The Grand Punk Part 4

The Grand Punk Part 4

The hallmark of a good criminal investigation is critically examining the evidence available at the scene of the crime. From the very beginning I have wondered where the “scene”of this crime was and why FameFlyNet and US Magazine have failed to disclose it. If this really happened the way they say, why not do so? The answer is simple. They obviously didn’t care where it was, it was the pictures that they were interested in. But proceed at your own risk when you ignore the crime scene.

A.  But thanks to some great cyber sluthing by Livvy77, who has commented previously on this post, we finally know where one of the two scenes is, the one I’ve called the guardrail make out scene.

It is roughly at 7267 PACIFIC VIEW DRIVE, Los Angeles, CA. To see it, go to google maps or google earth, and enter the address, and then go to the street view. (move the orange stick person icon in google to where the address pin is on your map, and once the street comes up adjust the view to look up Pacific View Drive in a NW direction. To your right is the address in question. At the far end of the property near the garage where the “guardrail” begins, find a short picket fence covering the space between the garage and the first guardrail post. At the guardrail note how the horizontals on the picket fence are positioned in relation to the guardrail. Note also that the upright left most picket appears to be at a slight angle to the guardrail post. The right edge of that picket at the top is aligned with the right edge of the top of the guardrail post. The left edge of that picket at the bottom near ground level is nearly aligned with the left edge of the bottom of the guardrail post.

This is the place. For those of you who doubt this is the same place, carefully compare your goggle image to the PopSugar #55 image: same picket, same guardrail, same orientation. This is the place.

And although I think this is conclusive, consider the following:

1. Earlier reports from US mag /FameFlyNet indicated that this event occurred in an area called the Pacific View Trail (not Pacific View Drive), a secluded area where people walk dogs and hike and look at the Hollywood sign and over LA.  Many, including myself, were thinking a literal trail and were getting nowhere in the process. An early attempt to find it led many to think about the area of Griffin Park along Mulhulland Drive or along the Mt. Lee Highway, as those areas are below the sign and are well known hiking areas with overlooks that might be consistent with the story.

Turns out FameFlyNet/US Magazine misidentified the location. There is actually a street called Pacific View Trail but it is far from the Hollywood sign and an examination of it shows nothing consistent with the purported incident. That’s because the real location is on Pacific View Drive which is just a short distance away from Pacific View Trail. But FameFlyNet /US Magazine either didn’t know where it was, didn’t care, or weren’t prepared to tell us where it was even if they knew. More on that later.

2. Note the whispy grass at Rupert and Kristen’s feet in PopSugar #55. It doesn’t appear in the Google earth view in the place where they would have been standing but if you move up the street just past the bush where the guardrail appears to end (it actually goes through the bush) in Google earth, you will find the same kind of grass on same side of the road just to the other side. Remember the Google earth image is somewhat dated.

3. Note also the patchy white wash appearance of the fence in both Google earth image and in the PopSugar photos.

4. In several of the FameFlyNet/US Magazine photos at the guardrail including PopSugar 55 note the odd red coloration sporadically behind them in the green bushes. I was originally having trouble making out what caused that in the FameFlyNet/US Magazine photos. On Google earth, however, again pass the bush where they were at and you find a red flowering bush further up the road, which likely explains the red coloring washing through.

5. In the photo of Kristen at her car, PopSugar #8, note at the far left roughly aligned with the roofline of the Mini, a grey colored object within the green which again I was having trouble identifying. See in Google earth in the same vicinity, the gray colored bark of a tree to the side of where the car would be.

6. Also compare the general indication of a turnout for her to park the car in which is shown in both versions.  Sorry for the detail here, but when you have looked at as many crime scene photos as I have, you learn to really look. As to differences, obviously the google image is from fixed points of view at a different date & time then when these PopSugar photos were taken so there will be differences (ie. the grasses, etc, things that can change). But the three big differences appear to be: the PopSugar photos look way too secluded, the road seems wider, and the guardrail seems curved.

Why is this the case?

