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Disclaimer:  This is my opinion.  I am stating what I  believe.  That belief is based on life experience, careful observation and a willingness to look at things beyond the obvious.  There is a lot of speculation out there. My speculation is just as good as some and  better than others.   The thing that kills me is that almost everyone assumed that Kristen did something she should be ashamed of, but no one seems to have considered an alternative explanation. That is what I offer here.   Lately a lot of people seem to feel that this whole series of events has been finely orchestrated to come to a climax just as the promotions for Breaking Dawn 2 are about to start–a perfect “PR Storm” if you will.  I disagree.  I have been told that the best way to show Kristen and Rob that I care about them is to not discuss it, to let it drop.  In not defending her, am I not silently allowing the lies and the slander to continue?  If I don’t come to her defense, am I in a small way agreeing to the lies?  I’m having a difficult time being silent because I believe Kristen didn’t do what has been claimed.  She has been crucified by the tabloids, the  “fair weather” fans, and the (what I once considered) legitimate press.  It’s not right.  It is in the spirit of support and love that I offer the following.

There are so many theories about what occurred and ultimately led to the release of the photographs on July 24th.   I guess the latest that people are discussing (again) is that it is a “hoax” and that it is really just a big PR stunt.   In the beginning I thought that a hoax was a real possibility.  Kristen and Rob have been relentlessly followed by the paparazzi and it seemed like it would be a great way to get even.   But it only would be a good “punk” if it had been revealed to be one and the time for that has come and gone.

I’ll admit that I was led down the “follow the money” path for a short while—but that has ceased to make any sense to me.  As I have considered the ramifications of what it has done to Kristen, I just can’t believe that the “powers that be” would do that to their “money maker”.   Kristen looked beautiful at the On the Road premier, but she also look haunted.  She looked distracted—like she was only going through the motions.  She is an amazing actress—even when she is playing herself, but she can’t “act” like she lost weight and she definitely had.  People also commented on how Rob wasn’t himself at the MTV  Awards.  He too, was distracted; worried by how Kristen was doing, having to face the crowds alone for the first time after the “scandal” perhaps?   Kristen has taken such a beating in the press and continues to be slandered every time a new article comes out. Even if it is an article written by someone who seems to support Kristen, it seems that they just have to get in that little “jab” about how she “admitted to the affair”.  I use the term “slander” intentionally—because I believe there was no affair and that she admitted to something much different than what is commonly assumed.   Think about it for just a second, why would people who surround her, let Kristen be the victim of such hatred and bitterness if they had had any control of the situation.  I agree that they (and I mean all involved) did reap some benefits-there is some old saying about “even bad publicity is good publicity” isn’t there?   But think how much more publicity they could have generated if they had focused their efforts on giving the crowd what they really wanted.  Why not make a BIGGER DEAL OF THE ROMANCE?  Play it up! If people had seen Robert and Kristen on the red carpet together, supporting each other–NOW THAT WOULD BE PUBLICITY!!!  That was starting to happen in Cannes and everyone was THRILLED!   The entire fan base was going nuts!  Now I realize that the movies that Kristen and Robert were promoting were not aimed at the same audience as the Twilight fans.  But, how many of the fans that were at the premiers, were there because they wanted to see Robert and Kristen in those particular movies?  How many were there only because they wanted to see their “ idol” in  Cosmopolis or On the RoadMost of the fans were there because they love and support Kristen and Rob–not just the movie they are currently starring in.  They would be there if it was a remake of Rudolph, the Rednosed Reindeer!  The fans were there because they wanted to see the people they most admire!!  And, there would have been a ton more of them, were it not for the “scandal”.  Now, did the “scandal” bring in some people that had never thought of Rob as a serious actor? Maybe…but not in droves.  The same may be true of Kristen.  However, they both had gotten really good reviews at Cannes. That was what was bringing in people that were not normally part of their fan base, the reviews from Cannes—not the scandal.  I think a lot of those people would have checked them out based solely on the reviews and then eventually word of mouth would have taken over.   Additionally, why pull a stunt like this “scandal” when the Breaking Dawn 2 release is within months.  You would be hurting the biggest franchise ever!  If that is someone’s idea of good PR, then someone needs to look for a new PR company.  So, basically what I am saying is that in my opinion, the idea that this whole thing occurred to cull the fan base or that it was done for PR, is preposterous!

I keep coming back to where I started….I believe this was a young girl who was taken advantage of by an older man.   I really believe that this was perpetrated by Rupert and possibly Liberty.  They were the ONLY ONES  that had anything to gain. And they have gained…make no mistake about it.

