Nice Article on Kristen for Once!


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  1. Ha ha I love that ad. LOL

    • I was not responsible putting an ad on this blog. Apparently, WordPress has started putting ads on sites to help pay for the fact that the site is free. The only way that I can keep ads from appearing is by paying WordPress $30. As soon as I can afford to do that, I will. I apologize for the fact that an ad was here and I want everyone to know that JFK makes NOTHING off of any ad that does appear.

    • I apologize for the fact that an ad appeared on JFK. Apparently, WordPress has started placing ads on sites to help pay for the fact that sites are hosted here for free. The only way that I can get the ads not to appear is to pay WordPress $30. I assure everyone that JFK receives NOTHING from these ads and as soon as I can afford the $30, they will no longer appear! The ironic thing is that I can’t even see the ad you are referring to! This really makes me angry and I am going to look into another host for this blog!

  2. Veulentsavoir – you’re a great fan!

  3. Great to hear some good things about her!

  4. I have come across this new ad policy ion other sites. We can deal with it.

  5. Not surprised in the least. Already knew about some of this and already knew her sullen face is for the paps! You go Kristen. And don’t worry about the ad. Love you all!

  6. Great to hear some good news. That’s the private side of our young lady. Love and admire her even more.

    veulentsavoir no apology necessary. You’ve done so much for this site and for those who read and comment here. God bless you forever.

  7. I look forward to the day when R & K announce to the world:
    We are married, leave us alone or
    We are getting married, pls. leave us alone and stop with the gossip and made up stories! An interview with Oprah would help them I would think?
    Thanks, Kristen’s generosity doesn’t surprise me, she is a REAL down to earth person (they both are) and grateful for all they have!

    • Somehow I don’t think that is an option for them. It would just stir up the whole bunch of crazies again and the paparazzi. This fan base and their popularity is obviously big enough to make tabloids rich with just a
      photograph and a few lies mentioning them, despite the small injury last years July mess caused them… A real wedding, a real announcement would set every paparazzi in the world on the hunt for them.

      Think of them as two rare and prized animals. Perhaps a white wolf and it’s mate in a world where thousands are paid just for proof of their existence. Can you really see the wolf and it’s mate somehow announcing to the world we are mated. We will die for each other though you run us to our death we will stay free. Alone. In our world.

      Every tabloid and paparazzi would take such an announcement as a
      challenge. A mission in life. Get pictures of them now! They couldn’t even work under such circumstances.

      The next big thing will come along. It always does. Maybe someday they’ll give that announcement, that interview. But not any time soon
      in my humble opinion. Sadly.

  8. I loved to read that and I wish it was referenced in the main stream. She does things because of who she is and she does not make it public because that is NOT the reason she does it. Good for her.

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