The Grand Punk Part 3

The Grand Punk- Part 3
Sometimes when things seem too unbelievable to be true, they are just that: not worthy of belief.

A.  I don’t know about you, but I think it’s pretty much human nature that when two people are into each other, and engaged in the kinds of activities that US Magazine wants us to believe happened here, they share a level of intimacy that usually includes lots of eye to eye contact. That is the essence of what we call “chemistry”, when a mere look between two people imparts a host of other information and communication between them without them even having to do or say much else. And as Kristen once said in an interview, it really is all in the eyes.

Part of what drew a lot of people into believing Rob and Kristen were the real deal in the first place was the eye contact they made over and over again at countless (not making a movie) events as their relationship developed.

Now let’s again take a look at what I have previously called the overlook makeout photos. According to FameFlyNet, Kristen & Rupert, had already previously engaged in this torrid marathon makeout session in her car at other locations that day and spent the afternoon driving around LA looking for places to make out. Yet, once they get to the overlook, find one picture where Kristen is actually making direct eye contact with Rupert. Don’t hurt yourself trying, there isn’t one. None. Nada. Not even as Kristen leaves her car and walks towards him. If you see one, tell me.

You could say that the photographers (remember four by now) somehow managed to miss that or at least failed to get a picture of that. But I have debunked that notion in earlier posts and don’t need to beat a dead horse.

The closest we get to any shared intimacy is the ridiculous dry humping photos I shredded in the last post and a couple of hugs, most where we don’t even hardly see her face and there is nary a furtive glance between them.

B.  Another aspect of physical intimacy between people who are really into each other often is the need to touch each other, frequently manifested by hand holding, hand caresses, and in the extreme, intimate touching. Yet, in all of these photos at the overlook, the closest they get to an intimate touching with hands is in hugging, him with his hand on her arm pit or with hands on hands. There were plenty of opportunities (particularly during the dry hump) where Rupert could have touched her breasts, put his hand under her shirt or down her sweatpants for that matter, and yet none of that was ever photographed or provided. His hands are always in “appropriate” non-erogenous zones as are hers.

Well you could they are just both shy and retiring, but that would be ridiculous given their claimed lengthy day time tryst, their plain view appearance at the overlook, and their purported willingness to dry hump each other in broad daylight. If they were so hot for each other why don’t they really touch each other.  And don’t believe for a moment that if it actually happened the paparazzi wouldn’t have photographed it.  Just another aspect of these photos that doesn’t make sense at all.

C.   Another aspect of two people who are being intimate with each other is their willingness to open themselves up and let each other invade their personal space. And I mean this quite literally. Not to be to coarse or crude about it, but to put it bluntly, it’s pretty difficult to have non-forced intercourse with a woman who fails to open her legs for you. Take a look at what Kristen’s body language says about her willingness to have Rupert between her legs. Note the rather odd configuration of Kristen’s legs in virtually all of the photos at the overlook. She is frequently turned at an angle to him or her feet are pointing in directions inconsistent with “come on in”, or appear to be planted right next to each other. Not definitive in isolation, but what does this say in relation to everything else?

D.  I suppose all of this could be explained away as they had tired themselves out by that time in the day. But remember FameFly Net/US Magazine’s claim as they arrived at the overlook, after Rupert directs her where to park, and I quote:

“ By then it was 5:15 PM and the two stayed in the car, SLOUCHED DOWN AND KISSING LIKE TEENS AS NEIGHBORS HIKED BY. When it seemed quiet in the park, the two dared to leave the car to take in the view. Leaning against the guard rail, he embraced her from behind and caressed her hand and side, ‘She was swept up in the moment.’ But they kept their guard up. ‘A few people would walk by, and as soon as they heard a voice, they would split up and walk in other directions.’ When a group of people with a dog came along, the two RETREATED TO HER CAR TO KISS FOR ANOTHER 20 MINUTES before leaving’’. (internal quotes are US Magazine’s, not mine. All caps sections are mine for emphasis.)

