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There is a new article out in Glamour Spain.  It says some very interesting things.  Thought you might like to see it!


Robert Pattinson says he’s not the perfect man, but he’s very close. His millions of fans believe so, and after seeing him in the new Dior Homme ad, so do we. Discreet and misterious, Pattinson (London, 1986) is still the same he’s always been in spite of the fame he got with The Twilight Saga. Since then, his CV grows in an unstoppable way with titles like Water for Elephants, Bel Ami and David Cronenberg’s Cosmopolis. We’ll soon see him in The Rover, and he starts filming: Maps to the Stars, again with Cronenberg and Hold on to Me, with actress Carey Mulligan. Used to living with the rumors of his break up with Kristen Stewart, he feels grown up for the first time. In Los Angeles and in a Glamour Exclusive, he confesses that he’s a one-woman man. As said before: almost perfect.


For the complete article, please go here.  They have some great pictures too!


Thanks to Robert Pattionson Life and to @oldmoriiarty for the translation!


“It may stop you from photographing children let’s say from a disaster at a high school…”

Larry Hackett, managing editor of People Magazine, stated this morning on Good Morning America, in reference to the segment on Jennifer Garner and Halle Berry testifying in California to support the  Paparazzi Law:

“Well if I could just  jump in…nobody’s going to defend guys jumping out of bushes and taking photographs of kids, that’s just not right.  But just like the previous segment, I am always concerned as a journalist about the laws that are passed.   This law is designed to protect children of celebrities.   However the way it’s written, it may stop you from photographing children let’s say from a disaster at a high school.  Would you be allowed to photograph children if they are under age?   I don’t know that.   Laws sometimes are written for one thing and they end up being used for other things that may not be the intention.   So, I don’t want to defend guys who hang out in bushes, but as a journalist, I’m always concerned about laws being passed, however well intended, that stop people from doing their jobs. “


It seems to me, Mr. Hackett, in complaining about the fact that a law that was written for one thing, could end up being used for other things that were not the intention of the original law, is like “the pot calling the kettle black”.  Isn’t that what the paparazzi and tabloids do every day?  Don’t they hide behind the law that supports freedom of press?  That law was not intended as an excuse to allow people to be stalked daily.  That law was never intended to allow men and women with high powered cameras to take photographs from unheard of distances.  The law concerning freedom of press was never intended to give photographers carte blanche.  It was never intended to allow photographers to yell malicious obscenities at people in order that they can get a “money shot”.  Mr. Hackett, you can’t have it both ways.  Either, get behind a law that protects children from the vicious attacks that they are being subjected to, or stand behind the law about Freedom of Press as it was originally intended.  Your magazine should quit purchasing photographs from paparazzi.  Don’t blame it on the public, sir.  If the pictures disappeared and were replaced by legitimate photographs taken with the blessing on the celebrity and with articles that were based on provable facts using sited sources, you wouldn’t lose your readership—it would probably grow.  At the moment, your magazine is nothing but a “a sow’s ear posing as a silk purse”.  You publish exactly the same BS that all the other tabloids taunt.  Why don’t you stand up and have some respect for journalism and Freedom of Press as it was originally intended.  Quit paying for photos by paparazzi—and don’t tell me you don’t know the circumstance under which they are taken.  If you are that oblivious to what is going on, then what the heck are you doing in the position of  managing editor at one of the most read magazines in the entertainment business?  I will happily show you hundreds of videos that show exactly how these photographs are taken.  It doesn’t take a genius—Google it.  Surely, you are capable of that.  And while you are at it, why don’t you start screening your articles to be sure that you are printing truths instead of innuendo and fabrications—and in many cases, flat out lies.

You are concerned about not being able to photograph children that have been involved in a disaster at a high school?  Are you kidding me?  Those children SHOULD NOT BE PHOTOGRAPHED AT ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!  If they have been involved in an incident such as that, the last thing they need are paparazzi posing as “journalists” documenting their reactions to what has been a life changing experience.

Your comments this morning were ill advised, sir.  You need to think about what you said.  And, I personally think you owe the nation an apology!

See his comments here:  36.42

Brad Wollack Needs to Be Stopped! Another Update!

Brad Wollack

An article is going to come out on E News about Kristen not going to the TCAs because she was in a hotel with another married man hooking up. This scum of a reporter writes for E News as well as Chelsea Handler’s show Chelsea Lately. He is the one supplying all the hateful opinionated stories to E News that has been broadcasted on their news show all month. Several of the fans have tweeted him and he won’t back down with the lies he is spreading.  His name is Brad Wollack and he needs to have this new lie he is spreading stopped before it ruins Kristen. The fans are trying but extra support would help. He is slandering her with this hurtful story that is going to come out today.

