Hello, all!

I haven’t posted for some time…but I recently have received several comments wondering where I have been, so thought I’d check in!  I haven’t been posting because, in my humble opinion, Kristen has no need to be defended!  She is doing amazing work, she is blossoming into an amazingly beautiful woman and I believe she is surrounded by the people she loves (her handsome husband and her two beautiful daughters!) I base those opinions on a couple of fantastic blogs which you can visit here and here.  They can fill you in all the details!

As for Twilighter..I have no idea where he is.  I have not had contact with him in some time.  I suspect that he has come to the same conclusion as I and that is that defending Kristen is no longer necessary.

It is now, has always been and will always be, my opinion that Kristen was an innocent victim of the “scandal” that took place.  She has risen above the controversy and continues to prove what an amazing person she is and how incredibly talented she is!

It is my strong belief that her relationship with Robert is strong and ongoing, but something they choose to keep private–as they have always done!  Additionally, I believe that she and Robert have two beautiful daughters whom they will do their best to keep out of the limelight as long as humanly possible!

My best to you all and thank you for your interest!



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  1. Twi lighter has tweeter off and on in K defense! Not that long ago!

  2. Hi Sue, Thanks so much for the email. I was wonderful hearing from you. Yes, Kristen is doing amazing things, and she has never looked so good. And Rob has 2 new movies. I love it when they are out of sight of stalker.fans, papz and tabs. They are protecting their daughters and hopefully living the life they’ve wanted for a long time. Thank you for the tireless work you and Twilighter did back in 2012. I know it means a lot to Kris and Rob.

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  3. So good to here from u. Love the way u think!

  4. Hi again.
    I agree that Kristen Stewart has no more need of defending. Her career has been on a continuous rise, and she’s gaining more and more respect as an actor and a person as time goes on. Apart from tabloids and a few internet trolls, her “scandal” is being either left behind, or dismissed as mostly/entirely tabloid sensationalism, and is certainly no longer having any negative effect on her work or her reputation.

    That being said, I’m kind of surprised to see the idea that she and Robert Pattinson are secretly married and parents of children being set out as fact. For a site which was set up to examine and critique suspicious information, it’s ironic to see this fan fable being swallowed whole. There’s no basis for it. I don’t like to see Stewart being lied about by supposed fans, any more than I liked seeing her lied about by gossip magazines.

    • Sorry you disagree. I am merely stating what I consider to be the truth. I’m afraid I don’t see it as a fable at all. In my opinion there is ample photographic and timeline evidence to consider this a very likely fact. You simply need to examine the photos as we did with the original “scandal”. That analysis has been done to my satisfaction at the above mentioned sites. If you don’t agree, that is your prerogative.

      • I “see” you at HKN daily and enjoy reading what you have to say. I am a lurker not a participator– started here and went to the other blogs based on info I received here. The “evidence” is quite clear. I am usually not a believer, but in this case, the in depth analysis that has been done on the phony tabloid stories on Robert and Kristen is quite reasonable and logical. Both Kristen and Robert have several times mentioned the tabloids do absolutely nothing but make stuff up– and that neither of them is interested in airing publicly their personal lives– at all. I am absolutely convinced based on my reading both HKN and MN for a couple of years now that Robert and Kristen are indeed together and have at least one baby together.

        I love this site as it really is the first blog to unveil the tabloid press manipulations on Kristen and by association, Robert. HKN and MN have done an excellent job pointing out the flaws and lies inherent in the latest garbage reporting by the tabloids regarding its reporting on both Robert and Kristen. And it really is garbage. The people that devour the garbage and spout the delusional crap as truth astound me. There are so many ignorant stupid people nowadays.

        Too many people today are really quite ignorant and lazy. They choose to believe anything– especially if it purports to be news of some sort. Critical thinking is certainly in very short supply. The sad thing is that many of us certainly see how the tabloid press overtly lies and manipulates but at the same time, fail to see that the mainstream press reporting our news and politics is just as manipulative. We are living in some scary times. It behooves every single one of us to attempt to ferret out the truth wherever it may be instead of sitting back and letting the media manipulators play us like puppets on strings.

        So glad to see a post in here again!


  5. Glad to hear from you! I’ll never forget your wonderful site. Yes, Rob & Kris are amazing. Wishing the best for them and their family.

  6. So happy to see your post. When Kristen was being trashed by all the tabloids and all of these clearly insane people crawled out from under their rocks damning her you were a ray of light and truth. I know what you posted today is the truth, but because of the crazies out there Rob and her life together as well as their two little girls must remain out of sight and secret. Non-believers and the crazies will continue their assault on the truth, but who cares. No this believer.

  7. Hi Sue, so nice to get your post and am delighted with your comments about Kristen and Robert its good to know your still a great supporter of them. Please keep us posted so much garbage being said about these two young people.

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