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Note:  I wrote this a couple of days ago.  I was going to have Twilighter look over it first, but haven’t been able to get hold of him.  Then, as I was looking at the Google feeds that I receive daily, I saw a lot of interesting headlines about how Rob and Kristen have been meeting secretly.  On the same page you will see headlines saying exactly the opposite.  So, once again, the tabs are burning the candle at both ends so that no matter what happens, they’ll be able to say, “We told you so!”  Jerks!  Anyway, here is what I wrote….

I haven’t posted in a while. I suppose you probably have noticed. Neither has Twilighter. I can’t completely speak for him, but I have an idea that it is because there really hasn’t been much to talk about. The few stories that the tabs have come up with haven’t even warranted denial. But, as is the way of tabs, those stories have been repeated ad nauseam–making it seem as if there are more stories that there actually are. One site posts an article and then another will post virtually the same article with only a slight variation to the title–sometimes days or even weeks later (just to stir things up again). If it weren’t so disgusting, it might be funny. The tripe that the tabs feed people (over and over and over) is truly ridiculous. They take one photo and fabricate an entire article about it–never mind that the photo is completely innocent, never mind that there are no TRUE sources–the story is what is important–and it DOESN’T need to be a true story, it just needs to get hits for their site. They really should bill themselves as entertainment fiction, not entertainment news. They use photos to illustrate their stories that are months old. They manipulate the dates so it looks like something happened at one time, when in truth, the event might have happened weeks earlier or last night. You never know–and you CAN’T trust a word they say! So, the more scandalous, the better. The other thing that amuses me, is that they are back peddling for all they are worth. They will print one story and then another that says the exact opposite–simply to cover their butts. No matter which one comes true–they can say–“We told you so!” It is so frustrating. The good news is, that many more people have become aware of the outrageous flat out lies that are printed by tabs and I believe that many have vowed to not to visit their sites. Of course, for every person we have educated about the vile games the tabs play, there will be thousands out there that innocently believe everything they read. If they ever took the time to think about the crap they are reading, they might figure out some of the games all by themselves. But, in actuality, tabs are great bathroom reading–certainly not worth taking the time that would be needed to to look beyond their lies, unless you are invested in the fact that TRUTH matters.

This site was started a little over a year ago, because of some stupid photographs that appeared in one of the ridiculous publications that call themselves an entertainment magazines. With no regard for truth, they took some photographs that were obviously fabricated and ran with a story that upset the entire world. Literally–the entire world!!!! I don’t think there is a place on earth that hasn’t heard the story of the “scandal”. I saw those initial photos–the very first night they came out. My first reaction was “Oh, no! NO!!!” But, thank goodness, I am not one of the many people that swallowed the story–hook, line and sinker. There was something wrong. Up until that point, I naively believed that the magazines reported real stories. It didn’t occur to me that they would deliberately lie about things. I didn’t (and still don’t) know anything about photography. I had never heard of photoshopping. I actually was pretty much unaware of paparazzi and their abhorrent behavior. I certainly never considered the possibility that a publication would fabricate a story just to get hits for their site. But, something told me that things weren’t right. I knew with every fiber of my being that Kristen would never betray Rob and I believe that to this very day. As I witnessed the out lash caused by the photos and the appalling way that people were willing to believe the worst of this young woman–I felt more and more the need to step up and say something. As a matter of fact, when you look at the photographs of the two of them together up to that point–it was as if no one else was in the room. I refused to believe what the tabs would have us believe. I saw no indication of anything other than a young woman who was deeply in love. A young woman who had never given any prior indication that she was anything less than loyal to Rob. Now, my belief in this was based on nothing more than what I had observed up to that point and how I responded to the ugly way Kristen was being treated. All I could think about was the line from the movie Notting Hill where Julia Roberts laments the fact that Hugh Grant answered the front door of his flat in his underwear and was suddenly the focus of numerous paparazzi. His response was (and I paraphrase) “Don’t worry about it, by Sunday it will be in the bottom of a birdcage somewhere.” But Julia Roberts’ character was inconsolable. She knew that the photo and the story would appear over and over for the rest of her life. That was my fear about this story. And, as it turns out, I have been right. The story has been repeated over and over for the last year and a half and I feel fairly certain that it will never go away. No matter what the story is, if Kristen is in it–you can almost count on the “scandal” being mentioned. Then, I ran across Twilighter. He based his opinion on things he could actually prove. He knew things about photography and angles, shadows and direction of the sun. He didn’t buy the “I just KNOW that she wouldn’t do this” defense. He had facts! Whatever! If he could prove that Kristen was innocent, then I was ALL for it! Thus, was born Justice for Kristen. He has posted many articles on this site that look at all of the evidence. He has debunked the tabs on multiple occasions and called them out for their lies. In a court of law, I believe he could prove his argument. The problem is, that this isn’t a court of law. And the only person/s that could actually bring a suit against the perpetrators or shine light on the real reason for all of the uproar, have refused to fess up!

So, here we sit…still in the dark about what is going on.

For the record, I am not a Krisbian. I do not JUST support Kristen. I support both Kristen and Rob. And I always have. I believe in them separately and I believe in them as a couple–still–today. Do I have any proof? No, but I do have the same gut feeling that I have had from the beginning. In addition, I watch the blogs of a couple of people that actually might have some inside information.

If you took the time to read “The Cow”, then you saw my opinion. There were a few that were not intelligent enough to figure it out. They thought I had called Kristen a cow. I still shake my head about that one. I don’t know if they really were that brainless or if they were just trying to drum up more drama. I thought it was pretty obvious. Kristen and Rob have been a “cash cow” for the tabs and the studios from the beginning. Their relationship has been used to sell more magazines, more movie tickets and get more hits on websites (that, by the way, earn MORE money for the tabs) than any other couple in history. The fans have been the villagers from the beginning–wanting to know every single thing about Kristen and Rob and their relationship. And, the vultures were (at least I thought) pretty obviously the paparazzi and all the other unscrupulous people in the entertainment industry that have used Kristen and Rob’s relationship to make money for their particular vehicle–be it television late night, entertainment gossip sites, or even what until recently I would have considered legitimate news sources. The vultures were the people that used Robert and Kristen to get some undeserved notoriety for themselves or have made unkind remarks about two young people that have done nothing more than fall in love and have the astonishing luck to additionally become megastars in the process.

I believe that Kristen and Rob have done exactly what was done in the story. They have, at least in public, severed their relationship and focused on their own separate careers. But, as is also implied in the story, they see each other often protected by the friends that serve them well with their undying loyalty and secrecy. I believe they have never been far apart. I believe they have seen each other every single time the other was working out of the country. Did you notice that one or the other would appear in public–actually be quite obviously “out there” and then suddenly disappear? I think it was during that time, that one or the other would make a ninja trip to visit the other. They have the money. They have the resources to do just about anything they want. “Keep them guessing,” isn’t that what Kristen said at one point? I’ve even wondered if perhaps they have doubles that sometimes appear in public, while they are off spending time together and the world is none the wiser. In the eyes of the public, they seem to have severed their relationship–when in fact–they are still just as much a couple as they ever have been. I also believe that it is highly likely that they are already married. As a matter of fact, I’ve wondered if Rob didn’t rush back from New York on the anniversary of the “scandal”– to celebrate another kind of anniversary. Do I have any proof? NO. Just my gut. Again. I’m not claiming any “sources”–because I don’t have any. But, like I said–I have been watching and there are people out there that have much the same idea that I have.

See, the thing is, Kristen was raised in Hollywood. She grew up knowing how the game works. Rob was more or less a “celebrity virgin”. I think that they have been in a monogamous relationship from nearly the beginning. Rob was raised in a family with strong values. I believe he brought those with him into their relationship. He was a bit older. He had had time to sow some wild oats–and when he decided that he had found the right girl, he committed to her lock, stock and barrel. I believe, there was no going back for him. He knew what he wanted and he committed everything to it. That was the example his parents have set. I think it part of his core values to be faithful to the person he is committed to. Kristen, too was raised in a family with a strong commitment to each other. Her parents set a good example and raised an extraordinarily intelligent young woman. Kristen was young chronologically, but, wise beyond her years. And, I think that it is possible for someone so young to find her soul mate and be just as committed as someone much older. And, because of her savvy about the ins and outs of the entertainment industry, she led the way in keeping their relationship under the radar.

I have learned so much from this entire scenario. As a result of the journey I have been made aware of the atrocities that are committed by paparazzi in order to get their “money shot”. I have learned that tabs are actually nothing more than expensive toilet paper. I have learned that you can’t trust ANY of them–not even the “designer” brands like People Magazine. I have learned that there are people in the world that hate for no apparent reason and are willing to hurt people in order to try to bring them around to their point of view–not for life altering, world changing ideals, but for something as simple as whether they agree with who someone is dating. I am proud to say that I have had the opportunity to help promote the idea that laws need to change when it concerns the way the paparazzi behaves. I am excited to say that changes have actually occurred in California where children are concerned and I hope that even stricter laws can be enacted in the future. I’m no Halle Berry or Jennifer Garner, but between Twitter, here and The Plan I have helped get the word out. I would love to see changes made that would involve requiring tabs to take responsibility for their articles–site legitimate sources and use only photographs taken with the permission of the subject nationwide –but that is an even more difficult fight than the fights we have already undertaken. But, one can hope! I am, in case you haven’t already guessed, a bit of an idealist.

