Higher Ground

Hate is an odd word.  You can “hate” broccoli.  Or you can “hate” your haircut.  We use the word all the time and never think about it.  But when hate evolves into action, it is an entirely different thing.

I was thinking about all the hate that has come out toward Kristen and Rob.  Hate that as far as I can see, has never truly been based on any provable facts or rational reasons, but based merely on people’s perceptions of what they have read or have heard.  The truly sad part of it is that much of the hate began early on–fed by the unreasonable fantasies of one faction or the other.  But once last summer occurred, the madness developed into complete mania. I once encountered someone on Twitter who was vehemently arguing about the guilt of Kristen based on what she had seen in the tabloids.  I began by asking her if she considered herself a reasonable person.  When she said she did, I invited her to Justice for Kristen.  I challenged her to read through all the evidence–not just a part of it, but all of it–evidence based on provable facts.  At the end of that time, if she still felt that Kristen was guilty then, there was nothing more I could say.  The evidence, when viewed with an open mind, is irrefutable.  (She changed her mind, by the way, and has become a supporter of Kristen.)  Why, then, have so many continued to hold to the belief that there was an affair and a subsequent apology?  And, why after a year, have they continued to harbor that hate to the point of taking action?

I did some research the other day.  I went to three different articles on Gossip Cop.

  • One was about Anthony Weiner’s indiscretions.  Talk about provable evidence!  If you are so inclined, you can actually view the pictures that he sent to a woman of his penis.  This AFTER leaving office in disgrace because of the same kind of behavior and the public humiliation he had already put his wife through.
  • The second was of Simon Cowell’s revelation that he had fathered a child.  Now fathering a child  is not really a big deal, but it seems the mother was the wife of his best friend.  AND the couple was still married at the time of the affair.
  • The third was the story of Kristen Stewart being trapped in an alley by a paparazzi and the fact that she called him a f*ck face and didn’t deserve to breathe the same air as she did.

Anthony WeinerKristen in alley

Simon Cowell

Now, of the three…consider which is the biggest offense?  The man that exposed himself and now the pictures of his penis can be found on the internet  (leaving his wife and his small baby to face the humiliation of his actions); the man who fathered a child out of wedlock with the wife of his best friend—WHILE the wife and his friend were still married; or the 23 year old girl, cornered in an alley who chose to use the “f” word toward the man that was blocking her exit and was obviously (even in the edited versions) making her uncomfortable.

My findings were actually quite shocking.  I went on to the website on July 31st.  The Anthony Weiner article had been posted on July 25 and had 87 comments.  The Simon Cowell article had been posted on the 31st and had 23 comments, and the Kristen Stewart article had been posted on July 30th and had 3856 comments.  In ONE day! 3856 COMMENTS.  WTF?

What is it with people?  Now, I didn’t go through all the comments.  I’m sure that many, many of them were in support of Kristen.  But, what is really going on here?  I just don’t understand?

There are still people out there that take the time to go to these sites and not only will they read the article, but they will then proceed to make ugly comments about a young woman who has done NOTHING to them personally.  They continue to bring up last year’s scandal despite the fact that it really has no basis in fact and they malign her with accusations of breaking up a marriage and where two children were involved.

Now, let’s say that the whole thing was true—which it is not—but let’s go on that premise.  The only evidence people offer are the pictures and the fact that Liberty and Rupert subsequently divorced.  Then they point to an apology that no one ever saw Kristen or Rupert give.  The people who believe this base their “facts” on what they saw in tabloids.  If you were to use actual provable facts….Rupert and Liberty were headed toward a divorce to start with.  They had already filed a couple of times, and that occurred BEFORE Kristen was involved in their lives.  Their marriage was failing.  There are documents to prove it.  If their divorce had been finalized a month before, then the haters would COMPLETELY lose that as a selling point for their hatred.  If you were to assume (that makes an ass out of you AND me, but let’s do it anyway) that the pictures were actually taken by a hidden photographer, what do they really prove?  Who was the aggressor?  Was there actually a picture of Kristen doing anything other than talking to Rupert or being pinned by Rupert to the fence or the car door?  No.  She definitely was not the aggressor.  And about that apology….did anyone see Kristen write it, read it, give it to someone to give to someone to give to a tab?  How about the one from Rupert?  No?  Really?  Then what do they base their hatred of Kristen on?  And WHY in the name of God, are they STILL harping on it?

The papz and tabs are easy.  Money.  Plain and simple.  They made money on all three of those articles.  But, they made MEGA BUCKS off of the article on Kristen.  Gossip Cop has paid advertisers on it.  That means that every time someone clicks on to Gossip Cop, the advertiser pays Gossip Cop a certain amount.  Now, let’s assume that they get paid $1 per click–that will make the math easy (but it probably is more).  If you just went on the number of comments, then they would have made $3856 off that one article in one day.  Think about it, how many times have you gone to a site, read an article, and NOT left a comment?  Based on that, you can figure that they received a lot more clicks than comments—so suffice to say they made a pretty penny off of that one article.

Let me clue you in on something.  Every time you come to a site, they count it.  Every time you click on a page they count it.  The difference is, some have advertisers and some don’t.  Gossip Cop has advertisers and they get paid plenty.  If JFK had paid advertisers and I got $1 for every click on this site, I would have made OVER $400,000 in the past year! And JFK is a tiny, tiny little site—that more are learning of, but, in the scope of things—we’re a nobody!  Now, JFK gets nothing.  Everything done on this site is donated and done with love and a sense of justice for one unfairly accused.  Believe me when I say Gossip Cop is making a LOT of money and they are just one of the tabs out there.

So, the papz and tabs are easy to explain.  They are in it for the money.  If they quit making money on Kristen and Rob stories, they would move on to the next hot couple.  But, let me assure you that as long as people go to those sites—they will keep writing the articles and paying the paparazzi to take the pictures.

The fans are something different though.  I’m trying to figure that whole thing out.  Hatred is an ugly thing.  It manifests itself in anger.  But, in most cases, it is inwardly destructive.  It doesn’t normally affect the person being hated and it rarely affects the people on the periphery.

Holding on to anger is like grasping a hot coal with the intent of throwing it at someone else; you are the one who gets burned.~~Buddah

In this particular case, however, that hatred, that anger is affecting many people.  It affects the people around Kristen—even the ones that are merely in the wrong place at the wrong time—like the lady that helped Kristen to her car in the most recent incident.  It affects her friends.  How could it not?  They have to face the same paparazzi she does when they all go out together.  They have to endure the ugly comments thrown at their friend.  On Twitter and Instagram, they are often targets of the haters and some have had to close their accounts because of it.

It seems the haters have an unending list of reasons that they haul out to support their hate of Kristen and Rob.  If it isn’t Kristen’s “scandal”, then it is that she is ugly or that she can’t act.  For Rob, they suggest that he is unfaithful to Kristen or some other ridiculous idea.  When it comes to either of their acting abilities, I have come to one very sad conclusion.  Some people are too simple minded to look beyond the end of their nose and explore other performances or possibilities.  It’s so much easier to say “Kristen is a terrible actress” or “Rob is a horrible actor”.  Both Kristen and Rob are young and I am sure that they would be the first to say they are more proud of some of their performances than others.  They are both growing in their already substantial careers and they improve with everything they do!  But people base their opinion on viewing one performance and assume that all the rest of their performances are exactly the same.   I believe that anyone who bases ANY decision on just one “fact” is at the very least short sighted and is actually keeping themselves from enjoying some wonderful experiences.

