Petition to the Publisher of People Magazine

Petitioning The publisher of People Magazine

This petition will be delivered to:
The publisher of People Magazine

The publisher of People Magazine: To agree to only publish photos of children attained with guardian consent.

by Paparazzi Reform Initiative

The public love to read about celebrities. This has resulted in popular magazines and websites purchasing photos from paparazzi, which constantly follow the famous. However, this feeding frenzy also is currently extended to the children of celebrities.
The paparazzi scale preschool walls to get photos of famous toddlers. Packs of paparazzi surround 5 year-old kids because their parents are movie stars. They compromise the safety of children for the sake of a picture. Without the parent’s/guardian’s or the child’s consent, their photograph can be printed on the front page of a magazine for millions to see, all to the profit of the paparazzi and magazines. But what happens to these children? Their identity and sometimes location are exposed to potential kidnappers, molesters and pedophiles. This also affects the safety of all the other children who may go to the same school as these children whose parents may be famous.
As a society, we have a moral obligation and responsibility to ensure the safety and privacy of our children regardless of who their parents’ are.
In signing this petition, you join us in asking the publisher of People Magazine to support the safety and privacy of all our children by agreeing to only publish photographs of youth under the age of 14 with the consent of their parent or legal guardian. This includes photographs of children taken in public, celebrity kids and children of celebrities/public figures.
People Magazine is seen as a credible source in pop media culture and we believe that if they agree to moratorium on photos taken of children without parent or guardian consent, it will send a message to the rest of the media to follow their lead and with no market for these photos, the paparazzi will leave the kids alone.
In the end, we believe protecting children from unwanted public attention is the responsible, moral and humane thing to do.

Click here to sign the petition!

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