Now for some totally unsubstantiated speculations! I think it is possible that Kristen was pregnant at the time of the 2012 ComicCon. I think there is a possibility that the whole “scandal” was set up as a way to allow her to disappear until after the baby was born. But the whole thing blew up–and either before or as a result of the ensuing chaos, she miscarried. Any proof? NOPE! But, I do think there might be some evidence pointing in that direction. For one thing, both Kristen and Rob quit smoking. Also, there was a report on Twitter that appeared only briefly that stated that Kristen had visited a doctors office and that Rob was with her. It was supposedly posted by someone who worked in the office. It was squelched immediately by many–including myself–as an invasion of privacy and doctor/patient confidentiality. We saw nothing more on it. During this time, I think it is also possible that the two of them were married. There was plenty of time for them to have gotten married and have had a honeymoon between the “scandal” and Rob’s promotions of Cosmopolis. Again…no proof. Will we ever know? I doubt it. Maybe in their memoirs. By which time, I will be long gone. So, as I will probably never know the real answers, I will believe my version of the story unless proven otherwise.

There are those in the “Twitter-verse” that currently are supporting the idea that
Rob and Kristen are currently living together in an undisclosed location. Yep! I agree with that one! They also are tossing around the idea that Kristen is currently pregnant. I’d love to believe that. But, as much as they both hate the intrusion of uninvited people into their universe, we may not know for sure until their baby is graduating college or hell freezes over–whichever comes first! So, as stated before–since I will probably be dead before the truth comes out–I choose to believe this also!

So, in closing, I just want to say that I love the two of them. I admire their tenacity to keep what they have special and private. I wish they felt comfortable allowing the world to see them together. True love…real, true love isn’t seen often. Love that can endure and survive adversity is so rare. It would be lovely if their love could shine as an example for others. But, I admire them for living life on their terms. That, too, can serve as an example. The sacrifices they are forced to make in order to live a life as they choose, shouldn’t be necessary. However, they are. That is, to a great extent, our fault–because fans feed the monster that causes their pain every time they buy a magazine or click on a tab site.

I want to thank you for coming to this site. I appreciate your kind comments and the fact that so many of you are thinking, caring individuals looking for answers to a truly perplexing problem. I admire you for your ability to have civilized conversations and discussions. I don’t know when or if Twilighter will make any more appearances. As I said, he bases what he writes on facts–things that he can actually use to prove his point of view. Go figure, he’s a lawyer. What can I say?

Know that, whether things are being posted daily, once a month or once a year on this site….I still believe in the power of love. I believe in telling the truth. And I will continue to fight for both!


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  1. After going through all the thought provoking comments made by Jan,Nancy,Hannah,Euclid,Jean Worley,Christopher Dark,idsaecp,Sherry, and Nena, i think Kristen is sticking to Independent movies for her sheer interest in the acting art.
    Fans like me may want her do big budget movies ,but like i always said before it is her choice and her choice alone to do what she wants to do.I have no idea about the dirty machinations going around in the big studios,but from the insightful comments made by all the people here,i am seeing what i can only call an inkling of the actual picture.Its Kristen’s prerogative to choose which movies she wants to do , i will support her in the best way i can by buying a ticket for her movie in the theater.All you people here thank you for your comments, they made me think about activities that actually go on behind the screen regardless of the pain caused to the people on the screen.Happy New Year to all of you.

  2. Hannah, you may very well be onto something. I doubt we will ever know who or why this was done. My husband has observed that it seems we can’t have heroes anymore. I feel that part of this is due to a tremendous amount of jealousy of Rob and Kristen. They aren’t perfect, but you sure don’t see them making giant, pardon me, asses of themselves all the time. They seem to get a lot of hate just by being who they are. I can see someone trying to take down Summit/Lionsgate by coming up with this so-called scandal. They also had to be pretty mad or even jealous of Rob and Kristen, but maybe more Kristen. Someone wanted to take Kristen down but I can’t figure out why. Probably for some really petty reason that we can’t even imagine. I agree with what Ashley Green had said about BD2 being bigger than it was if those pics hadn’t come out. Someone really wanted to destroy BD2 but I don’t know why. I am also so sick and tired of people believing that Rob and Kristen broke up just because some sicko rag mag said so. I am just biding my time until Rob and Kristen just decide to show up together in a fan pic. I just feel bad for them. They haven’t done anything to deserve the insanity that is being done to them. I have said this before, but I was accused of having an affair with someone I was working closely with when my husband was a full time minister. It was done to discredit my husband and to get us to leave the church. I know how it feels. I can’t imagine knowing the whole world thinks you are something you aren’t. The world is full of mean, jealous, and just plain evil people. I truly hope that now that Twilight and all it’s merchandising is over, Rob and Kristen can somehow move on and away from it and that everyone will settle down and leave them alone. The rag mags and paps need to move on. If you haven’t gotten anything right yet rag mags, you aren’t ever going to. Just leave it alone and move on. Sorry I sort of ranted, but I’m fed up with the lies and garbage being spewed.

    One last thought, since Stephenie Meyer had already moved on with another company to do The Host, maybe that was part of the reason this was done. I know it makes no sense to a rational person, but what better way to take down the last Twilight movie and also try and hurt Stephenie’s next project. They definitely hurt the wrong people. Rob and Kristen were the victims, not Lionsgate or Stephenie. What a sick thing to do if that is why this was done. Love you all.

    • Sherry: The one thing I’d add is the possibility that Kristen Stewart was not the intended victim. If there was a deliberate attempt to discredit someone, it might have been aimed at Rupert Sanders. Stewart seems like the obvious victim, since she was better known an since she’s borne the brunt of the aftermath. We also can’t say who would attack Sanders, or why, since we know very little about his career and personal life. But if the scandal was set up, he’s as much a direct victim as Stewart. Maybe we’re looking in the wrong direction all along. Just a thought.

      • I’ve thought about that too. I’m not surprised that this happened just deeply disappointed.

      • Badger__Sanders was older and married and he should have borne the brunt of the aftermath. But we all know how the world works. People are invariably harder on women in their views.

        Also there was already a well established hate fest among certain fans who were just plain old jealous because in Kristen’s words. “she got to kiss the hottest vampire in the world.” Plus she got to take him home.

        The victim was meant to be the sales of the last movie in the saga. It was their way of hurting the partners in the merger via the profit margin of the movie release and even future DVD sales in effect tainting the whole Twilight project.

        Why we didn’t see this before? I have no idea. Thinking with emotion is the only conclusion I can come to. When you are too close to something its hard to see the forest around you while looking at the tree in front of you.

        Happy New Year to you…Peace.

    • I’ve been gone for a month without WIFI so I’m just catching up. I agree with what you say here. I do think someone wanted to hurt/destroy BD2, The Twilight Saga and Stephenie Meyer. For whatever reason: be it jealousy or losing out in the Summitt/Lionsgate sale, or pure meanness. A thought about Stephenie Meyer and “The Host”. If she was the target, they certainly were successful at destroying “The Host”. It never had a chance. It bombed because the Media were determined that Stephenie M would not continue as a successful writer or producer. I read the book and saw the movie. I liked both. It was well cast, and condensed as well as possible, as any book can be. But the reviews were bad, and every review mentioned Stephenie Meyer and Twilight. They killed it on purpose.

  3. Euclid, i just visited DIDY ,I do not have any problem whatsoever if you want to carry forth any comments made by me to DIDY or any other site.Have a wonderful New Year !

  4. Earlier today I said my New Year’s resolution was going to be to quit looking for news about Rob and Kristen and just to concentrate on my family and friends. Of course I didn’t know then that a great bunch of comments were going to be published about a subject so near and dear to my heart. And besides it’s not New Years yet anyway. Here are my thoughts on some matters that have been plaguing me since the media circus surrounding Rob and Kristen started.

    Nancy, CD, Jean, Hannah and many other people have influenced this comment. Their conclusions explains so much I have wondered at. Like the depth of Rob and Kristen’s sadness and the look of helplessness so often captured in Rob’s face. The deadness to them that sometimes flashed across their faces. The extreme weight loss in both of them and the reports of Kristen seen at a producer friend’s home and his fierce defense of Kristen.

    This even explains Jules Stewart’s long silence in the first days of the “scandal” before Jodie Foster came forward to defend Kristen. It also explains Jodie saying, ” If I had it to do over today, in choosing to be an actor in this day and age I wouldn’t choose it, not knowing what I know now about how the industry is changing and how so much media pressure is brought to bear on a young star’s life. If I had it to do over, I wouldn’t choose to be a young actor today.”

    I can even understand Jules Stewart’s long silence in not coming forward right away to defend her daughter. I see it as silent rage, knowing that if she said anything on the subject she would perhaps say too much. As a matter of fact, the only words publicly volunteered by Jules that whole summer was in an interview when she said, “My daughter loves Robert Pattinson very much.”

    These were the only words she allowed herself in the defense of her daughter. And what better words could there be? Because any sane person would know that if Kristen loved Rob, she would not do the thing she was accused of, photos or not.

    Then I remembered Rob went back to Kristen after The Rover. I also remember photos of Rob paddle boarding at Jules house in March of this year. Rob and Kristen being chased by paparazzi at Coachella and him leaving for New York early. I think they just got tired of the BS and refused to be filmed together anymore. Their public split was Rob’s birthday gift to himself. It meant no more BS for the tabloids that could be predicated on any photo of him and Kristen together. Now any time they are seen together it puts him in a rage.

    This even explains the fierce loyalty of their friends and the liking and respect they receive from other young actors their age. It even explains Kristen and Rob’s continued sharing of friends in a close private life. Ask yourself this. If these two young actors were so selfish, immature, and heedless would they be going from triumph to triumph? Would they even be capable of inspiring such loyalty, devotion and trust if they were
    any thing like the tabloids have painted them. The answer is no.

    There’s a reason their fans keep saying, ” I still believe in Rob and Kristen.” We may not have had all of this information in the beginning,
    but people still believed the truth of who Rob and Kristen were and would not rest until they had a satisfactory explanation for what occurred.

    What occurred is Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart grew up in the summer of 2012 and I believe through no fault of their own they were forced to take a long walk through hell with no one to stand beside them except for their family, friends and a few loyal fans on various blogs and their devoted readers.

