The Grand Punk Part 6

Sometimes when things seem too unbelievable to be true, they are just that: not worthy of belief.

The Grand Punk Part 6

In every investigation it’s good to take a pause, stand back, take a look at the provable facts, and examine the scenarios that potentially explain an episode. And in the process distinguish between facts as opposed to background noise, rumors, and unsubstantiated gossip based on unnamed sources.  Engaging in that process can weed out unlikely scenarios and focus attention on the path forward.  Now is a good time to do this with the Kristen Stewart “cheating scandal”.

In doing so, particular care must be exercised when assessing the believability of unidentified and unnamed sources.  Such sources, or reports of what they say, can be falsified or exaggerated with impunity and are immune from cross examination.  That is the case whether such sources are claimed by the National Enquirer, Us Magazine, Gossip Cop, People Magazine, or the New York Times.  But make no mistake, only the last entity has journalistic standards that require multiple sources and confirmation of the details provided by sources before a story runs.  The rest are just part of celebrity gossip machine that is in the business of making money off of gossip.

That being the case, for the purposes of this inquiry, unnamed or unidentified sources of information shall not be considered as providing provable facts unless the information provided is substantiated by multiple, independent, non-conflicting sources, or photographs or video, and the information provided is such that a reasonably prudent person would rely on the truth of the information in making an important decision in their own life, in essence the reasonable person standard from tort law.

Now let’s take a look at the provable facts in this so-called scandal:

By the close of 2011, it’s pretty clear to most reasonable minds that Rob & Kristen were in a long standing romantic relationship. (I’ll examine the countervailing theory that they had a faux romance that this hookup was designed to break up later.) They also had a long history of being secretive and protective about that relationship but also had a history of dropping clues as to it along the way. If anything was irrefutably true, it was that both Rob & Kristen shared an intense hatred of the paparazzi and the Hollywood gossip machine which regularly invaded their privacy and both were masters at evading it.

Prior to her alleged hookup in July, Rob & Kristen’s relationship never looked stronger including ever increasing public outings together ever since “my boyfriend is English” last fall, to their mutual triumph at Cannes, to their rather open pda’s at the close of the Cosmopolis screening and at the On the Road after party at Cannes, and to their statements about each other in public.

