US Weekly

Victoria Lasdon Rose, VP Publisher

Scott Willett, Associate Publisher

Brian Kennedy, Advertising Director

Heawon Yoo, Executive Director Integrated Marketing
New York
1290 Avenue of the Americas
New York, NY 10104
Phone 212.484.1616/Fax 212.484.4242

Los Angeles
5700 Wilshire Blvd, Suite 345
Los Angeles, CA 90036
Phone 323.930.3300/Fax 323.935.4214
Lee Zellweger, West Coast Director

333 N. Michigan Ave., Suite 1105
Chicago, IL 60601
Phone 312.782.2366/Fax 312.782.5677
Chris Svoboda, Midwest Director

755 Big Beaver Road, Suite 450
Troy, MI 48084
Phone 248.743.1020/Fax 248.740.9446
Brian Green, Detroit Director

New England
Buck Jensen, Account Manager

Lewis Stafford Company
5000 Quorom Drive, Suite 545
Dallas, TX 75254
Phone 972.960.2889/Fax 972.960.2886
Chris Knapp

Matthew Schulte, National Director


One Response

  1. You are destroying a young woman’s reputation and career, This has gone on much too long. Six months of unremitting press coverage all negatively aimed at a young woman who at worst is caught kissing her director in broad daylight, standing up,and fully clothed. Enough is enough. The age of McCathyism is long over. You will not like the tabloid and paparazzi reform that will come your way when people see how you have destroyed a young woman’s career, If people become motivated enough to contact congressmen and state’s Senators the undisciplined climate you operate in now may change. All that it takes is motivation, and trust me I am getting motivated. With a huge fan club
    and the internet it should be easier to put a halt to you and other reckless and lying tabloids than it took to stop a US government backed Senator. And McCarthy ended badly. So halt your propaganda machine or people like me will

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