Now if, as I have proposed in earlier posts, Rupert set the entire thing up, why didn’t Kristen tell?  In my opinion, Kristen may be a woman of the world in many respects—certainly she has had experiences most of us have never dreamed of.  But, in a lot of ways, she is an innocent.  She has been surrounded for most of her life by people who were there to protect her; bodyguards, publicity people—even Rob.  She received a call from a person she knew, thought she could trust and was quite possibly in discussions with about SWATH 2.  She picked him up because he was on foot (for whatever reason he made up).  The discussion probably started innocently enough and then suddenly she was taken by surprise.  It would only take moments for the photographer to get the shots he wanted either via video or by a rapid fire camera.  Kristen was able to get Rupert to back off–it probably wasn’t very hard because he knew they had the shots they wanted. ( I hope she slapped the heck out of him–but of course that wouldn’t be one of the photos they’d be selling to the tabloids.)  She thought she had put him in his place and took him home.  At that point she didn’t know how to handle it.  She, in her inexperience, thought the whole thing would just go away.  I believe that Rupert put the moves on her and she was taken completely off guard.  She thought she had  handled it and sent him on his way.  She didn’t know about the cameras.  He did, but she didn’t.  She probably assumed that no one would ever know what had happened and she would just blow it off.  She is young.  He is her elder.  He had been her director and there was a possibility that she would be doing SWATH 2.  She had no reason to think that he would do something like this.  She didn’t want to jeopardize the possibility of doing SWATH 2 by telling anyone—the police, Rob… anyone.  She decided to keep it a secret.   Who among us hasn’t kept a secret?   Especially one as embarrassing as being a hit on by a much older, married father of two!  It was disgusting!  She simply didn’t want to think about it!  As far as she was concerned it was over and her perfect life would go on.  Ignore it and it will go away… But, then the photos were released.  And not just photos of the two of them in the car, there were photos of her at the lookout with him.  A place she had probably never even  visited, but for sure she hadn’t gone with him!  The photos weren’t that good, but the shock value alone kept people from taking a really close look at them for quite some time.  She hadn’t told anyone—not even Rob, and he saw the pictures before she had a chance to tell him what happened.  It was a mistake not to tell him, but hindsight is always better than foresight.  He was angry.  Of course he was.  He saw pictures of the person he loved more than anyone in the world in a compromising position and as far as he knew at that point, it could have been true.  Most of the world believed it, why shouldn’t he?  He was angry and he left.  He didn’t want to talk to her.  He wouldn’t take her calls.  He wanted nothing to do with her.  In her panic and in trying to get him to listen, she made the infamous statement.

“I’m deeply sorry for the hurt and embarrassment I’ve caused to those close to me and everyone this has affected. This momentary indiscretion has jeopardized the most important thing in my life, the person I love and respect the most, Rob. I love him, I love him, I’m so sorry.”

Not the best choice of words, perhaps…  May I paraphrase into what I think she meant?

I’m deeply sorry for not telling you about what happened. I’m sorry I have embarrassed you and everyone else I care about.   He came on to me and I thought I had handled it.  I was stupid and I thought it would all go away.  I didn’t know someone was taking pictures.  I thought it would all go away.  I am so sorry I embarrassed you.  Please listen to me.  Rob, I love you, I love you.  I’m so sorry that I have hurt you.

Have you not at some time in your life, said something and later wished you had worded it differently?  I know I have.  Even when I was not in an emotional state, I have said things that came out sounding much different from the way I intended them to sound.  I believe her message was  meant only for Rob.  She had to get him to listen to her and she was willing to do whatever it took.  She wasn’t thinking about how it would be interpreted by the public–she didn’t care!  All she wanted was to get his attention so that she would be able to talk to him and explain what had happened.  She is 22.  She was  seeing the love of her life devastated by something to which her actions had contributed.  She was about to lose the most important thing in her life so she was desperate to use any means to get him to listen.  It led her to make a statement that perhaps could have been worded differently, but I’m pretty sure she thought it was her only option.  She was panicked, probably on the verge of hysteria with only one thing on her mind.  She had to explain to Rob.

At that point, punishing Rupert was not her priority.  Getting Rob back was.  By the time she had convinced him that it was not as it had been presented, the only thing they wanted to do was get away from it; away from all of it and be together.  Once again…ignore it and it will go away.  Rupert has gone unpunished.  Unpunished by the public and unpunished by the law.  Again, in my opinion, not the best choice.  But, it is one that they have apparently made together, as a couple.  Personally, I wish they would choose to pursue the matter.   It is a pity that things weren’t handled differently, but they weren’t.  I wish that Kristen had come forward immediately and filed charges against Rupert Sanders.  What he did is a crime—a crime he could and should (in my opinion) be prosecuted for.   I wish that she would come forward now and tell the world that he is an unscrupulous bastard, but that’s not likely to happen.  Even if she did come forward, those of us who love her would believe, and those who hate her wouldn’t—so what would have been served?  The fact that they haven’t pursued  a criminal complaint may actually go a long way toward proving what kind of people they really are.  They just want to be left alone.  They don’t want to feed the fire.  They just want it to go away, so they are willing to let the guilty go unpunished. They are private people.  They are good people.  They don’t deserve this crap.

