Day 9

Good Morning, Everyone!


I know I promised some more tweets today, and I will try to get those out to you.  But, there has been a slight development that I feel I must address first.


Yesterday I received a message from one our team saying that she had been hacked.  Not just her Twitter account, but her email, phone, bank account, etc.


In an effort to protect you, I am going to take the following action.


  1.  Please send me you Twitter account info.
  2. I will go through our email list and purge anyone I do not receive Twitter account info from
  3. I will then send the remaining members an email telling you how I will be sending you messages.


I do not want to mistrust anyone, as I’ve told you before…but, I do want to keep you as safe as possible.  It is imperative that you send me your Twitter address or you will be purged from the list.


I will allow 24 hours for this info to get to me.  If I do not receive your Twitter info, you will be purged from the list.  If you miss the deadline, you can still email your address and I’ll add you back, but I want to update the list ASAP.


This is my first priority today, so if I have time to get another email out, I will.  But it will be after I take care of this matter.


One thing I do want you to know…


There has been an article printed in Australia saying that Kristen and Rob are getting married in Australia.  It probably has already hit Twitter.


I suggest that you make up tweets along this line:



Unless you see Kristen and Rob making an announcement, do not buy into this!  #tabslie


Have you SEEN Rob’s mother or sister actually say they disapprove?  #tabslie


We want them married, but don’t believe it until THEY are videoed announcing it!  #tabslie


I will try to get a new Twitlonger put together soon!


Thanks for your commitment to this cause!




4 Responses

  1. You are welcome to leave info here. If you are unable to reply to emails, why did you leave your email addresses? I’m a little confused….

  2. I’m sorry. Did the info you sent appear on the site? I accidentally hit the approve button, but immediately hit the unapprove button, so I thought I had taken it off. If it did appear on the site, I apologize. I have not trashed your comment, so the info should no longer be seen. I apologize if that is what happened.

    • You are welcome! And that should have read, I have now trashed your comment, so there should be no further problems. I really apologize. I had NO intention of posting your personal info. Please forgive me.

  3. I heard that earlier there was a call for more information about me, A better profile with more info. I don’t put a lot out there on purpose. I’m
    Christopher Ryan Dark. I don’t want or need a high profile. if you want to know more about me as a person read my comments on YOUTUBE..
    I’m a voice, That’s all the world needs to know of me as far as I see it.
    I hate stupidity and injustice of any kind. And Kristen Stewart has been treated with more injustice and outright malevolence than anyone I’ve ever seen. Rob and Kristen caught my attention with Twilight but it was this ongoing hate campaign that put me firmly in Kristen’s camp. The so called respectable press taking their turn with the whip enraged me even further.
    Why would International Business News and Forbes magazine need to comment on her at all except to list her earnings or net worth. Why would a church magazine like The Christian Post have anything to say
    about six month old news, quoting sources who have almost always been proven worthless garbage?. Telling the current belief about said garbage without one word of what you would expect of a church magazine, to urge forgiveness and a moderation of the hate directed toward Kristen Stewart
    My intention is to continue until some changes have been made regarding the paparazzi and the tabloids. So that children are no longer hounded by them. So that they cannot invade a person’s life until they have no peace and must travel with security. So that no one can just drop film off to be run with, It should have provenance before it has the power to wreck people’s lives. And no one besides a serial killer or mass murderer warrants this much coverage or hatred. That’s
    what you need to know about me.

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