Just Saw This Headline:

The Rumors Of Robert Pattinson’s New Lady Love Aren’t True, Probably

My response:  “No sh*t, Sherlock!”

The tabs, as usual, are full of BS and trying to talk out of both sides of their mouth at the same time!  “Aren’t True”–Statement.  “Probably”–Denial.  In the SAME headline!  Geez!!!!!

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  1. “Probably aren’t true” may be followed up immediately with “possibly are true.” Why waste a piece of non-information? The only thing we don’t hear is “we have no friggin’ idea if it’s true or not.”

    It’s becoming more and more obvious that the tabloids are making up random statements, presumably based on whatever they think readers would want to see. To play it safe, they sometimes publish both sides of the same story within days of each other, with no reference to the contradiction. I have to assume there are few people who still consider this news reporting as opposed to fiction.

  2. Gossip cop just busted HollywoodLies for the rumor. It is just that. They really ragged on HollwoodLIes for their tactics as well. You would think they would just give up. I think its time for the rag mags to move on. Nothing to see here. (the move on and nothing to see here come from the movie Twister). I tell you, you could save a whole rain forest if those trash-loids were put out of business. No telling how much energy could be saved if their sites were gone too! So stupid.

  3. Nettie Wakefield is a friend of Rob’s from school, sge used to date Tom Sturridge, R’s best friend and is a good friend of Charlotte Hayes Jones that is NOW visiting Kristen in LA. It’s very easy to see they have joint friends and if they weren’t together this wouldn’t be.

  4. rkfaithful…I think the tabloids have shot themselves in the foot this time.

    If there had never been a Riley or a Dylan that they hung on to like a dog with a bone; maybe people would’ve considered Nettie. But they have played “the new woman in Rob’s life” one too many times; as it is. Now it just looks like they are grasping at straws, looking for anyone to match him up with like some Barbie’s Ken doll.They talk about the fan base being immature but it’s really the tabloids who write this stuff. Meanwhile Rob and Kristen fans are growing up and getting tired of the same old s&*t.

    I’ve been told that Rob’s Google hits have fallen by more than a half since December. It’s not that he’s any less interesting. It’s just that people who are interested in his new movies are not attracted to this teen angst drama anymore. Rob is almost twenty-eight years old. His fans are moving on from the are they/aren’t they question. If Camp X-Ray does well at Sundance I expect we’ll see more of this point of view among her fans also.

    Tabloids have been juggling these same stories too, too long and people are getting tired of it all. Rob and Kristen have been big news for a long time for their personal life, existent or non existent. They are not fueling that craziness anymore, and now a majority of their fans just want to see them get on with their career. So do I.

    I don’t want to speculate anymore about why they haven’t moved on by now. Their reasons are their own and none of my business. I wish them both luck whatever they decide. Life is too short to spend as a cheerleader/referee for someone else life and love affair. Just give me a good movie to watch from them. Something memorable, something I can enjoy. That’s all I want from Rob and Kristen now. Whatever else is going on with them isn’t any of my business.

    USH and BADGER said a while back we were going to have to figure out new ways to be fans without all of this intrusiveness in their life. This is my way.

  5. RKFAITHFUL.. To me these continued friendships are kind of telling; the way his friends and her friends still hang out with each other, and with Kristen especially.

    If Rob and Kristen had one of the greatest loves of the past 50 years in Hollywood and Kristen had broken Rob’s heart, one would think that such an event would have had a polarizing effect on their friends. But it never seemed to. That tells me tabloids and fans know NOTHING about their real life. So I wish they would just give it up and quit speculating.

    Tracy has a point. The much scorned and immature thinking comes as much from tabloids as from the people commenting on their sites. Bonnie’s advice to them alone makes me want to gag myself with a spoon every time I hear her sugary poisonous tripe.

    Tabloids were never anything beyond mildly amusing. Now in the case of Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart they are down right boring.
    Same stories. Insert different name (here.)

    If they are reporting on the latest teen craze that’s acceptable. But six years of the same garbage is overkill even for a tabloid. Rob and Kristen are interesting. This overdone back story is just irritating.

  6. Alice, RKFAITHFUL, Sherry, Tracy, and Badger- Truth these tabs, papz, and all the gossip sites are nothing but a trouble makers. They are all the same. They love to lies, hates, and most of all they care about is also money. That is all they care about. I also agree with you all there too. I will stay by all of you.

  7. The tabloids are back to demonizing Kristen again pointing up Kristen’s past and inferring that Jennifer should be worried that Kristen and Nickolas Hoult will be working together. These two women are friends so why are the tabloids allowed to cater to idiotic morons who will eat this negativity up like pigs at a trough? How is this not slander and harmful to Kristen’s career? Am I missing something here? I am so angry over this. When is enough going to be enough?

