Day 3

Good morning, all!

You are doing an amazing job!  Yesterday, we had over 3100 views on JFK—that means that people are trying to find out what we are talking abut!  Exactly what we want!

I wrote a Twitlonger that I would like for you to spend today on.  Here’s the address:

Read it and then tweet it—there is a button at the top—all you have to do is click!  Then start RT it.  Encourage your followers to read it.  Encourage them to start RTing it!  You are an amazing group, but even you will not be able to bring the tabs down—we need numbers.  Lots of them.

If you are also a member of another fandom, start talking to them about the fact that it isn’t just about Kristen.  It’s for all celebrities.

Another thing that I’d like you take a look at is this article on the Los Angeles Times Entertainment page:

You might remind people that if the tabs continue to take fan pictures and trying to turn them into scandals, the celebrities may start refusing to have their picture taken with a fan.

It’s a thought.

Let’s concentrate on these things today and also tweeting about joining “The Plan”.

Have a great day!

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