The Grand Punk Part 13

by twilighter

After a year-long effort, the tabloid press has finally managed to once again catch Kristen Stewart with Rupert Sanders.  And they have the photographic evidence to prove it. You know what they say, the camera never lies. Here is their evidence.

Kristen Caught

Yeah right, What a farce. July 17th, 2012 was also a farce, and today is a perfect day to take out the trash.  Which is exactly what we are going to do. During this series I have examined the provable evidence in the so-called Kristen Stewart cheating scandal and described eleven different scenarios that have put forward to try to explain what happened.  Today we will send several of them packing. A review of The Grand Punk series would probably be helpful to new readers of this series, but in particular, a review of Part 10 ( Part 11 ( and Part 12 ( would be most helpful.

Back in The Grand Punk Part 6, I introduced the concept of what provable evidence means.

In every investigation it’s good to take a pause, stand back, take a look at the provable facts, and examine the scenarios that potentially explain an episode. And in the process distinguish between facts as opposed to background noise, rumors, and unsubstantiated gossip based on unnamed sources.  Engaging in that process can weed out unlikely scenarios and focus attention on the path forward.  Now is a good time to do this with the Kristen Stewart “cheating scandal.

In doing so, particular care must be exercised when assessing the believability of unidentified and unnamed sources.  Such sources, or reports of what they say, can be falsified or exaggerated with impunity and are immune from cross examination.  That is the case whether such sources are claimed by the National Enquirer, Us Magazine, Gossip Cop, People Magazine, or the New York Times.  But make no mistake, only the last entity has journalistic standards that require multiple sources and confirmation of the details provided by sources before a story runs.  The rest are just part of celebrity gossip machine that is in the business of making money off of gossip.

That being the case, for the purposes of this inquiry, unnamed or unidentified sources of information shall not be considered as providing provable facts unless the information provided is substantiated by multiple, independent, non-conflicting sources, or photographs or video, and the information provided is such that a reasonably prudent person would rely on the truth of the information in making an important decision in their own life, in essence the reasonable person standard from tort law.

So lets take a look at the essential provable facts from this story.

Fifteen Facts in the Kristen Stewart Cheating Scandal

1. To most reasonable minds, by the end of 2011 Rob and Kristen were involved in a long-term, highly private, stable relationship for a matter of years.

It’s hard to remember but, prior to the so-called events of July of 2012, the debate over whether Rob and Kristen were a couple was pretty much over.  Most of the diehard Nonstens had much thrown in the towel and even shut down their websites.  We were well past the hand holding on the Paris tarmac, the Montreal kiss, years of cross continental birthday trips and reciprocal set visits, holidays on the Isle of Wight, shared clothes, knowing looks, and “My boyfriend” is English.  And only about a little more than a month past the Cannes Film Festival.

Rob and Kristen in a rare public display of affection at the Cannes Film Festival premier of Cosmopolis. Not for commercial purposes, no copyright violation intended.

Rob & Kristen in a rare pda at the Cannes premier of Cosmopolis.
Photo not for commercial purposes, no copyright violation intended.

The almost uniform reaction to the so-called scandal underscores this fact.  People did not say “Oh my god, Kristen had a fling with Rupert, I guess she was never in a relationship with Rob.”  No, the reaction was “Oh my god, how could she cheat on him”, which necessarily presumed that they were in a relationship to begin with.

That is not to say however, that there weren’t some who doubted the scandal’s authenticity almost from the very beginning, such as yours truly and Crushable’s Jeni Maier, although for different reasons.  Those doubts accelerated for many with the somewhat flawed and misleading release of the Youtube video “The Camera Never Lies”.  But the authenticity of the scandal is a different question from the authenticity of their relationship.

It wasn’t until people began to grasp for straws to explain why Rob would forgive Kristen after a very public, monumental humiliation of him and serious doubts began to be raised about the photographs that all of the “PR” theories sprung back to life. That their reconciliation must have been merely feigned to sell theater tickets or that they were contractually bound to fake a romance from the start.  To see the fallacy of that last argument, see Busting Urban Legends About the So-Called Kristen Stewart Cheating Scandal:  The PR Relationship Contract Clause Myth at

But like all things in this new digitized 24/7 electronic tabloid era, re-writing history was just a few key strokes away and a hot bed of anti-Kristen sentiment based on long standing Robert Pattenson mania as the world’s sexiest man and every girl’s dream come true, only poured gasoline on to the fire.  Setting the stage for a public flogging and conflagration never before seen in terms of its intensity, length, and hysteria.  Almost instantly, Kristen became a modern day pariah, the most hated woman in Hollywood.

2.  Rob and Kristen’s mutual hatred and disgust for the paparazzi and the celebrity gossip machine has been a well established fact for years.

For a number of years, Kristen regularly flipped the paparazzi off, sometimes with two hands, and on at least one occasion in Paris in early 2012, taunted one who was abusing her to “freeze to death.”


Kristen’s famous two handed bird.                Photo not for commercial purposes, no copyright violation intended

Equally impressive were her verbal denouncements of both the paparazzi and the celebrity gossip rags:

I don’t care about the voracious, starving shit eaters who want to turn truth into shit.

What you don’t see are the cameras shoved in my face and the bizarre intrusive questions being asked, or the people falling over themselves, screaming and taunting to get a reaction. The photos are so… I feel like I’m looking at someone being raped. A lot of the time I can’t handle it. It’s f***ed. I never expected that this would be my life.