    • When it comes to the tabs, never. They don’t have ethics. I’m sure now that it’s been confirmed that Rob has sold his Los Feiiz home to Jim Parsons that more tripe about him moving back to London will happen. Just to clarify his new movie Queen of the Desert has started shooting in London. Thought I’d get a jump on the lies. Love you all. Oh, Sundance film festival starts today. Camp X ray is there. Yeah Kristen!

      • Yes, Kristen looks great. She seems relaxed and comfortable! I’m happy to be able to see her in my home State. We’ve missed her the past few years!

  8. Tracy ,the key here is to stop reacting.When you know its untrue,why give it the importance it doesn’t deserve.

    • USH…They just irritate me so. That’s why I stop for a while now and then. I almost never read their junk. I expected a lot of good things about Sundance, Not that they’d be pulling this drivel out about a movie so far off. Sorry

      • I get what your saying,Tracy.I was very irritated too initially and then the ‘Swami’ in me awakened and i realized that my’irritation’ was also helping the BS media because it kept the pot simmering.The only thing i guess would irritate the media is ‘no reaction’.Then they are compelled to move on to a more churning ‘headline’.By the way, i am just warming myself in the glow radiated by Kristen at Sun dance!Shes looking so beautiful and calm.I read that she might also be working in a movie with Julianne Moore(don’t know how reliable this piece of news is though!).Get going ,Kristen Stewart.

  9. Wow she’s getting great reviews at Sundance!! Camp xray was well received by everyone. I mean standing ovation and tears shed……..Fantastic!! Can’t wait to see it.

  10. I feel so happy when i read the reviews Kristen has received for Camp x ray!Shes coming out of the Twilight phase.Shes looking good,acting well,I hope 2014 is a good year for her.You know shes made me understand the importance of reasonably famous actors making smaller films.I do not think Camp X Ray would have got the attention it has if Kristen Stewart was not involved in the film.

  11. Standing ovations. Positive tweets. Silence on many usually cutting sites.

    I’m thrilled for Kristen Stewart. So happy.

  12. “The media created a Kristen that doesn’t even exist.She’s not the girl in the magazines.”-Amy Adams.
    Thank you Amy Adams for saying it as it is.

  13. OK it seems we are done with the Just Checking in site since I have posted twice there but nothing happened.

    So, Kristen is a success at Sundance with Camp X-Ray. Now let’s hope that we soon hear news that the movie itself is also and they find a good distributor.

    So many critics have said that it’s a worthwhile story told well and that Kristen shines in the part. In the reviews itwas reported that some people were there were crying. It don’t get any better than that.

    @Ush, we always knew that the media had created a Kristen that didn’t even exist. Now the rest of the world is waking up to that fact also.

    It seems even the paparazzi are being civil to her. Wonder of wonders, I don’t have a clue as to their reasons. I just hope that it lasts.

  14. Let’s all hope that the film will win the festival’s U.S. dramatic competition that will be announced on Jan. 25th.

  15. Camp X-Ray has received critical acclaim almost across the board. Now they are saying it will receive limited release or go to VOD all while praising Kristen’s fine acting, critical acclaim for a first time director in a story that a lot of people see as worth telling. So what am I missing here?

    If it was full of guns and car chases or comic book characters it would at least have a chance. There’s a reason I stay home with select TV programming and/or a good book.

    Hollywood has for the most part left me with no choice. There are no art house theaters anywhere near me nor I daresay for a lot of Americans, let alone many another place in the world.

    • Velma Jean: You’re echoing the complaint I make every time I look at the theatre listings. Good, interesting, creative movies are set aside in favour of “sure things,” rehashed versions of whatever made money last year. It’s rare to find a movie I really want to see playing at the cinema. Camp X-Ray is in good company: many excellent movies aren’t invested in and have to be sought out, at alternative movie houses or on DVD. But more and more people are going that route.

      However limited its distribution will be, Kristen took part in a unique movie that she can be proud of. That seems to be more important to her than starring in a big blockbuster.

      • I too agree. I had to wait to see a lot of films until they were on Netflix. Independent films are treated poorly. I was hoping this would be a first run movie. I guess the studios want quanity over quality. Actually money over quality. Guess they have short term memory loss. Kristen and Rob have a huge fanbase and that alone would be enough to risk widespread
        distribution. Oh well. Their loss.

  16. Badger…Nick on Do I Dazzle You said 12 Angry Men with it’s character actor cast and slow paced story wouldn’t have a chance of being made today, except as an indie movie. Since Henry Fonda was the only big name actor in the cast, I would have to agree.

    As a matter of fact, with it’s subject matter and pace I’m not even sure the script would even be considered for an indie today. Since I consider it one of the finest movies that Henry Fonda ever made, I think that’s sad.

