Day 5

Good Morning!

Whew!  I’m glad yesterday is over!  It was a long day and there was a lot of angst, but hopefully we are beyond that now.

Before I forget to tell you…yesterday, I sent out so many emails from my account, that they wouldn’t let me sent any more.  Who knew there was a limit???  *smacks forehead*

At any rate, FYI if that happens again, I actually have 2 other accounts.  One is:  (I sent an email from it yesterday when I couldn’t send it from Hotmail.  The second is:    In the event that I go past my limit on Hotmail again, I may send an email from one of those other accounts.

That being said, I learned quite a few things yesterday.  The first and probably one of the most important is that we don’t need to lock our accounts.  All that does is keep the public from seeing our tweets and that defeats our purpose.   The best way to protect your account is to have a strong password and to never click on a link if it is something about  “someone showing a picture of you” or “a sure way to lose weight!”  The email I sent yesterday from my yahoo account has the details and gives a lot more information including what to do if you do get hacked.  So be sure to read it to protect yourself!  Then take the lock off your account and get to tweeting!

By the way, one of the best ways to get a strong password, is to take a word that means something to you (for example:  Kristen) and then substitute numbers for some of the letters like this k1$tEn.  See?  You can use that if you want, but it probably is better to make up your own—we don’t want everyone to have the same password!  LOL

Does anyone know how to make an avatar?  It would be great to have one for “The Plan”.  Let me know if you could help.  Thanks!

We currently have 88 people on our mailing list!  Pretty impressive, huh?  And I am sure there are people out there that are beginning to help that aren’t on the list.  You are making an impression—keep at it.  As we said in the beginning, this is not going to be an overnight fix.  It is going to take quite a while and it is going to take a lot of people, so keep encouraging people to join in!

Could you send me the names of the different trash magazines?  I’ll make a list and send it out.  There are so many out there, I would never find them all (and besides I have better things to do!)  But if you just happen to know some….let me know.  Don’t worry about the big ones, we know those.  We’re looking for the little ones because they feed the big ones.  We want to cut off their food supply!  LOL

Here is today’s Game Plan:

We are going to change the rules SLIGHTLY!

From now on, please follow this pattern:

Everyone prints this once: prints “diarrhea journalism”  It’s nothing but BS  #diarrheajournalism

Everyone prints and RT this as often as they see it: prints “diarrhea journalism”  It’s nothing but BS #diarrheajournalism

Everyone prints and RT this as often as they see it:
Stop “diarrhea journalism”  Join THE PLAN  #theplan

The hashtag will always be blue, but when you see something that is blue (– don’t RT
Everything else is RT as often as possible.

Hope that makes sense!  Go out there and have a GREAT DAY!!!

When you need a peptalk, watch this!  It did wonders for me yesterday!!!!

I’m so proud of all of you!  YOU  ARE MAKING A DIFFERENCE!!!!!

Here’s the latest!   Thanks to Windswept Girl, we have the following info!

OK got the downlow from our social media expert.

He said absolutely if you @ the mag and everyone retweet then you make them a top tweeter – they will end up in the searches and they will be put into emails and suggest to follows. He said you don’t want to do that if you are trying to bash them. He said do it once – so they can see you are bashing.

Then have people retweet like this:

magname prints “diarrhea journalism”  It’s nothing but BS #TABSLIEmagname and then the JFK article link

So, it would look like this!

celebritydirtylaund prints “diarrhea journalism”  It’s nothing but BS  #TABSLIEcelebritydirtylaund

He said then it will show in searches and it will also trend BUT it won’t move them up in the twitter rankings.


He said another thing to do is before you tweet put a . in front of everything you write – because if someone doesn’t follow you they won’t see what you wrote but if you put a . before what you write – EVERYONE CAN SEE IT!!!!

Do you understand?  Put a period in front of what you write so that EVERYONE CAN SEE IT!!!!

If you would like to have my new avatar–THE PLAN  (designed by Windswept Girl)  THANKS

All you have to do is copy it and then paste it to your desktop so you can put it in as your new avatar.

the plan

Thanks again, Windswept Girl!!!!!


4 Responses

  1. Help!!! I have no Twitter account. What do I do?

    • If you don’t have Twitter, and you don’t want to join, it is helpful to me to know what is going on at the sites–because I don’t go there–I don’t have time. So you could help by visiting different tab websites. But, if you go, don’t make a comment. Make a note of the name of the site and what they said. Then send it too me. Imagine that you are the “monitor” and you are taking names! If you want to leave a comment, just say “Join The Plan”! That is what I am trying to tell people. Don’t stick around and argue. It won’t help and you’ll never win. Let Twilighter do that. Don’t leave comments that will get you attacked. And don’t get frustrated that people aren’t there helping. They are boycotting the sites to try to drive DOWN their business. There are hundreds of people out there working “The Plan” already and we gain more everyday!

      • Visiting tab websites is the last thing I wish to do. I had enough in the first few weeks when “the story” broke. I never get frustrated because I learned from personal experiece what it is like to be on the side of truth and justice.

        Since I want to help, can’t I just go on the sites and leave that comment – HL is what ever – which you advised to use and quit?

      • Absolutely! Now, if you do that…don’t ask to be notified that someone commented on your comment. If you do, you are setting yourself up so that the haters can get on your nerves! That is the last thing we want! Going to leave a comment is still a hit for their site…so be sure you think of that. You can look at the Headline and see if they are up to something…and they are–in almost every article they print! Do what you are comfortable with! 🙂

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