    This summation of the last few days is what I believe really happened in the summer of 2012. And I thank each and everyone of you stayed and commented and argued your logic and who kept me company on the way. Finally helping me to see the truth. I thank you all and Sue who started the hunt for the truth. Tempest and Rose and Casey and HKN who all stuck to their guns and supported the belief that Rob and Kristen were not over but were well worth our admiration and support.

    I agree and thank you all for being there and doing this good work.
    Thank you.

    • VJ, this is a great comment. You, Hannah and CD with occasional help from Nancy, Jean W., Badger and others have done a great job these past 2 days. Thank you all.

    • Thanks VJ I enjoy your comments here and at DIDY and HKN…I post there as Morning Coffee. I love this site and was elated when I found it last year.

      So many great and well thought out ideas. no arguments…haters get an instant exit pass. Hope you have a splendid New Year.

      Nancy aka:Morning Coffee

    • VJ – I enjoyed reading your comments and would just like to add another clue to those you’ve already mentioned. This one came up in a Cosmopolis interview (‘Cosmopolis’ Q&A: Robert Pattinson and David Cronenberg |

      The interview was in August 2012 and one part of it has always intrigued me.

      When the interviewer asked Rob:

      “… forgive me for this, Robert, but I have to ask: What is it like to have millions of people worrying about you and hoping you’re O.K.?”

      Rob replied:
      “I guess if people think they’re worried about you, it’s sweet. It’s kind of odd.”

      Then David Cronenberg quickly added:
      “They’re reacting to what they think they know, but they don’t know. And they have a huge investment in so many lives that they aren’t connected with at all.”

      Both Rob and David C. used and emphasized the word “think”, implying (at least, to my mind!) people might think something but it didn’t necessarily mean that was the reality of the situation.

      Rob: “…people think they’re worried about you…”
      David C: “They’re reacting to what they think they know, but they don’t know.”

      When I watched the interview I recall David C. putting emphasis on “think” in: “people think they know”; and then he put emphasis on the “don’t” in: “but they don’t know.” He followed that by making a point of emphasizing that people are ignorant about lives to which they’re not directly connected.

      To me, those were indications that added to my suspicions things were not what they were assumed to be regarding the July incident.

      Unless someone directly connected to the events speaks out about it, it’s my feeling we’ll never be sure of exactly what occurred. But the one the thing amongst all the ensuing ‘noise’ which struck a true chord with me was David Cronenberg’s direct quote: “They’re reacting to what they think they know, but they don’t know.” It rang true because it was a quote I heard with my own ears straight from somebody who is a genuine insider, who is indeed directly connected.

      • Euclid… Thank you for this. It is a much fuller explanation than Badger gave Hannah. I didn’t see the interview but only a clip run with Rob and David Cronenberg at the New York stock exchange on local news.

        Talk about saying a mouth full but David Cronenberg did and we were too close to it to make sense of it.

        Truthfully and I’m ashamed to say this I thought he was doing damage control for his film. Plus as Hannah said Rob didn’t look happy that it was brought up

        I guess I was thinking if there would be anything of substance to be said on that front Rob would be the one saying it. Stupid short sighted me.

        Rob’s and Cronenberg’s answers are so revealing in light of all the information we have put together in these last few days.

        How odd Rob must have felt sitting there getting sympathy knowing Kristen was listening and in all probability stoically suffering. Or throwing
        stuff at the TV screen in anger.

        After all it was Kristen who urged him to do Cosmopolis. She should have been there smiling at his success. In view of information still coming in, the more we know the more this just really blows.

        All of this was just really unfair and that doesn’t even cover the worst of what small minded Rob fans were saying. How he must have hated them at times!! Idiots.

        No wonder he hates the publicity machine and all that goes with selling a movie. If he hated it for the hype surrounding Twilight, this interview that made him seem heroic and gentlemanly was hurting Kristen. How he must have hated that!

        It certainly explains to my satisfaction why they decided their private life would remain very private with no ties between them.

        Sue is right. They could have a child and it graduate college before we know anything about it if it’s left up to Rob and Kristen, and I don’t blame them one bit for feeling that way.

      • Allthough the theories are interesting and I can see how someone would put merit behind them if they were looking for an explanation for july 2012, we have to all remember…we have no idea what happened. We cant act like these are truths we’re dealing with. They’re theories. I dont mind reading everyones alternative explanations, because come on, they’re amazing, I just dont think it wise to speak (type) like they are foregone conclusions.

        Have a wonderful 2014 everyone. I know rob and kristen will!

      • Thank you very much for the reminder, Imjustanormalfan. You’re absolutely right, we know next to nothing. It would be unfortunate if we countered tabloid lies with our own set of fantasies.

        I think we can say with confidence that the tabloid version of events is inaccurate – not just because they’re dishonest and unreliable, but because their version is self-contradictory – and that the scandal’s follow-up is even less accurate. Beyond that, you’re right, although some ideas are more fact-based than others, it’s all theory.

      • Badger
        I do agree that what we were fed by the media was a lie. There is no way those close to the situation who made comments, ie. Kristens dad, cronenberg, kristens mom, would have done so, knowing they were opening themselves up to scrutiny if kristen did actually do that. If she did they would have not said those things.

        I dont know if I want to know the truth because it might be worse than what has been theorized here. To be honest it must be pretty bad for so much silence from so many people involved. Its like not wanting to know who shot kennedy because when we find out we wish we didnt know? And im not comparing severity of kennedy assassination to a hollywood fake scandal.

        But badger? You said what I feel. Lets not put theories forward as facts and put ourselves on the same level as x17, people, etc.

        Another thing ill say? The theories here were certainly put forward with kind hearts and apparent love. I would much rather believe the stories here than what was fed to us a year and a half ago.

        Have a beautiful day!

      • imjustanormalfan: I agree on all points.

      • It was a horrible time for them. I alone with others here sort of came to the conclusion that DC WAS talking about the fake cheating, since i just knew form day 1 that the pics were doctored!!! The interviews were so hard!!Thanks for your insightful posts!!!

    • Good post. It has been such a horrible time for them, through NO fault of their own.

      • VJ – I’m ashamed to say I’ve completely missed Hannah’s David Cronenberg comment, or I wouldn’t have posted on the topic when I did… I’m just grateful you didn’t make me look like an idiot by pointing out I was merely repeating it – thanks very much for your tactfulness!

        JW gave me a different slant on this when she mentioned (in a comment to me on DIDY) that on hearing the David C.’s remarks back in August, she’d inferred that David C. was being kind to Kristen (but JW went on to say she’s since reconsidered explanation). However, I hadn’t previously thought of that angle. As an aside to JW here, on reflection I think it’s certainly a possibility which backs up what we all feel – i.e. that something wasn’t adding up and the situation was not exactly what it appeared to be.

        To continue that point, David Cronenberg had made it clear that he loves Rob and wishes to be one of his mentors. Feeling as close as that to the young man sitting beside him at the interview, someone whose heart everyone assumed had just been broken by the woman he loved, what motivation would David C. have had to choose to extend a kindness to that woman? He didn’t have to say anything at all. To my mind, the answer has to be that he was aware Kristen had become caught up in a situation that had painted her in a far worse light than was the actual reality – that some distortion had taken place.

        Even if the theory was that David Cronenberg was merely trying to save his movie, he could have done so more easily by using the sympathy card. At that point in time, Kristen was being demonized while most of the world sympathized and empathized with Rob. Cosmopolis would not have received as much press as it did without the scandal and David C. could have capitalized on that exposure. He’s an articulate man and a veteran of the industry – he would be aware of how to present Rob as a sympathetic character who needed everyone’s support. He could have subtly made the case that all who empathized with Rob should see the movie in order to show their support for a man who had been wronged. Instead, David C. chose to point out that all was not as it seemed to be. That’s rather telling.

        Having watched other David Cronenberg interviews, I’m aware that he does not speak lightly – he is an intelligent and thoughtful man and his words are carefully considered and well chosen. Thus it’s more than likely that his words were not an accident or a mistake. It doesn’t really matter which version one chooses – the bottom line is that he indicated something was amiss.

        I agree with you that Rob must have been going through hell during the publicity tour, especially in those earlier interviews. That he got through it showed he has as much iron in him as Kristen does. I’m reminded of a comment he made, which I can’t source right now, so I’ll have to paraphrase it… Rob said that when you feel the world has taken away from you something which you value, go out and get it back.

        One of the possible connotations for that remark ties in with what you mentioned about their privacy. They’ve been clear from the beginning that their personal relationship is a private issue and following 2012 I imagine that is even more the case.

        Just to end, here is a quote I’ve always liked that was, to my knowledge, the only public comment from Kristen’s father at the time:
        “She’s a good girl with a heart of gold. Don’t believe everything you read.”


      • Mr. Stewart’s comment is a word to the wise. I’m sure he would have liked to say more.

    • My heart goes out to rob and Kristen.i believe my heart and I trust who I choose to follow. Two incredible people a perfect scandal worked out to add to the already burning fire.i don’t know why . I believe very much in my thoughts and my ability to see things before they start! Stay strong Mr& Mrs Patinson and for the the stress that stoes upon you each day smile and say fuck you underneath your breath. I agree it’s more than I hope you get the chance to lives life without looking over your shoulder any make blissful love every night together. Rob I real loved all you have done in these last few movies. Kristen you are awesome and kind and I love all your movies. Be kind everyone ….. Get rid of the hate, you can be jealous,but it is draining to everyone! Love you both Beth Mitten Lancaster ,pa
      Ps I believe these supporters are on to something stay true to yourselves and always love yourself . Believe in what you do forever!