    • Hannah, excellent example, and I’m sure he’s right. The studios are mostly looking for the easy buck, while interesting movies are mostly being made independently. I have to laugh when people try to slam Kristen Stewart by saying she’ll always do far more indies than studio films. It’s actually a point in her favour.

  17. Today the “Katie” show is about paparazzi abuse. It just started, but one of the first pictures they showed is of Rob and Kristen….

    • Naturally enough. When you want an example of paparazzi abuse, there aren’t many better ones.

      • The Katie show missed a good opportunity to show how bad the problem really is! I think the video posted on this site, several months ago, would have been perfect for the show. I wasn’t impressed and felt like Katie was trying to stay neutral on all sides.
        A missed opportunity! In my opinion!

  18. I wish I’d seen that is there going to be a rerun or something like a link t that channel? Thank You.

  19. Amy Adams has said the Media has created a Kristen Stewart that does not exists.I think the fans are also adding on their own versions to the ‘Kristen Stewart’ creation.Common sense is indeed uncommon.

    • Kristen Stewart seems all too aware of this tendency to create a false version of her, and has wisely decided to ignore it. She comments in a recent interview with fashion magazine Into the Gloss:

      “As long as I feel solid about my creative choices, people can have whatever image or perception of me that they’d like. You can’t think that someone’s impression of you is wrong — it’s their impression — and, therefore, you really can’t worry about it.
      So many people have developed their impressions based on f*cking bullsh*t, and you’ll never do anything true to yourself, you’ll never make the art you want to make, if you’re concerned about that.”

  20. I was reading about the President of France splitting up with his first lady.What i noticed was the way the whole issue was treated in the media reporting as opposed to the way Kristen Stewart was treated to by the press for her clearly manipulated ‘scandal’.I still wonder why Kristen Stewart was treated so badly.

    • So do I from what I have seen in the magazines she is so gorgeous an balanced I like the idea whereby nothing rattles her, I would like for her an rob to get back together that will shock the world good luck all the best.

  21. USH: It’s just a thought, but France also never had as many official Puritanical and straight laced people in it’s population. Plus they are an older society and more forgiving of what Americans consider hedonistic and/or incorrect behavior.

    It’s odd when you stop to think about it, because this country has just as many scantily dressed women per capita as any other country in the world; probably more strippers and workers in the sex trade per capita and yet the straight laced values of a few are in force and used as a whip for anyone currently in disfavor.

    What it comes down to is while many are virtuous in their daily life many more are guilty of being hypocrites,and are in fact guilty of as bad behavior or worse than the people they are verbally ostracizing.

    • Ryan: It could be that their society is more forgiving,but then the American society didn’t make it much of an issue in the case of Johnny Depp either.They set out to mock,ridicule and malign Kristen Stewart as a vendetta for not being interested in the media I think.

  22. The United States of America has had so many worthy people involved
    in the making of this nation. People of high ideals and some with honest virtue. This has caused us as a nation to be hungry for heroes.
    Unfortunately there have been so many scandals in the political and even religious world that many now look to Hollywood and the world of sports for stand out people.

    There are not many people who can stand up to the role of hero; not when the bright lights of fame is trained on them everyday. This is at the heart of so many objecting to Kristen’s language, her tattoos and her red carpet tennis shoes.

    Kristen is busy living her life while fans are trying to fit her into this mold they imagined she should fit into. She said from the beginning that she was uncomfortable being put on a pedestal or being seen in the part of a role model for anyone.

    When the chance came to openly criticize her and think badly of her many fans were glad. Kristen had failed them as the perfect match for Rob and they couldn’t wait to match him to someone they found more to their liking. We all know how that went.

    Now tabloids are down to reporting on real estate sales and Dior skin moisturizers for Rob and fashion and perfume companies for them both. Even at that between them they are still popular, envied, loved. Their film schedules are to be found on fan sites as well as the best
    uncut interviews.

    The tabloid press has done all it could to destroy Rob and Kristen’s careers by hammering away daily at them for months. It doesn’t appear to have worked; and I think eventually both Rob and Kristen will be hailed for the fine actors that they are and most fans even the critical ones will look back someday and think, “God, what were we thinking then?” At least I hope that will be the case.

    In any case each new movie will bring new fans. Someday the Twilight fan club will be looked at very critically for their part in the tabloid hell of 2012-2013. I think they know that and it’s why so many who are now commenting sign as bad kitty or guest 23 or some such as that.
    Who wants to be known forever for some of the spite written for all of the world to see? Not me, that’s for sure.

    • I would like to think that many people, new fans included, will give thanks for sites like this one and other support blogs for standing up for Rob and especially Kristen against all of that hatred and spite that was aimed at them both during the time that you mention.