  1. Then, within a month of the alleged hookup, came a variety of couple-like public encounters in and around LA and elsewhere, there attendance at a NJ wedding (June 23rd), followed by pretty strong evidence that they were living together at the Los Feliz estate. (See photos of Kristen’s return to the estate following her return from Australia on June 21st).  Not to mention lots of chemistry and banter at Comic Con on July 12th.  By then we were just five days from the alleged Kristen/Rupert hookup on July 17th.
  2. Also consider some of the peculiarities that came out of their mouths from the spring into the summer of 2012. In an Elle Magazine interview, Kristen said “You can learn so much from bad things. I feel boring. I feel like, why is everything so easy for me? I CAN’T WAIT FOR SOMETHING CRAZY TO FUCKING HAPPEN TO ME. Just life. I want someone to fuck me over! Do you know what I mean?” Rob on a panel at ComicCon on July 12 asked Stephanie Meyer about her vision for a further Breaking Dawn sequel saying “If there was another one, what would you write about? What do you think about Edward and Bella GETTING DIVORCED? And it becomes like a Mr. and Mrs. Smith situation?” (emphasis added)
  3. Meanwhile, Kristen was also separately talking up her newest project Cali, where she plays a character Mya that FAKES HER OWN DEATH in a faux snuff film and then skips out of LA with the cash and her boyfriend. And Rob was coy about a SCRIPT HE WAS WORKING ON WITH KRISTEN. And finally there is the Blackbook Magazine interview where Rob purportedly said “There was a magazine, with these pictures, saying I was getting married. No one ever knows what is true or what isn’t. Even my own mum called to ask me if it was true. It’s not. AT LEAST NOT YET.” (emphasis added)
  4. Also consider the immediate context of the period around the time that the alleged hookup occurs. Kristen was perhaps one of the most recognizable people on the planet, particularly in LA. And her Mini Cooper was nearly just as identifiable, so much so that she had taken to driving a non-descript US rental vehicle because she couldn’t drive the Mini without getting followed by the paparazzi. (See 2012 US Elle Magazine interview).  And yet on multiple occasions during this critical period, she intentionally drove the Mini. Paparazzi were virtually camped out at the Los Feliz estate trying to track their every movement as rumors of cohabitation and an imminent marriage proposal were raging across the celebrity gossip machine.
  5. On multiple occasions around the critical period surrounding the alleged hookup on July 17th, Kristen appeared with her mom in LA (July 11), at ComicCon with Rob (July 12th), was photographed arriving at Gold’s Gym (July 18th), leaving Gold’s gym (July 18th), around town (July 19th), going out with Rob to Café Hotel (July 19th) to see their friend Bobby Long perform, golfing with her dad in Malibu (July 20th), leaving Gold’s Gym (July 21st), and attending the TCA’s (July 22th). That evening, July 22nd, was the LAST DOCUMENTED SIGHTING of either her or Rob for a significant period of time.
  6. Interestingly, despite the hookup claim and the story surrounding it, no pictures of her going to or leaving a gym on the 17th have ever appeared. Nor was she seen or photographed anywhere else that day other than in the “purported” make out photos. And furthermore, between June 21st after her return from Australia and July 17th, no photos of her exist other than some from her trip to and from Paris (around June 26th), the photos with her mom (July 11th), and at ComicCon (July 12th) photos.
  7. Rumors of a Kristen/Rupert hookup began circulating on the evening of July 24th as the cover photos of US Magazine hit the internet.  Some of the photographs of Kristen and Rupert were released on the US Magazine website on July 25th, in the US Magazine print edition on or about July 28th, and purportedly all of them eventually appeared on PopSugar’s website on August 3rd.  No other photos have been claimed or released, and no video evidence of the episode has ever been claimed or released.
  8. The released pictures were credited to FameFlyNet, a paparazzi firm that is engaged in photographing celebrities for profit. FameFlyNet itself, and as reported by US Magazine, provided an account of what they claim the photographer(s) said they saw as they took the photographs in various places around LA purportedly on July 17th.  The photographer(s) themselves have never been identified, produced, or offered up for questioning, nor has their connection to or payment from FameFlyNet for the photos ever been disclosed.
  9. Conclusive evidence establishes that the guardrail “overlook” photos were taken near a house at 7237 Pacific View Drive, Los Angeles, on apparently the same day, at a place that is completely inconsistent with the version of events that is described by FameFlyNet and US Magazine. [To see the location, enter the address in Google Earth, go to street view, and look West to where the guardrail “disappears” into a large bush].  The place is neither scenic, secluded, nor park-like nor looks north over Universal City, completely out of sight of the Hollywood sign and downtown LA which lies over a hill and to the south.
  10. Conclusive evidence also establishes that those guard rail “overlook” photographs could not have been taken after 5:15 pm as is claimed. Take a look at PopSugar #55 and carefully note the length of Kristen and Rupert’s shadow.  Kristen is fully upright with a clean shadow. It’s obvious that her shadow is very short, significantly less than half her total body height. Ditto for him. Now rely on your trigonometric and astronomy knowledge, or for you math and astronomy challenged types, go to this handy little sun shadow applet at:… .
