fans by doing this. I think they are trying to preserve their sanity and their relationship. I once said that Rob seemed different when he came back from Australia. I think the man came back knowing what and who he wanted. i think he made the move we have all being praying for. I think she said yes, but they want to keep it private for now and decided to just go underground. There have been enough reports of them possibly living in Malibu for awhile. A friend of Kristen’s cousin saying the ring is an engagement ring and that they are considering moving out of L.A. Rob spotted at Kristen’s house a few weeks ago. Now, there is a possibility that they are not together, but I don’t think it is permanent if they are. Could be they needed some space, but I think is is a ruse if they are to have the privacy they need to just be with each other. I truly believe they are still together and we will find out soon enough. They still have to contend with the Twilight boxed set coming out in November. I really think that once the Twilight madness is past, hopefully for them after the boxed set, that they can stop all the ninja stuff and live their life as they choose.
    There is more to their decision to lay low then the paparazzi although that is a lot of it.
    These are just thoughts, but I am willing to wait and see. Love you all.

    • Sherry those are some excellents points that you made. Anyone that knows the history of Kristen and Rob’s relationship should not doubtful at all.

      • I’m not saying I believe this means they are over, I just want to know if these magazines are reputable and if so did Rob’s people and Dior okay them printing that Rob and Kristen are broken up? Just doesn’t seem like something they would allow them to do since no one knows this for sure. This is not the way I would think they would want something like this confirmed. Anyone have any idea what to make of this other than the same old crap?

      • Sherry….Waver is absolutely right. Those are excellent points. Good

      • I just noticed that both of the magazine posts on Robsten Dreams are gone. Guess that answers my question. Should have known! Love you all!

      • Sherry my take is, the Spanish and German interviews were translated into English. But I noticed in both interviews the comments regarding Rob and Kristen not together were not a part of the questions and answers. We know Rob is not going to discuss his personal life expecially his relationship with Kristen.

        Now as far as Dior, I believe (this is my opinion) that they want to portray Rob as single and available. Maybe it is a part of his $12 million dollar contract. I’m also curious to hear some other views on this

    • Sherry,thank you. You have expressed exactly how I feel it and how much I support them both.Beautifully written.

      • Waver, i think it would be totally unacceptable for a firm to suggest such a term in a contract, not only to a big star, but to any human being, i mean, to hide his personal life.so , i don’t think they suggested such a thing .

      • artemis, I hope you are right about this. I’m not at all knowledgeable when speaking of the entertainment industry. I have no clue about their contractual obligations. It bothers me that the interviewers continue to ask him about his personal relationship with Kristen. Always seem to mention the breakup.

    • ITA with you…I believe that the decision was made after Coachella…you could see it in Rob’s face…he’d had enough…the telling point of that event was when he and Kristen were snapped later in the evening when they didn’t think any paps were around, they were their “old selves,” close together, smiling and talking…

    • Now what can I say on this subject that hasn’t allready been said? I’ll say this, writers from tabloids should stop calling themselves journalists, it’s an insult to all the real journalists out there, especially those in warzones, risking their lives to let us know what’s going on there. Sherry, ita with what you said and I’dd like to add to #5: Rob at a Beyonce concert? Talk about random! Am I really the only one who thought: he liked it so he put a ring on it?? I don’t click on tabloids anymore or even go to gossip cop, just here and a forum where I lurk and get all my news from. Those ladies talked about a rumor going around that the owner of TMZ found something out on R/K (suppossedly wedding or engagement) and that they have an exlusive with R/K, coming out in september. Anyone here heard anything about it? I’m not sure what to believe because it just doesn’t seem like anything they would do but then again Dior is also something that surprised me so, what do I know? I’d appriciate any thoughts so let me have it….. 🙂

  13. Sherry You are making good points. Problem is we just do not know. The constant need to see them together to make sure they are together is over I am afraid. I think that the Dior deal and the reporting on them being broken up and all the nasty comments about Kristen are driven by someone that wants this to happen. Someone that is not a fan. Perhaps someone that is smitten with Rob or even Kristen. I for one just hope she is okay. She gets the brunt of the nasty press until lately. Some Hollywood people are making remarks about who he hangs out with. Fans don’t know those people only people in the business. Kristen made him wait a long time before she would date him. I am afraid if she gets hurt she will walk away and nothing will bring her back. There has to be a big problem for Katy Perry to be talking about it. (and she should have stayed quiet). I know they are done when Kristen starts dating other men. When that happens it is over.

    • Saying the Dior deal. I think this was being brought out at the same time. Not Dior doing that perse. I think they want him to look single. And by golly he does.

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