      Tabloid sites have been awful in their encouragement of negative opinions against Rob and Kristen. But at the same time a hard core
      group of fans have been very supportive and quick to shoot down the worst of some of the gossip with common sense observations.

      Maybe someday some people will have cause to be sorry for what they said on tabloid sites. But I don’t think there will be many from the support blogs who will feel anything less than proud of their participation.

      We may get a little carried away sometimes in our speculation. But no true fan makes malicious statements against Rob or Kristen nor for that matter their fellow fans.

  23. Maybe this has already been discussed before and if it has been then I apologize but I was watching Showtime the other night and came across, “Sellebrity”, the documentary about a photographer, “Kevin Mazur” who examines the concept of celebrity through interviews. Discussions showed that an actor/actress doesn’t reach celebrity status alone by themselves on just their body of work but with a well orchestrated PR, authorized and unauthorized publications that feed all of the information to the consumer, US. We are an intricate part of this equation. People make the celebrity and the reason that there are so many paparazzi and tabloids out there is because there is a high demand for it.

    They interviewed this papz, Ricardo in LA who just drives around all day looking for a money shot at least 289 pictures a day. He admits he doesn’t want to just make a little money, he wants to make a lot of money. He knows all of the license plates and if he sees a famous celebrity, he is calling all of his friends so instead of just one or two of them there are more like 30-50 instead. And they don’t just try and get a shot, they try provoking a negative response from that celebrity because they know they will get paid more for it. They show a picture of Britney Spears with a shaved her head having a meltdown that brought, $400.000. Unbelievable.

  24. Sorry but it wouldn’t take my whole note so it continues here..

    Bonnie Fuller-US Weekly is always wanting to scoop People was the first to show photos that depicted the ‘human side of celebrities” so that is why you see a lot of the picking up their children to taking out the garbage. Do you know they receive 750,000 photos a month? They showed how easy it was to photoshop someone’s photo even the green ones. Interesting.

    The news networks can’t fact check these stories as fast as TMZ can get them out so they all just resort to either letting TMZ cover them or will actually cite TMZ as a source and the story was completely fabricated but people still believed it or couldn‘t stop themselves from reading it- saying it must be true- it’s there in print!!!

    They interviewed stars, one of the Jennifer Aniston who was appalled to see her name on the CNN crawl linking her to someone. She couldn’t believe it. Wasn‘t CNN supposedly a prestigious news network. I think what upset me the most was that the tabloids have a history of building up a celebrity just to break them down. In the case of a famous love triangle with Jennifer Aniston, Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt, Jennifer was the victim. Years later, in the tabloids she has remained the victim still unhappy, still looking for love even though in reality she has moved on. Is this how the tabloids see Kristen and Robert? Anyway it was eye-opening and I’d recommend it to everyone if you haven’t seen it already.

  25. Well this is just rotten. No wonder CD said as long as tabloids/paparazzi were useful in the making of a star that they would remain an indispensable tool of Hollywood.

    I feel really bad for anyone caught in a tabloid writer’s script. The example of how they have treated Jennifer Anniston is just one example of unthinking, by the role assigned, thinking.

    They aren’t reporting anything. Tabloids are in fact the first fan fiction writers. Until Twilight came along and a bunch of teens and bored housewives proved that they could do it better. Ha ha.

    But, seriously this isn’t funny. Any time unscrupulous people like Bonnie Fuller can take a person’s life and make a toy out of it for fan consumption for her to get hits off of is just plain wrong.

    As we are always saying there should be a law. Unfortunately there is not. And that just makes me mad. For all the good it does me.

    I suppose they plan on Kristen being a mirror image of Jennifer Anniston ten years down the road. I hope HKN is right and some day she shows up on set with a chubby baby.

    She said she wasn’t telling her baby’s name until someone just found it out. She shouldn’t say who the father is either. Of course if Rob is still not dating anyone else; and Kristen is not dating anyone else everyone will think they know.

    There would be so many people making fun of the tabloids for all of their lies. Maybe people will look back at all of those tabloid entries and it will ruin the tabloid industry forever.

    I know I’m dreaming here. But there could be no sweeter revenge for the way they have persecuted Kristen all of these many months. I’d want to start cheering at every movie she or Rob made even before the opening credits could finish rolling.

    I’d be so happy for Kristen and Jennifer and any other star the media have decided would make good copy to get their many money hits. I wonder how people like that sleep at night. I truly do. Sorry. I ran on so long.

