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  1. Kristen was bullied because people believe any written nonsens, but she and Robert came through so strong and dignified in their love for each other, that actually gave me hope for this world, and now I am obsessed with them.

  2. I do believe and love Kristen, always and forever…

  3. I am writing you in protest of the unrelenting press coverage of Kristen Stuart. No other person’s mistake has continued to be tabloid fodder six months after the fact. .Nor has any other person been outright lied about so often. ( Hollywood Life has a new story each day.) And now with the news of the Sanders//Ross divorce, things will only get more virulent, and ugly. This is nothing less than persecution by the press
    of an individual. It stinks of McCarthyism.and just like that shameful episode in America’s history we want it stopped. This continued coverage of what amounts to lies about Kristen is a gross abuse of the freedom of the press, Her fans and many who are taking notice want it stopped. I am urging people to write all tabloids and their congressman
    and asking for tabloid and paparazzi reform. Please stop before you destroy a young woman’s life.

    • This continual reporting of lies must be stopped. Tabloids are abusing the freedom our constitution gave them, horribly in the case of Kristen Stewart.

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