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Tonight is the Met Gala.  Kristen is supposed to appear.  Many are speculating that we will finally learn if she is pregnant.  My hope is that she is and it will finally make the haters shut up!  (Although I am sure they will accuse her of being impregnated by someone else).  In the best of worlds,  Rob would be her date and hover over her being a protective soon-to-be father.  They are so private though, that I would be very surprised if that happened.  However, whatever happens…I love Kristen…I love Rob…I love the fact that I am sure they are together.  I love the idea that they may be pregnant.  I love the people that support the two of them and wish them the best.  Kristen doesn’t deserve the hate that she has received.  I wish that there were a way to make it all go away, but there isn’t.  Too many jealous, hateful people out in the world.  It will be interesting to see how tonight goes.  The next few days should be interesting…..


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  1. I’m couinting the hours too.. hoping for good news! Miss this place

  2. I am with you in your wishes…one can only hope for the scenario mentioned in your comment. This idea that Kristen and Rob could possibly be awaiting the arrival of their first child, has caused hatred to fly at an unprecedented rate. The vilest of the vile have launched an all out campaign, to not only discredit the people that believe she is pregnant, but to up the game at throwing insults left and right at a young woman who stands head and shoulders above the rest and shines a light on just how sad their own lives are.

    Their only entertainment and goal in life is to try to bring others down to their own level of misery and discontent. They are truly sorry excuses for human beings. I keep Rob and Kristen both in my prayers because I truly fear for their safety with so many malicious people in this world.

  3. I really love this! Thank you! Great job!

  4. Hi Nancy and RK Faith! I love your comments. Great job!

  5. I hope they both show up and he supports her. I doubt you will see this as their films will be coming out soon and I am sure they want that to be the concentration as they have both been working so hard to make these movies a big success. Whatever happens we all just need to wish them only good things in life and if a baby is one of those good things that would be fantastic. It is their lives and we just need to wish them both love, peace and happiness.

  6. I totally agree with you. I hope we see Rob with her tonight but I really don’t think so since he wasn’t there last year. One can only hope. In your pst you mention a video. Where can I find a link to it?

  7. I agree with everything you have said this young lady has been all but crucified by the media in no uncertain terms as has Rob for being with her or without her…I am excited and hopeful that they have a lovely child and life to enjoy real soon. She will be gorgeous tonight and its time for the haters to get a life this is so dumb…these young people were no more involved in any of our lives unless your one of their true friends or family members. We have had the joy of watching their movies etc. that is all we are entitled to but as a fan of both of them I want them to have a great life and some peace and respect this nonsense has gone on long enough. I wish much happiness for the both of them. 😉

  8. I’m not wishing or hoping anything in particular concerning her personal life, except that she is able to continue to keep it largely hidden from the press and the public, as she has been doing for some time. Best of luck to her for tonight’s appearance.

    Here’s an article that made me think of Kristen Stewart: http://www.cnn.com/2014/04/06/living/street-harassment-art/

  9. Here’s a picture of Kristen at the Met Gala 2014. You might have to click though the pics. She’s 14 out of 75 when I checked.


    She looks pretty good. She’s hiding it well.

  10. Kristen is not pregnant, it has come out she is a lesbian, and Robert. Pattinson has moved on,there is no need to defend her. At this point who really cares.

    • Apparently, you do, or you wouldn’t have bothered to comment on this post. It has also come out that she is NOT a lesbian. And, although it has been reported that Rob has been with multiple different females, it has also been reported that in each case it was not as a date but as a friend. As far as being pregnant, I don’t know if she is or isn’t. I don’t think that we’ll know for quite a while–because if she is, she doesn’t want anyone to know. And before you say that she isn’t because she doesn’t look pregnant–just know that there have been numerous times when a young girl has given birth and NO ONE knew she was pregnant. It happened in my own high school. Hopefully, it doesn’t happen often, but there are also women that have given birth and THEY didn’t even know they were pregnant. You choose to believe the tabs–undoubtedly because you lack the intelligence to understand that tabs print whatever they think will get them the most money–and printing those things about Rob and Kristen are big money makers for them. Reporting that they are a happily married couple expecting a child would be far too mundane (boring–so you don’t have to look it up) and it doesn’t appeal to the nitwits like you who only want to read about the scandalous things that you hope are happening!

      • @veulentsavoir, well said! I agree with you there.

      • Great reply! Ever since reading this website, I totally stay away from the tabloids. They are nothing but purveyors of lies and smoke and mirrors. They will say and do whatever to sell their trashy publications.

        The video at the top of this post is most disturbing. Anyone who watches this and is not deeply disturbed has deep problems of their own. I am really astonished that the paparazzi are allowed to disturb celebrities to the extent they are to Kristen (and to Rob) in this video. It is frightening to watch and it makes me sick to my stomach. It is heartbreakingly awful what the paparazzi are allowed to do. They are nothing more than dangerous bullies. Bullying is supposed to be illegal behavior or behavior that begets unpleasant consequences. Why are these paparazzi not held accountable for their dangerous bullying behavior?

