The Cow

There once was a cow.  A beautiful cow.  The most beautiful cow in the kingdom.  There was not a cow in the kingdom that compared.  Not only was the cow beautiful, but it had a kind and gentle soul.  The cow was loved by all in the kingdom.  Well, not ALL..there were a very few in the kingdom that were jealous and wished the cow heartache and pain, because they couldn’t stand to see a cow that was so beautiful both inside and out and that was beloved by so many.  Those few did everything they could to dishonor and discredit the cow.  But most of the kingdom loved the cow with all their hearts.  As the cow’s fame grew, so did the love of the people from the kingdom.  There were people who followed the cow everywhere it went.  These same people wanted to know everything that the cow did.  There were even people in the kingdom that would report back to the rest of the kingdom about everything that the cow did and every where that it went.  As the love for the cow grew, so did the hate.  The ones that were jealous of it’s beauty soon became jealous of it’s fame.  They worked even harder to destroy the cow and the people who love it.

Although the cow loved the people of the kingdom, it sometimes wished it could have some time away, to be alone.  It wished for a time when it could be like other cows and come and go without being followed by the people of the kingdom.  But, it seemed that would never be.

One day, the cow ventured into the woods.  It was said that the the woods was inhabited by evil vultures and hyenas and other evil creatures.  But, the woods would also allow the cow to do things it had never done before and because of that, the cow felt it needed to go into the woods.  When the cow was deep within the woods, it was suddenly surrounded by the evil vultures and hyenas.  They forced the cow to stay in one place.  When the cow tried to go out to the meadow, the vultures and hyenas would follow it, pinning it down and bleeding it.  They would send the blood to the kingdom, demanding money for the cow.  The people of the kingdom loved the cow so much, that they would pay the money–because they still wanted to know everything the cow did and everywhere the cow went.  People in the kingdom argued back and forth about whether they should pay the vultures and hyenas.  Some thought that if the people quit paying the vultures and hyenas, they would let the cow go so it could return to the kingdom.  Others felt that it was worth it to pay the vultures and hyenas–so long as they could see the cow and know what it was doing.    And so it continued for years and years….

The cow grew desperate.  It had little left to give.  It no longer knew what to do.  It only knew that it could not be bled much longer.  It knew that if it were, it would cease to exist.  Finally, the cow offered itself to the vultures, hyenas and other evil creatures.  They bled the cow of all its’ blood.  They gutted it.  And then they left it in the woods.  They thought the cow was dead and so did most of those in the kingdom.

The spirit of the cow, however, was unbroken.  It lifted from the cow.  As it lifted, it split into two parts.  Each of these parts loved the other unconditionally.  And though they would have preferred to remain as the cow, they parted.  Each of the parts was free to travel where they wanted and needed to go–but they could never traveled together.  Each was always alone.  They visited kingdoms far and wide.  People from their kingdom and other kingdoms began to think of each part as someone different.  People no longer thought so much about the beautiful cow.  They began to think about the two separate parts and how much each had to offer….

Although each of the parts is now free to travel and participate in new adventures, they long to be together.  Occasionally, they even meet to share their love with each other–but always in secret for they know that if the vultures and hyenas find out that they are actually the cow, they will be bled again.

They meet with friends here and there.  The few friends that they truly trust know the truth and protect them from prying eyes.  They know they can not be seen together.

And so time passes.

The two parts long for the time when they can return and join together–not as a cow, but as individuals who love each other–then, now and forever.   And so time continues to pass.


35 Responses

  1. What a wonderful and sad metaphorical tale…..prsonally I thnk the vultures and Hyenas’ need to be exterminated, or at the very least put in cages. The villagers eed to realize that adoration can lead to heartache for the objest of the adoration .Thank you

    Will Twilighter be doing part 14 soon?