In the case of the haters that have developed in this fandom, hatred has evolved in to jealousy and that jealousy has evolved into something much more dangerous—something that is truly frightening.  It is evolving into prejudice.

Prejudice is defined as : an irrational attitude of hostility directed against an individual, a group, a race, or their supposed characteristics

And even more frightening, that prejudice is beginning to produce bigots.

A bigot is defined as: a person who is obstinately or intolerantly devoted to his or her own opinions and prejudices; especially : one who regards or treats the members of a group (as a racial or ethnic group) with hatred and intolerance

The intolerance that is developing in all areas of our society is a concern.  Now, I suspect if you were able to question any of the people who have been involved with the hate campaign against Kristen or Rob, they would never consider themselves as prejudiced or as bigots.  But, based on the definitions, they are behaving as if they are.  In our little microcosm it is the intolerance and prejudice of the haters that is causing them to behave as bigots and as bullies.  They hack into accounts and send viruses to people that disagree with them.  They brag about the fact that they have multiple accounts and that nothing can be done to stop them.  They belittle and harass people from behind the cover of their computers and the anonymity that it provides.  Unfortunately, people like these are either: too insecure, too immature or too irrational to understand that what they do is not funny.  They fail to understand that their antics have consequences and that one day, they will be forced to experience the results of their actions.  Some people call it Karma.  Some people just believe you should treat others the way you want to be treated.  But, however you define it, a reckoning will come.

As I was looking for the definition of bigotry, I came upon this comment and I thought it was so eloquently stated and went along quite nicely in respect to Kristen and Rob.

Prejudice based on a perceived impression fueled by insecurity or a false sense of superiority, which is not supported by hard facts – that to my mind is a bigot. The traditional definition as “hatred, contempt, or intolerance on the basis of a person’s ethnicity, religion, national origin etc.” may exclude many who express disapproval and dislike based on some unfounded “fear”, wounding innocents in the process. Not everyone can be “liked” but surely no-one deserves to be disliked without justification.~~ Priya Ramanujam · PSGR Krishnammal College for Women, Coimbatore

I would like to leave you with a song that a friend of mine has graciously allowed me to share with you.  It is called “Higher Ground”.  He refers to hate as “a hole where they bury your soul”.  He also states that we “all have shovels, but no one has a ladder.”  How do we get out of this hole that so many are intent upon digging?  That is the question.  I don’t believe that feeding into the anger and hate is helpful.   Being ugly back just escalates the problem.   It starts with agreeing to disagree.  That shouldn’t be so hard.  Then it moves on to following the old adage of “to each his own.”  Of course, that means that all parties have to be willing to cooperate.  If they don’t, then when all else fails, block and ignore.  Just like any bully, they will eventually get tired of not getting a response and will move on.  We need to get out of the hole and stop being so ugly to each other.  We need to get to “higher ground”.

The Grand Punk Part 13

by twilighter

After a year-long effort, the tabloid press has finally managed to once again catch Kristen Stewart with Rupert Sanders.  And they have the photographic evidence to prove it. You know what they say, the camera never lies. Here is their evidence.

Kristen Caught

Yeah right, What a farce. July 17th, 2012 was also a farce, and today is a perfect day to take out the trash.  Which is exactly what we are going to do. During this series I have examined the provable evidence in the so-called Kristen Stewart cheating scandal and described eleven different scenarios that have put forward to try to explain what happened.  Today we will send several of them packing. A review of The Grand Punk series would probably be helpful to new readers of this series, but in particular, a review of Part 10 (http://wp.me/p2JqVX-8O) Part 11 ( http://wp.me/p2JqVX-dk) and Part 12 (http://wp.me/p2JqVX-fp) would be most helpful.

Back in The Grand Punk Part 6, I introduced the concept of what provable evidence means.

In every investigation it’s good to take a pause, stand back, take a look at the provable facts, and examine the scenarios that potentially explain an episode. And in the process distinguish between facts as opposed to background noise, rumors, and unsubstantiated gossip based on unnamed sources.  Engaging in that process can weed out unlikely scenarios and focus attention on the path forward.  Now is a good time to do this with the Kristen Stewart “cheating scandal.

In doing so, particular care must be exercised when assessing the believability of unidentified and unnamed sources.  Such sources, or reports of what they say, can be falsified or exaggerated with impunity and are immune from cross examination.  That is the case whether such sources are claimed by the National Enquirer, Us Magazine, Gossip Cop, People Magazine, or the New York Times.  But make no mistake, only the last entity has journalistic standards that require multiple sources and confirmation of the details provided by sources before a story runs.  The rest are just part of celebrity gossip machine that is in the business of making money off of gossip.

That being the case, for the purposes of this inquiry, unnamed or unidentified sources of information shall not be considered as providing provable facts unless the information provided is substantiated by multiple, independent, non-conflicting sources, or photographs or video, and the information provided is such that a reasonably prudent person would rely on the truth of the information in making an important decision in their own life, in essence the reasonable person standard from tort law.

So lets take a look at the essential provable facts from this story.

Fifteen Facts in the Kristen Stewart Cheating Scandal

1. To most reasonable minds, by the end of 2011 Rob and Kristen were involved in a long-term, highly private, stable relationship for a matter of years.

It’s hard to remember but, prior to the so-called events of July of 2012, the debate over whether Rob and Kristen were a couple was pretty much over.  Most of the diehard Nonstens had much thrown in the towel and even shut down their websites.  We were well past the hand holding on the Paris tarmac, the Montreal kiss, years of cross continental birthday trips and reciprocal set visits, holidays on the Isle of Wight, shared clothes, knowing looks, and “My boyfriend” is English.  And only about a little more than a month past the Cannes Film Festival.

Rob and Kristen in a rare public display of affection at the Cannes Film Festival premier of Cosmopolis. Not for commercial purposes, no copyright violation intended.

Rob & Kristen in a rare pda at the Cannes premier of Cosmopolis.
Photo not for commercial purposes, no copyright violation intended.

The almost uniform reaction to the so-called scandal underscores this fact.  People did not say “Oh my god, Kristen had a fling with Rupert, I guess she was never in a relationship with Rob.”  No, the reaction was “Oh my god, how could she cheat on him”, which necessarily presumed that they were in a relationship to begin with.

That is not to say however, that there weren’t some who doubted the scandal’s authenticity almost from the very beginning, such as yours truly and Crushable’s Jeni Maier, although for different reasons.  Those doubts accelerated for many with the somewhat flawed and misleading release of the Youtube video “The Camera Never Lies”.  But the authenticity of the scandal is a different question from the authenticity of their relationship.