Don’t hurt yourself trying to find the photographic or video evidence confirming these other portions of the overlook incident other than the guardrail photos. No kissing in the car as neighbors hike by, or twenty minutes of kissing in the car afterward, or of them splitting up as they kept their guard up. Nada. None. Only one of Kristen walking alone presumedly towards the guardrail PopSugar #23, leaving her car as Rupert is across the road PopSugar 8, and the cell phone calls photo PopSugar #55.

E.  And perhaps even more damming yet, if the photographers were secreting themselves and shooting with telephoto lens making their detection impossible, HOW COULD THEY TELL THAT “EVERYTIME THEY [Rupert and Kristen] HEARD A VOICE” they would split up….
This is FameFlyNet’s/US Magazine’s version of events, not mine. If they were close enough to hear the voices, they were too close to go undetected by Rupert and Kristen.

F.   But it gets even better. Remember they claim its after 5:15 in the PM. Take a look at any of the car makeout photos which would have had to have been from earlier in the day if they are truthful. Compare PopSugar 47 and 48. The further the two of them (Kristen & Rupert) are in the car, the more they appear in the shadows. The lighting is from above, the sun, and it’s relatively high in the sky (closer to midday or so) or else the sun would illuminate further into the car and as it heads downwards towards sunset, across the car.

Now take a look at these three overlook photos ( PopSugar 8, 23, and 55) and carefully note the length of Kristen and Rupert’s shadow. 55 is probably the best, as Kristen is fully upright with a clean shadow. It’s obviously that her shadow is very short, significantly less than half her total body height. Ditto for him. Now rely on your trigonometric and astronomy knowledge, or for you math and astronomy challenged types, go to this handy little sun shadow applet at:… .  [ … sunshadow/index.htm – GP truncated the site]

If you plug in LA’s long/lat 34N 118W, check the dst box, and note that Kristen’s height is about 65 inches (reported as 5 feet 6). Per the calculation , her shadow should be about slightly longer than her actual height at a ratio of 10 to 10.86 at 4:00 PM. Even at 3:00 PM her shadow would be at about 2/3 of her height, 10 to 6.87. And at 1:00 PM her shadow should be at somewhat less than 4/10ths of her actual height. 10 to 4.18.

Her shadow in these photographs is nowhere near equal to her height and thus could not have been taken after 4:00 PM as they claim, but was taken much closer to about 1:00 PM. This is the best evidence yet that FameFlyNet is lying about its version of events. You can lie about what happened but you can’t defy the laws of physics.

G.   And not to put too fine a point it, ditto with Kristen and Rupert sharing a final kiss as she eventually drops him off near his house after the alleged incident. No photos, no video, nothing.

H.  Now some have argued that the photographers are holding back, that there really are more photos and video . That doesn’t change the above conclusions, but do you really think US Magazine or FameFlyNet is not going buy or control everything that these photographers have?
Unless, of course, the photographer or photographers are actually independent contractors, free lancers that called with a story and some photos. (I will expound on the significance of this issue at in Part4 later)

And even if it is the case, that something is being held back, at least for the time being, we have to assume they probably don’t exist since no one has seen them yet.

I.  Which leads us to examine another aspect. Is the foot traffic in this area ever going to quiet down enough for Kristen and Rupert to feel safe to come out into the open. After all, it’s described as a well known over look to view the Hollywood sign and downtown LA. As it is getting later in the evening according to them, you would expect more people to be coming out, not less, as it closer to being after work, it’s likely cooling off, and we are closer to the night lights of LA. I’m not an expert by any means on any of this, but I am sure there are many of you out there that are. And US Magazine fails to identify exactly where this place is other than in Hollywood.

J.  Let’s next turn to what purportedly happens after the incident. Remember, that president of FameFlyNet  in an interview with the LA Times,claims that none of the photogs even realized who Rupert was until they returned to the office and took a look at the photos. It wasn’t until they pulled materials from the Snow White premier that they realized what an incredible scoop they had uncovered. I’ll leave it to you to decide how truthful you think that is.

k. Once they did however, they moved rapidly to maximize their profit and avoid anyone else discovering the secret. Quoting from the LA Times:  “Even FameFlyNet knew what an effect the Stewart-Sanders shots could have and as such decided not to shop the pictures to multiple outlets. Agency owner Cosman said the move was in part to make sure that the secret wouldn’t get out before the story broke and because he knew Us Weekly had “a big budget and would pay a premium amount” for the shots.”