  5. And Happy New Year!

  6. My Dear Friend Velma Jean. what more is there to say only Bravo!Bravo!,I have said on didy,that you are one of the golden one’s,I am in awe of you and this magnificent post. you are a gem. love you sweet friend.xxxxxx

    • Barbara… Thank you for your kind thoughts on my comment.

      Once Nancy and CD got the ball rolling it was just like so many things went to clicking inside my head.

      Obviously I’m not the only one as Badger has just recently brought up David Cronenberg’s comment. “You think that you know what’s going on, but you don’t really. ”

      As Hannah has observed after DC made that comment Rob had a look that I now see as nervous and which I took then as regret that he had said anything.

      The puzzle pieces have finally fallen together right. And I thank God for CD’s keen eyes that saw it and laid the first piece for us to build on; that of the 2012 merger between two movie studios.

      Nancy ‘s comment that Rob and Kristen ran afoul of something ugly was another piece and the lights went on for everybody.

      Kristen Stewart has been exonerated for everyone who reads this site unless they just refuse to believe for reasons of their own that have nothing to do with truth and is all about their private feelings and agendas.

      The fact that Rob and Kristen have not publicly moved on despite their much publicized split is another proof for me.

      I have so much liking and respect for those two young people and especially Kristen for bearing the brunt of this whole humiliating and awful episode in her life.

      I once said she had the backbone and grit of General George Patton and I still say that. How can Rob, and for that matter his family, (who have remained silent may I add) how could they not respect and like her too?

      You know something Barbara? I thank God for blue haired old ladies and a few good men. I bet Kristen and Rob do too.

    • Barbara..Thank you for your kind words about my comment. As for Rob and Kristen, whatever the future may bring us via their movies, I hope their own life is a happy one. Together or apart, I’d just like these two wonderful young people lives to be truly happy.

  7. Badger…Thank you for reminding me about Cronenberg’s comment.

    I couldn’t interpret the look Rob gave him at the time; sort of nervous and sort of embarrassed as if David had said something he wished he hadn’t.
    I thought Rob was uncomfortable that the subject was being addressed at all
    With the conclusions we’ve reached in the past few days, to me Cronenberg’s comment shows there was an edict in place about no discussion at all of the business.

    Now we see David Cronenberg’s comment given so casually as the potential bomb shell it was.

    His words were skating very close to thin ice, being open to interpretation by so many.. It’s too bad we didn’t catch on sooner

    Thank you again. Wow!! The evidence just keeps mounting.
    Hooray!! Don’t you love it? Don’t you just love,love, love it. Ha ha.

    This is great. I feel like we’re slaying dragons.
    Anonymous, faceless dragons, but dragons all the same.
    And your quick mind, like a sharp sword, just struck true.

    Thank you Badger. And strike true when you next see a target.

    • Thank you again Badger. Your comment just proves the evidence just keeps mounting.

      Anyone who pooh, pooh this argument had better have a water tight one to replace it, is all that I can say.

      • Badger – my apologies to you. I’d written and published my comment about David C’s comments before seeing Velma Jean’s and Hannah’s remarks that you’d already brought up that topic. I think I must have got a bit behind while my post was awaiting moderation. Sorry I missed that.

      • Not at all. It deserves to be repeated, and you gave a fuller and more detailed account than I did.

      • Thanks Hannah, and thank you to others who corrected by Cronenberg quote and put it in context.

        You’re right, Pattinson did look as if he did not want the matter even mentioned. One thing has been clear all along, and that is that nobody directly involved in this matter have been willing to say a word about it, not even under very trying circumstances, not even to defend a loved one. For whatever reason, it looks as though they have firmly decided not to talk about it, and have asked those close to them not to discuss it either. Cronenberg’s straightforward comment stands out all the more in the middle of this silence.

      • Those words by Cronenberg are what alerted me in 2012. At that moment I knew I smelled a rat. A very mean, evil rat. Just wish I would have found this site sooner. So many were sucked into this lie. And poor Kristen for bearing the brunt of it and Rob was treated horribly for standing by her. Shame on whoever did this and double
        shame on all of us for falling for it for even a moment. Love you all.

  8. Sue__I see my last comment has not yet been published so I am going to rewrite it and in the process address some of he latest posted ideas.

    First Imjustanormalfan these may be no more than theories to you and in a sense you are right. We were none of us there to witness this happen. But we have been chewing on this for a long time (one and a half years) and this is the first time ALL the evidence fits the facts that we were all witness to via the media.

    As Badger, Hannah,VJ,.Euclid and Sherry have mentioned David Cronenberg’s words during the interview for Cosmopolis take on a whole new meaning in the light of this new view point.

    We all have a habit of developing our own ideas and sticking to them in the case of Kristen and Rob and you are as entitled to your views as I am to mine. I thank Sue for giving us a place to air those doubts and viewpoints in our search for Justice for Kristen, This to me is as close as we will ever get to a case that fits the facts of what we do know, and for myself I am satisfied with it.

    Rob and Kristen made a hard choice. One that could have had, and may yet have a negative impact on both their careers. They chose to stick it out and in the early days of this mess he was the wall that stood between Kristen and the worst of what would have been thrown at her without his presence and steady support.

    No matter how much he had invested in this he deserves credit for that Even though he got the part of the hero, let us not forget he was also called a doormat for doing so.On the face of it, (all we were allowed to see) the guy everyone was going bonkers for chose to stay with the girl who had cheated on him before the whole world. Kristen may have been the villain but this cast Rob in the light of a fool, a role no man young or old wants to play.

    That took grit and wouldn’t have happened if he truly had been the weakling the tabloids painted him as. It wasn’t his face in those photos, a face that a huge fan base was already in love with. His staying was the first piece of evidence for me that all was not as reported. The second piece of evidence for me was Kristen herself, that no holds barred, true to herself quality that she wears like armor.

    Throughout all of this Kristen has conducted herself like a young queen wrongly accused and in light of some of these facts I am positive she was. And that Rob’s gentlemanly support was invaluable to her in this. All of the negative flack that they have had to endure was a convenience to hide what would have impacted the careers and pocketbooks of a lot of people including Rob and Kristen who each owned a percentage of the last film’s profits.

    But let us not forget they were already millionaires many times over and had they left the whole franchise, not just the last film would have been damaged because this was the kind of story that lives on forever in DVD sales. When Conenberg mentioned the lives of other people involved he was telling the unvarnished truth.

    No wonder Rob was so uncomfortable with that aspect of the interview. And all of that sympathy must have made him want to cringe knowing how these same people viewed Kristen As VJ said Rob got to be the hero of the piece and Kristen had to be the villain. It was all a lie let stand for the greater good and the major profit of a huge enterprise in my view. It’s the only scenario that fits all of the facts.

    We must remember that the majority of their fans were very young and to most people a picture still paints a thousand words. Anything Kristen said, any defense at all would be shouted down far and wide as a Hollywood cover up. That would be much more quickly believed than that Kristen Stewart cheated on Robert Pattinson. They were counting on a core group of fans who would refuse to believe, and they weren’t wrong to do that.

    Had they chosen to fight, such a debate would have been a disaster for the marketing and shareholders of Breaking Dawn 2. That I think, is what Stepheie Meyer was thanking them for. In any case I’m sure there were many people telling themselves it would be forgotten with the next Hollywood scandal. I remember thinking the same thing when it happened, before all the hatred aimed at Kristen got me so angry at the hypocrisy of it all.

    It wouldn’t be forgotten because this was Rob and Kristen. They had such a huge following among many young people who believed implicitly in the love that so many people had witnessed and were attuned to. It split their fans into fighting factions, his, hers, and theirs.
    The arguments were loud and they were vulgar and they were out there for all of the world to see it was unendurable.

    When nearly a year had passed and it was still going strong they unofficially but very theatrically and publicly split. I think Ms. Meyer thought they had lost so much and her story was such a huge success that the least they were owed was the comfort of a public apology.

    Now they are living to all intents and purposes a quiet private life.
    Neither one has moved on publicly and there is every reason including shared interest and friends to believe that they are still close privately
    if not still in love. After all they’ve been through together they are either very close friends or lovers who are closer than ever. I like to to think they beat the situation and the odds and that the reason for the tight privacy. is to maintain a quiet happiness.

    I guess that’s all I want to say except to echo VJ’s thanks for giving us this site to state our thoughts on and to at least search for the truth. Now like all things Rob and Kristen I expect these conclusions will be hotly debated and even denied. That’s OK. I am satisfied. I thank everyone I got to bounce ideas off of and for all their insight which have helped to firm my opinions and for their ideas, some of which I have incorporated into my beliefs on this subject.

    We all owe a big thanks to Sue and to all of the hostesses who have kept these sites open for the many dedicated fans. Not everyone will know about our conclusions on this subject and many won’t accept them or thank us for them. That’s OK. Like I said I’m satisfied, knowing well that when it comes to Rob and Kristen what people believe is what they know. That’s the way of a fan and to be expected.

    Anyway I’m done discussing the subject of Justice for Kristen. To me this is as close as we will ever get. I think it’s a great way to start the new year…Best Regards to one and all…CD

    • You all are my heroes! Thank you for so much detail and I hope rob and Kristen live a a very happy life. They say the first year of marriage is the hardest. Kristen and rob had a massive year! In my heart I want to believe they are married and as you say we can choose for ourselves.. I love positive thinking! Thank you for your insight! Beth mitten

  9. I have waited these many days for everyone to come to a consensus and a summation before saying what I wanted to. I wanted it to happen on New Years day but that old line you can’t hurry progress seems to be very true.

    So here we are on the 2nd of January instead of the 1st. So what if we missed it by one day. Maybe there is no official New Years feast, with its official “roast beast.” But Christmas came twice this year for Rob and Kristen fans.