It wasn’t until people began to grasp for straws to explain why Rob would forgive Kristen after a very public, monumental humiliation of him and serious doubts began to be raised about the photographs that all of the “PR” theories sprung back to life. That their reconciliation must have been merely feigned to sell theater tickets or that they were contractually bound to fake a romance from the start.  To see the fallacy of that last argument, see Busting Urban Legends About the So-Called Kristen Stewart Cheating Scandal:  The PR Relationship Contract Clause Myth at http://wp.me/p2JqVX-Ep.

But like all things in this new digitized 24/7 electronic tabloid era, re-writing history was just a few key strokes away and a hot bed of anti-Kristen sentiment based on long standing Robert Pattenson mania as the world’s sexiest man and every girl’s dream come true, only poured gasoline on to the fire.  Setting the stage for a public flogging and conflagration never before seen in terms of its intensity, length, and hysteria.  Almost instantly, Kristen became a modern day pariah, the most hated woman in Hollywood.

2.  Rob and Kristen’s mutual hatred and disgust for the paparazzi and the celebrity gossip machine has been a well established fact for years.

For a number of years, Kristen regularly flipped the paparazzi off, sometimes with two hands, and on at least one occasion in Paris in early 2012, taunted one who was abusing her to “freeze to death.”


Kristen’s famous two handed bird.                Photo not for commercial purposes, no copyright violation intended

Equally impressive were her verbal denouncements of both the paparazzi and the celebrity gossip rags:

I don’t care about the voracious, starving shit eaters who want to turn truth into shit.

What you don’t see are the cameras shoved in my face and the bizarre intrusive questions being asked, or the people falling over themselves, screaming and taunting to get a reaction. The photos are so… I feel like I’m looking at someone being raped. A lot of the time I can’t handle it. It’s f***ed. I never expected that this would be my life.

I’m just going to let people watch whatever little movie they think our lives are and go for it. Keep them guessing.  That’s what I always say.

And even most recently her muttering of  “Rats, cockroaches, parasites!”  while in Paris for fashion week. But perhaps the most telling of them all:

I always say to myself I’m never going to give anything away because there’s never any point or benefit for me.  I guarantee, when I have a baby, everyone is going to want to know my kid’s name and I’m not going to say it for ages.

These were only a few of her many famous quotes. What else could a woman who is so fiercely private that she plans on refusing to divulge her child’s name to the celebrity gossip machine be capable of?  Just about anything?

Rob, although less physically demonstrative digitally, has been no more respectful of them than Kristen and late in 2012 once famously said that he should make “castrating” paparazzi his favorite past time and “that the tabloid industry does terrible, terrible things to the world.  It makes people stupid.” He also has said:

Media culture is a monstrous thing, you can’t win. The annoying thing is that you can’t attack them, but you can’t defend yourself. The best thing you could possibly do is punch a paparazzi and give them their big payday.

You know, when the whole thing dries up and there’s hardly any paparazzi around — I don’t know, in 15 years or something — I like the idea of just one paparazzo coming out and trying to get a picture, and I just beat the shit out of him. I mean — out of nowhere — when my You know, picture’s not even worth…and I’ve spent all my money, so you can’t sue me!

Rob and Kristen’s mutual hatred of the paparazzi and the tabloid press was born and nurtured during a period of time when they rapidly became the most speculated about couple on the face of the planet.  Trying to build a relationship out of the public eye as hordes of fans, paparazzi and tabloids tracked their every move from Vancouver to Los Angeles, Budapest to Paris, Montepuchiano, Italy to Montreal, and to the Isle of Wight.  And more than any couple in the history of Hollywood, because of the new 24/7 tabloid world, there were always people watching, tweeting, posting, and reading.  And make no mistake, no one was more aware of that than Rob and Kristen themselves. Which is what makes Kristen parading before some paparazzi on July 17, 2012 all the more ridiculous.


The whole world’s watching.

3.  Rob and Kristen had been arguably foreshadowing the coming of this “cheating scandal” for months.

At the Breaking Dawn 1 Premier in November of 2011, Rob first talked of an Edward and Bella divorce in a red carpet interview with Marc Malkam.  At the time, Kristen and several other cast members also talked of it.  Elizabeth Reaser went so far to say that “I think Bella would stray if anyone was going to.  I don’t think either of them will, but she’s so young. I mean, Edward’s got like a hundred years on her.” Billy Burke even joked about the boredom and the possibility of them having an open relationship with Jacob.

And in a spring 2012 Vogue interview, Kristen talked of how perfect and boring her life was and how she “couldn’t wait for someone to fuck” her over and how you can “learn a lot about life from adversity.”  Words which were to be poured over and analyzed again and again once the “scandal” broke.

Then at Comic Con in 2012, just two weeks before July 17, Rob again talked of Bella & Edward’s “Mr. & Mrs. Smith thing”  while on a panel, offering Stephanie Meyer a suggestion as to where the Saga could proceed if she were to write another sequel.

And mere days before the scandal breaking, Rob’s Breaking Dawn press day interview on July 16 where he purportedly said “No, I’ve never been betrayed by people who are actually in my life, like my friends or even my acquaintances. No one has ever done anything.”

So many people have called all of these things ironic, karma, or tempting the fates.  But for me, these “coincidences” suggest a much more explicit strategy.

4.  Despite the high profile public nature of this so-called “scandal”, surprisingly little credible evidence of it exists and what does exist contains significant gaps and problematic elements.   

Despite claims that this “cheating scandal” occurred on July 17th (a date that has never been factually confirmed though FFN claimed it) and started with Kristen leaving a gym in Santa Monica, no other photos from the day in question have ever been disclosed despite a multi-hour surveillance involving up to purportedly four paparazzi.  Only 55 photographs were ever produced from it and video evidence is completely lacking.  This from one of the largest and most active paparazzi agencies in Los Angeles.  Claims by some that there were more photos that were withheld  or that Kristen bought them to preclude them from being made public is nothing more than bald speculation.  A year later we are still dealing with the same old 55 photos.  That’s it, that is all there is. The case is made or not made on this evidence.

The FameFlynet/US Magazine account of what happened is also rife with errors from where it happened, to when it happened, and as to how it happened.   The photos fail to match up to the account.  For a more detailed examination, See “It’s Time to Put Something to Rest: US Magazine’s Account of the Kristen Stewart Cheating Scandal Was Fabricated” at http://wp.me/p2JqVX-vD.  An online poll associated with that blog found that 85% of those responding did not believe the FFN/USMagazine’s account of the events of that day.  And yet that account  forms one of the four key prongs of the argument supporting this  so-called scandal.

5.  Despite claims of a version of events, FameFlyNet, US Magazine, and PopSugar, the purveyors of the “scandal” don’t have a clue as to how, where, and under what circumstances the so-called “cheating” photographs were actually taken.