  11. If you plug in LA’s long/lat 34N 118W, check the dst box, and note that Kristen’s height is about 65 inches (reported as 5 feet 6 inches). Per the calculation, her shadow should be about slightly longer than her actual height at a ratio of 10 to 10.86 at 4:00 PM. Even at 3:00 PM her shadow would be at about 2/3 of her height, at a ratio of 10 to 6.87. And at 1:00 PM her shadow should be at somewhat less than 4/10ths of her actual height. 10 to 4.18.
  12. Her shadow in these photographs is nowhere near equal to her height and thus could not have been taken after 4:00 PM as they claim, but was taken much closer to about 1:00 PM. This is the best evidence yet that FameFlyNet is lying about the time of these events and that their narrative is false.  You can lie about what happened but you can’t defy the laws of planetary physics.
  13. Despite that the general location of these photos is known, the reliability of these images is also suspect.  A recent YouTube video, “The Camera Never Lies” which recently went viral on the internet, calls them into question.  Irrespective of how one views that video, there is little question that there are serious issues regarding how Rupert, Kristen, and the guard rail are proportioned vis a vis each other across the photos.  For example compare the height of the guardrail in the video compared to its height in the guardrail photos or compare Kristen’s varying height and heft in relation to Rupert’s height and heft across the photos.  None of these differences are explainable by their posture in the photos, the camera zoom length or depth of field or perspective distortion, and rather are highly suggestive of digital manipulation. And these effects are not subtle, but are rather quite course and obvious.
  14. Conclusive evidence also establishes that at least one photo, PopSugar 26 (and 37 which happens to be an identical  re-crop of it) was taken within a gated parking lot at 2207 S. Centinela Ave. in Los Angeles, a place that is also inconsistent with the FameFlyNet and US Magazine account.  [To see the property in Google Earth you will need to enter 2094 S. Centinela Ave., Los Angeles, go to street view, and turn north.] This place is not a rundown warehouse section of town but is rather in Santa Monica in an area where numerous Hollywood film-related companies and other businesses are located. TMZ Productions, which lists Rupert Sanders as one of its directors on its website, is right around the corner on 2201 S. Carmelina Ave.
  15. At least one photo of Rupert walking, PopSugar 53, was also very likely taken immediately across the street from his house in the Runyon Canyon section of the Hollywood Hills. The location of four other pictures of him walking, probably taken on the same day, has not yet been identified.
  16. All of the “parking lot make out photos” were taken at the same place on probably the same day, but this location has not as of yet been identified.
  17. It is unclear whether the photos in #10, 11, or 12 above were taken on the same or different days from each other and those in 9 above, although there is strong evidence that those in 9 and 11 were probably taken on the same day. (See Rupert’s jacket lining in PopSugar #8 and #42).
  18. On July 26th People Magazine purportedly received and released two statements, one attributed to Kristen released at about 1 pm and the other attributed to Rupert released at about 2pm.  Both statements offered generalized apologies to their significant others without detailing the episode.
  19. After the “scandal” broke on July 24th, no substantiated sightings of Rob occurred until nearly 20 days later until he made a series of appearances for Cosmopolis, starting in NYC with an appearance on The Jon Stewart Show and walking the red carpet for his film premier (August 13th), opening Wall Street (August 14th), appearing on Good Morning America (August 15th), and ending with an appearance back in Los Angeles on the Jimmy Kimmel Show (August 22nd). Aside from these limited appearances and one night out in NYC, despite endless unsubstantiated rumors about his whereabouts, even to this day his whereabouts are generally unknown throughout the entire period.
  20. After July 24th, Kristen’s whereabouts were similarly unknown for nearly 27 days, despite endless unsubstantiated rumors about her, until she was purportedly seen and photographed entering a car in Los Angeles on the afternoon of August 20th.  She was later photographed leaving for Toronto (September 5) and in Toronto promoting On the Road premier at the TIFF (Sept. 7) and thereafter in NYC for its showing there.  Aside from those appearances and the earlier referenced sightings in July, her whereabouts even to this day remain similarly unknown throughout the entire period.
  21. It also goes without saying that it is generally unknown if Rob and Kristen were together or apart during much of this period.
  22. Following the “scandal” breaking on July 24th, both Rupert and his wife Liberty were similarly unaccounted for during a significant period of time. Rupert first reappeared 8 days later on August 1st still wearing his wedding ring. Liberty resurfaced 13 days later on August 6th not wearing her wedding ring.  They were seen together at a downtown LA office Building on August 7th, while Rupert was videotaped later dropping his groceries.  Liberty was seen leaving their house on August 8th (the cross photo), seen attending the Lawless premier on August 22nd, seen outside of a Bed Bath and Beyond on the 29th, and outside of a salon on August 31st.  Rupert was seen outside their house on August 23rd and seen out shopping with the kids on the August 26th.  Both have been seen sporadically since. It is generally unknown the extent to which they have been together or apart during much of this period.

