The Yellow Handkerchief; I Dream of Paradise

This is a lovely video!  If you haven’t seen the movie The Yellow Handkerchief, you should.  Kristen gives an outstanding performance!

Published on Sep 8, 2012 by

The scenery in this movie is absolutely breathtaking, as is kristen. and eddie. oh, and the song. i can’t forget about the song. brilliant one.

yeah, i should go to bed now.

music: tyler ward – paradise (coldplay cover)

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i own nothing in this video nor do i take credit for anything except the editing


12 Responses

  1. I guess this Kristen Stewart movie somehow got past me unnoticed. I
    like Eddie Redmayne and love Kristen Stewart. I look forward to seeing it.

  2. This movie is available on Netflix. I recently watched it and loved the movie.
    Does anyone know where I can see On The Road? It was not released in my state. I would love to see it! Thanks.

  3. I saw the movie and Kristine’s performance is really good. Pitiful not too many people have heard about this independent movie.

  4. It is a beautiful film,sensitive.Too bad that about him only knows so little people. Sorry for my English.

  5. Kristen is amazing in it. Eddie also.It’s my favorite movie with Kristen.Along with “The Cake Eaters”,”Welkom to the Rileys” and “Snow White”.

    • I think my favorite is Welcome to the Rileys. If you have only seen her in The Twilight Saga, you completely forget that you are watching Kristen. I know that to be a fact, because a friend that had never seen her in anything but The Twilight Saga said so! 🙂

  6. Yes,in Welkome to the Rileys is amazing. Is great and amazing.And beautiful.

    • I’m sorry. Yes,in Welcom to the Rileys is amazing.She is superb and amazing. And is beautiful.

  7. I’m very sorry,my English is poor,but so much I want to support Kristen and your site.

  8. Funny, I found this movie on about a month ago, but only watched it for the first time last night! Of all the non-Twilight movies I’ve seen, ‘Yellow Handkerchief’ turns out to be my fave. Oh, I loved ‘Riley’s’ and ‘Cake Eaters’, etc, but to me this was the most sensitive of them all. Beautifully filmed against an American backdrop few of us have seen in life, it was about the human condition from the point of view of three totally different strangers who turn out to be not at all different after all. There are scenes I found quite touching — and I was moved to tears by the ending. Great little indie movie.

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