    I guess I’m just wondering CAN there be a law? And if there can’t, why not? I miss Twilighter at times like this…..Hannah

  26. The general tendency of people is to believe what they are repeatedly told.When the press continually praises some actor the public believes that the mentioned actor is great.When an actor is repeatedly shown in a bad light the public believes that said actor is unworthy.Reminds me of ‘The Emperors New Clothes’ fable.Reminds me very strongly of how the media has ‘made’ another actress and ‘cut down’ Kristen Stewart.Well,i think Kristen Stewart has matured,taken life’s lessons in her stride and is moving on .Whether she will be considered ‘successful’ in terms of the media i don’t know,but i think from what little i know of her,if she manages to work in beautiful, thought provoking little movies,she will think she has been successful in achieving what she wants – acting in meaningful cinema.

    • Ush: I agree with you about tearing down one actress just to build up another. It sort of reminds me of the wrestling world. As someone noted the other day, it is no wonder so many wrestlers turn to acting.

      If a person is a natural in that show/sport it stands to reason they would likely shine as an actor. It’s all stylized showmanship and acting.

      Just the way tabloids see the world of professional acting. That’s why they pit their idea of the “good” against the “bad.”


      • I don’t think Kristen is very skilled in wrestling ,Ryan!But I get what you are trying to say.Not only the tabloids,i think even the awards are all manipulated behind the scenes.I used to believe once upon a time(eons ago)that the Oscars were unbiased and neutral awards .I think its been an open secret for quite sometime now that the authenticity of most awards is not very sound.

  27. Hello everybody !

    I’m happy that ush talked about the French president (François Hollande) because I’m a huge fan of Kristen and I’m also French.

    Firstly, I want to precise that in France, private life is more respected than in the USA. In some way I’m very sad and angry because he is a pig and an idiot. ALL the media and I mean it knew that he slept with Julie Gayet (his mistress) before he was president. He also met her parents and went to the market with her in the town he worked before.
    By the way the first “lady” works for a GOSSIP MAGAZINE so we all know she lied when she said “I was chocked when I saw the pictures
    of them.”. She left her husband for F. Hollande, now she is fucked. karma.

    HE should have had what happened to Kristen because he doesn’t have any value in life whereas she just wants to do her job and be happy. I am sure that if Robsten would have been French, some magazines would have talked about what “happened” in summer 2012 but it would have certainly not been on every channels. They could have walked in the street the following day the “pictures” were published without people yelling at them (Kristen/Rob/Rupert).

    Just wanted to compare the two situations because of course I couldn’t
    not think about Robsten.

    Love you all

  28. vtrn33, thank you for that article. I know we keep saying this and it gets us nowhere but these kind of slanted stories and lies should not be allowed. But it is.

    The more I learn about how indies are made, and how Hollywood really works, the more disenchanted I get with the whole entertainment

    Add the muck raking tabloids to the mix and it really is a bit much.
    Successful actors earn every penny they are paid considering what they have to put up with for fan amusement. That’s all I can say.

    I hope what we have learned about the industry and how it treats its stars will someday be used to change things for the better. Maybe it can happen a little at a time. I hope so.

  29. Some folks think that the social networks that help feed the tabloids is one of the biggest mistakes ever made.

    People once said the same thing about the automobile. Then they realized thEY had to enact some rules and regulations, insurance and all manner of red tape and taxes before everyone was satisfied.

    In my opinion we’ll have rules and regulations (laws) on paparazzi and tabloid procedures when they figure out a way to tax free speech and that is not happening.

    I know this comment is a killjoy for all who are hoping for reform. But truth is still free and that’s my contribution to it.

    There are a few people who want this and a lot of people it benefits.
    We all know this is true. They build up stars with small lies and bring them down with big ones. I guess I’m just tired of the whole thing.

    The telecommunications industry and Hollywood may be like the giant Goliath to our David. But this giant is not stupid enough to let anything happen to that helmet which protects his head from our sling.

    It’s a gift from our founding fathers; and while we all know they are misusing it and abusing it in spirit, it still belongs to them as it does to us all.

    You people here are great and I respect you all. You and people like you have made a difference in one woman’s life, Kristen’s. Be proud of that. Be glad for that.

    You took fire and fought fire with fire and made a difference. All we can do is continue and use the freedom to air our contrasting point of view. Make people see the truth or at least both sides.

    I guess I’m the one making the summation on Justice for Kristen which really is a diagram for justice for all, if people are made to care enough, like Kristen made us care for her.

    Maybe Twilighter would have said it better, but I’m saying it instead:
    Thanks you guys. We did good and may yet do better…N

  30. Nick – Good comment. I wish I’d read it before I posted today on DIDY re the Jon Stewart interview so that I could have referred to your thoughts on free speech.

    I see your point re not being able to block free speech. Which to my mind comes back to the necessity of educating the public regarding the varying faces of media bullying. Once educated, people have no excuse to fail to check facts or to buy into misinformation unless they consciously choose to do so.