The epic mismatch between their claimed series of events and reality is legendary.  Their version of a deserted downtown warehouse district ends up being a parking lot at 2272 S. Centinela Avenue in Santa Monica, right in the heart of the Santa Monica movie making industry and right around the corner from Rupert Sander’s production offices.  A scenic overlook, complete  with hikers, dogwalkers, and tourists, with a view of downtown LA and the Hollywood Sign, ends up being a quiet dead-end residential street, Pacific View Drive,  with a non-descript guard rail looking north over Universal City with no view of downtown LA or the Hollywood Sign.  Their version of Kristen sitting in her car turns out being taken right in front of the corporate offices of Summit Entertainment in Santa Monica at Stewart Street & Colorado Avenue.  And multiple photos of Rupert walking turn out to be taken within three hundred yards of his house in the Hollywood Hills just minutes away from the guard rail site.

Yet, not one photo shows him being picked up, dropped off, or getting into or out of her car; Kristen’s car driving off; or their purported final good bye kiss.  And not one shows Kristen being tailed from a gym to Los Feliz and back or anywhere else for that matter.

Hours of surveillance ends with only 55 photos, many of which are highly duplicative with minor variations.  Suggesting more questions than they do answers.

6.  Despite being perhaps one of the more noteworthy news events of the year, not a single paparazzi of the alleged four has ever been identified or ever stepped forward to claim that they were the ones who took the pictures.  They remain “ethereal photographers”, faceless and nameless, never to be cross examined or even questioned as to what they claimed happened.

Despite some claims the contrary, the paparazzi account of what they saw that day is only available through second hand hearsay, primarily from the authors at US Magazine and through FameFlyNet President Scott Cosman who provided a version of their account to the LA Times.  Other than his claim, there is absolutely nothing to show that FameFlyNet photographers were even involved in taking these pictures or that his four “paparazzi” existed at all.  They could have just as easily been staged by Rob and Kristen with Rupert’s assistance and simply dropped into FFN’s lap.  Which also explains why FFN was so clueless as to their origins and so reticent about identifying or producing the paparazzi for questioning.  And Cosman’s claim that the photographers didn’t even know who the guy with Kristen was with until they “examined the pictures back at the office” stretches credulity to the breaking point.

Imagine for one moment a trial where the prosecution is never required to even call a witness to a crime.  Where a person can be convicted and imprisoned based on what someone claims another witness saw or heard. And that person doesn’t even have to appear at the trial, they can just write about what they claim happened.   Is that the kind of American justice you believe in?

7.  Many of the “cheating photos” show evidence of staging and photo digital manipulation to throw people off the track of where they were taken or to signal to careful observers that the pictures are not what they purport to be .  Despite that fact, the defects in those photos are readily detectable and eventually discovered,  and the location of their shooting mysteriously comes to light.

Most of the South Centinela Avenue parking lot photos show evidence digital alteration of the side view mirror image, the rear view mirror image, and rear hatch back window reflections that cannot be matched to the actual scene.  See the “Grand Punk Part 10” and “The Smoking Gun: Conclusive Evidence that the Kristen Stewart Cheating Scandal Was Staged” at http://wp.me/p2JqVX-rU.

PopSugar #49

Most of the Pacific View Drive guard rail photos show evidence of digital manipulation of Kristen’s height in relation to Rupert and the guardrail or both, or show evidence of distortions in the size and/or length of their hands and arms, show lighting errors and evidence of the use of artificial fill lighting, and obvious continuity errors involving rings, hats, and the condition of cars. See just one example below.  An exhaustive analysis of the guardrail photos is contained in The Grand Punk Parts 11 and 12.

PopSugar #51 analyzed

PopSugar #51 analyzed

With one exception, none of these changes make the photos more salacious but rather simply alert careful viewers that the photos are not what they purport to be. The one photo that becomes more salacious defies the laws of physics and gravity.  See that photo below.

PopSugar #59 analyzed

PopSugar #50 analyzed:  Kristen’s gravity and physics defying hair.

Although some of these defects are subtle, nearly all of them are easily detected by just looking at them critically.

And then there is the little matter of how the shoot locations came to light.  They didn’t become known because of the work of the tabloids.  FameFlyNet even had to send photographers to the scenes after they were identified to photograph the sites.  Something that is readily apparent on their own website where they list those pictures as  being created on 7/26/2012 and how images of these “two together at these locations have just surfaced in the past two days”. FFN was obviously trying to cover their tracks and figure out what the hell had just happened. Some tabloids even thought the Pacific View Trail overlooked the Pacific Ocean and included pictures of the Pacific Ocean in their accounts!  See for example, Hollywood Lies regurgitated version of the story from July 25, 2012:

hollywood lies 3

Complete with a picture showing the Pacific Ocean and a  view of where “they were allegedly caught kissing by photographers”. All the details?  No, TOTALLY CLUELESS!

These shoot locations came to light because of the observations of people on blogs and in comments or more likely because the people actually responsible for them being taken leaked them onto the internet.  Otherwise, we would have never known where they were taken.

Despite the problems inherent in the photos, these photos constitute the second of the four key prongs of the argument supporting this  so-called scandal.

8.  In spite of being successful, with a few notable exceptions, at keeping her relationship with Rob away from the paparazzi, Kristen was purportedly discovered in a so-called cinch with a married director in broad daylight, in public, showing little attempt to hide her identity.  And in a car she had not been pictured in for months and that she had self-described as being a paparazzi magnet.

This from a woman who has managed to hide a relationship in plain sight for more than four years.  A couple who was photographed holding hands only a few times, and in what one would term as  intimate embraces in public only a few fleeting times more (the Montreal kiss; leaving the WFE premier; at the Cannes Film Festival and after party; and at Kristen’s Los Feliz house in October of 2013).

There was no surreptitious encounter, secret hotel rendezvous, no attempt at disguise or subterfuge.  And at times during the so-called cinch, it appeared that either Kristen or Rupert stared dead at the photographers.

PopSugar #31

PopSugar #31 Kristen Didn’t know she was being photographed?   Yeah right.      Photo not for commercial purposes, no copyright violation intended.

Despite unsupported claims by some of spy cameras, secret surveillance, and long range telephotos lens, evidence establishes that all of the photos were taken at relatively close range under 65 feet and under circumstances making it impossible for the photographers to secret themselves from view.  See “The Grand Punk Part 10 and 11.” Notions that they were photographed without their knowledge, consent, or cooperation are baseless and contrary to the physical evidence. Just as are claims that they were contractually forced to cooperate in them being taken. See Busting Urban Legends About the So-Called Kristen Stewart Cheating Scandal:  The PR Relationship Contract Clause Myth at http://wp.me/p2JqVX-Ep.

9. Despite high profile claims by People Magazine of both Kristen and Rupert’s “statements of apology”, People Magazine failed to disclose the source of, form of, or circumstances of how they obtained such statements and failed to establish how they link each of them to those purported statements.

People Magazine tried to leave people with the impression that Kristen and Rupert provided them with official press release statements which was anything but the truth.  One of their own employees at the time tweeted that the so-called apologies were provided by sources not from the parties themselves, sources that were never identified. Neither Rupert nor Kristen have ever publicly acknowledged the existence or accuracy of these statements.  And if it had come from through their reps and they wanted it out their, the reps would have freely invited People to identify the reps as providing them, providing further authenticity to the release.  Yet People has been noticeably silent about exactly who they purportedly got these  statements from.  Yeah right, I can talk tabloid lingo with the best of them.