AND THAT IS ABOUT IT.  I’m not going to go through the hundreds of ridiculous stories and assertions that have exploded across the internet since as they are examples of what the celebrity gossip machine does best, MAKE UP STORIES.  Stories of moving vans and dog custody fights; debates over Rob being a man whore, a bisexual, at the ranch, enjoying wild nights out, or drunk dialing Kristen; stories of Kristen’s not bathing, crying her eyes out, dropping out of Cali, seeking counseling, partying with Lindsey Lohan, plotting to get Rob back, and having screwed everyone of her past costars and directors; and both of them flying every which place on multiple continents, either together or apart, or either reconciling, fighting, or talking or not.  All of junk is nonsense, and most importantly, none of it is verifiable save for unidentified “sources”.

Including some nonsense that even Gossip Cop has claimed was true:

  1. That Kristen was asked to move out of Los Feliz.
  2. That following the “scandal” Rob may have momentarily stayed at Reece’s ranch but was gone by the time the story broke.
  3. That Kristen dropped out of Cali.
  4. That Rob was “blindsided” by her cheating, was very “upset”, and was not prepared to discuss the matter with her.
  5. That while Kristen & Rupert definitely fooled around, they did not have sex.
  6. That Kristen and Rupert’s hookups occurred in the last few weeks — not during the filming of Snow White and the Huntsman.

All of these claims are based on unverifiable, unidentified “sources”.  It matters not that Gossip Cop claims they are reliable.  Gossip Cop, despite its claims, is just as much a part of the celebrity gossip as the rest of them are, and is deserving of no less scrutiny about its sources. And why should we believe them? Simply because they say their sources are more reliable?

And perhaps most importantly, there is the matter of the so-called confessions. That is the thing that is really holding this whole “scandal” nonsense together, even if they defy common sense.  And uniquely, it’s the one thing that was theoretically under Kristen’s and Rupert’s control.

And what of those “confessions”:

a)     Well first of all, they haven’t confessed to anything themselves.  Neither Kristen nor Rupert have called a press conference or spoken directly to the media or the public about the incident. And perhaps they never will. Their “confessions” came in the form of “statements” purportedly released, presumably by their representatives, to People Magazine.  What we call in the law “multiple” hearsay.  People Magazine says that Kristen’s representative says that Kristen says. Ditto Rupert.

b)     Second, the statements themselves are lacking in any detail, and as many have noted, are actually quite bizarre.  Take Kristen’s for instance.  If believed, she in it, for the first time, clearly and unequivocally indicates that she loves Rob as she apologizes for cheating on him in a very public manner. Rupert’s comes off as little more than a me too.

c)     Third, because these are only “released” statements, we are unable to see the confessor’s demeanor, or subject them to questioning, or to cross examination, let alone assess the reliability of those who are reporting them. Fact is people falsely confess to wrongdoing more often than you might believe and people falsely claim a confession from others even more frequently.  That’s why investigators corroborate the details of a confession to make sure that it is reliable, is un-coerced, is accurate, and is not made by someone who is mentally ill, drugged, seeking notoriety, or acting out of a motivation other than providing the truth.  And subject the people who claim to be witnesses to a confession with the same scrutiny.

d)     Fourth, and finally, even if the statements were accurately portrayed, what did they confess to, and who’s to say that they were being truthful in them.

Discounting this nonsense and instead focusing on the provable facts, how do the prevailing scenarios about what occurred in this ‘scandal’ fit with the evidence?  In Part 7 and 8 we will examine those scenarios.