    Some time ago Sherry raised the point that many thrive on drama. I agree that drama is an escape often used to distract from the inevitable disappointments and humdrum drudgery of everyday life. And of course it means that there will inevitably always be tabloids in some form or another – these are the vehicles required to elevate some and tear down others. Often the ones destroyed will be those who were elevated in the first place… This is a story which has been repeated throughout human history.

    The difference these days is the development of social media. While social media creates vehicles with which to spread misinformation, these same vehicles can also be used to educate the public – and to expose the lies and trickery masquerading as legitimate information.

    JFK has been providing this education to the public regarding the media’s savaging of Kristen for a while now and has undoubtedly made a positive difference in Kristen’s situation. As Nick says, JFK has ‘done good’.

    If general education on this topic continues exponentially, there will be fewer and fewer people who can claim ignorance of the omnipresent lies and distortions. Having to take responsibility for choices about what to believe might cause some in the public to seek distraction by means other than being party to the destruction of careers and reputations.

  31. I read Kristen’s interview for ‘Marie Claire’.What struck me is her recognition of her self.Each comment she makes is a quote to me.Such maturity in a 23 year old.I am 45 and i don’t have have half the depth she has.
    “I don’t want to show someone something. I want people to watch me find something.”
    “I stand by every mistake I’ve ever made, so judge away.”
    “If you’re operating from a genuine place, then you can’t really regret anything.”
    “I really like being thrown into the unknown and then finding my way. ”
    And the poem she wrote,i won’t even say i understood it,its so deep.
    This woman is unsure yet confident ,nervous and intelligent,vulnerable and strong and beautiful inside out.But her eyes speak volumes,they tell me shes experienced too much for a young woman still in her twenties.
    Like i said before shes taken life’s lessons in her stride and is moving on.I can’t wait to see her on screen again.She’s like simmering coal.

  32. Nick, Euclid, and Ush…Well said. These are good points from you all.

  33. What happened to these two young people is a sheer tragedy. It was a set up,from the get go for publicity and a vendetta against them both. Amazing how some can’t accept the success of others. I have a sneaking suspicion that they are not broken up and are laying low to avoid all the craziness in order to protect not only themselves but their careers. Their bond was so strong for so long that this trumped up affair was done to throw everyone off track and give them space to breathe again. Just reading the tabloids lets you know what kind of a sick world we are living in. The Bonnie Fullers will only persist in being muck rakers for the almighty dollar. Time we all wise up and say enough regardless who is being use as the flavor of the day.

  34. The Kristen so-called ‘interview’ in MC has created an abundance of internet commentary. Because I don’t take any of these purported interviews too seriously, I have to admit that I didn’t waste much time on dissecting the article beyond the obvious inconsistencies. These days I have no faith or trust in the articles published in either tabloid or legitimate magazines.

    There was a news report recently about an interview with musician/rapper Drake in ‘Rolling Stone’, one of the so-called ‘legitimate’ magazines. The report stated that Drake had tweeted about his published interview, taking issue with what ‘Rolling Stone’ had said was a quote from him. What they wrote was that he’d criticized the lyrics from a recent Kanye West song.

    However, Drake said that during his ‘Rolling Stone’ interview he “never commented” at all on West’s album ‘Yeezus’.

    “I’m done doing interviews for magazines,” Drake wrote, while also calling the press “evil.”

    He said: “I just want to give my music to the people. That’s the only way my message gets across accurately.”

    Thanks to having my eyes opened by Kristen and Rob’s past print and tabloid/webloid media experiences (as well as by the ‘$ellebrity’ documentary recommended by Flowergirl), from now on I won’t be reading any more celebrity interviews at all, including those given by Kristen and Rob.

    I agree with what JW said a while ago – that probably the most reliable interviews are those one can watch and listen to. In TV interviews one hears both the questions and responses and can also take into account body language and tone. However, I’ll also bear in mind that an interview which isn’t live can be cut and manipulated to give a different impression. So I’ll treat with caution any such interviews.

    To quote Drake, I’m completely “done” reading interviews in any magazines or newspapers.

    For those who’re interested in the paparazzi issue, here’s a trailer for the documentary $ellebrity, originally recommended by Flowergirl:

    There’s also an interesting interview on the Howard Stern show with the director of $ellebrity, Kevin Mazur.

    (around 8 mins) – re being a member of the paparazzi
    (around 10 mins) – re what makes paparazzi, how they operate, how they make money (eg.the average paparazzi makes between $20,000 – $50,000 a year)

    Kevin Mazur, while a legitimate celebrity photographer (i.e. not a member of the paparazzi), discovered that people will buy tabloids to get pictures even if they’ve already seen the photographs online. This is another indication that tabloids will always be in demand by those who either don’t know or don’t care that the information they’re fed is often false and that the pics are often ones ‘stolen’ by paparazzi.