  2. Well said. And great job on this. Keep up the good work.

  3. A cash cow, I assume you mean.

  4. It’s absolutely awful. It is possible, that human beings, for more money you have, can not live in a dignified manner?
    What is the difference between threatening people’s lives in a foreign country, and endangering the life, honor and dignity in their own country? Things have gone too far, I hope that us fans from our places, making a very strong block, we can do something, before sharing the pain of loss, of the people we love. What happens with Kristen, is miserable, abominable, and can not continue.
    “The wicked are successful, when the good remain silent”.
    Thank you for this site. God and the Universe are absolutely righteous.
    I have complete confidence that Kristen has a “spiritual block” around

  5. Very moving,very sad and very true.

    • The story is beautifully written, very real and true. It brings sadness to my heart. I must believe that one day this story will have a happy ending. That’s my prayer.

      Thank you veulentsavoir.

  6. Excellent parable,thank you.

  7. Now that was what I thought should be the story of the Queen on SWATH2. None of this evil nonsense (might be unpopular opinion). Been there (Ravena), done that.
    Maybe you should write the script, lol.

  8. So true, also very sad. It breaks my heart that is how iat must be for these two wonderful people. I pray it will change one day.

  9. Rob and Kristen are in a Catch 22 situation. As long as people care about them and what they are doing their careers are assured. But with that comes tabloid lies and paparazzi photographers crowding their lives.

    When people quit caring the tab/pap sensationalism dies down but so too does public interest and career opportunities. It’s a no win situation if all you want out of life is peace and quiet.

    I don’t think either Rob or Kristen were ready for the acclaim granted them. Both shy, introverted and very private people, it was hard on both of them as for five years they were Summit’s cash cow.

    One advantage of the interest thrown their way is they are so incredibly famous that now Kristen is the face of Balenciaga and Rob is the face of DIOR.

    As for their personal life, when Rob falls off the radar for days at a time,
    I’m sure he’s where ever she is; and I’m sure the same holds true for Kristen. Their friends date each other. Their friends appear in each other’s work and private life.

    Only the media and the public are now denied access. But just because we are denied access and are not there to see it does not mean that Rob and Kristen do not have a full and happy life away from the public’s interested eyes.

    That’s the way I see it. and the way I will continue to see it until I see
    Rob and Kristen with a new significant other. So far that hasn’t happened.

    A private life is their only choice whether they stay together or part: at least until the furor over their popularity dies down. As long as they have each other we are the only losers. Aside from all those paparazzi who caused them to withdraw from the public eye as a couple to begin

    Maybe the tabloid/paparazzi/media will learn from this. I think Rob and Kristen sure did, and a lot of young actors following in their steps are no doubt taking notes. Yay for Rob and Kristen, whatever little corner of the world your now sitting in.

    • This Tale was spot on. I have long thought that Kristen and Rob were very smart about keeping their relationship for themselves. I also think that when Rob or Kristen aren’t reported being seen out during a weekend individually that they are probably meeting secretly, and can you blame them. I really hope that someday they will be able to go out together/travel together without having to worry about prying eyes. It seems to me they are throwing themselves into these new projects to cement their futures and at some point in a few years they will only work once in a while and will steel away together to some remote place to have a more normal life. Even with all this fame they are still down to earth, so I believe their careers are just a means to an end.

      • I agree with you CL. Their careers are a means to an end. I have a feeling they’ll end up writing scripts, producing, directing but act less and less. They’ll concentrate on them and raising the kids they’ve both talked about having. No more fans, no more paps, just a normal happy life.

    • You expressed my sentiment exactly! Very much heart felt. I agree that the intermingling of friends seems to be the key to what is really happening with them. It’ troubling that the fandom has spun out of control. And frankly, I don’t see an end to their craziness nor the papz with their vile stalking. They will need to continue to live secret lives! Which is find by me. I would rather that they have the opportunity to live privately in peace than me to ever see them together again. I understand why and I respect that.

  10. Loved this. Thank you.

  11. I’m not much on parables but I agree the way Rob and Kristen have to live their life is a crying shame. There are limits to what one should have to put up with just because someone is famous. Or are there?

    How long will the media be allowed to make people have to live in semi seclusion just in order to have peace all because they have a famous face? It’s ridiculous and shouldn’t be allowed.