    Because here on Justice for Kristen a lot of people who have sat and wondered and slogged through pages of interviews, miles of video and who knows how many photographs trying to make sense of what was considered incomprehensible to them finally got a clue.

    We had no idea the “roast beast” really was a huge beast. A juggernaut of a deal that was trying to be steered by too many hands, and as the saying goes too many cooks spoil the porridge. That porridge was instead the huge delicacy called The Twilight Saga.

    Everyone it seems was making money off this franchise and when businesses merged near it’s end some people celebrated and some people most likely got Scrooged. There can’t be winners without losers. And our thought is it would only takes one sore loser to try and upset everything.

    Imjustanormalfan is right in that this is all conjecture. But in a court of law if we had someone to point the finger at, it would hold up as some of the finest “circumstantial” evidence ever presented. Like a huge jigsaw puzzle, it fits together perfectly once all the pieces are assembled.

    It took the concerted efforts of so many fans, but principally those here at Justice for Kristen and those from Do I Dazzle You. I have no doubts at all about the truth of the evidence. As Sir Conan Doyle’s Sherlocke Holmes character said, ” Once you have eliminated all that is impossible, whatever remains no matter how improbable is the truth.

    We’ve been eliminating evidence for months this is what’s left. These are the true pieces of the puzzle, and they show us a picture of a power play among, as Hannah I think called them, The Powers That Be. The movers and shakers of Hollywood, Rob and Kristen’s world.

    Due to deductions made over a period of eighteen months we now know at least to my satisfaction WHAT happened.

    Due to photographic analysis, we know WHEN, WHERE, AND HOW.

    The WHO remains elusive to us, but I’m betting to an ever widening small group that too is known.

    We, the fans, will never know the architects of this plot but to know that there was one, and that Kristen, someone we had come to like and value very much, was used so callously; that alone vindicates all of the hours spent searching for the truth.

    It’s like a friend said as she read the last of the past few days comments, ” People should learn from this to never tick off a Kristen Stewart fan because they WILL live to regret it. ” I hope so. I most
    sincerely hope so.

    All the fans talk about Karma coming. I hope so. I hope this is just the appetizer for the main course.

    An unseen dinner is waiting for somebody. I hope they get indigestion for a long, long time. And that they are never again in a position to use, hurt, and humiliate another person.

    Oh, and I pray they get the hurt and humiliation they dealt out handed back to them seven fold. That’s my prayer for WHO.

    May justice come and that right swiftly.

    (And as someone wrote a long time ago on this site I think)

    So let it be written. So let it be done.

    • CD and Nick, you have both summed it up perfectly. Both of your views are stated so differently but the heart of the matter stays true in both.
      Thank you for saying so well what so many must have been thinking to get such a quick and concerted a response as this has turned out to be.
      Good work. I look forward to seeing you both back on Do I Dazzle You.

  10. Euclid…Thank you for the help with the Cronenberg interview. You and Badger were so right. His words were so full of truth that we couldn’t seem to grasp.

    Also her poor father and mother. I have no idea what I would have done knowing how my child was hurting and unable to help.

    I thank everyone who helped in the past few days and everyone who liked my comments.

    I thank everyone who has come together and helped to clarify the vision that started a few days ago. This has been tremendous.

    Also CD and Nick what great summations.

    Imjustanormal fan I think your words are wise. We must not make this a jump in free for all.

    This was a serious and an awful thing, if we are at all right in our analysis,
    (and I think we are) and that means this should be treated with the gravity it engraved in all of us as fans. Rob and Kristen paid a terrible price and that is nothing to take lightly.

    It was an awful thing that affected so many. For myself I have no more to say on it. I think Nick’s closing sentences gives it the gravity it deserves.
    They sound almost like a curse in their severity and yet so appropriate.

    This has been heartening to me. Because it proved to me there was no true scandal, just a very fake one. Now we know why.

    Have a good year everyone. To me you’re all heroes in your own quiet way,
    I am proud to be one of your number.

  11. Hi everyone here on JFK comments. I really love all your comments. I completely agree with you there. This is what I think I don’t know about you guys. I don’t read or click those trashy tabs and all the gossip sites. And as same for trolls, haters, nonnies, papz, and all the rest. They all go together. They are trouble makers. From what you guys telling me. And I can tell from your guys point of view. They say the source. Which all know there are no source. Right? I know Rob, Kristen, their families, and their friends would never talk to those trashy reporters. They have keep their private lives private. The only I could think of the source is probably those trouble makers. They are the ones that spreading lies, hating, and most of all making money. That is all they care about. But you all know the truth than them. I rather listen to you guys than those trouble makers. It what I can tell. So I agree with you guys. I am sorry its how I feel about those trouble makers. As for Rob and Kristen, I have been praying for them. And I am not giving up on them. I believe in you guys and Rob and Kristen. Well, I am going to bed now. I have still have that cough. Keep up the good work on all your comments. Night. Keep me posted.

  12. “There is no moonlight in the Moon. It is same for the fame! Celebrity shines only from the distance!”
    ― Mehmet Murat ildan(Turkish novelist & playwright).

  13. CD love your summation. The only other thing I wished would have happened is that over a year and a half later, I still would like to know for certain that the scandal was brought about by summit/lionsgate and someone made them accountable. Maybe it was KS and RP’s fault as well but i think she has already paid for it many times over and now deserves restitution.

  14. Ush…What a great comment, and so true!!!

    Euclid…I don’t think Rob would have let Cronenberg use the sympathy card if DC had wanted to. I think Rob tried to protect Kristen and would not have let her be used like that.

    It’s really rather odd when you sop to think about it. Rob and Kristen really were like Romeo and Juliet to the life. Young, beautiful, privileged and rich, but caught in a situation that trapped them both.

    I wonder how many times since this all happened that they have wished that they’d just left Hollywood and the whole mess behind them.

    Maybe love like that isn’t suppose to survive unchallenged, unblemished. The Greeks believed the old gods weren’t pleased when mortals were too blissful with their lot in life, that it made them jealous.

    When this kind of joy happened for anyone on earth the gods would send an awful destroyer, the Greeks called Nemesis, to put an end to such bliss. If their love was as real as we thought maybe the ancient Greeks were right.

    In this instance Nemesis came in the guise of the most mundane thing the
    twenty-first century has to offer; a business deal gone bad. That’s really worse, or at least the equal, of feuding families anytime.

    Badger the last few lines you stated regarding D Cronenberg’s words stand out so much in the light of all this and they’re very pertinent. They are the only flicker of light in this whole shrouded deal and I thank the man for it, as it clarifies things for me greatly.

    Christopher Dark and Nick superb work. It took us a while, but I think we have arrived. I also agree with VJ and IMJUSTANORMALFAN. We should be careful what we say. Because this is a grave matter that happened to good people. Although I’m sure more pertinent things will occur to people over time.

  15. I have been following this site for quite sometime. I think your conclusions are plausible as well as fascinating. I do think we should now move on to discussing her movies and all her accomplishments. I am sure it is very painful for her to have this discussed still. She seems to have lost so much due to all of this speculation. I think, just my opinion, that we look at both she and Robert Pattinson like we look at our own children. We hate that people are doing and saying such vile things about them, we feel the need to protect them. I think you have all done an admirable job, but we now need to move on so they can do the same. Hopefully, soon this situation will be totally forgotten and the only thing being discussed on any site will be there great movies, fantastic talent, and their prestigious awards. They seem to be very kind, funny, genuine people, so let’s concentrate on all their fine attributes. Hope everyone has a great new year, especially Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson.

  16. Mary Handcock…I think it was no one currently connected to the studio, but more likely was someone who lost out in the merger. As Nick said if
    there are winners, there has to be losers. Maybe a lot of people lost out in that deal and it would only take one sore loser to screw things up royally if he were sufficiently motivated.

    It’s over and done with months ago and we will in all likelihood never know the details of what happened only the results. The end of Nick’s summation does sound rather like a curse and if all the good will and prayers for Kristen rebound on that person’s head in the form of a curse, I would not like to be in that person’s shoes.

  17. Judith__I agree. As for myself, now that I have found closure, I also wish we would move on.

    I realize that makes me sound self centered and perhaps I am; but I can’t see how thoughts of revenge help Kristen at this late date. It won’t wipe away all that has happened.

    We will best serve Kristen by celebrating her courage, strength and determination by supporting her and Rob’s work. Anything else at this late date serves no one.

    I do believe in karma, that what goes around comes back around; and as Hannah has said I would not like to be in that person’s shoes when it happens.

    • Well said CD…There have been many wonderful contributions to the dis cussion over the past few days..I as well feel satisfied with the conclusions and yes it’s time to move into a new era for both Rob and Kristen…where the fans actually allow them their privacy and enjoy their body of work.

      I stand in admiration of this young couple..who have evoked so many champions to rally in support of them. May they and us have a blessed year ahead of them.

      • Judith, Badger, CD and Nancy__ I agree with you all. Due to the conclusions recently reached on this site I am once again listening to all 5 soundtracks with my former enthusiasm and happiness. So thanks you guys.

        I am so pleased with everyone’s hard work and dedication. You all did a great job. I think word of this site will spread now that so obvious a conclusion has been reached.

        The evidence is overwhelming to me and once word spreads I don’t think our opinion will be disregarded by anyone except those who refuse to even consider it.

        Meanwhile, the Sundance Film Festival happens in less than two weeks; and Kristen’s Camp X-Ray is in the competition. I hope she wins, but it’s a great honor to even be competing against some of the films included this year.

        Again thanks you guys. I really mean that.

      • Hi Hannah….I think there is so much for us fans to look forward to in the coming year, you are correct for camp x-ray to be noticed and included is a big accomplishment for this years SFF. I too hope for a win for them or at least positive critical recognition.

        I find peace coming here to this site, the lack of animosity presents itself very well and is completely refreshing.