How can you help?  I am not sure, but this might help.  Contact @eoline and tell them it is not acceptable to be spreading unsubstantiated lies and insinuations.  Contact @BradWollack and tell him how you feel about his “reporting”.  This is libelous behavior.  I have contacted Ruth Bernstein, Kristen’s attorneys, and her agency.  This has to stop.

THIS is Brad Woolack:

Brad Wollack Image

I have an opinion, but I’ll keep it to myself.  I’ll let you decide what you think about this man.

This was the original tweet to eoline in context:

Brad Wollack Tweets

And this is his TL today:

Brad Wollak TL

He is SUCH a chickensh*t, that he deleted his original post and all of these!

Brad Wollack all deleted

He is SUCH a chickensh*t, that he deleted his original post and all of these!

Kristen selfie busted

Hey everyone hope u have a great day and an awesome week greetings Kris 😘😘 #proof 

Tweeted on Twitter by @ImMsStewart.  I don’t know if it is a real account, but I believe it is her.  Check out the ring on her left ring finger!!!!

UPDATE:  Well, looks like the naysayers are correct!  Turns out that this is an imposter.  She goes under the pseudonym of kstewartlook.  Apparently, her picture was “stolen” by another poser called ImMzStewart.  As if Kristen doesn’t have enough problems with demented fans, paparazzi and haters, there seems to be another subculture of “wannabes” that post pictures pretending to be Kristen.

I understand that there are some on Twitter that are implying that JFK has lost its credibility by posting this picture.  That to me is sad.  People will go to tabs time after time and look at pictures that have been taken under questionable circumstances, possibly doctored and certainly posted with the intent of making money with no concern for the person in question.  They will view, those photographs, tweet them, and retweet them with no worries.   I stated at the time I posted the photo that I didn’t know if it was her or not.  Turns out it wasn’t.  I stand corrected.  A mistake was made and now has been corrected.  One photograph on this site does nothing to undermine the work that has been and continues to be done here.  If, in your opinion it does, you don’t need to be coming here anyway.

The lovely thing about owning this blog, is that I have complete control of the comments that are allowed. Haters–you are wasting your time posting here. Your comments will not be approved. Move along, sir, move along!

Higher Ground

Hate is an odd word.  You can “hate” broccoli.  Or you can “hate” your haircut.  We use the word all the time and never think about it.  But when hate evolves into action, it is an entirely different thing.

I was thinking about all the hate that has come out toward Kristen and Rob.  Hate that as far as I can see, has never truly been based on any provable facts or rational reasons, but based merely on people’s perceptions of what they have read or have heard.  The truly sad part of it is that much of the hate began early on–fed by the unreasonable fantasies of one faction or the other.  But once last summer occurred, the madness developed into complete mania. I once encountered someone on Twitter who was vehemently arguing about the guilt of Kristen based on what she had seen in the tabloids.  I began by asking her if she considered herself a reasonable person.  When she said she did, I invited her to Justice for Kristen.  I challenged her to read through all the evidence–not just a part of it, but all of it–evidence based on provable facts.  At the end of that time, if she still felt that Kristen was guilty then, there was nothing more I could say.  The evidence, when viewed with an open mind, is irrefutable.  (She changed her mind, by the way, and has become a supporter of Kristen.)  Why, then, have so many continued to hold to the belief that there was an affair and a subsequent apology?  And, why after a year, have they continued to harbor that hate to the point of taking action?

I did some research the other day.  I went to three different articles on Gossip Cop.

  • One was about Anthony Weiner’s indiscretions.  Talk about provable evidence!  If you are so inclined, you can actually view the pictures that he sent to a woman of his penis.  This AFTER leaving office in disgrace because of the same kind of behavior and the public humiliation he had already put his wife through.
  • The second was of Simon Cowell’s revelation that he had fathered a child.  Now fathering a child  is not really a big deal, but it seems the mother was the wife of his best friend.  AND the couple was still married at the time of the affair.
  • The third was the story of Kristen Stewart being trapped in an alley by a paparazzi and the fact that she called him a f*ck face and didn’t deserve to breathe the same air as she did.

Anthony WeinerKristen in alley

Simon Cowell

Now, of the three…consider which is the biggest offense?  The man that exposed himself and now the pictures of his penis can be found on the internet  (leaving his wife and his small baby to face the humiliation of his actions); the man who fathered a child out of wedlock with the wife of his best friend—WHILE the wife and his friend were still married; or the 23 year old girl, cornered in an alley who chose to use the “f” word toward the man that was blocking her exit and was obviously (even in the edited versions) making her uncomfortable.

My findings were actually quite shocking.  I went on to the website on July 31st.  The Anthony Weiner article had been posted on July 25 and had 87 comments.  The Simon Cowell article had been posted on the 31st and had 23 comments, and the Kristen Stewart article had been posted on July 30th and had 3856 comments.  In ONE day! 3856 COMMENTS.  WTF?