    An actor’s life is not so vital to me or the running of the world that we need to know their every move. This is crazy. Unfortunately, we’ve also made it profitable and legal. Where is the justice in that? I ask you.

  12. So sad but so true. I had hoped that by now they could lead a quieter existence but now that the Twilight boxed set is coming out they will have to remain in seclusion even longer. I for one think that it is time for Summit to leave the cash cow alone and move on. It has been bled dry. It would be nice if we could see Rob and Kristen as Rob and Kristen. I feel so bad for them. A catch 22 indeed. Love you all!

  13. Thank-you.

  14. Its not what happens to you,its how you react that matters.I just read this quote today.I believe that Kristen has grown up in the last two years and the way she holds herself shows her self respect and self confidence.I hope she finds happiness and contentment.

  15. Great message about the beloved cow driven into seclusion by its rabid hyenas, vultures and other evil creatures. How sad for mankind that a young couple in love have been driven to the point of desperation because people continue to lie, make up stories, harass and literally tear them apart because they have nothing better to do than make life unbearable for them.

    I find it appalling that the internet and the “Rag Hags” have so much time to manufacture stories about them with the “Team Kristen” and the “Team Robert” being pitted against each other on ugly mean spirited boards from so called “Fans” who either hate one or the other or both of them…It is so sad that our society allows such ugliness. I know that some of these writers feel they are entitled to their illusions about what she is doing and what he is doing and who they are doing it to…What the Hell is that all about…They are not privy to their lives and I am sure neither one of them read their crap…However, the Paparazzi have the golden right to say and talk to them anyway they want without having to deal with any consequences and that is so wrong and it has to stop.

    In my heart of hearts I wish they could give an interview to a trusted journalist with pictures etc. and sell the story (fact or fiction) to the highest magazine and donate the money to some Charity or Fund so that the “Big Story” is out there and that is that. This would diminish the goal for the rest of those idiots who chase them all over the place of having the best pictures and story which means “money” to them and more importantly because Robert and Kristen beat them at their own game. Will it put an end to the nonsense they are enduring probably not but at least whatever is sold will go to a good cause and will put a mighty cramp into the lives of some of these fools who are chasing them all over the place.

    Wish the airports, etc. would not allow them to be within a half mile of their passengers …believe me they can still get pictures but they wouldn’t be able to harass them while they are trying to leave.

  16. When I read “The Cow” my heart became heavy and I had emotions of sadness. I ask myself, why are Kristen and Rob’s fans so demanding? What gives them the right to think that they should know their every move, their comings and goings each and every day? Why do fans find it necessary to see pics of them, any pics will do, daily? Do fans even realize the price they have put on the heads of Kristen and Rob because of their demands? Have fans gone too far with their admirations or, are they borderline obsessive, fanatical and downright crazy? Fans should know that their favorite star or entertainer is not their personal property. Fans have their place and it’s okay to be a fan, but it’s not okay or healthy to be obsessive or possessive.

    I believe we all would agree that Kristen and Rob is a quiet and private couple. The closest people to them are their family and close friends who have been a part of their lives since day one. Fans are not a part of their inner circle, in fact, fans are uninvited guest. With that be said, why isit so hard for their fans to give them what we know they really long for, their privacy? We say with one breath how we wish tab-liars and papzs would leave them alone, and with the same breath we say how much we miss seeing them together. Fan sites post pics taken by the papzs stealing their private moments. Some fans, now all, have double standards. They are not willing to take a stand and say, no more. Fans, give Kristen and Rob the gift of happiness and peace. Let them go.

    There is no need to fret over Kristen and Rob. Fans will see both of them on the red carpet, in movie theaters, and giving interviews on talk shows to promote their projects.

