Paparazzi Reform



The task of reforming the paparazzi industry in total may never be complete, but dramatic improvement can be made in order to restore a sense of humanity and safety to the tabloid industry.  Below are a number of ideas, plans and actions that, if implemented by us all, will help bring about that needed change.


Media Code of Conduct

Turn the cameras on them

Take Action

Join the Paparazzi Reform Initiative

One Response

  1. Have you ever noticed how much nicer photo shoot photos are compared to paparazzi photos? Paparazzi are equipped with some serious looking
    cameras, so why? Then I realized in the first instance both the actors and
    the photographer are in agreement.They are giving him their time. He is
    giving them his expertise. Whereas with the paparazzi he is stealing their
    photo, ruining their evening, and often trying to provoke an angry response. After the stolen pictures of Rob and Kristen around her pool and on the porch with the dogs, I realized I was stealing too. Because if there was no market ( which we fans create ) FOR those photos then
    there would be no stolen photos at least not on a commercial scale.
    I no longer find joy in those rushed and stolen moments of the star’s lives. I always knew the paparazzi were an ugly frustrating problem. It took Rob and Kristen’s out and out invasion of privacy by the paparazzi for me to see that I was the root of the problem. It made me feel slightly dirty. But slightly dirty is still dirty. I stopped buying tabloid magazines. I’ve stopped following online tabloids (funny how that rhymes with typhoid)
    Polaroid,tabloid, typhoid yeah, that’s a plague.

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