I believe that these two kids love each other more than anything else in the world.  I’m sure that Rob was hurt, but I also know that he is a compassionate young man and deep down inside he knew that Kristen wouldn’t have had any kind of relationship with Rupert Sanders.  I don’t know for sure how long it took Rob to get over his “mad”.  But, I’m sure that after having a little time to reflect he knew that the entire story was untrue as it was portrayed by the tabloids.   I have no doubt that they have been back together, enjoying each others company and strengthening the bond they share together for much longer than any of us know.  They face a difficult task ahead.  They must try to put all of this behind them and no one will let them.  We theorize and project.  I’m guilty of it too. And every time that an article about either of them is written, the author manages to slip in something about the “scandal”.  We can only hope that someday that will go away too.

I believe it happened exactly like I’ve said.  I believe with every particle of my body that this is what happened.  I may have some of the details wrong, but I would bet my life on the fact neither that Kristen or Rob had anything to do with planning this debacle.  The person at the controls was Rupert and possibly (probably) Liberty.  Who was the only one who could possibly gain from the scenario?  Who had the skills to fake photos at the lookout–or certainly had contacts that could do it for him?  Who had nothing to really lose?  There’s only one obvious answer.

This was no PR stunt.  It isn’t going to be “outed”  by Jimmy Kimmel on the Emmy Awards show.  The kids are together.  You will see them together more and more at events, but they’ve gotten really good at being ninjas and I think the fans have become much more protective of their privacy–so don’t expect a lot of pictures.  Gradually, things will go back to the way they were, and the kids–being the classy act they are, will probably never say a word about what happened.  Hopefully, people have learned something.  Each of us will take away our own lessons, I suppose.  They love each other and they don’t really give a hoot what everyone else thinks.  All they want to do–all they have ever wanted to do, is to be together and live their lives in peace.

6 Responses

  1. Valsan,
    This was written early on, soon after the “scandal” surfaced. I’m not saying that it is or isn’t how I feel now. This was simply put here to show how I felt when I started this blog. Sorry if I confused you.

    • This was exactly how I felt. And being me still feel. I don’t quickly come to a decision but once I do I’m there and done. I was so proud of twilighter57 when he proved that the photos were fake and it was even possibly questionable about her apology.

      When they began theorizing deeper as to motive and that they may even have collaborated in the scheme to get away from their Twilight
      image THAT was my stopping point. It left them both looking rather heartless. There was a fan base of very young and very innocent also at stake.To be told one does what one has to do in such situations just struck me wrong.

      I have lived my whole life with honor. I was brought up poor but taught to believe that only people who could spurn pride and honor were the true poor people. I have sat as the only witness who told the whole unvarnished and unabridged truth in a civil trial all while looking into the face of the son of the person on trial. ( The one person who ight have influence on this persons decisions in the future.)

      I don’t live my life in half measures. That can make me very hard to be
      liked. But I’ll never lie to you or tell anyone what I think they want to hear. And when I asked to have my comments removed from A Must
      Read that was the only sight that I meant as I truly like Justice for Kristen. If I did not make that plain enough then I am sorry for the misunderstanding.

      I think Justice for Kristen and Do I Dazzle You? are the two best Rob and Kristen social sites. The Plan remains the best if you want to get something done and possibly change things. I was going to finish by saying in my humble opinion, but let’s face it, like Tempest and I suspect yourself I don’t really have humble opinions. That’s my biggest
      trouble in life.

    • You didn’t confuse me. I just couldn’t resist putting in a comment. that’s all.
      Thank you

    • You didn’t. I have wondered this from the start, but never had the guts to put it out there. I had a similar experience with a coworker at the same age as Kristen.He was single. I was single at the time and not with anyone. I only told a few people. It really had an affect on me after I did get married. It really messes you up. I blamed myself for it more than I should have. It took years for me to realize that I had about a 10% blame factor in this. I hope Kristen has gotten some help because this can cause trouble in a relationship. My heart aches for them. They do not deserve this.

  2. I still I think that this persecution should be punishable.

  3. One more thought. Is Liberty that callous? I mean this also affects her kids. Talk about messed up!

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