Hello, all!

I haven’t posted for some time…but I recently have received several comments wondering where I have been, so thought I’d check in!  I haven’t been posting because, in my humble opinion, Kristen has no need to be defended!  She is doing amazing work, she is blossoming into an amazingly beautiful woman and I believe she is surrounded by the people she loves (her handsome husband and her two beautiful daughters!) I base those opinions on a couple of fantastic blogs which you can visit here and here.  They can fill you in all the details!

As for Twilighter..I have no idea where he is.  I have not had contact with him in some time.  I suspect that he has come to the same conclusion as I and that is that defending Kristen is no longer necessary.

It is now, has always been and will always be, my opinion that Kristen was an innocent victim of the “scandal” that took place.  She has risen above the controversy and continues to prove what an amazing person she is and how incredibly talented she is!

It is my strong belief that her relationship with Robert is strong and ongoing, but something they choose to keep private–as they have always done!  Additionally, I believe that she and Robert have two beautiful daughters whom they will do their best to keep out of the limelight as long as humanly possible!

My best to you all and thank you for your interest!