If You Use Twitter, You Need to Read This!

Haters of Kristen exist.   Haters of Rob exist.    Fine.  Whatever.  There are some things that I don’t like or don’t agree with, but I do not go around trying to hurt people that disagree with me.  There are, however, a select group on Twitter that are doing precisely that.  Because they don’t agree with the people that support Kristen and Rob, they are sending malicious viruses to them via DMs.  If you aren’t on Twitter, you may not be aware of the fact that a person can send a private message to another via DMs.  In order to do so, both people must be following the other.  Now, why would a supporter follow a hater?  They don’t!  The haters are hacking into their accounts, pretending to be them and sending these malicious DMs to people.  They are delivered via email.  If you aren’t on Twitter, this really isn’t a concern to you.  But many people on Twitter DO read this blog and we are trying to get this information out to as many people as possible.  PLEASE, PLEASE  if you are on Twitter, retweet this so that we can get the information out to as many people as possible.  Thanks!  Sue

Unfortunately, a few of us HAVE been “tampered” with by some of the nastier haters out there and have had to lock our accounts. Please feel free to copy and paste this article and add RT so this information reaches as many people as possible. Thanks! Sue

In writing the original article for this page, I made reference to someone who represented ultimate hate and compared him to the haters that are currently causing problems on Twitter. It did not occur to me that some people might be offended by the analogy, though it should have. I cannot apologize enough to anyone that was hurt by my lack of judgment; I didn’t intend to show a lack of respect to anyone. At the time the reference seemed appropriate. If my reference offended you, I sincerely apologize. I’m not making excuses for writing the article as I did, just trying to apologize to anyone it hurt, and explain that at that time, my account had been attacked by one of the worst haters out there, and was trying to think of the ultimate hater – unfortunately, it was that demon that came to mind. Again, if I hurt you, it was unintentional. I let anger take over common sense, something that is NEVER good.
It’s really too bad that an article like this has to be written at all, don’t you agree? However, currently on Twitter you can be taunted, harassed, trolled, misquoted, become the target of malicious cartoons, all kinds of annoying, juvenile stuff – all because you are a fan of Kristen Stewart. It’s playground bullying – internet style.
So, in an effort to make people aware of the problem, we are asking you to take the following steps:
***How will you know you’ve been hacked: This one’s simple. You WON’T know. The hackers come in to your account, send out some DM’s, then get out. You won’t know unless the person that’s been hacked tells you. If they DO tell you you’ve been hacked, you might want to run a full security scan to get rid of any bugs that may have been left behind.
***What to do if you HAVE been hacked with a virus DM: First thing, let the person know that sent you the DM that you received a virus DM from them, let them know you know it’s not their fault (they’ll probably be flipping out now) and tell them they should change their password, change it often & make it difficult. Then change your password, again, often & difficult. Run a full security scan yourself. If the DM has changed in the wording before the link, i.e. “This was seen on Dr. Oz” before the virus link to “New way to lose weight” then the virus link let everyone know the DM has changed the wording.
***What we’d like you to do to try to stop this: Take a screen shot of the DM showing the wording and the virus. Send the screen shot to misty.mueller@yahoo.com . I’ve filed a complaint with a joint “task force” for lack of a better word, comprised of the FBI and the National White Collar Crime Center. Hacking and sending viruses are both felonies, and these are the types of crimes they investigate. They have that yahoo e-mail address and the password, so please make sure everything’s correct in the e-mail you send to that address.
Alright – that’s about it. It’s a pain in the buttocks, but until some grow up, if you want to use Twitter, you’ll just have to deal with it. Watch your followers closely. If you see a brand new account, and it doesn’t have to be an egg, but a brand new account with 0 or very few tweets, 0 or few followers AND locked (or not)? It’s probably a troll or a hater. Some hackers are also getting into accounts that are very rarely used, and trolling from there or sending DM’s through that account. If you get tired of dealing with it, just lock up your account. That makes it difficult if you’re trying to promote things, but a hater’s gonna hate. Can’t change that until they change. So good luck – any questions, just ask below in a reply. Sue or I will get to them as soon as we can.
Thanks, and as always, peace out. Misty.

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