Already reeling from being scooped by US Magazine on the original account of the so-called “scandal”, People wasn’t about to get scooped again while they awaited some confirmation of the statements authenticity.  We saw them do much the same recently when they admitted they ran the Rob and Kristen breakup story without confirmation from the actor’s agents.  Checking with reps is a myth that they try to promote just to shore up their credibility, something many people mistakenly believe. But one that is obviously untrue.

Striped of all the fanfare, the only basis for believing the apologies at all comes from the fact that neither Kristen nor Rupert failed to deny making them.  Yet even if it is believed that they in fact made the statements, nothing establishes that the statements contained within them are the truth. And the truth of the matter remains, we have know idea where these “apologies” came from. These tainted apologies are the final two prongs of the four key prongs of the argument supporting this  so-called scandal.

10.  From July 22nd to September 5th, Kristen was completely out of the public eye despite rampant speculation and misreporting as to her whereabouts.  Rob was completely MIA from July 22nd to August 13th.  And when they reappeared, Rob was sporting a suntan and Kristen was trying her hardest at the TIFF to convince people that she was malnourished from the stress.

Rob and Kristen’s complete disappearance from the public eye between July 22nd to August 13th is a mystery that remains to this day.  As does Kristen’s continued disappearance until September 5th.  And unlocking that mystery is the key to understanding what really happened in the so-called Kristen Stewart Cheating Scandal. Various unsubstantiated tabloid accounts tried to place them in various places but always apart.  Most accounts tried to claim they were licking their wounds and trying to recover from a explosive breakup.

But right on cue, Rob appeared for his promotional duties for Cosmopolis in NY and eventually at the VMA’s in Los Angeles.  And Kristen appeared for her promotional obligations in Toronto for On the Road.  Despite tabloid tales of starvation and depression and breakup trauma, neither looked worse for the wear.  For a discussion of the Kristen myth of Living on Redbulls & Nicotine see the later portion of “The Grand Punk Part 12.”

11.  Despite a monumental public humiliation and betrayal, and the first public proclamation of her love for him while apologizing for an indiscretion with another man, Rob “forgives” Kristen in a matter of a couple months and the two are seen together again both publicly and privately in ways that are entirely contrary to tabloid claims that they have parted company.

Rumors of their “reconciliation” began to surface almost immediately after the so-called scandal broke, but solid evidence of them being together is evidenced in photos of the them taken  on October 14th and 15th in Los Feliz, and at a home purchased by Kristen in Los Feliz sometimes referred to as Los Feliz 2 on October 17th.  These last photos are most telling as the tabloid responsible for taking them was forced to take the photos down due to a criminal trespass that occurred in order to get them taken and the intimate behavior shown between the two of them in the photos.  And though that tabloid and several others were forced to take them down, the photographs have remained on a number of Rob and Kristen fansites indefinitely for all to see.

12.  Despite a virtual torrent of subsequent stories about them from the celebrity gossip machine, nearly all of these stories are baseless fabrications made up for the purposes of getting webhits and virtually all are made on the basis of unnamed and unidentified sources which are incapable of verification or testing for their credibility and truthfulness.

I endeavor to say that never has so much baseless bullshit been written about two people in Hollywood history.  Following the “cheating scandal, the celebrity gossip machine rained nonsense onto the internet in endless quantities for months on end, and continued to do so well afterward.  Something that has continued to this very day.  To review a multitude of such nonsense stories, read my blogs at justiceforkristen.wordpress.com. There is not enough time in the day to debunk this endless BS.  I venture to say that the vast majority of things written about Rob and Kristen’s personal life on the internet is patently untrue. Something which Rob himself has affirmed in an interview.  And particularly where it is based on unnamed sources and it appears in a tabloid.

13.  That despite claims after the so-called scandal that Rob refused to talk to her, couldn’t stand to be in the same room with her, refused to promote Breaking Dawn 2 with her, and would cease any involvement with her following the promotions, Rob and Kristen appeared together in multiple promotions for the film on MTV and in LA, Paris, Berlin, and Madrid; they vacationed together in England over the Thanksgiving holiday; and returned from England and remained together into the New Year.

Though some claimed they did so only to get through the promotions period, they continued together into the new year and even after a several week hiatus while Rob was filming The Rover in Australia. This entire period was marked by several unsubstantiated accounts of problems within their relationship and Rob stepping out. It got so ridiculous that I was predicting the stories before the tabloids were even writing them.  See  “Predicting Tabloid Garbage: Assessing Five Rob Kristen Stories Waiting to Happen at  http://wp.me/p2JqVX-xU.  Which were all obliterated when Rob returned straight to Kristen.  That continued through and up to Kristen’s birthday which was marked by a major gathering of their friends at a restaurant in Los Feliz and them looking very much together.

Following that event, both Rob and Kristen were virtually chased through Coachella by a pack of paparazzi while they were trying to enjoy a weekend of music and fun. It was not long after that that Eleanore “the serial liar” Hutch of Hollywood Lies (Life) fabricated the Rupert Sanders As a Valet story.  See “Oh the Tabloid BS Rob & Kristen Stories Just Keep Coming- Part 2” at http://wp.me/p2JqVX-z9.  And the stage was set for even more tabloid nonsense.

14. Despite periodic claims of  “breaking up”, “taking a break”, and “trial separations”, all available evidence suggests that they remained together up until May 12, 2013.

Despite claims of PR contracts and relationship strife, all of the available evidence up to May 12, 2013 suggests that Rob and Kristen remained together throughout without incident.  But almost over night a series of developments  exploded across the internet in May and the tabloids were selling a breakup big time although they were all over the map on why they claimed that it happened.  For a review of some of this nonsense, see Examining the Case for a Rob & Kristen Breakup at http://wp.me/p2JqVX-EL ;  and 2+2=5 WTF? at http://wp.me/p2JqVX-H6 .  We will examine this nonsense more closely in Part 14 of the Grand Punk later.

15. Despite a year long obsession with the notion that a Kristen/Rupert hookup actually happened on July 17, 2012, there is insufficient provable evidence that such an event ever happened.

And I am stating it as a fact.  I am sure that this conclusion is going to stir some controversy, so let me start out by saying that I am not some starry eyed teenage Robsten fan or a true believer in the Robsten dream.  I will leave that to others.  As I have stated before, I could care less about whether Rob and Kristen are together or not, whether they have found the “perfect love”, or whether they “hate each others guts”.  This story is not about that for me.

What this story is about for me is the truth, and how multi-million dollar tabloid corporations manufacture “news” and millions of people blindly accept it without a second thought.  How the traditional news media is being quickly overwhelmed by a 24/7 tabloid entertainment notion of what constitutes the truth and news. And what people are driven to when they are trying to navigate life in the fishbowl that Hollywood has become.

I’ll put it simply, the notion that a Kristen and Rupert hookup actually happened is a four legged stool that is only as strong and believable as the legs it stands on.  Those legs in this case are, the FFN/US Magazine account of how the so-called hookup occurred; the photographic “evidence” that they offered of it; People Magazine’s claimed “statement of apology” by Kristen; and People Magazine’s and US Magazine’s claimed “statement of apology” by Rupert.

