Robsten| The Story So Far

By HoneyBuzy




3 Responses

  1. Wow I’m sitting here watching these video’s and the feelings they have for each other is so strong and powerful, it’s unreal, I know deep down inside that they both have a love that is so real, there’s no way she would cheat on him, I just don’t believe it and even now I think they are still together and I think one day when they are done making movies they will both settle down and be happy, and have a family, at least I’d like to believe that they will have a happy ending to there relationship and I can’t believe that Rob’s family can’t see how much he loves her and they must know this.

    I can’t believe there feelings and the love they have for each other, its so there for anyone to see, they show it through there eye’s and bodies, wow what a feeling you get from just watching them together!!

    • I like the way they are always touching. It’s like it’s an unconscious thing on both their parts. It reminds me of a line in the first book where Bella is thinking, ” As soon as he touches me I feel relief. As if there’s an ache I’m somehow unaware of until he touches me and suddenly I am made well.” I don’t believe Kristen cheated either. Something is not right about those pictures. Kristen always looks people in the eye when she’s talking to them. She looks at Rob as if no one else exists when he’s in the room. In none of those pictures with RS do I find one look of love or even infatuation. I don’t know anything about photo shopping but if she had feelings for RS why does’t she look thrilled to her bones like she does when Rob is with her. If it was some tawdry shack up like the tabloids try to make us believe and an on going thing then why do these photos exist at all? Aren’t there hotels and motels enough in California? Yes? But there are no shots like that because it’s all a lie? But perpetrated by who? And why? It’s dumb so I’ll just stay away from gossip sites and when I want to see them I’ll come here or go to YouTube. I really. really hate the way they talk about her. The press vs Kristen is about as fair as Andre
      the giant vs Peter Diinklage, In other word, Not Never No way,

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