Day 1

Hello, everyone!

Thank you for saying that you are willing to help with “The Plan”.  Of course, I can’t guarantee that it will be successful, but we’ve tried just about everything else and I don’t think it will hurt to try this.

I know that there are some of you that go to the sites and try to make comments, but from what I have observed, it does nothing but cause arguments and brings out the worst in everyone.  Besides that, the people that really need to see the comments–don’t.  The tabs have control over what comments are allowed to be seen and they also can delete comments they don’t like any time they want.  I know this to be true, because I have the same control over my own website.  I simply do not publish the comment of someone that I believe is deliberately trying to cause trouble.  I also believe they have people in their employ that they pay to incite the people that come to their website because it gets them more hits and is financially profitable for them.    Long comments may give you an opportunity to say what you think, and may make YOU feel better, but unfortunately, I doubt it has much effect on very many people.  I also know that there are many of you who find it very distasteful to go to the sites and that is the beauty of this plan!!!!!  It is unnecessary to go to the sites unless you choose to do so.

We are lucky enough to have someone that is out there fighting the good fight.  Twilighter has done an amazing amount of work on this whole thing.  Whether you believe in his conclusions or not, his findings and his continuing work on “outing” the tabs and the people that are fabricating the lies are amazing and they are starting to have an effect.  People are beginning to see that the tabs aren’t about truth, they are about money.  He is an inspiration.  Many of us have complained, but few have done the “down in the dirt” work that he has.  It is time for us to take up “arms” and let the tabs know that what they have done and what they are doing is unacceptable and “we aren’t going to take it any more”!!!!!!!

So, I’m thinking let’s try something a little different.

My plan is to form a Twitter “tree”.  In other words, we are going to tweet and RT messages to the different magazines.  If you have Twitter, you know that you receive a “ping” every time someone says something about you, using your name.   My hope is that IF we do it right, we could have them receiving 100s, 1000s, 10s of 1000s of pings in a day—and that is on just ONE tweet.   I want us to start with one, but then possibly having several going at the same time!  I have checked and the magazines could block us individually, but even if they do, they can’t keep us from tweeting about them.  Besides, I don’t care if the magazines see our tweets.  I want to drive them crazy with “pings” and I want the public to see that the fandom is not crazy—we’re crazy smart.  Your job is to tweet and RT the “comments” as often as possible.  Re-tweet the “comment” as often as you see it—no matter who has originally published it.  Don’t just RT your own comment, RT it you every time see it on your TL.  We are going to attempt to overload them with our RTs.  We want our tweets trending worldwide for days, weeks at a time!

Our Goal:

Get our message trending World Wide and keep it trending for days.  Let them know that we are sick of their shenanigans and we will get that message out there and there is nothing they can do to stop us!

Rules of Engagement:

  1. Stick to the plan
  2. RT  the message  every time you see it!
  4. Don’t add vulgarities—they won’t help and they make us look ridiculous
  5. If you have the talent, translate the message into the language you know
  6. Tell people if they want to see the TRUTH, read the articles that are being published on Justice For Kristen by Twilighter
  7. This is no longer about what did or didn’t happen six months ago.  It is about fairness and TRUTH.
  8. Remember, this is not a skirmish or a battle, this is a WAR!  It will take time and it will take all of us keeping up the assault for an extended amount of time.  They have been at this for years.  We won’t win overnight.  It will take time and it may get old, but don’t quit.  All it takes from you is a click on the button that RTs.  Now you have a way to actually DO something!  A way to get back for all the ugly things they have said about the people we love.  But, this isn’t just about getting even.  It is about getting things changed.  Remember, there is strength in numbers!

All YOU have to do, is hit the RT button!!!!!  I don’t think it will take long for people to see what we are up to and hopefully, they will join in the siege.  I think it is really important to not change the message.  Don’t get creative and try to add to it.  Short, sweet, and annoying is what we want.  Kind of like a fly that won’t leave you alone!  The ONE thing that will make us fail, is if people get tired and quit RTing.  The only person that can keep that from happening is YOU!  If you stop RTing, the plan will fall apart.  So now, let us begin….

It will probably be easiest if you follow me on Twitter.  My twitter address is @veulent_savoir.

If you don’t have a Twitter account, I encourage you to open one.  If that is not possible I will let you know other ways that you can be of assistance as they become available.  Believe me….there ARE other ways!

I have also added a Facebook page—Justice for Kristen.  Join me there.  I will be posting updates as needed.


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