        Rob and Kristen…I lift a toast to you both…wishing you well in not only your lives but in future endeavors. You have both endured with grace under extreme fire. I am proud to have gotten a small glimpse into your lives. Thank you

  18. You can spend minutes ,hours ,days,weeks or even months over-analyzing a situation,trying to put the pieces together,justifying what could have,would have happened……..or you can just leave the pieces on the floor and just move on.I read these words somewhere and they made a lot of sense to me.I think Albert Einstein said this,”Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance,you must keep moving.”
    I was browsing the net and came across a Kristine Stewart who is the Twitter Canada Boss and i appreciated what she had to say about Kristen Stewart :
    “She’s not bowing to any kind of stereotype of what a successful actress is supposed to be or how a successful actress is supposed to act and dress and what events you’re supposed to show up to. She has experienced so much criticism–her relationships, her wardrobe, her facial expressions – but she seems to be able to rise above it, which is impressive for anyone, especially someone so young. I’m a K-Stew fan.”

  19. Twilighted57,
    where are you ?

  20. Nancy, CD, Hannah, Mary , Velma Jean, Barbara, and everyone, We simply have to watch those lovely movies they make and be very happy for them that they are busy with LIFE! They are the winners, they are the brave ones! I never believed the lies in2012, nor the lies in 2013.. We have a choice, to believe half of what you see, and none of what you read or others say. I have to believe only what my 70 year old near sighted green eyes tell me whatever is actually said by Rob and Kristen, and because Rob just really loves a good joke, sometimes you do have to realize he purposely is throwing people off , because his life and Kristen’s is none of their business! So, it can be said have Kristen and Rob have been a GIANT WHIPPING POST for the likes of the very vested FATCATS AND RATS OF HOLLYWOOD. It’s over and when its over, we can thank the dear Lord that they are strong and have gone straight up in popularity, they are at the top.. I have always had a lot od faith in both of them and I have never felt I could judge two folks I do not know. But, actions speak louder than words. They seem to say, we are really just fine everyone. Nick, I feel the need of another Rats of Hollywood is coming! C.D.- if only Kristen and Rob read one comment of yours they would indeed be so pleased to read such sweet and supportive thoughts. Velma, you are a diamond in the rough.

  21. I was just reading about how Michael Schumacher’s wife has appealed to the media to leave the French hospital they have staked out since the German was critically injured in a skiing accident nine days ago and to let the doctors do their job.I think Media(and i include the social media here too)should stop hounding celebrities.We have seen what they did to Kristen and now this.Just because they are celebrities does not give Media the right to hound and trouble the celebrities and their families.The very fact that such an appeal had to be made by Mrs.Schumacher shows the extent to which an already very worried family was further harassed by the media.
    And to all the fans investigating who is wearing whose clothes,grow up and get a life.I think i can see Kristen splitting her sides laughing over the importance given to ‘Somebody wearing Someone’s clothes who is in turn wearing Somebody else’s clothes in front of Everybody.’Am i making sense?

    • Ush, you make perfect sense. I am more concerned about the damage the paps and rag mags have had and continue to have on Rob and Kristen. There is a fan pic out on Robsten Dreams, I follow this site as it was one of the few that stayed afloat after the drama in 2012, of Rob in London today with his sis and friends at a restaurant. Nice pic, but someone commented that he must be going to live in London because his house in L. A. sold. Here we go again. First off, so what. Secondly he may just be in London because he is getting ready to start filming Mission Blacklist soon, i think. And further more who cares? All this speculation of are they or aren’t they. From my viewpoint it may very well be Rob and Kristen that are playing all of us and to be truthful we probably deserve it. We all say we don’t believe the rag mags and fan pics, but if we are really honest we do put that stuff in the back of our minds. If we didn’t we wouldn’t keep looking for any sign we can find of them being together or being apart. Even their friends have done all they can do to stop the gossip and we still don’t believe it. If Rob and Kristen made a statement on TV saying they were together or engaged or even married or not together we still wouldn’t believe it. Why? Because we love the drama. We would rather believe a pack of lies then the truth. Truth is boring. So where does that leave us? To do what this site was intended to do. Show the paps and rag mags for what they are and to get legislation against stalking by the media. I will say this again and again if I have to. The paps and rag mags hide behind freedom of speech. The are not legitimate press. They are no better than the gossips we all run from in our own little world. Do I blame Rob and Kristen for turning away from all of this? No. Being a minister’s wife and having every move I made when we were in full time ministry analyzed and taken apart and criticized, I understand why they would keep their private lives private. As my husband says, we don’t have heroes anymore. The tabloids have made us skeptical of everyone and everything. We can’t believe the truth. Sorry but it’s true.

      So what to do? Look at the evidence and make up your own mind. There is plenty of evidence to prove Kristen’s innocence. There is little if no evidence that Rob and Kristen are broke up. Fed up maybe,

      I want to add one more thing. When you are scrutinized the way Rob and Kristen have been, you tend to put a hedge of protection around yourself in the form of family and trusted friends. You also tend to stay to yourself. It doesn’t mean you can’t and aren’t sociable, you just pick and choose your times to be sociable. I feel bad for both of them. I am confident that we will know soon enough if they are still together or not. I personally believe they are. Until then, let’s be about the business of getting the paps and rag mags put on a leash.

      I will leave you with a question that I would like for someone to address. After i saw the pic I decided to look at the comments which is something I don’t usually do. Do any of you think that there are rag mag reporters that go on the fan sites as fans and say things just to get a reaction from the fans so they can find a “source”? Let me know your thoughts on that. . Love you all.

      • Sherry, I do not remember where I heard or read…that all the gossip mags have staff that go on blogs and even their own sites to stir the pot so to speak.

        Is that gospel. I haven’t a clue, but I wouldn’t put it past them. with all the other people and their love of fame and the spotlight, one would think they could find others to hound besides Rob and Kristen.

        They don’t. The reason? No one seems to care what other celebrities are doing. They don’t get the hits they need to drive up their revenue, without the name Robert Pattinson or Kristen Stewart attached to it.

        Nothing will ever be enough for the public where these two are concerned. It’s no wonder they have learned how to stay under the radar where their personal lives are concerned. I certainly won’t fault them for wanting and needing their private lives to remain private.

        They owe none of us anything at all, they do appreciate the people who enjoy their performances and they have always been gracious and accomodating to their fans….but the fans have no right behind the closed doors of their lives.

        Have a lovely day Sherry!

      • Sherry: An excellent post – thank you for the words of wisdom.
        In answer to your question, I have heard of many recent cases where tabloids actually derive their gossip from ordinary online discussions or from Twitter and such. I have absolutely no doubt that they now use the social media as a source, and planting comments or questions in order to get a useful response would be the logical next step. I have no direct evidence, and it would be hard to obtain evidence since this would be done anonymously, but I tend to assume they do exactly what you suggest.

      • Sherry,
        Its my frank opinion that the Twilight hangover has to be done away with for the main actors to start with their post Twilight careers.They are doing everything to be looked at as individuals without the aura of Twilight looming.

  22. Thanks for your response and your kind words about my post. I have always had the feeling they were on these sites whenever something really controversial comes up, which lately seems to be everything Rob and Kristen do. If people would realize that this can happen to anyone it would be a help. What I mean is anyone who becomes famous for whatever reason could be treated like this. There could be a child or teenager or anyone who is talented and maybe gets discovered and then never gets a moments peace out there right now. I do not believe that stalking and harassment come with the territory. Neither do lies and slander.

    Thanks again for the answers. Maybe next time I run into a comment that seems suspicious, I’ll do a little prodding and see what happens. Could be fun! LOL! Love you all.

    • Sherry: I agree 100% that this isn’t something that comes with the territory. I hate the attitude that a singer, actor, or other artist has signed on for stalking, invasion of privacy, and constant tabloid gossip about his life just by choosing that profession. Besides, it’s not only celebrities who are potential victims. As you say, it could be anyone. Their children, relatives, friends, and employees could end up being hounded, without having chosen a career in the performing arts.

  23. How much more evidence do people need that the tabloids are incompetent no nothings whose only business is to titillate and entertain?

    You cannot depend on a tabloid for information. When it comes to movie stars you cannot even depend on the standard press, because guess what? They are entertainers and anything can be said about them BECAUSE it’s their job to entertain people even if it’s only in the lies told about them in their off duty private life, the information of which the public is not entitled to.

    The press can and does say things about movie stars and entertainers that you or I could sue them for. So why not actors and actresses and other entertainers? It is a maddening business.

    Contractors who build gated communities will never go out of business as long as tabloids are free to invade the lives of the people employed in the entertainment business. If you ask me it’s the legal victimization of a whole strata of Americans and should be outlawed.

    Of course it’s sort of like the Prohibition against alcohol was back in the 30’s. As long as there is a market for it, there will be a supplier. So if you really disapprove of something and think it’s wrong, then stop using it,

    Go to their official online fan sites that gather their fan news and their support blogs. You may get some useless speculation there, but at least you won’t be spoon fed lies and vicious gossip.

    • Hannah, Well said once again.

      • Ush, Sherry, Nancy, Badger, Hannah – excellent posts on such a relevant topic – I agree with all of your well written and pertinent comments. Hannah – great description of lawmakers’ tacit acquiescense to tabloid actions as ‘legal victimization’.

        I’m hoping the new laws put in place for California papparazzi (restricting their access to the children of celebrities) are the thin edge of the wedge regarding physical and psychological harrassment by the paparazzi; but that still doesn’t address the ongoing viciousness of the tabloid lies, slander and libel.

        As Hannah says, the only solution is to avoid tabloid sites and to refuse to buy tabloid magazines… But most of the public are,as Sherry points out, addicted to drama. It’s all about the dollars and it’s drama which sells.