What is it with people?  Now, I didn’t go through all the comments.  I’m sure that many, many of them were in support of Kristen.  But, what is really going on here?  I just don’t understand?

There are still people out there that take the time to go to these sites and not only will they read the article, but they will then proceed to make ugly comments about a young woman who has done NOTHING to them personally.  They continue to bring up last year’s scandal despite the fact that it really has no basis in fact and they malign her with accusations of breaking up a marriage and where two children were involved.

Now, let’s say that the whole thing was true—which it is not—but let’s go on that premise.  The only evidence people offer are the pictures and the fact that Liberty and Rupert subsequently divorced.  Then they point to an apology that no one ever saw Kristen or Rupert give.  The people who believe this base their “facts” on what they saw in tabloids.  If you were to use actual provable facts….Rupert and Liberty were headed toward a divorce to start with.  They had already filed a couple of times, and that occurred BEFORE Kristen was involved in their lives.  Their marriage was failing.  There are documents to prove it.  If their divorce had been finalized a month before, then the haters would COMPLETELY lose that as a selling point for their hatred.  If you were to assume (that makes an ass out of you AND me, but let’s do it anyway) that the pictures were actually taken by a hidden photographer, what do they really prove?  Who was the aggressor?  Was there actually a picture of Kristen doing anything other than talking to Rupert or being pinned by Rupert to the fence or the car door?  No.  She definitely was not the aggressor.  And about that apology….did anyone see Kristen write it, read it, give it to someone to give to someone to give to a tab?  How about the one from Rupert?  No?  Really?  Then what do they base their hatred of Kristen on?  And WHY in the name of God, are they STILL harping on it?

The papz and tabs are easy.  Money.  Plain and simple.  They made money on all three of those articles.  But, they made MEGA BUCKS off of the article on Kristen.  Gossip Cop has paid advertisers on it.  That means that every time someone clicks on to Gossip Cop, the advertiser pays Gossip Cop a certain amount.  Now, let’s assume that they get paid $1 per click–that will make the math easy (but it probably is more).  If you just went on the number of comments, then they would have made $3856 off that one article in one day.  Think about it, how many times have you gone to a site, read an article, and NOT left a comment?  Based on that, you can figure that they received a lot more clicks than comments—so suffice to say they made a pretty penny off of that one article.

Let me clue you in on something.  Every time you come to a site, they count it.  Every time you click on a page they count it.  The difference is, some have advertisers and some don’t.  Gossip Cop has advertisers and they get paid plenty.  If JFK had paid advertisers and I got $1 for every click on this site, I would have made OVER $400,000 in the past year! And JFK is a tiny, tiny little site—that more are learning of, but, in the scope of things—we’re a nobody!  Now, JFK gets nothing.  Everything done on this site is donated and done with love and a sense of justice for one unfairly accused.  Believe me when I say Gossip Cop is making a LOT of money and they are just one of the tabs out there.

So, the papz and tabs are easy to explain.  They are in it for the money.  If they quit making money on Kristen and Rob stories, they would move on to the next hot couple.  But, let me assure you that as long as people go to those sites—they will keep writing the articles and paying the paparazzi to take the pictures.

The fans are something different though.  I’m trying to figure that whole thing out.  Hatred is an ugly thing.  It manifests itself in anger.  But, in most cases, it is inwardly destructive.  It doesn’t normally affect the person being hated and it rarely affects the people on the periphery.

Holding on to anger is like grasping a hot coal with the intent of throwing it at someone else; you are the one who gets burned.~~Buddah

In this particular case, however, that hatred, that anger is affecting many people.  It affects the people around Kristen—even the ones that are merely in the wrong place at the wrong time—like the lady that helped Kristen to her car in the most recent incident.  It affects her friends.  How could it not?  They have to face the same paparazzi she does when they all go out together.  They have to endure the ugly comments thrown at their friend.  On Twitter and Instagram, they are often targets of the haters and some have had to close their accounts because of it.

It seems the haters have an unending list of reasons that they haul out to support their hate of Kristen and Rob.  If it isn’t Kristen’s “scandal”, then it is that she is ugly or that she can’t act.  For Rob, they suggest that he is unfaithful to Kristen or some other ridiculous idea.  When it comes to either of their acting abilities, I have come to one very sad conclusion.  Some people are too simple minded to look beyond the end of their nose and explore other performances or possibilities.  It’s so much easier to say “Kristen is a terrible actress” or “Rob is a horrible actor”.  Both Kristen and Rob are young and I am sure that they would be the first to say they are more proud of some of their performances than others.  They are both growing in their already substantial careers and they improve with everything they do!  But people base their opinion on viewing one performance and assume that all the rest of their performances are exactly the same.   I believe that anyone who bases ANY decision on just one “fact” is at the very least short sighted and is actually keeping themselves from enjoying some wonderful experiences.