  17. Parable: a moral story or tale, a fable, an analogy, a metaphor, a symbolic story

    Hate and fear inhibits intelligence. It takes intelligence to interpret a parable. Unfortunately, there are a few who come to my site that have problems in both areas. Let me see if I can clear up a few things for you…

    Contrary to some of the (unpublished) comments made on this parable, I NEVER once mentioned who it was about. Now given where it appeared, anyone with any intelligence probably figured out whom I was referencing. However, I do not see where this makes any kind of statement as to how crazy RK fans are or are not. (fear) A story like that would be COMPLETELY different! As would a story about some of the haters that are lurking in the shadows. It was simply a story, a parable. I am quite certain that I never once compared Kristen to a cow. As a matter of fact, there were no names stated whatsoever. Hamburger was never mentioned. Girl cows and boy cows were never mentioned. (hate) And as to the person who suggested I was “wasting time writing it, and that I fine [sic] something to do (SAD)” may I point out that you took the time to not only read it, but to also comment on it–so perhaps you should follow your own advice! If you need further explanation, perhaps you need to go to a site which will stress your mind less. I know that actually thinking is quite difficult for some and certainly interpreting something could be quite a strain. It would probably be better if you visit sites that are more on your reading level.
    To those of you who read it with an open heart and mind and understood it to be the parable it was intended to be, thank you for your support and kind comments.

    • It boggles the mind that anyone would rag on you about this sad, but true parable. And this team Rob and team Kristen thing, what is that about? I saw a fan vid of Kristen on the set of Sils Maria and it was just as intrusive as a paparazzi video. Not necessary. It was posted on a fan site. What I would like to see more of is what I saw about Kristen today. She helped raise $500,000 for the hurricane Sandy relief fund by just spending 15 minutes talking with an unnamed prince. That is the stuff we need to hear about. Not stupid pics of her or Rob walking down the street, or getting groceries or hundreds of pics chronicling their every move. Time to let them go forward with their life. No more Twilight videos or boxed sets. If this keeps up we may never ever get to see them together in anything or anyway again. And to be truthful, I DON’T BLAME THEM ONE BIT! They have sacrificed a lot of their personal privacy for Twilight and their fans. Enough is enough!

      • Sherry I agree with you. They are in the midst of a publicity free fall.
        Now that DIOR is launched and the photos of Rob have been pored over endlessly, and Kristen is away from the public eye with Sils Maria,
        everyone is talking awful about both Rob and Kristen.

        For the first time people are saying with the DIOR campaign and all of these magazine interviews that Rob is close to over saturating, himself and demolishing his former image in the press.

        Five years of Twilight movies and he was the public’s darling. Now suddenly, less than a year late,r Rob is old hat. Talk about tabloid spite! If that is their view, I can honestly say that I for one am relieved.
        Maybe, big maybe, he and Kristen can get back to a normal life with
        each other hopefully. But if not at least maybe they can again be happy and call their life their own again..

  18. So, essentially what Waver is saying is all sites related to Rob and Kristen should close down? Would that decrease the interest in Rob and Kristen? Yes probably a little. But there are still millions who never joined a blog or support group or even wrote a comment who would still be clicking on Hollywood Life, Gossip Cop, PH, E, and so many others…. While this site and a few others may have helped influence a lot of people away from those sites.

    I’ve thought and said the same things as Waver. But then I came to the conclusion as long as they are the face the world loves to love and/or
    loves to hate someone needs to stand against the tide of negativity.
    and outright hate toward them. I don’t know that I’m doing any good speaking up when it gets a little crazy or not. But if someone can show me I’m doing more harm than good I will cease at once.

    The obsessive crazies will still be right where they have always been
    at the sites listed above. Jean Worley is right in one statement. Rob and Kristen are in a Catch 22 situation. They will ride their wave of fame out until the next big thing comes along. But truthfully the people devoted to them today may be their fans their whole life.

    The upshot of the whole situation is, because of the internet, twitter, and all of this instant communication, the megastars of today and tomorrow will have to live just as quietly and privately as Rob and Kristen do when in between promoting their work.

    It’s a sorry shame, but we can’t take back progress no matter how
    intrusive, inconvenient, even down right hated the tab/pap/ publicity
    machine of the world is. I resent it on their behalf, but as long as the mind set remains that this is what they have to put up with for being famous nothing will change.