        In reaction to the negativity which generally permeates general news broadcasts, there have been a few attempts to establish ‘good news’ networks to broadcast the positive things which happen in the world. By and large, though, it appears the public prefers the bad news/the drama, so those attempts at balance by introducing to broadcasting a majority of good news have always failed. Perhaps the desire to seek negativity is a subconscious attempt to make us all feel better about our own lives – i.e. ‘at least we don’t do this or have to suffer that, so our lives aren’t so bad after all’.

        What drew me to consider this topic and my own ignorance of it were the attacks on Kristen in 2012. Prior to that I didn’t really know much about Kristen or Twilight or the tabloids’ coverage of Kristen over the years. Previously the ridiculousness of the headlines on tabloids in checkout lines were so ridiculous I was never tempted to look inside. It was the ‘legitimate’ media’s attacks on Kristen post July which made look me look more closely at all coverage, including tabloids… and I came to a conclusion about why the tabloids have thrived despite their obvious misinformation. So, back to Sherry’s comment about people thriving on drama – I decided there is a general need to conume drama. Since that realization I constantly question my own reactions to events in addition to being more aware of the public’s apparent need to consume negativity in the form of mostly completely unfounded gossip.

        I don’t have any answers about how to break this cycle. Of course, one can elect not to click on sites in favour of only going to fan sites – and one can refuse to buy tabloids – but while those on JFK might follow that route, I suspect the majority won’t pay attention to these ideas unless forced to do so.

        One thought is that there is more awareness in schools now on the damage caused by bullying; and there is discussion on this in classrooms which is sometimes taken home to dinner tables. Perhaps one could incorporate avoiding the tabloids in school education on the prevention of bullying? The tabloids are a perfect example to give children of what not to do and of the damage which can be caused by bullying and (to quote Hannah) of the legal victimization of celebrities.

      • Euclid…Like you, I was never a follower of my age 69 I would look slightly more than ridiculous running around squealing my head off and hyperventilating at random.

        Going back to what Hannah said about the legal victimizatiion of celebrity. If I am not mistaken I recall reading somewhere the resolution by the lawmakers that could change things, basically stated that if you earn your living in the public eye as actors do, then you do not share the right to privacy that the rest of the citizens of this country are entitled to.

        I have often wonder how these legislators who wield so much power over our lives, who parade themselves around in ad campaigns to get either elected or re-elected and are public figures, supposedly dedicated to protect their constituents, have found it possible to exempt themselves from the standards that they so arbitrarily hand out to other public figures ie: celebrities?

        Could you imagine open hunting season on politicians and the skeletons in their closets by every gossip magazine and the constant stalking by papparazi. politicians are after all is said and done just as much if not more so Public Figures….Double standard much.

        They have in my opinion allowed the worldwide bullying of celebrities and in doing so have violated their constitutional rights to privacy.

        I am going to jump off my soapbox with that thought, I get myself so wound up at the injustices I see and hear and then I start rambling like a loon.

        Nancy/ morning coffee

      • Euclid: Good post. Many of us here have gone through a similar learning process. I have to assume that at least some of the general public is doing the same, and as you say, awareness of bullying is contributing to a better understanding of the media’s part in it. This would not be the first apparently incurable mass tendency which has changed when awareness reached critical mass and attitudes seemed to suddenly adapt. I’m hopeful.

    • I agree with Nancy! Well said. Great job!

      • @Badger – Thank you for your kind comment.

        I’m intrigued by your observation regarding awareness (in this case of various forms of bullying, including that of the tabloids) reaching a critical mass, which then in turn affects formerly entrenched attitudes…

        As you point out, there are many times in history this as occurred – one example being the general acknowledgement that slavery is morally wrong. And of course, with the change in attitude there comes a change in relevant legislation. I think I might join you in feeling hopeful!

  24. What Kristen Stewart had to say in a recent interview:
    “They cast you as easily identifiable characters they can sell to the masses,” says Stewart. “When people pick up newspapers and read perfect summaries of my life in little concise stories, it’s kind of silly. Can anyone’s life be put into words like that?”

    • Ush: This reminds me of a similar comment from Reece Witherspoon. She said (I’m paraphrasing) that, soon after becoming established in Hollywood, each actor will be assigned a persona by the media. He/she might be identified as a clown, an intellectual, a non-conformist, a bad boy, a nice girl next door, or what have you. It may have absolutely nothing to do with their real personality, but the persona is how that actor will be portrayed in the media, and it is almost impossible to get away from it once it’s established.
      This sounds very much like Stewart’s “easily identifiable characters.” It doesn’t have to have any connection with reality. Kristen Stewart herself is one of the more obvious victims of this ridiculous practice.

  25. I read a phrase on a Rob and Kristen site today that seems very appropriate to a subject that I’ve been thinking about since I last posted a comment. The phrase was legal victimization.

    It reminded me that one thing that we don’t discuss enough on this site is targeting. How tabloids and anti fans target certain celebrities for negative comments.

    Kristen Stewart has had to deal with this kind of thing for going on two years now and despite all of this negativity, she still has a strong fan base.

    Now it appears to be Robert Pattinson’s turn, and because the fans blame him for the continued tabloid break up he may not get as much sympathy as Kristen did.

    Tabloids have gone to great lengths to paint him as a womanizer who likes his drink a little too much and just in general as an unreliable guy.

    That’s much different than the truth or even how his legions of fans see him. Despite round the clock paparazzi trailing him for years there is very little to show that kind of behavior. So what’s the point of the portrait they are so busy painting of him?

    Why the victimization of Rob and Kristen? Is it to make them more memorable to fans and so sell more hits? Why do fans want to read about this kind of behavior in people they say they admire?

    What I’d like to know is when are people going to wake up to the fact that two very nice young people’s careers are at stake here and while a lot of people don’t believe a word from a tabloid, a lot of other people do and this kind of image doesn’t help to sell movies which is Rob and Kristen’s livelihood.

    If there was just a way to get it into a fan’s head that every time they log onto these sites they are hurting the people these tabloids are targeting it would help.

    How do you convince people that cheap tawdry lies aren’t harmless fun.
    That having their say is possibly harmful to another persons future. Rob and Kristen are beloved by many. How about the person who never reaches that kind of audience?

    Think how easy it is in today to destroy a person’s reputation. Shakespear said steal my wallet and you’ve only stolen my money. Steal my name and you’ve taken everything.

    I’m tired of watching tabloids take so much in their game of tabloid lies and future hits and the toying with reputations for fun and profit.

    It needs to be stopped. The power is yours.

    • Tracy: You’re absolutely right, the power to keep this kind of thing going, or to stop it, is in our hands. The one, ultimate reason for publishing lies and innuendo is money. Tabloid sites make money every time someone clicks on a link to one of these items of “legal victimization.” If we look at their gossip, we are essentially paying the paparazzi to stalk the celebrities in question, paying the tabloids to lie about them. We are telling them they should continue to publish this kind of thing, because it attracts readers and therefore brings in money.

      We have to get across to fans that every click on a link to a pap photo or a tabloid article is a vote. We are voting “yes” to the question “Do you want your favourite actors (or directors, or musicians) to continue to be harassed and maligned?”

  26. USH… I agree. Rob and Kristen are doing everything that they possibly can to distance themselves from their Twilight roles. They need to leave that behind because, special as it was to so many, it is done.

    The Rover will be a great and needed departure for fans who are use to doting on Rob’s masculine charm. Because it will be covered in grit and bruises and general griminess and neglect.

    His acting will have to shine through that because his staggering good looks won’t be present as a distraction or replacement to his acting ability as some have claimed in the past.

    Also Kristen’s new film Camp X-Ray puts her in her first fully adult role with such stellar actors as Payman Maadi and John Carrol Lynch who was the sheriff in Halle Berry’s hit film Gothica.

    We need to go and see these films and see them for the actors they are and once and for all get Stephenie Meyer’s vivid characters out of our head every time we see them.

    Maps to the Stars for Rob and Sils Maria will also be a big departure from their former teen roles.

    After all of their over publicized love affair that so many are in love with,
    I have figured out I just want to see Rob and Kristen act.

    • Rei H: Hear, hear! These are two excellent up-and-coming actors who are involved in very intriguing movies and working with some of the best writers, directors and fellow actors in the profession. We should be enjoying what they have to offer as artists, not delving into their private activities, whether rumours about them are true or not. We are entitled to see, enjoy, and critique their film work, not their personal lives. That is more than enough for me, and I hope more and more others will come to see things the same way.

  27. Your are right Tracy. Every day in the tabloids the headlines read that either Kristen is still paying for what happened or didn’t happen 18 months ago. Robert is cheating on her with one of their friends or still feeling used and abused and avoiding her on purpose. You can’t tell me this isn’t hurting their careers. This has been over 18 months and they still are fabricating new lies. Both of their movies that were viewed at Cannes in 2012 did lousy in sales. Now they are having two new ones, Camp X-Ray and The Rover and they need to do well. Doesn’t it make sense that offers will dry up if an actor’s picture doesn’t do well at the box office?

    • If you would look back over the comments on this one topic I have mentioned this numerous times about the effect all this could have on their box office draw. The attraction to Rob and Kristen isn’t just about Twilight, although that thrust them to mega stardom. The attraction is to them. I honestly don’t see Bella and Edward when I watch Twilight, which I haven’t in months. I see Rob and Kristen and I see their acting ability. What draws people to them is the fact they were attracted to each other off the set. The reason the tabloids are after them and are trying to have them break up is so they can justify all the lies they have printed and made-up. They are looking for that one picture to show that they were together just because of Twilight and nothing more. They thought they had found that in the scandal pics, but it didn’t fly like they wanted it to.And no one seems to care that those pics were not real to begin with. So they keep hounding them and trying to hook them up with every person they can. Recently it seems they are bent on Kristen being a lesbian or maybe bi-sexual. The fans aren’t helping. With Rob, they are just trying to hook him up to any female he is with. So far, the tabloids are coming up empty. I suspect they will continue to come up empty. It is going to take more than people not clicking on tabloid trash sites. It is going to take legislation to undo this idea that celebrities don’t have a right to privacy. This is all about money. Or I should say the love of money. You have to realize that the tabloids and paps see this as harmless fun and entertainment. IT IS NEITHER! This is out and out bullying and should be stopped. It is a shame that Rob and Kristen and lots of actors don’t have the freedom to use social media. We can sit here and express our opinions, but no matter what they say, no one will believe them because of the tabloids and their freedom to trash and manipulate celebrity lives.