25 Responses

  1. Thank you so much for writing this. I have much to say but for now just one thing–Josh H of MTV said in an interview at TIFF to KS “You dropped out of Cali for whatever reason.” K said nothing-had no reaction. She did say a couple minutes later that she enjoyed not having a project line up for once. (not an exact quote) Therefore I think she did drop out or postpone Cali.
    Director of Cali Nick Cassavetes was asked about Cali during TIFF and I don’t know what he said. That would be pertinent also.

    Also weren’t the sighting of Rob and friends in Ojai pretty credible. No pics but the owner made comments about seeing Rob and he had no reason to lie.

    I will be back!

    • The owner saying that is certainly credible. And Nick Frenkel his manager was supposedly with him. ……………???? drinking buddies with your client. Your client can’t deal with pain himself, he has to be babysat? Is someone babysitting Kristen? Why is going out drinking with your manager when you are suffering a good idea? Is this not enabling an alcohol addiction? Jes sayin’.

      • I think the owner said he didnt know but said something about a certain night but it wasnt the same nite that the staff said

    • I don’t think he was there,the manager said Rob was there but the staff said he wasn’t..He probably wanted the hits…

  2. Found you on disqus from a friend. glad you are alone here. I have read everything. and I agree no problem with that. You are strictly in the Order of Production and you know enough not to mix orders. A blessing!

    You do make one statement that popped at me: Why hasn’t GC gotten on to those pics? Why indeed. And you went on to say unless they are part of it.

    And yes I think they are.

  3. I am reading this in a different order, the Symbolic Order of Seduction following Jean Baudrillard.

  4. thank you so much

  5. Do you have a Grand Punk part 1-5?

  6. Either way is plausible, credible.

  7. Covering his ass then. Good for whoever made him do it for the record. But really it doesn’t make any difference because once it was out there it became credible. Now hundreds of thousands believe it whether it is true or not, whether he retracted or not. this is the strategy in Simulated Reality. That’s where we are. Get used to it. Learn the rules. When in Rome…..

  8. Hi! Im new in this blog, i found this place by accident. Anyway, im a HUGE Kristen Stewart fan and even though i share the same sentiment as most of you concerning the ‘stage scandal’ i only read bits and pieces of Grand Punk so im really sorry if my queries are getting redundant. i cant help thinking who, how and why they did it. I mean if this whole thing was staged or fake, what are the people involved trying to prove? whats the point? especially KS, she put her career on the line just by pulling this stunt. If she meant to ridicule paps or media, she could just tell them to fuck off and not to drag herself with a married man whom i heard is getting a divorce. Can someone enlighten me please:p

    • It is definitely perplexing! Keep reading. If you want to jump ahead, go to the posts page and scroll down to Grand Punk 11. People have left 100s of comments! If you read some of those, you might get some insight. (Or you may just get more confused!) 🙂 By the way, Twilighter has at least one more installment–possibly even two still to come. And welcome! We’re glad you are here!!!!

  9. oh, gonna look into it now. man, whatever happened last year, i just wish it will not affect kristen’s reputation in the long run. she took most of the heat and no one is defending her– as someone mentioned here, she is definitely stuck:((

    • i went to ‘grand 10’ but only see 5 comments

      sorry but could you give me the direct link as im still learning to navigate around this site. Thanks

    • dude, this whole drama is already messing with my head stop trying to add to my confusion LOL:p
      Already done with GP11, i skipped some of the comments though, i get bored easily. And you are right, i am even more perplex than before. When will this gonna end?! Sometimes i wish we can fast forward to 2015. Im tired of this drama but i cant seem to stay away. All i want is for KS to be okay and happy, whether shes with rob or not

      • That’s what all of us are hoping for! Have you read the info on “The Plan”? Go to the Justice for Kristen tab and then look to your left. “The Plan” is an effort to call out the tabs for their lies and their involvement with the papz. We would love for you to join our crusade! It gives you a place to put your energy and feel as if you are doing something to help!

  10. ok i will try to check it out, i left a comment on JFK tab though. thank you so much for holding my hand on my first day here. truly appreciated it *hugs*

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