        I am almost positive as so many others here who have also read and studied the evidence on this website– that Rob and Kristen have had to simply withdraw from the public and sneak around. To do otherwise is dangerous and very foolhardy for them. After watching what Kristen and Rob have had to endure when out in public, I don’t blame them one bit for doing whatever they have to in order to avoid these situations.

        Until our lawmakers buck up and start acting like lawmakers and make this terrible behavior illegal, celebrities like Rob and Kristen are going to be forced to severely curtail their public activities together. It boggles my mind to think that some celebrities can not venture out in public in certain situations– even with security, that they are reduced to go to extreme lengths to hide their personal lives.

        I think it is pathetic that so many in this world choose to believe anything that the media puts in front of them. As I see it, the world is slowly being populated by a bunch of ignorant morons and I fear for what that means for the rest of us who still possess our faculties.

    • Obviously you do …Or you wouldn’t have taken the time to make such an ill informed snide comment. Kristen isn’t pregnant? You’re her ob/gyn? her and Robert are no longer together? You would know this how? They have become expert at concealing their private lives and whee abouts. Kristen is not a lesbian…you say the word lesbian likes it’s a disgraceful disease….Shame on you. I suggest you go bother someone who may actaully want to hear from you. It’s certainly no one here.

  11. Renota, we care.

  12. Good post and hater be gone. I will never understand why people come on blogs they don’t agree with and make an ass out of themselves. I am so excited for Rob and Kristen! Movies in competition again at Cannes and even better a little sweet pea on the way. The haters who keep raining on this parade all I can say is bring it on cause I’m still gonna be, to quote Gene Kelly, “Dancin’ and Singin’ in the Rain.” Love you all and glad to be back.

  13. This is a good post and I agree, Kristen was very clear she wanted everyone to just keep on guessing about their private lives! Of course she will cover her condition on the red carpet. The after party was quite obvious. Her friends love and protect her and Rob, even Elvis Presley’s granddaughter loves her and her Dad, Sean Penn, is right in front, along with his date, CHARLISE. All three, along with the friends and Ruth and HBG were protecting Kristen. I think Kristen handled the press well, and she looked very fluffy and feathery.

    • Suemorris, I don’t disagree with you, but I did want to respond to your comment that Stewart wanted everyone to “keep on guessing” about her private life. This comes from a statement she made in a television interview, in which she refused to answer questions about her romantic attachments and addressed the inaccurate picture most people have of her life, the inaccurate “little movie” they have in their heads of how her life really is. She concluded by joking, “Just keep ’em guessing, I always say!” In context, it was clear that she meant this as a joke and a sarcastic reference to the public’s interest in her personal business. However, some people now point to this comment as proof that she is deliberately leading the public on, inviting them to literally “keep guessing” as if her life were a game. I’m sure you, and most of the readers here, understand this, but I thought it was worth mentioning, especially for those who did not hear the original interview and wonder if Stewart really is purposely leading us on. She’s not, and never suggested that she is; she just wants to protect her privacy.

  14. I make it a point not to speculate about Kristen’s personal life because honestly I don’t know anything about it.I think she looked great at the Metgala,she was with her friends and looked like she was having a great time.I hope that she has a wonderful career and a happy life offscreen.She’s learning to take the inevitable paps in her stride.

  15. I believe that they are still together, that kind of love never dies, if she is having a baby that’s great, They will make great parents, I wish them best wishes for there future. hugs

  16. Kristen has got such good reviews for Clouds of Sils Maris,I hope all her movies are appreciated,she deserves success and happiness,she’s such a lovely person.

  17. This is to respond to Badger, post of May 10, 2014. We know Kristen is not leading people on, she is just keeping her life as private as is possible, because giving details about when the baby was born, male or female, et all would be unwise and I believe neither Kristen or Rob will share that for quite some time, as no one risks their safety to please the public, which is extremely fickle. They need now what they always have and most people insist on, privacy . They have to pay a dear price for their life to not remain an open book, and basically Kristen knows what we all know, people are going to believe whatever they want to, even if they know the truth is something really quite different. That is why she stated on television she was going to LET PEOPLE BELIEVE WHATEVER LITTLE MOVIE THEY WANT TO, AND KEEP THEM GUESSING. Kristen knows that these same people will believe whatever pleases them, truth or untruth. I think they do what they must to have a private life and be able to function happily.

  18. Rob and kristen did wonderful in The Cannes, they both did great and I see them going places, Guene :O)

  19. If anyone wants to talk I’m here. Only place I feel safe at the moment. Can’t say anything positive or otherwise anywhere it seems without being treated like crap. Sorry. Bad day and to make it worse tried to see some positive in some info I saw and got nailed for it. I don’t post much anywhere but whatever happened to respect? Hope all of you are well. Waiting patiently for the end to this crap! Love you all!

  20. To all of you I love all your comments. Great job everyone here.

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