Possible Haters and/or Hackers of Twitter Accounts

The following is a list of suspected haters and possible hackers of Twitter accounts.  It does not differentiate between Kristen and Rob Haters.  Hate is hate.  If you have said unkind or inappropriate things, that is probably why you are listed here.  Being a Kristen fan, but a Rob hater is not reason to be deleted from the list.  If one of these people follows you or you follow them, we strongly suggest that you block them.  If your account is hacked, please go here for steps to correct the problem.  If your name does not belong on this list, please contact us by leaving a comment telling us why and we will look into your Twitter behavior.  If it appears that your name has been placed on the list by mistake we will remove it immediately.

How to block someone:  https://support.twitter.com/articles/117063#



@Spunkstenite  tried 2 get on my account egg, few tweets, 3 followers
‏ @sherangel71   old account haters use.
@joitee   0 tweets, tried 2 follow
@connachtpa  tried 2 follow, iluvsparklyvamp & she speak

One Response

  1. In response to jctate:
    I agree with you. This list was compiled by people that had been harassed by people that support Rob and Kristen. Mostly they are followers of AP, and by the way, they seem to consider it somewhat of an honor to appear here. The list was compiled by people who reported being hacked and having their tweeter addresses used to send fake messages. IF you can provide names of people that have experienced the same kind of treatment, I would be happy to look at it. However, your list better be people that were on the receiving end and not the ones that started it. I am sure that there are people out there that have sent ugly messages in response to others, but those are not the ones I am interested in. I am only interested in people that continually send messages of hate and have deliberately said ugly things to people. I WILL check their TL. If I see that they are the not ones that started it, I will not post their names. In other words, if it appears that their tweets come from a position of hurt and/or defense, then I will NOT post their names. BTW, I will also check who they follow.
    Thank you,

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