    Although social media in the form of ‘fanpics’ has made some inroads into the livelihood of the paparazzi, as long as the public keeps buying/clicking on to tabloids/webloids, there will continue to be a market for lazy, lying writers and abusive paparazzi. Perhaps I’m naive but I like to think that even if that market doesn’t die, it will shrink as increasing numbers become more educated about media duplicity

    • Agree with you that people need education regarding the working of paparazzii, tabloids/webloids and some so called lazy journalists (use the term loosely) copying/making up stories that are untrue.

  35. Euclid,thanks for telling me about ‘Do I Dazzle You’ ,I really liked what Tempest had posted on 16th Feb.Really good .I think social media is more interested in attacking anything to do with Kristen than to report about stuff that actually matters,issues like child molestation (even if they are against famous people) seem to take a backseat.

    • Ush – The Feb.16 ‘Do I Dazzle You’ post you mention is a good example of why I like Tempest’s posts – I appreciate her intelligence, common sense, directness, wit and humour. I also identify with her loyalty to Kristen (and by extension, Rob). Thank you for letting me know you enjoy Tempest too.

      I agree that tabloids/webloids aren’t interested in raising social awareness or making a positive difference in the world. Their reason for being is to make money and they are going to publish only material they consider lucrative. I also agree that they will continue to publish negative material about Kristen because they’ve assessed that this is what the market demands – that this is what the public will buy. One could make a case that it’s the public which is at fault, as the media is only supplying the need for the negative – particularly with regard to Kristen.

      As Sherry said some time ago, there seems to be a universal attraction to drama. This need does makes sense because drama is a distraction, a means to escape the hurts, frustrations and disappointments experienced by every human being in the course of life. The purpose of tabloids is to supply a platform for the creation and exploitation of drama. Social media has merely supplied additional platforms. Because so many seek the drama provided by tabloids – the tabloids, social media gossip, slander and defamation aren’t going away. One way of creating drama is by bullying. Hence the bullying of Kristen and others by the tabloids and their hired paparazzi help.

      Why has Kristen been targeted by media and ‘fan’ bullies? That begs a further question – why have so many in the public been so eager to despise and ridicule this young woman, even before July 2012? What allowed those in the media to feel emboldened in setting Kristen up as a target for destruction? Why is there such a fierce embrace of the idea of Kristen’s downfall? Why does this negativity show little sign of abating?

      Perhaps it’s a combination of things – the first being that Kristen has always been her own person – she’s chosen not to adopt the persona of a perky Disney princess. That makes her ‘an other’ – an easy target for the denizens of Hollywood.

      Additional factors are those which inspire envy – the enormous success of the Twilight series, bringing with it universal fame and financial fortune; a happy childhood and a solid, supportive family; good and loyal longtime friends and an abundance of adoring fans; and finally, a relationship with the love of her life, who also happens to be a man desired by tens of thousands of others. Kristen wins again and again.

      To many that seems unfair – especially for someone like Kristen, who’s regarded as ‘an other’ – ‘an other’ who has experienced too much (undeserved) good fortune, too soon. The solution? Take something, anything away from her. If you can’t take away her money and her fame, try taking away her career and her name. As long as she’s envied and resented to this extent, it seems Kristen will remain under tabloid and social media siege.

      The good news, though, is that she doesn’t appear to care – so far she’s taken back both her privacy and her career. What a star – Kristen wins again.

      • Euclid: You’re absolutely right about the likely causes of this bullying, and even more about Kristen Stewart’s response. She’s secure and happy, has everything she needs, works in a profession she loves, does what she wants, and ignores every attempt to restrict, belittle, or attack her. She doesn’t care. She’s the honey badger of the acting profession!

      • EUCLID__ You said so well what I have often thought. Excellently put.
        Thank you.

      • Hey Euclid,Badger, good to hear from both of you.I think the wish to put someone down comes to a person when they have a low opinion about themselves.They feel inferior and vent out their frustration at somebody they perceive as ‘deserving’ of hatred.I unabashedly admire Kristen,love the way shes handled the endless crap thrown at her,love that shes directing .It shows a growth in her graph.Above all this is the fact that shes so down to earth.That really makes her special to me.Mama Stew and Papa Stew please take a bow!

      • Loving your comments.

        It’s sad to say that there is always people out there who want to pull people apart just for the sake of it and as you say many other petty reasons. Personally I do not understand this mentality.

  36. Absolutely right!

    • Badger – Thank you – glad you agree. Love your description of Kristen as “the honey badger of the acting profession” – it’s spot on!

      • Tracy – Thank you!