L.   By July 24, rumors of the US magazine story were circulating and by the 25th, US magazine was releasing the money shots PopSugar #5 and 16 onto the web along with a version of the story.

Again, I apologize for the length of this post, but as we often see, it is easier to quickly tell a lie than it is to correct it with the truth.

In Part 4 of the Grand Punk we will focus on those pictures and the madness that ensued. And begin to unravel what is really going on here.

Before then, I leave you with this further thought.

FameFlyNet and US Magazine have never identified, never produced, and never subjected to cross examination the photographer or photographers that purportedly brought this story to them, riddled with holes and missing evidence. And yet tens of thousands of people feel free to go onto the web to call Kristen a whore, a homewrecker, and a cheat. I shudder to think what this says about our notions of justice and fairness and independent thinking. And dread the day when any of us are accused of wrongdoing.


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  1. nena commented on The Grand Punk Part 3

    Again, its like you read my posts over at crushable. I even said if the papz were close enough to hear other people then they had to have been scene. The simple mindednes of alot of the American population is very sad, and cruel, The jump to hate and name calling is rediculous!

  2. Obsessing again…I notice another apparent discrepancy between the photos and the FFN version of events – specifically, the timeline.
    They claim Stewart drove to the run-down warehouse district to pick up Sanders; then they made out in the car; and only much later did they finally drive to the “overlook” and leave the car to take in the “view.”
    Popsugar #8 seems to show Stewart arriving to pick up Sanders. He appears to be approaching the car as Stewart gets out the driver’s side. If they drove there together, he could not have left the car from the passenger side door because of where the car is placed; and if he climbed across and out the driver’s side, he would have exited the car after Stewart, not before. It looks like she is arriving to pick him up – but she is doing so at the guardrail site. It’s clearly the same location, based on details of the roadside area and the street pavement, from the few wide shots of the area.
    Also, as I mentioned in another comment, in #8 and the “driving down the street” photos, the driver’s side of the car is clean. In the parking lot photos (which were supposed to have been taken first), the driver’s door and window are covered with smudges. I assume they didn’t pause to wash the car between one makeout stop and another, so the car could get dirtier as the day went on, but not cleaner.
    Not a big deal in itself, but it does place events in the opposite order to those described by the supposed photographer.

    • Badger,
      It is not a small deal either. It proves that the story provided by FFN/US was inaccurate which makes the whole “scandal” more suspicious.

      Look at it this way. She picks up Sanders at the warehouse parking lot and drives to Guard rail site. Stops the car and allows Sanders to get out. Then parks the car by the side of the road. Since in all the car make out photos you can see the smudges on the driver’s side door your assessment has to be correct. Guard rail makeout session first and then parking lot make out session. In Pop Sugar #26 you don’t see the smudges which means they are driving out. Pop Sugar #8 again no smudges which means they are arriving at th e Guard rail site.

      UNLESS THE MAKE OUT SESSIONS HAPPENED ON TWO DIFFERENT DAYS. There was no mention of a make out session in a car wash.

      I have noticed another thing in Pop Sugar #8. Look at her right hand and the facial expression. Is she asking Sanders some thing?

      I hope twilighter will try to find out more about the warehouse / parking lot.Who does it belong to etc; It seems strange that there is not a single vehicle in the parking lot on a working day. If you were to go by the Pap story Stewart was in the parking lot for about 15 minutes. One cannot easily credit Stewart with such behaviour. She would know for certain that the area will be surrounded by paps with in minutes.

      • Valsan: The FFN background story conflicts with the photographs on so many points already, it hardly needed another; but yes, it’s one more discrepancy.