The Grand Punk Part 10, 11, and 12 collectively obliterate the notion that the FFN/Us Magazine account of the hookup is credible, something that a reasonable prudent person should rely on in making an important decision in their own lives. Similarly, they demonstrate that the “photographic evidence” is equally tainted and are patently insufficient to prove that the event actually occurred.  And as for the final two legs, the apologies, relying on an unnamed, unidentified source to “sell” the notion of a “statement of apology” is a travesty of justice that should not be tolerated.  People should not have to deny rubbish, the purveyors of news should have to prove their claims.  This stool is little more than a pile of rubbish than can’t begin to support the claim of a Kristen & Rupert hookup.

And don’t even try to get started on the divorce.  People get divorced every day for many different reasons.  The Rupert and Liberty divorce can’t revive a notion that was already dead in the water.  It is at best circumstantial evidence of a problem in the marriage that cannot be linked to the existence of an actual Kristen and Rupert hookup.  And there was already plenty of evidence prior to the so-called cheating scandal to suggest that that marriage was troubled.  Right out of Liberty’s mouth.

That is not to say however, that there are not going to be people who continue to believe this b ull.  Rob said it best, “Tabloids make people stupid.”  And some people find comfort in the stupidity.  But for those of you who are really interested in understanding what actually happened, continuing to pretend that the hookup occurred is a waste of time.  It’s old tripe that hasn’t really changed in over the past year.  And it’s time to throw out the trash.

Where Do We Go From Here?

Let’s bury some scenarios. Back in The Grand Punk Parts 6, 7, and 8, I presented eleven scenarios that have been offered to attempt to explain what happened in the so-called Kristen Stewart cheating scandal.  Five of them are immediately dead on arrival.  Any scenario that is based on the notion that a Kristen/Rupert actually happen should be rejected.  Given this conclusion all of the Kristen and Rupert Were Having an Affair and Got Caught Scenarios of The Grand Punk Part 7 can be discarded, including the prevailing FFN/US Magazine account Scenario 1 “The Lucky Paparazzi”, Scenario 2 The Lucky Paparazzi Un-embellished, Scenario 3 The Paparazzi on a Mission; Scenario 4 The Private Eye, and Scenario 5 The Kristen & Rupert Didn’t Care if They Got Caught.  May they rest in peace.  You may review them for historical purposes and to do combat with online babblers but they will not further your understanding of what actually happened in this case.

Given the discussion here about the reality of the Rob & Kristen relationship, I think can also safely bury Scenario 11, The Faux Romance.

In Part 13 of The Grand Punk we will take a look at what’s left focusing particularly on the staged scenarios and chart a course for our further examinations.  In the meantime, try to weather the tabloid shit storm that this day is sure to bring.  And take a very serious look at what happened at Coachella this year.  It may provide the clues for why the last two months have been a wild ride.

Musings by Misty

The following is a Twitlonger that posted on Twitter by @MistyMueller  July 9, 2013:

Wow – so finally the paparazzi gets everyone’s attention by that childish prank of writing on Kristen Stewart’s car. Seriously, when’s the last time you did that? I was around 12 I think. Though I’m surprised it took so long to make some of you aware of what these “photographers” are capable of, I’m glad. Now maybe some of you will help get the out-of-control paparazzi under control. I’m kind of surprised that it was a car-graffiti incident that got all this attention, because there have been many, many incidents that could be very dangerous, some deadly. Princess Diana died on Aug. 31st, 1997 when the car she was travelling in crashed, being chased by paparazzi. You don’t want to see the video. 16 years since that horrible day, yet little has been done to curb the paparazzi. In many cases, they’ve become even more dangerous.
There are car chase incidents every day in Los Angeles. I don’t know the statistics, as the LAPD hasn’t been very forthcoming with their data, but I’ve read many reports in newspapers, etc. of ordinary LA citizens being run off the road, swerving to avoid being hit, almost getting T-boned by paparazzi running red lights, etc. to know that paparazzi are a hazard to drivers on Los Angeles streets. How do they get away with that you ask? Easy. In California, you have up to six months before you have to put a license plate on your new car. 6 MONTHS of getting to drive a vehicle that may as well be invisible. How else could one identify the car that caused them to run off the road? A physical description? Do you know how many new black SUV’s are on the streets of LA? I don’t either, but you can be certain it’s a lot harder to identify a vehicle by description only, with no license plate. I ran across something while looking up LA traffic data one day, and had to read it again, I was so shocked. The amount of hit-and-run accidents in the entire US, every city, every state, is 11 to 12% of all accidents. The number of hit-and-run accidents in Los Angeles? 48%. Yep. 48% of all accidents in Los Angeles are hit-and-run accidents. Is it some odd coincidence that the city with the highest celebrity population and the highest paparazzi population also has a ridiculously high hit-and-run accident rate? I seriously doubt it. 36% more hit-and-runs than the entire country? If you believe that, then I’ve got some prime Florida land, right next to the Everglades I’ll sell you, or a beautiful bridge in London.
Another favorite haunt of the paparazzi is LAX. I will put a video link of just one incident http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-cRFkomGbvQ . Can you imagine trying to get your baby through that swarm, just to get to your car? I wonder what all those blinding flashes are doing to that poor baby’s eyes! The paparazzi push, shove, jostle, and swing at anything in their way of getting that “money shot” – INCLUDING the average Joe or Jane just trying to make their flight on time. How would you be able to identify him in that chaos? You probably couldn’t.
Most of you are familiar with Paparazzi Reform Initiative. If not, and you want to help change the way the paparazzi stalk, taunt, block, flash-blind, etc. AND GET AWAY WITH IT, then please visit their website at http://www.paparazzi-reform.org/ . On twitter, (and please follow if you haven’t yet) they’re @PAPARAZZIReform, and their FB page https://www.facebook.com/PAPARAZZIReform?ref=ts&fref=ts . There are two new anti-paparazzi bills they’ve sponsored coming up in California’s legislature, and they will need our help to get these bills signed into law. I won’t get into the details of each, but one is to protect celebrity children, and the other one is a civil law bill, to further address the stalking of celebrities. That bill would also help domestic violence victims. These bills are fully explained on their website, so please educate yourselves about them.
There are links on their facebook page and website to sign a petition to People magazine, demanding they stop using celebrity children’s photos without their parents’ permission. Please sign this petition if you haven’t already. It could help to show the California legislature that we, as fans, are very unhappy with the way celebrity children are treated in the media. There were only a few hundred signatures when I first signed it, but then it jumped to 500 with a strong push by both PRI and The Plan. However, we can do better than that, can’t we? If we can make #WatchBreakingDawnPart2 trend worldwide, imagine what we could do for a petition! A petition that could be the deciding factor when the new anti-paparazzi bills come up for vote. So please, sign the petition – it’s NOT just a petition to People magazine, but a petition letting California state government know that we fans are tired of the paparazzi behavior.
Thanks for reading, and always, peace out! Misty