1. With careful zooming on a wide angle zoom or zoom lens, changing your position, or changing your lens, you can crop out anything you want to and make it appear be more secluded than it actually is. Try it yourself, copy the google image into Microsoft Paint. Crop the image to approximate the views of the PopSugar photos, excluding the foreground and buildings. Suddenly the area seems much more secluded than they actually are which was exactly what the photographer’s intention was. To show the real view would blow the notion of a secluded overlook completely apart.

2. If you shoot with a wide angle lens, lens and barrel distortion can make straight lines compress and bend, thus what we see with the guard rail and the appearance that the road is wider than it is. For more on these camera lens effects, see The Grand Punk Part 2.

B.  Be assured, this is the place where it was filmed or try to prove me wrong. Only problem is US Mag/FameFlynet/People etc. story’s don’t fit this location. Let’s count some more of the ways:

1. You can’t see the Hollywood sign from here and rather than overlooking LA, if you stand at the guard rail you are looking north over Universal City.

2. There really isn’t much a view at all and it can hardly be characterized as an overlook at all. In Google earth, gradually “walk” up the street. As you turn your pointer to the right (north), there are only a couple spots where you can even see parts of Universal City and there is nothing scenic about it. The guard rail is just that, a guard rail in a somewhat hilly residential area, it is not a railing overlooking a scenic view of Hollywood.

3. This is also not that secluded an area at all and can better be described as a residential lane. I suppose people could walk their dogs here, but you wouldn’t call it a hiking area or a dog walk or secluded. The only reason it looks secluded at all is that the photographer has “cropped” the photos by probably zooming the lens and even changing lenses.

4. It’s kind of the last place in the world that you would think of as a great secluded make out location. Unless of course you were using it as a set to fake one.

5. Go to both ends of the street in Google Earth and take a look back at the scene of the crime. There are few areas for a photographer to hide and the pictures suggest that he moves right to left when taking various of the photos. And in PopSugar #55 he is almost adjacent to and at the guardrail. In all cases he is too close to avoid detection. For more details on these issues see Parts 2 &3 of the Grand Punk.

6. And look at the general area. The streets twist and turn with many blind corners. Not a great place to trail a car, or provide cover to a photographer. Especially in the area of the “overlook”. These photos were not taken from two miles away, they were taken from close in.  The twists and turns also make it difficult you not to be surprised if you are engaging in a tryst.

C. I believe that the reason the FameFlyNet/US Magazine pictures and stories don’t match up with this reality is because of the nature of the celebrity tabloid gossip machine industry. Remember this is not the NY Times which checks sources and confirms tips and has photographers on contract to document stories. This is a business where getting the scoop and selling the magazine with an image is everything, feed by free lance photographers that are working twenty four seven, always looking for an opportunity to make a buck. And everyone was watching Kristen. She knew it and they knew it as is evidenced by all the photos of her that were being taken between July 11th and the 21st and for the rest of the last four years.

If you want to learn more about this “tabloid business” see: http://entertainment.howstuffw…

If you want to see how relentless and obnoxious these so called “photographers” are, just search the internet. There are plenty of examples and rabid is an understatement. And finally remember how Princess Diana met her demise.

D. What happened when FameFlyNet saw the pictures? Their first concern was how to make the most money. Their second concern was to act quickly before someone could steal their scoop. But if you believe their version, they would have got them the day of the incident on the 17th. And yet it took nearly six days before rumors of them started circulating on the evening of the 23rd in US Magazine’s possession even though FameFlyNet’s owner claimed they marketed them exclusively to US Magazine because they felt they could get the maximum value for them. And for all they knew based on the pictures, Kristen could have been out repeating her behavior and having others watch her or film her.

For all we know, even if they “got” them on the 17th, who says they were even ever taken on that day at all. We know the place but not the day. A free lance photographer could have turned them over to them that day when they were actually days earlier. Or anyone with them could have turned them over including someone working with Robert Pattinson, creating the biggest punk in Hollywood history.

E. Which is exactly what I think happened. Call it a hunch, call a theory. But it makes a hell of a lot more sense than the “lucky” paparazzi, four in total, partial pictures, no video bs we have heard from Fame FlyNet and US Magazine. How this paparazzi got his photos has been the most troubling aspect of this whole thing from the very beginning.

Someone came to US/FameFlyNet with some photos and a bull story that US/FameFlyNet couldn’t resist because of the dollar sighs flashing in their heads. They could care less about checking them out as long as they seemed authentic and they had “a source”. Because for them it was all about the money.