        Ush – Agreed that the desire to lash out at others is often rooted in lack of self esteem.

        I also love Kristen’s down to earth attitude and agree with you that the Stewarts did a good job of raising their only daughter. Kristen herself has given her parents kudos in many of her TV interviews – this is unusual in the worlds of entertainment and of Hollywood, where so many come from unstable backgrounds. It’s telling that Kristen has been able to maintain her self esteem, sense of identity and humility throughout the travails that would have broken someone who wasn’t so firmly grounded.

      • Isn’t that the truth!

  37. So Euchid, are we to believe everything written about KS in that article in Marie Claire because I’m seeing conflicting views even in this blog? And I wrote about Sellebrity back on Feb 1st so I’m not convinced there is any publication out there that would be even close to be totally truthful.

    • vtm33 – As I wrote in the first paragraph: “These days I have no faith or trust in the articles published in either tabloid or legitimate magazines.”
      I hope that answers your question as far as my own thoughts are concerned. But of course I can’t speak for anyone else on JFK.

      • vtm33 – I’ve just gone back and had a look at your February 1st comment about $ellebrity now. I have to admit I missed it earlier or I would have credited you with being the first one to mention it on JFK.

        Flowergirl had recommended $ellebrity on the DIDY site several weeks ago (i.e. prior to February 1st), which is why I downloaded and watched it some time ago. I only brought it up now because it related directly to my thoughts on the aftermath of the MC article. I’m sorry if that made you feel I was ignoring your input – that wasn’t my intention.

  38. Just dropping by to see if anything new is going on. I’ll just assume no news is good news. Love you all!

    • Sherry..Rob and Kristen are still beautiful Their careers are going great. The tabloids are still toxic waste dumps. The haters are still busy hating. The Rob and Kristen together fans are still called deluded. And Rob and Kristen could still care less for public opinion about their private lives.Period. It’s just another day in their fan base.
      They take it all in stride because the only time fans impinge on their world is when we are filling theater seats. I’m still hopelessly devoted to them both. I just plain like them.

  39. Hi Sherry,nice to see somebody dropping a line,I thought everybody was on vacation!

    • I think we’re all on indefinite standby. Resolution to our questions will have to wait, probably until Stewart and/or Pattinson are willing to talk – which may be never. Meanwhile, at least we’re all better than we used to be at recognizing tabloid misinformation.

  40. Yes it is great that both of them are busy filming, KS in New York and RP in Toronto which in itself is encouraging. I hope that they both end up in Cannes again.

    I did think it was interesting that Lionsgate bought the rights to “American Ultra”. The film starring Kristen Stewart and Jesse Eisenberg for a whopping $7 million which is set to begin filming in Louisiana mid-April. They were both in the movie, “Adventureland” together. Lionsgate who wouldn’t come out in defense of KS back in July 2012 but will spend 7 million on this new project? What does that say to you? We probably won’t ever hear it directly from KS and RP but we do know how to read between the lines.

  41. vtrn__I was just thinking the same thing. Not the first line of dialogue filmed; and they’re willing to pay 7million for distribution rights?

    Considering that Adventureland, Kristen and Jessie’s first pairing was just an indie that found an audience, you have a very good point about this being over the top odd. Weird and wonderful, but definitely odd.

    If they were advancing that amount for a blockbuster sequel like SWATH 2 I could sort of see it.

    I’m glad for Kristen and Jessie’s sake. Whatever the root cause or deal may be.

  42. Tracy I am just happy that the directors,producers and distributors are appreciative of Kristen’s talent and popularity. And though a fair portion of her and Rob’s fan base are true wackos the rest are avid consumers of all the films that they make including buying the DVDs or Blue Ray sets. I wonder if it has yet occurred to anyone that their work could probably sell as boxed sets. Because truthfully if I didn’t already own most of their stuff, I’d buy that with a smile.

  43. I realise that nothing has been being posted here for quite sometime,but I just had to drop in and wish Kristen Stewart a very Happy Birthday!Kristen Stewart ,you are very special to all your fans !

  44. Yes, where is everybody? I hope too that she had a great birthday. Because my mother-in-law has Alzheimer’s, I contributed to Cure Alzheimer’s in Kristen’s name on 4/9/14 and I think close to $24000 was raised by fans. It was great…Don’t think she is sitting on her laurels though……Looks like she is hard at work in New Orleans. Just saw that she is planning to be in a movie with Robert Redford, Ewan McGregor and James Franco. Here’s to a fantastic 2014

  45. Wishing Rob and Kristen and their families a wonderful Easter and we are all very excited about the showings of your films in French film display of fine films. Also wishing you both all the best in your RL, we are still out here loving you both, and very proud of your strength and talent. Stay well!

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