When Viewing Paparazzi Video…

Posted July 9, 2013 by @MistyMueller

If you go to YouTube and watch stalkerazzi videos, you’ll notice that almost all the comments are from people that are as outraged by stalkerazzi behavior as we are. I’ve noticed, and leave comments about Paparazzi Reform quite often. Many people are unaware PRI even exists, so if we could just leave a comment pointing them to PRI’s website, we might gain even more support to control the paparazzi, or at least define boundaries for them. Actually, if you could, it would probably help by leaving a comment about PRI under almost ANY video. All celebrities are harassed, and stalked by the paparazzi, so why not make the information available to all fans?
There is one small problem, though. YouTube won’t allow the posting of actual links, so you’ll have to leave Paparazzi-Reform(dot)com, or some other combination to lead them to PRI’s website. Also, if you’d rather not use your regular YouTube sign-in, create an account just for the purpose of leaving PRI comments. I realize that sounds kind of sneaky and underhanded, but we’re dealing with sneaky, underhanded people. And the big money behind them. We’re going to need to be as crafty as they are.
Please try to do this. If more people were aware of Paparazzi Reform, maybe the actors we all love could live a little more free. Thanks, and always, peace out. Misty

Please start leaving the same message if you happen to visit any other site that has something to do with paparazzi.  These are the laws that Halle Berry is supporting!

Gutless Paparazzi Weasels Fail to Get A Rise Out of Kristen Stewart

by twilighter

It’s a rare occurrence when we get such a clear example of the celebrity gossip machine at work, but the latest tabloid nonsense involving Kristen Stewart and her mother’s truck is about as clear as it gets.  And the bowels of the celebrity gossip machine is not a pretty site.   The story began yesterday as Kristen was photographed and videotaped while purportedly attending a professional obligation relating to her new film Camp XRay in North Hollywood.  In photographs that were widely reported on across the tabloid “press”, Kristen is shown walking into the location and walking out sometime later to her mother’s blue pickup truck.  Written in the dust on the truck’s hood is a “I [heart symbol] Rob.”  The pictures, taken by x17online and another paparazzi firm, are presented in a fashion to make the reader believe that Kristen stopped while in the process of entering the truck to look at the “writing” and various tabloids opined as to whether it was written by her or by a “fan” and/or how seeing it may have affected her.  Some outlets even claimed that she was hurt and/or outraged at the paparazzi and that she cursed them.

Photo of the truck and the message on the hood.

Photo of the truck and the message on the hood.

For an example, see how Rachel Maresca of the New York Daily News used the photos and spun the story.  In her article called “Kristen Stewart Victim of Car Prank: Fan Writes “I love Rob” on Hood of Her Pickup Truck Post Robert Pattinson Split”, Maresca asserts that the “23 year old actress returned to her parked car outside a studio in North Hollywood to find what appeared to be an unwanted reminder of her ex-boyfriend Robert Pattinson right in front of her”.  Continuing, Maresco asserted that “A possible fan or unknown culprit wrote the words ‘I love Rob’ in the dust of Stewart’s unwashed blue pickup truck”.

Photo widely represented as Kristen staring at the message on the hood.

Photo widely represented as Kristen staring at the message on the hood.

Joyce Chen of US Magazine spun it this way in her web article “Kristen Stewart’s Car Vandalized With ‘I Love Rob’ Message After Robert Pattinson Breakup”:  “The Twilight actress looked dumbfounded as she stared at the words ‘I (heart) Rob’ written on the dusty vehicle.”  Chen also noted how “Stewart kept a stoic expression on her face as she drove off in the vehicle in a white V-neck T-shirt, grey hoodie and cropped skinny jeans, a pair of oversized black-framed glasses on her face.”

Leigh Blickley in her article “Kristen Stewart Insulted After “I love Rob’ Message Left on Her Dirty Pickup Truck”, asserted thatIn pictures on x17online.com, the 23-year-old ‘Twilight’ star can be seen staring at the harsh words left on her dirty pickup truck — most likely a prank pulled by a fan or a paparazzo.” She also asserted, like many other outlets, that there appeared “to be a parking ticket on her windshield … yikes.”

Georginia Littlejohn of Britain’s The Daily Mirror, in an article “Kristen Stewart Fails to Wash That Man Off Her Car As She Spots Declaration of Love to Robert Pattinson On Her Bonnet”, asserted that a “cheeky fan had etched the words onto her very dirty pickup truck but she made no attempt to scrub it off.”  The Mirror continued with a discussion about the so-called Rob and Riley Keough romance, a story that has been widely repudiated story by even the actress herself.

And the Christian Post’s Benge Nsenduluka claimed that Kristen “appeared to be stunned while heading back to her vehicle after spotting a love note on it’s bonnet.” Query why a so-called Christian webblog covers celebrity gossip and then lies about it.  Talk about bearing false witness. Isn’t that one of those stone tablet things, number 9 I think?

Rebecca Merriman of Entertainmentwise.com spun it this way in her article “Kristen Stewart Victim of I Love Rob Prank On Dirty Truck” claiming that Kristen “had a look of shock on her face as she appeared to see the message across the bonnet of the car as she climbed back in the vehicle and didn’t attempt to hide her annoyance as she seemed to swear at the pap squad, who laughed at the embarrassing incident.”  An amazing assertion given the video that the website provided as to the incident.  But more on that later.

So take your choice: was Kristen stoic, staring, shocked, stunned, insulted, annoyed, or outraged.  Or did some gutless paparazzi weasels fail miserably at trying to get a rise out of her.  Would never guess it from these photos and these stories. Did she write it, a cheeky fan write it, or did a paparazzi write it. Seems like a mystery from these stories and these pictures doesn’t it.  Or did some slimeball paparazzi hope to goad Kristen into reacting.  Would never guess it from these photos and these stories.

But, what do all these “reporters” for these paragons of journalistic excellence have in common?  They are all liars and they all make a living off of misrepresenting the truth and making people stupid.  And how do we know that?  For once, we can actually can answer all these questions because the involved paparazzi were stupid enough to provide a full video of the incident.

There are several complete versions of the video available on the internet.  The one at entertainmentwise.com is probably the best. It shows how the paparazzi were already filming and laughing about the writing on the hood before Kristen came back out.  How Kristen comes out, goes to the car, says a single remarkably quiet “fuck you” as she is getting into the car, and shows her driving away.  With the sounds of paparazzi laughing in the background.  There is no stop and stare at the writing, no outrage, not much of any visual reaction at all.  Bottom line, Kristen bears the blank expression she often displays to paparazzi scum.

And as to who wrote the message?  These tabloid outlets insult people’s intelligence by claiming it was put their by anyone else other than themselves.  Their goal was to get a rise out of Kristen.  And they failed miserably.  Which is what all of these articles should have reported: that Gutless Paparazzi Weasels Fail to Get A Rise Out of Kristen Stewart.

And as for the parking ticket?  Anyone who has gotten in LA knows what one  looks like.  This looks more like a business card.

One final point.  The photos purportedly showing Kristen stopping to stare at the message. A picture never lies?  Yeah right, this blog proves that they do.  Which is why paparazzi rarely release video.  And which is why there is not one second of any video involving the so-called cheating scandal last year .  Ask yourself why?