        Picture #26 actually conflicts with my theory, since the car seems to be in the same parking lot as the Car Make Out Photos, but in #26 the driver’s side is clean.

        Your scenario would explain #26, although in a slightly convoluted way. True, Sanders could have been picked up at the lot as portrayed in #26, taken to the guardrail site, and let out of the car first, before parking at the roadside. Physically, that would work. However, it seems like an odd arrangement from any perspective.
        (A) If we assume for the moment that the FFN account was accurate and they actually had a tryst that day, it would mean Stewart picked up Sanders (in a clean car), left the lot and drove to the guardrail site to mess around, then left and went back to the original pickup spot to make out more, by which time the car door was badly smudged. It would only make sense if the parking lot was also where Sanders was being dropped off, which supposedly he wasn’t.
        (B) If we assume that the pictures were staged, it would still be strange to leave the first site without taking pictures, go to the guardrail site and take photos there, then return to the original parking lot site to take the Car Makeout Pictures.
        (C) If the pictures were completely manufactured, it would only mean someone made up a story without paying due attention to the pictures that were supposed to match it, resulting in a lot of minor inconsistencies. It would also be quite possible, in that case, that the pictures were taken on many different days. It’s hard to say how likely or unlikely that is without knowing who produced the photos or where the background story actually came from.

        Your comments about the empty parking lot are certainly significant. Why is an office building parking lot empty on a weekday? Good question.The pictures were supposedly taken during business hours on a Tuesday afternoon. It wasn’t a legal holiday. Why was the parking lot completely empty? More to the point, how would Sanders and Stewart, theoretically, know that the lot would be empty, and therefore a private place to make out? Because the pictures were actually taken on a holiday, when everything was closed? I’d also like to know what business the lot is attached to. (I looked up the address, and it’s only listed as an office building). Twilighted noted that it’s around the corner from Sanders’ workplace, but didn’t indicate anything about the Centilena Ave. building itself.

        About #8: I can’t really tell. Sanders seems to be speaking, and smiling, while Stewart looks solemn. She does seem to be making a gesture as though asking something. Apart from that, I can’t draw any conclusions.

      • Already known. The building had been vacant for months and unoccupied and the management company had been trying to lease it. It was just as much so when I was there in October. The gate was open but clean as a whistle, just as I expect it was when this event was staged there.

        As to #8. You are both presuming too much. I am sure that FFN or others would argue that the picture could have just as easily been from when they had recovered from a dog walker walking by. Not that he was being picked up. Just that he was out of the car. kristen was getting out it. Irrespective, its all BS.

        Also we cannot necessarily exclude the possibility that the photos came on different days. Light and shadows at both locations suggest a mid-day sun. And the locations are at least a half hour apart at best

    • Actually, Rupert could have gone out the passenger side, there is nothing completely obstructing the passenger door. I even exited out that side when I visited the site and I was parked in the same spot. You are presuming to much looking at the picture. Although it is total bs, they could have arrived there, got out, made out at the guard rail, returned to the car when someone walked by, and he got out first went to the rail and went back to the car to coax her out when this photo was shot. It fits just as well as what you describe above. But actually its bs. First thing to do, look at the evidence and evalaute what they mean. Second, forget the FFN account all together, its entirely repudiated along with the so-called scandal. And then see where that takes you.

      • From her gesture I thought she was asking about the suitability of the location. KS’s PDA in a public place in broad day light? She is smart enough to realise that people with even the teeniest of brain won’t buy this. But she sold it with the apology? The geniuses at the tabloids must have realised that she is mocking them. So, they have declared war.

  3. You’re right, I’m over-analyzing. I already know the FFN account doesn’t match the photographs. Beyond that, it’s impossible to pin things down, since, as you and Valsan say, the pictures could have been taken on two or more different days.

    Thanks for the information on the office building.

  4. I never have seen the photos and still don’t want to. I always thought it was very strange and did not quite beleive it was real. I’t the little things said and done by Rob and Kristen that made me things were not quite right with this.

    You confirm my thinking on so many points.

  5. Tw57: You’re right. This stuff is just distraction.

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