    Some headway has been made in reigning in the paparazzi. But the
    media as it stands now is indispensable in building an actor’s career.
    Rob and especially Kristen may have always hated the publicity part
    of show business. However most actors don’t hate it until they become so famous the media starts invading their lives against their wishes.

    Do I see major strides in paparazzi/tabloid reform in the near future?
    No, sadly I don’t. As long as it’s a tool Hollywood has a unanimous use for it will be used to the hilt. and the thought of that just depresses the hell out of me. Sorry.

    .All I can say is be thankful we made some headway in the case of children being exploited by the press. It’s a step in the right direction at least. So maybe there’s hope for more changes eventually.

    • CD i always enjoy your comments and sound reasoning….I don’t comment often for the simple reason I get incensed on the unfairness doled out to both Rob and Kristen. I am one of the ones who believe deep in my soul these two have together is not something they willingly set aside at any point in their relationship. I do believe they are trying and successfully so to stay as incognito as is humanly possible in this day and age of technology. I wish they someday to say the hell with what the enemy thinks and brave the world side by side in the public eye once and for all.

      As you have said previously it will not stop for them until the next big news story comes along.

    • Fully agree Christopher. I once used to visit those ugly sites, but since I have read how they make their money and how untrue they are I have stopped. I have sites like this to thank for that. So thanks to this site for putting what I feel so eloquently into words.

  19. Thank you for your post, I think, it helps us put things in perspective by helping so many of us to sort things out. We all have been waiting intensely to see what happens in this relationship. Hoping for the best. At times too intensely. But why? I am realizing, thanks to you, R/k are not on our time. The fact that they had the insight to know that their careers must develop separately and how they might achieve that is awesome. Therefore, I am confident that they will eventually overcome the obstacles that have so far been in their path. Time has proven that they cannot get there with the current fan base or forever hungry Hollywood . So to separate themselves and live secretly is the only path. Sad but true! I will continue to support them both in their developing career.

  20. I read the post and comments and quite honestly its depressing….I have commented here before and after reading the post I am compelled to say some things so here it comes

    1.they are in a catch 22 position but that aside they are young people and that kind of obsession cannot and should not be extended to anyone.even the mature people struggle with that bottom line lower your obsession levels..not only on social media but all over the planet
    that’s impossible right?

    2.Regarding the comments made by others on fan-sites I can say I am not aware of how they work and am not saying that they should be closed but at least weigh the material they have before putting it on the site ie pics if the pics are intrusive dont post. what happened in 2012 when rob and kristen intrusive house pics came out few sites got they had their ball without even thinking for a second what they had was an intimate couple of moments that should not be at any COST be a world headline and the way they pics is a a whole different story and the results are horrifying. Everyone RTs the pics the more you RT those the more it continues thus no difference between you and paps they want people to give $$ for pics and you want pics to affirm your ideas about celebrities

    3.Obsession/Hate is a factor here I love rob but hate kristen love kristen hate rob idea .your post caused drama on the internet people on team kristen ship said you called kristen a cow and started making COW jokes, from reading the post what i got was RK summit cashing COW Rob was in there too, unless Kristen played EDWARD and BELLA at the same time! every one has preferences fine but to express disregard for those who can not choose by being in Teams is STUPIDITY of extreme kind. You have to hate one and hate the other. Its about movies about acting not about hate petitions and negativity. You hate them fine your choice krisbian you support HER, MOVIES etc she will be nice to you when you meet her but that is it! Same with Rob. they wont be personal ever! One of the main reasons I would readily avoid coming on this fandom….but I stay because I fool myself that something positive will come but then ever since 2012 and that event i sense alot of negativity on every timeline and that what drives not only the fandom crazy but papz too they weigh reactions and write stories about both because they know you want NEWS and with the REACTION back in 2012 they intend to cater your gullible mind.

