Take a Stand! Stop the Bullying of Kristen Stewart!

Bullying is abuse and all abuse is illegal. Verbal harassment is abuse and it also is against the law.  Any of the of the following: mental physical/sexual abuse/emotional or effecting a person financially is abuse and the abuser can get arrested.  Harassment refers to a wide variety of behavior which can violate both civil and criminal laws. What constitutes criminal harassment varies by state, but it generally entails targeting someone else with behavior meant to alarm, annoy, torment or terrorize, and creating reasonable fear in the victim for their safety or the safety of their family.

Kristen has been tormented, slandered, and suffered character defamation for the last three months.
If you want to help stop the media from printing these libelous statements about Kristen this is how to do it. Everyone needs to email the PUBLISHERS and threaten to boycott ALL the advertisers through THEM!

If they get THOUSANDS of emails it can make an impression!
When writing your email:
Address the publisher by name.
Include in your letter the following:

We, as consumers, are demanding an immediate stop to the use of any derogatory name  and all derogatory articles about Kristen Stewart.  Additionally, we are demanding  a permanent ban on the printing of paparazzi pictures of Kristen and anyone who is with her when she is in the privacy of her home or at any private venue.  We are requesting an apology for the THREE FULL months of BULLYING you have subjected  her to. If this had been done to any non celebrity, this would have already been  in the courts.  What your magazine (tabloid, network, program) has been doing is highly illegal. Bullying is against the law. If you do not cease and desist immediately, we, as consumers,  will boycott ALL ADVERTISERS both in-store, online and via social networking and will expose these advertisers  as ENABLERS OF BULLYING of a 22 year old girl.  We demand you stop badgering this young woman and sending the vile message to our daughters that it is acceptable to bully someone.


It will HAVE to hurt…this wording is VERY IMPORTANT! This is how we prevent these things in schools…

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  1. […] Take a Stand! Stop the Bullying of Kristen Stewart! […]

  2. I do agree with this alert. This is a crime psicologys, character and lifehood. We know that people always make mistakes, no body perfect. I do shimphaty to Kristen. I proud with this situation she looks tough and not to drop to negative life. God bless Kristen.

  3. This is a really wonderful blog. I’ve put a link to you at the bottom of my “smashing these most recent Robsten breakup rumors to DUST” post. We need to figure out a way to unite Twilight Fans. They are too “in their own worlds” to consider this stuff. It’s just EASIER to blame Kristen for everything. And all of this is just about a silly story, so no one is taking it as seriously as it should be taken. Visit my blog and sign the petitions here: “What is the Difference between Celebrity News and a PR Celebrity/Fan Assault” http://misfitchick.blogspot.com/2013/01/what-is-difference-between-actual.html

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