The Plan

Please take the time to read this! I know that many of you dislike twitlonger , but there is no way to say everything I want to say in a tweet…so here goes.

So many people in the fandom have complained about the treatment of Kristen by the press. We have moaned and groaned and lamented the fact that they continue to rehash the same stories and keep bringing up this summer’s non-event. It really doesn’t matter where you stand on the “scandal” and more. It’s over! It’s done! Or it should be…but the media won’t leave it alone.

Now they have had other stories that certainly should have been worthy of dragging out…but have you noticed that very few go beyond a week or two?

There’s a reason…………us. We wring our hands and think “poor Kristen” and go to their sites and try to protect her by leaving long drawn out comments and by getting into arguments with haters or the people the tabloid has hired to cause trouble. When nothing changes, we think there is nothing we can do.

But wait! What about a petition? There have been numerous petitions started. There’s one going on now. Sign it! It can’t hurt……but the petitions so far have gone nowhere. Not enough people are willing to take the time to go to the site and sign their name. And, if they did get enough signatures…do you think anyone would listen? They can’t agree on gun control or how to balance the budget! WHY would they care about our complaining about the tabs?

The tabs are all about money. They get money for every time you go to read an article or look at a picture. We are keeping them in business. When they can’t get pictures from papz, they take pictures from instagram. When they can’t get a story, they make one up. And the REALLY interesting thing is that the biggest majority of those sites are owned by the SAME people! That is why you see the same article coming from so many places. One tab makes it up and the others take it, tweak it here or there and then print. It looks like it comes from different places…but it doesn’t! They just reprocess and recycle the same BS.

It doesn’t just happen with Kristen. It happens for all the celebrities….it’s just that we are more aware of aware of the articles about Kristen and Rob.

“The Plan” is working! We are getting their attention! In just ONE day we managed to get the attention of Maurice at We made a big enough impression that he actually threatened to have closed down! After just ONE day!

You see the beauty of “The Plan” is that the tabs can’t control us on Twitter. They can’t stop us from stating our beliefs and putting it out there for all to see. If you go to their site and put a comment on, they can control whether or not it is seen. If they don’t like the comment, they just don’t approve it. That is why they let the ugly, vulgar comments get passed and then block some of you that are making valid points. They want the commotion. They want the arguments…because it generates hits to their site and it makes them money. Twilighter probably explains it better than I do, but that’s what it boils down to. All the little sites like get hits and all of that goes back to the few that actually control NEARLY ALL the sites.

If you are one of the people that dislikes what is being done…whether it is to Kristen, to Rob, to Justin, to Jennifer, to….and the list goes on, then you CAN do something. WE can do something. And it’s easy! If you see a comment about “diarrhea journalism”, RT it. That’s all there is to it.
If you go to a site (and remember every time you do you are making money for them), but if you go to read the article or look at a picture…leave a comment like “Stop the BS! This is diarrhea journalism!”. Then get out! Don’t stick around and let yourself be drawn into an argument. You won’t win. You can’t win. The only way we win is to get our point across that the lies, the repetition of lies and the BS has to stop! And remember that when you do go to their site, they control what is seen…so they may get tired of the bashing and not approve your comment. THEY CAN’T CONTROL US ON TWITTER! THEY CAN’T SILENCE US!

We can do something. YOU can do something. Quit complaining and take an action that will actually make a difference. Remember, in ONE DAY we got a response from a tab. He never would have responded it he wasn’t scared.

It only takes one snowflake to start an avalanche. One person, alone, won’t get much accomplished. Together, we could make a difference. Think about it.


2 Responses

  1. Holy cow!!!! I just finished The Grand Funk Part 12. And I definitely do not want you for an enemy. So friends OK? Finally, finally all of this junk makes sense. But I am so sorry still for Kristen. Did she really not know how many women love that guy,? Or how dumb people can be? How hide bound and determined to hate. People got Christ’s message mixed up. Instead of loving each other like he told us to some would rather be busy hating perceived sinners; even though He also told us not to judge. Rob’s the golden boy now and she’s the scheming temptress. Crazy. Did Kristen really not know or else not care how this would affect her career? That’s assuming you are right and this does sound so right. So now we stop worrying about Kristen and Rob and concentrate on reigning in the runaway horse (or horses a$$) that is the paparazzi and tabloid press.. Sounds good. But a lot of these kids only care about Kristen and Rob. You have done a good job of pointing out the way things work in a company town. My grandfather was a coal miner so I know something about that. What I learned was a lot of injustice happened in the name of expedience. Fans have to see that the paparazzi are a real threat. And what happened to England’s Princess Diana could happen to one of their most beloved stars or their stars child. That they have to be stopped because their behavior is not right. It is still about right and wrong and no one’s child should be made to live in the fish bowl that a famous actor’s children have to live in. No pretty woman should be chased down in an airport. And no one should have the right to stalk and heckle actors just because they’re have a camera to snap photos. It’s right or it’s wrong.
    It’s allowed or it’s not allowed and we have a voice in that decision..

  2. I like this very well. I want them to be so bombarded that they won’t know what hit them or what’s coming next. This action should have been taken years ago.
    It’s odd because of her treatment at their hands and their over zealous persecution Kristen has became the banner her army of fans march under trying to defeat the paparazzi / tabloid press. Criticize her if you must but you’ve got to admit she’s as inspiring as a cross between a queen of legend and my favorite World War 2 Soldier, General George Patton.
    Thank you Kristen for turning on this machine. Let’s hope that Sean Penn
    that devout paparazzi foe of a few years ago is turning his own machine on. Fandoms unite, They may try this with someone else next year. Sign petitions, mail letters to your favorite stars (sorry emails are unaccepted by many) Talk to your schools, your teachers about abuse of the press,if you are old enough write your Congressman and Senators. Many of them do accept emails.
    Educate yourself on the abuses of the paparazzi in the past thirty years. Start with Princess Diana and go on from there. You are a sleeping giant, Wake up!! There is a job that needs doing and most of it you can do with
    a computer. The rest with envelopes, stamps and a mail box.
    Get involved. Who knows, maybe you or one of your children may be a star someday. Do you think a paparazzi should have the right to stick to you like a piece of gum on your shoe? Just because you are famous? It’s time things changed. You are the next generation, that change is up to you,

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