    4.Media campaign has a HUGE influence I never realized that until now e.g sandy hurricane donation today see how its written, what the point of emphasis and the reaction it got, Studios have various
    publication companies running for them so losing interest in them is not Enough! There has to be something done to let them know that FANS love them but dont need a 24/7 report on them. For me unless your dead or mistreated its not NEWS. There is a law in France after Diana’s death and the people are following it they are HUMANS too like us when people say we can not do anything in the situation here is another one for you guys GO LISTEN to the THR ACTRESSES ROUNTABLE 2012 you would a clear sense of what its really like being a an actress, any sensible fan would want to back off a bit I would. There are laws in UK and are being followed by HUMANS

    I am not saying stop being their fan but all the points apart the fan sites one. Fans are THE ISSUE here because RK arent drama queens Media influence and fan reaction are perfect recipe for ALL THE BS being given to them ITS BEEN 5-6 YEARS we might not be able to loose interest in them but we can give them a break from BS being written about them……by not reacting so passionately that you end up helping those who keep things alive.

    I hope hope hope things calm down for both together or apart because I LOVE BOTH and I want them to have a good career you know like other celebs they promote the movie like another actor/actress and go back to their lives without speculations like Johnny Depp, Meryl Streep, Denzel the list is long….NO ONE would sign up this kind Obsession/Hate/Humiliation/Painful/Unstoppably negative experience Sorry that’s my take on it and to think that they are 23 and 27………really makes me be afraid for humanity

    Thank YOU!

  21. I feel so sorry for the beautiful cow that she can,t be with the one she loves it,s a shame what the paps,media,tabloids and the haters are doing to them when are they going to stop all this shit and let them live their lifes someone really needs to put a stop to all this harassment on this couple it,s a shame. Love them both I,m praying for them keep us up with whats going on with kristen and Robert justice for kristen can,t Waite for your next one. Thank you

  22. Rob and Kristen were treated like a moveable feast too long by too many people. So they moved out of range of all the sensation seekers.
    These blood suckers that veulentsavior speaks of, do they even operate out of a building? Because truthfully most of what is written sounds like the fantasies of people half awake sitting in their bed with a lap top and writing down all they imagine about Rob and Kristen.

    I ask myself does the publisher just pick the best one which is likely to garner the most hits? Because I have to say, if these are wide awake, sitting at their desk working people then the future of journalism is in trouble. Because if you can get a job writing this drivel why try to write anything believable? If we’re willing to accept any part of this swill we ourselves are lacking, and to blame for accepting what are plainly sourceless lies.

    In the case of R/K most of these gossip sites read like fan fiction more
    than anything else. If that’s what people want to read then they should just look up the real thing as there must be a hundred or more stories
    that are as real and immediate as 95% of what the gossip sites print,
    which is to say not at all and totally imagined sourceless stories of what they’d like to believe..

    As someone on Do I Dazzle You put it, Only the Desperately Seeking
    Single Rob fans would believe anything these supposed sources reveal And I have to say, I agree with that statement..

  23. Just wanted to say thank you again for this wonderful site and the lovely, sane people who comment here. Love you all!

    • Rob and Kristen are being thrown into the meat grinder of criticism
      and blame over his comments about forgiveness in his Australian Dior interview. He should have known how they would be taken by the media but I guess he wasn’t thinking.

      His Marie Claire Italy was very good and there was nothing negative in it. What is amazing to me is the impact a couple of sentences of his
      have had on the fans. I don’t think this was the impact he was going for.

      The tabloids should not be allowed to make these allegations and them be left unchallenged. It’s a word war for ratings and money.
      It’s the worst face of America. How easy and with how little cause we hate just because the media gives people someone to hate. Where will this craziness end.

  24. the misogynism and the double standards of the media (and society) are unbelievable. and women are more misogynists of all.the most recent example , Miley.people do not understand she is not Hannah Montana , that was a role. a role was also her perfomances in the “wrecking ball “and in the music awards. they also say that Liam is cheating on her with January Jones, but they do not bring it up to judge him, they just mention it as sm natural.

  25. Hey justice for Kristen,whats the matter ?i dont seem to see any activity here,i do hope you continue this site,this is the only site where i can totally show my support for Kristen.

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