In the case of the haters that have developed in this fandom, hatred has evolved in to jealousy and that jealousy has evolved into something much more dangerous—something that is truly frightening.  It is evolving into prejudice.

Prejudice is defined as : an irrational attitude of hostility directed against an individual, a group, a race, or their supposed characteristics

And even more frightening, that prejudice is beginning to produce bigots.

A bigot is defined as: a person who is obstinately or intolerantly devoted to his or her own opinions and prejudices; especially : one who regards or treats the members of a group (as a racial or ethnic group) with hatred and intolerance

The intolerance that is developing in all areas of our society is a concern.  Now, I suspect if you were able to question any of the people who have been involved with the hate campaign against Kristen or Rob, they would never consider themselves as prejudiced or as bigots.  But, based on the definitions, they are behaving as if they are.  In our little microcosm it is the intolerance and prejudice of the haters that is causing them to behave as bigots and as bullies.  They hack into accounts and send viruses to people that disagree with them.  They brag about the fact that they have multiple accounts and that nothing can be done to stop them.  They belittle and harass people from behind the cover of their computers and the anonymity that it provides.  Unfortunately, people like these are either: too insecure, too immature or too irrational to understand that what they do is not funny.  They fail to understand that their antics have consequences and that one day, they will be forced to experience the results of their actions.  Some people call it Karma.  Some people just believe you should treat others the way you want to be treated.  But, however you define it, a reckoning will come.

As I was looking for the definition of bigotry, I came upon this comment and I thought it was so eloquently stated and went along quite nicely in respect to Kristen and Rob.

Prejudice based on a perceived impression fueled by insecurity or a false sense of superiority, which is not supported by hard facts – that to my mind is a bigot. The traditional definition as “hatred, contempt, or intolerance on the basis of a person’s ethnicity, religion, national origin etc.” may exclude many who express disapproval and dislike based on some unfounded “fear”, wounding innocents in the process. Not everyone can be “liked” but surely no-one deserves to be disliked without justification.~~ Priya Ramanujam · PSGR Krishnammal College for Women, Coimbatore

I would like to leave you with a song that a friend of mine has graciously allowed me to share with you.  It is called “Higher Ground”.  He refers to hate as “a hole where they bury your soul”.  He also states that we “all have shovels, but no one has a ladder.”  How do we get out of this hole that so many are intent upon digging?  That is the question.  I don’t believe that feeding into the anger and hate is helpful.   Being ugly back just escalates the problem.   It starts with agreeing to disagree.  That shouldn’t be so hard.  Then it moves on to following the old adage of “to each his own.”  Of course, that means that all parties have to be willing to cooperate.  If they don’t, then when all else fails, block and ignore.  Just like any bully, they will eventually get tired of not getting a response and will move on.  We need to get out of the hole and stop being so ugly to each other.  We need to get to “higher ground”.

THINK FIRST, Panic only when necessary! Good Advice, don’t you think????

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Thanks once again, Misty for your level head and your common sense!!!!


Everyone was losing it over Katy Perry’s interview with Elle UK earlier. Now that it’s calmed down, I’d like to explain what happened. This is all ANYONE saw, as the actual interview is NOT available yet. The tabs haven’t seen the interview, nobody except Elle personnel, or their agents, have seen it. However, taking just the little snippet from this, they took it upon themselves to make up that Katy was texting Kristen, blah, blah, blah. You can see, in print, exactly what Elle UK says; “and what her relationship with Robert Pattinson is all about”. That’s all I could find that officially came from Elle.
The tabloids KNOW, as Kristen does, that Rob and Katy are just friends, right? So they can’t go wrong in making up a story, ANY story, that says they are just friends. Anything beyond that is just speculation. Period. They don’t know what she actually said about Rob. Elle hasn’t released it yet. But yet they concoct a crazy story to get the fans all riled up so they would click on their little blogs. That’s all there is to it. Period. But it obviously worked for them, didn’t it? Someone had to click on those, otherwise it wouldn’t have been on everyone’s timeline. When is this going to stop? Did anyone try to find the official Elle UK interview first? If they had, they would have come to the same conclusion I had – they hadn’t released anything but what’s listed above yet. But the tabloids released all kinds of stuff, didn’t they? And as usual, people clicked on those tabs right and left, making them lots of money. Please think about it first. If there’s an interview coming out with someone, PLEASE wait for the official interview – don’t click on a tab site! All they’re doing is lying to you, trying to stir up trouble. Obviously, they succeeded. As always, peace out.