See the following description from their website and tell me what you think and I quote:

“About FameFlynet :FameFlynet is now one of the largest, most powerful photo news agencies in America and around the world, providing its multi-media client database with photos capturing the latest breaking celebrity news stories, the hottest red carpet events, award shows, premieres, and fashion shows.

Our agency fuels its success by maintaining high levels of honor, integrity and reliability in addition to the consistent efficiency and diligence required to service the demands of this time-sensitive industry.”

News agency? High levels of honor and integrity? What time sensitive industry are they talking about?

I’ll let you be the judge of that claim.

But just so that you know, these agencies use stringers all the time and are more than happy to take photographic “evidence” from where ever it comes. If you walked into their office tomorrow with photos of a “scandal” involving a public figure for sale that “appeared” authentic, do you suspect for one moment that they would turn you down?

F. All of this ridiculous back-story would have been meticulously examined but for the “admissions” of wrong doing that were almost immediately forthcoming from the wrongdoers.

Many say “they confessed” so who cares about the rest. Why would they admit it if it weren’t

In Part 5 of the Grand Punk, we will examine these “confessions”, discuss how little truth exists about all of the principal parties whereabouts after the 22nd of July, what people have to gain and lose, and how this will all play out one way or another in very short order.

Until then, keep examining the evidence and using your brain.


8 Responses

  1. Very nice detail. (via seymourblogger)

  2. Why does the guard rail in Google Earth look so much lower than the guard rail pics of Popsugar? It looks like the top of the guard rail would only reach Kristen’s waist and surely Rupert wouldn’t be able to lean on it as shown in the Popsugar pics??? Most guard rails are pretty low….

    I’ve read that the Flameflynet photographer said he was “tipped off” by someone that Rupert and Kristen were having an affair. Why then would he say that he and the other photographers didn’t even know who he was until after they took the pics? Can’t be both ways. In any case, their “story” has many many holes…

    • I have been to the scene and measured that height. Which was one of my whole reasons for going to LA. This is a critical piece of Part 11, Get ready to have your mind blown.

  3. The supposed timing of the photographs has struck me more than once. As you’ve pointed out, Stewart was photographed by paparazzi regularly in the days before and just after July 17, including several shots of her going to or leaving her gym. However, there are no published shots of her at the gym the ONE day we are told specifically that a paparazzi is present and watching her. This is even odder in view of the fact that her leaving the gym, then getting the mysterious phone call, is part of the photographer’s narrative.

    If we start with the assumption that the photos were faked, the question arises: Why pick that day? Why claim the tryst occurred July 17, rather than the day before they are released? For that matter, why pick the late afternoon, especially when the shadows in the outdoor photos suggest the time is closer to noon-2:00 pm?

    One logical reason would be that they chose a day and time when Stewart was known NOT to have gone out in public. If she was seen at the gym (or anywhere else out in public) at 5:00 pm on July 17, the photos could, conceivably, be discredited. Maybe July 17 between 4:00 and 6:00 was a period of time when she was known to be home alone, or otherwise unseen and unable to establish her whereabouts. Perhaps that’s why the tryst had to be described as taking place at that particular day and time.

    • or maybe she picked the date because she knew no one could establish her whereabouts and it fit when they wanted the scandal to break.

      • Yes. Sorry, I was bypassing your Grand Punk hypothesis altogether. So, either Stewart could have picked the day on that basis, if we go with the theory that she was involved in the prank; or another person might have, if we assume someone else was responsible.

  4. Why would Rob willingly let himself in for that kind of humiliation? People said and say awful things about a man I consider heroic in his love of a woman. That’s the kind of love men dream they’ll experience and be strong enough for. I see the problem with these pictures but something is still missing. They may hate the paps. but enough to destroy their careers? Kristen has had years in the industry. Her parents work in it Rob’s career is founded in Twilight. mainly. Could he afford to take such chances with his career?

  5. This is a problem of a staged scenario. i do not think both rob and kristen would participate with this punk. I believe the photos are manipulated in such that they seem what they want us to see. I still believe that kristen stewart and/ or rob are being extorted by using this photos.

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