      I leave you with this. I was on Twitter just reading some of the tweets of people I follow. Kirstie Alley had posted that she had broken her tooth earlier that day and had to immediately go to the dentist. So what you say? Well, like any normal person she threw on her shoes and quickly left. Later, she posted that she didn’t stop to change her clothes before she left and had on clothes that were for hanging around home and didn’t match, etc. She realized later that their were some paps hanging around when she left. She said it upset her that she didn’t think about it because no telling what they will print about what she was wearing and how she looked. Another normal person tweeted that they couldn’t believe it. That they had just went to get the mail wearing miss matched clothes and no one cared. Kirstie tweeted back “You’re my hero!” What is happening to these celebrities is an invasion of privacy. If it doesn’t stop it will be all of us anytime, anywhere by anyone who doesn’t like us. It needs to stop. Call or email your congressmen and women. No matter what state, they need to realize that this is serious and affects all of us. It could also be a first step in curbing the bullying, especially online, of everyone. Love you all! Sherry

  28. Real life seems so cynical that people want to believe in fairy tale real life love stories.Everybody is free to believe in fairy tales but fans should not think they have the right to dictate terms to their idols.Just because you like someone,it is not right that you start to obsess about them.Admire your idols,support your idols,praise them,do not cage them in a picture that exists in your mind.I am a Kristen Stewart fan.I became a fan when i saw how she was treated after a manipulated incident.I’ll be very frank,she was treated like dirt by the media and people.I became a fan when i saw the quiet way in which she handled it .But because i am her fan does that give me the right to decide what outfit she should wear, who she should date , where she should live or how she should live her life? No.Boundaries exist.Respect them.

  29. So all of this thinking for all of these months, so much evidence sorted, so many theories thrown away. Now we arrive at what seems the perfect solution accounting for all of the evidence.

    Is this all? The satisfaction of the approximately 50 or so people who commented on this post? I’d like to know we accomplished a little more than our own private satisfaction. Maybe a call sheet where people post their online names and agree or disagree or is that not doable?

    I love these two people and I think they are still being treated badly over a misconception perpetrated by others and perpetuated by the tabloids and press. People need to unite in voicing an opinion and a complaint to tabloids everywhere. That’s what I think.

    • Rae H: I definitely don’t agree that the personal satisfaction of a few posters is all this has accomplished.
      First of all, while only 50 or so people post regular comments, this board has been seen by many more. I have heard references to it all over the internet. The material presented here has resulted in many people rethinking the entire scandal.
      More than that, it has caused people to discuss, debate, and rethink how they regard the tabloid press. Who knows how many people have learned to analyze these rumours, and become more media-savvy as a result.
      This site has also started opposition to invasive and exploitive acts by the press and the paparazzi, which has started to snowball in terms of public support.
      Just because we don’t see these reactions right here on this board, doesn’t mean the board hasn’t had a significant effect.

      • Badger, I beg your pardon. You are correct. This very site taught me to disregard tabloids stories as made up junk meant to use celebrity lives as material for market hits and advertising money.

        I suppose with so little to go on except each other’s input I was just wondering if it mattered to anyone else. I really wasn’t thinking of the millions of people who may have read this blog and been influenced as I was.

        I have often enjoyed yours and so many people’s thoughts and unique points of view on this site.They have helped keep paparazzi intrusiveness at the forefront of many people’s thoughts.

        I am often short sighted, but always well meaning. I hope you and everyone else knows that. Thank you for your kind and well put response to my comment, which now that I look at it through your eyes is just plain silly.

        2014 will be a big year for Rob and Kristen’s careers. Let’s hope it’s a good year for paparazzi reform also. Again, sorry for my thoughtless comment above.

      • Rae H: There’s certainly no need to apologize! I’m sure we all feel frustrated at the lack of real data, and the way rumours are being manipulated, and it’s understandable. It’s at least partly because Stewart and Pattinson did the only sensible thing: refused to be drawn in or respond to the tabloids in any way. Gossip about them ever since has become more and more obviously fake, and led to more skepticism by readers, more open debate online. Things really are progressing, I believe, even if it’s a slow process.

      • I so agree Badger!!! So many people are new here and many have been here for over a year,right Badger?!!! We have debated,shared,agreed and disagreed, and like you said rethought things and learned to look at pictures differently, last year before some of you even knew of this place!!! So we mostly just read stuff but not comment because we’ve been there done that already!!! My views on all have been stated so many times and just can’t state it anymore, here and Twitter! Did get smart months ago and quit trying to change what idiots think on GC!!!!! I am sad that things just ended here, I would have liked twilighter to do something with this info he worked so hard on! It seems strange to to let it go and forget abt it all!!!

      • Nena: I really think Twilighter finally hit a roadblock due to the way Stewart and Pattinson have placed an embargo on personal information. They may even have started leaking false stories about themselves – that’s speculation, but there’s some basis for it. The story has dried up because, apparently, they want it dried up, at least for the present.
        As much as I’d love to reach a final conclusion and have the matter put to rest, I don’t think that’s in our hands at this point. But we’ve learned enough to go on. At the very, very least, we know the scandal story was contradictory, suspect and full of distortions. We also know that much of what was written about them since has been simple fabrications. I don’t think we’re going to learn more unless and until the people involved decide to reveal it.

      • Hello Badger and the rest 🙂 I have been following this site since Twilighter first started Grand Punk. Badger, I wanted to let you know that I agree with your comment to Rae H. Everywhere I go on the internet there’s blogs hating on both Rob and Kristen and I always tell people they should go to “Justice for Kristen” and open their minds up to this so called “scandal.” Even before Justice for Kristen, I never believed that event happened. It was too compact, but the hate was instantaneous and uncalled for. So Rae, this site has brought me comfort yes, but it also gave me information to pass onto all the haters in the hope they come visit. If just one person does, then it’s one person less who hates for no reason. I do agree that something should be done about the media and I have been saying this since the government approved Media 24/7. I believe when a celebrity is off set, and not working, their private lives should be theirs and I truly don’t know how this can even be represented as part of the First Amendment. Privacy is privacy and I haven’t read anything in the First Amendment about taking the privacy of a celebrity and putting it out there for the world to see and vent on. I also think that there are a lot of celebrities that should be suing for libel and slander with Kristen at the top of the list. Thank you for hearing me out and I just wanted to let you know I’m here and always reading what you all have to say.

  30. I recommend that you read the most recent commentary from New York this week for Kristen’s true feelings about what people think about her. This is why I have so much respect for her and Rob. They do not discuss their life or their love. In other words, ” Let them think what they want.”(they will anyway) These two actors are quite strong and they will have nice long careers. Rob is smart and no wimp! These two people respect and care about each other and we should too!

    • Do you happen to have a link? Thanks!

      • I think suemorris means this interview:

        “As long as I feel solid about my creative choices, people can have whatever image or perception of me that they’d like. You can’t think that someone’s impression of you is wrong—it’s their impression—and, therefore, you really can’t worry about it. So many people have developed their impressions based on f**king b**ls*it, and you’ll never do anything true to yourself, you’ll never make the art you want to make, if you’re concerned about that.”

    • You are absolutely correct Sue…..her interview was spot on abot ow she feels and I am positive Rob is the same.

  31. I am a bit late in reading this page but concur with most of what has been said here.

    IMO the only truth you can rely on is that tabloids lie. There is always a so called “source/insider”, whether they are fictional or just a random person telling an inaccurate story (truth in their mind) that they have overheard or they have been told by the umpteenth person down the line.

    ….and there are always people out there willing to stir up hate and be nasty.

    Some people still need educating about how the paparazzi and tabloids/webloids work and how we “fans” help it along by wanting stories and pictures about their private lives, not realising the cost to the people involved.

    I know that Robert and Kristen need fans. They would not be making movies for long if no one went to see them and they have made some great movies, long may it continue. Promoting them is part of the deal and often, even in these interviews questions are slipped in about their private life. They want to keep their private life private and would like people to focus on their careers (movies). In an ideal world this would happen but in reality I do not think it will happen any time soon.

    I admire the way that they handle the media.

    From the start I thought something stank (something was amiss) about this so called scandal and found when I came to this site that there was a lot of people who thought the same. This site has opened many people’s eyes.

    We all need to keep up the fight and momentum for reforms to how the paparazzi and the tabloids press conducts themselves.

  32. we want see more updates for this site. So much things for Kristen!!! excelent criticisms by her work, Channel Campaign. We miss Veulent!!!!. Not stop in defense of Kristen!!!

  33. Why has this blog been abandoned? Where are you Twilighter?

    Hahahaha , I had goosebumps coming back here, Rob and Kristen are still alive guys, even better.. They are safe and happy and that’s what matters… Our favorite couple had gone true a lot didn’t they? Bullshits after bullshits, I don’t know if someone hereeee.. ( it looks deserted lol) could still read this, but let’s close this chapter on their lives and move in to a new ship. All aboard?

    I’m just wondering did all of you moved to HKN and MN? Where’s twilighted57? Anybody?

    What happened to the owner of this blog I used to lurk on last 2013 .. Did he gave up?

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