So here’s a little pop quiz if you can hold your nose: review the entertainmentwise.com video at http://www.entertainmentwise.com/news/120145/I-Love-Rob-Declaration-Of-Love-To-Ex-Robert-Pattinson-Written-On-Kristen-Stewarts-Dirty-Truck.

And if you don’t believe these stories or don’t look at them, be sure to retweet the following: Gutless Paparazzi Weasels Fail to Get A Rise Out of Kristen Stewart at http://wp.me/p2JqVX-HZ

2+2=5, WTF!

by twilighter

[We now know what one of Kristen’s tatoos looks like and that the tabloids have it all wrong As usual.  Keep Reading.]

I never was much for mathematics ever since college calculus bowled right over my head, but I always thought that 2 +2 = 4.  Then why does 2 +2  suddenly now  = 5?  Couple random thoughts from a poor mathamagician:

1.  Mid April, all seems well in Robstenland.  Yet by May 20th, it’s all gone to hell.  The Dior campaign is released on June 12th. Random or intentional?

2.  Rob takes both dogs and takes out his own garbage.  And poses for the paps.  Just like Kristen did back in April.  Imagine that.  Little did Celebuzz understand the significance of that then.

Kristen taking out the trash April 17.

Kristen taking out the trash April 17.

3.  Rob’s rep Nick Frenkel apparently leaves his good friends at GC hanging out to dry for days.  They are so late to the “breakup story” that it had mold on it before they got to it.  Is that how Nick treats his old pal Dan Abrams? I don’t think so.

4.  Kristen goes on a smiley road trip.  Becomes a Hooters Girl.  And gets a tatoo. (more on that later).  Arriving home just in time to go to the big blowout party that she doesn’t attend or isn’t invited to.  Because Rob is already sooo over her.  According to People and their  so-called paid informant. A side story they altered and tried to bury.

5.  Rob throws a big Hollywood bash complete with hookers and escorts. Because he is such a Hollywood guy.  And hangs out continually at CM.  But PopSugar, X17online, and the other tabloids miss a key opportunity.  Why is Ellen Page the only one to arrive at Rob’s house during daylight hours and is not dressed like a hooker?


6.  Kristen the cheater now becomes the sympathetic figure, the girl who lost it all yet gallantly struggles onward, while her knight in shining armor starts taking hits as he drinks himself into a stupor nightly with a different woman.

7.  Ah yes the women.  They are the staple of tabloid tripe.  First the tabloids had Rob with the Katy Perry, then Emilie deRaven (again),  then Sarah Roemer, then the mystery brunette, then the Dior blond, and now Riley Keogg, one of Kristen’s closest friends.  And they still haven’t got it right because they are being played.

 8.  And then there is that girl in a car story.
Opps.  Guess we have to make that five, since there is also the mystery brunette who is in the rear right.  Funny how the tabloids missed that, isn’t it. Hiding in plain site.
Rob 2
Should kind of remind you of this tabloid nonsense.
Romantic Dinner with Rupert

Romantic Dinner with Rupert

Oops.  Now you see Charlize, now you don’t.  Funny how this second photo didn’t appear in US Magazine’s July 26, 2012 original (or even subsequent) accounts.

No, its a caste party Charlize is between them.

No, its a cast party and Charlize is between them.  Funny how that didn’t make it into the tabloid  story.

9.  And circling around the broader story from the party are the usual suspects from the old girl in a car story.  Jarecki, Sarah Roemer, and Kevin Turen.  And throw in a dose of Emilie de Raven for good measure.
10.  And Katy Perry flies into and flies out of Rob’s love life faster than a Formula 1 car making a pit stop at LeMans.
And all this in a little more than a month.  I don’t know about you, but it sure seems like someone is spending an awful lot of time and money on selling an illusion.  And trolling across the internet stirring up the pot.  Maybe because its very well monitored and has been studied incessantly by those friends at Abrams Media. Or maybe because the celebrity gossip machine is too busy making up stories and making money off of you to bother with anything remotely like the truth.

But then again, maybe 2+2=4 after all?

Try this one on for size.  Riley Keogg at the Roosevelt Hotel pool in Los Angelas yesterday afternoon with one of Kristen’s closest friends, CJ Romero.  So much for Riley stepping in on Kristen’s guy. Do you really think CJ would look so kindly on Riley stepping out with Rob?

CJ and Riley at the Roosevelt.

CJ and Riley at the Roosevelt.

And the rings and clothes are back. With rings flying across fingers faster than you can say soul mate.


Kristen on a plane from Nashville on June 24th. Same jacket Rob wore for Cosmopolis promotion in NYC last year.

Rob in NYC in August of 2012.

Rob in NYC in August of 2012.

And Kristen’s Black Flag tatoo:  llll .   Located on her left outside wrist, just behind where the watch band would rest.

The wrist tatoo

The left wrist tatoo

What does it mean? You do the math.

llll = 2013, 2012, 2011, 2010.

And as for that infinity tatoo, I’ll let you do the math.

[Editor’s note July2, 2013 3:47 PST.] – here is an updated photo of Kristen’s two tatoos.  Not for commercial purposes, no copyright violation intended.  Purely for educational purposes.

Kristen's tatoos debut in Paris.

Kristen’s tatoos debut in Paris.

So just a little word of advise to those who ever claimed to be a fan of Rob or Kristen:

“Before you go berserk on the internet and trash one or the other of them so-calledly in name of defending one or the other of them, be aware that things are not what they might seem. The math doesn’t add up for most of what the tabloids and the celebrity gossip machine is saying.  That’s the easy part.”

Kind of reminds me of that old movie that Peter Sellers and Ringo Starr did back in the late 1960’s, The Magic Christian.  The Magic Christian is an unrelenting  satire on greed, money grubbing, and capitalism. Kind of sums up the tabloid world where truth is cheap and the profits are endless.  Towards the end of the film, Peter Sellers and Ringo fill up a huge vat with urine, blood and animal excrement and add millions of dollars to it. Attracting a crowd of onlookers by announcing ‘Free money!’, they successfully entice people to recover the cash. The sequence concludes with many members of the crowd submerging themselves in the vat in order to retrieve money that had sunk beneath the surface.

“So just because the tabloid press is willing to dive in doesn’t mean that you have to.  Save yourself a long bath.  Do the math.”

Hollywood’s Worst Kept Secrets: A new Article by the Wall Street Journal

by Twilighter

Despite my misgivings about the state of the Fourth Estate, there are actually a few real journalists out there toiling to write real news stories. I highly recommend you take a look at “Hollywood’s Worst Kept Secrets” in the today’s Wall Street Journal.  You can see the electronic version at http://online.wsj.com/article/SB10001424127887324520904578553350708898328.html

The article examines the issue of celebrity privacy and security and the impacts that websites like celebrityaddressaerial.com have by publicizing celebrity addresses. It is a refreshing read that cites it sources by name when quoting people. It what real journalists do.  Unlike what people have grown accustomed to by reading the tabloid press  from People Magazine to the National Enquirer.