I’m just going to let people watch whatever little movie they think our lives are and go for it. Keep them guessing.  That’s what I always say.

And even most recently her muttering of  “Rats, cockroaches, parasites!”  while in Paris for fashion week. But perhaps the most telling of them all:

I always say to myself I’m never going to give anything away because there’s never any point or benefit for me.  I guarantee, when I have a baby, everyone is going to want to know my kid’s name and I’m not going to say it for ages.

These were only a few of her many famous quotes. What else could a woman who is so fiercely private that she plans on refusing to divulge her child’s name to the celebrity gossip machine be capable of?  Just about anything?

Rob, although less physically demonstrative digitally, has been no more respectful of them than Kristen and late in 2012 once famously said that he should make “castrating” paparazzi his favorite past time and “that the tabloid industry does terrible, terrible things to the world.  It makes people stupid.” He also has said:

Media culture is a monstrous thing, you can’t win. The annoying thing is that you can’t attack them, but you can’t defend yourself. The best thing you could possibly do is punch a paparazzi and give them their big payday.

You know, when the whole thing dries up and there’s hardly any paparazzi around — I don’t know, in 15 years or something — I like the idea of just one paparazzo coming out and trying to get a picture, and I just beat the shit out of him. I mean — out of nowhere — when my You know, picture’s not even worth…and I’ve spent all my money, so you can’t sue me!

Rob and Kristen’s mutual hatred of the paparazzi and the tabloid press was born and nurtured during a period of time when they rapidly became the most speculated about couple on the face of the planet.  Trying to build a relationship out of the public eye as hordes of fans, paparazzi and tabloids tracked their every move from Vancouver to Los Angeles, Budapest to Paris, Montepuchiano, Italy to Montreal, and to the Isle of Wight.  And more than any couple in the history of Hollywood, because of the new 24/7 tabloid world, there were always people watching, tweeting, posting, and reading.  And make no mistake, no one was more aware of that than Rob and Kristen themselves. Which is what makes Kristen parading before some paparazzi on July 17, 2012 all the more ridiculous.


The whole world’s watching.

3.  Rob and Kristen had been arguably foreshadowing the coming of this “cheating scandal” for months.

At the Breaking Dawn 1 Premier in November of 2011, Rob first talked of an Edward and Bella divorce in a red carpet interview with Marc Malkam.  At the time, Kristen and several other cast members also talked of it.  Elizabeth Reaser went so far to say that “I think Bella would stray if anyone was going to.  I don’t think either of them will, but she’s so young. I mean, Edward’s got like a hundred years on her.” Billy Burke even joked about the boredom and the possibility of them having an open relationship with Jacob.

And in a spring 2012 Vogue interview, Kristen talked of how perfect and boring her life was and how she “couldn’t wait for someone to fuck” her over and how you can “learn a lot about life from adversity.”  Words which were to be poured over and analyzed again and again once the “scandal” broke.

Then at Comic Con in 2012, just two weeks before July 17, Rob again talked of Bella & Edward’s “Mr. & Mrs. Smith thing”  while on a panel, offering Stephanie Meyer a suggestion as to where the Saga could proceed if she were to write another sequel.

And mere days before the scandal breaking, Rob’s Breaking Dawn press day interview on July 16 where he purportedly said “No, I’ve never been betrayed by people who are actually in my life, like my friends or even my acquaintances. No one has ever done anything.”

So many people have called all of these things ironic, karma, or tempting the fates.  But for me, these “coincidences” suggest a much more explicit strategy.

4.  Despite the high profile public nature of this so-called “scandal”, surprisingly little credible evidence of it exists and what does exist contains significant gaps and problematic elements.   

Despite claims that this “cheating scandal” occurred on July 17th (a date that has never been factually confirmed though FFN claimed it) and started with Kristen leaving a gym in Santa Monica, no other photos from the day in question have ever been disclosed despite a multi-hour surveillance involving up to purportedly four paparazzi.  Only 55 photographs were ever produced from it and video evidence is completely lacking.  This from one of the largest and most active paparazzi agencies in Los Angeles.  Claims by some that there were more photos that were withheld  or that Kristen bought them to preclude them from being made public is nothing more than bald speculation.  A year later we are still dealing with the same old 55 photos.  That’s it, that is all there is. The case is made or not made on this evidence.

The FameFlynet/US Magazine account of what happened is also rife with errors from where it happened, to when it happened, and as to how it happened.   The photos fail to match up to the account.  For a more detailed examination, See “It’s Time to Put Something to Rest: US Magazine’s Account of the Kristen Stewart Cheating Scandal Was Fabricated” at  An online poll associated with that blog found that 85% of those responding did not believe the FFN/USMagazine’s account of the events of that day.  And yet that account  forms one of the four key prongs of the argument supporting this  so-called scandal.

5.  Despite claims of a version of events, FameFlyNet, US Magazine, and PopSugar, the purveyors of the “scandal” don’t have a clue as to how, where, and under what circumstances the so-called “cheating” photographs were actually taken.

The epic mismatch between their claimed series of events and reality is legendary.  Their version of a deserted downtown warehouse district ends up being a parking lot at 2272 S. Centinela Avenue in Santa Monica, right in the heart of the Santa Monica movie making industry and right around the corner from Rupert Sander’s production offices.  A scenic overlook, complete  with hikers, dogwalkers, and tourists, with a view of downtown LA and the Hollywood Sign, ends up being a quiet dead-end residential street, Pacific View Drive,  with a non-descript guard rail looking north over Universal City with no view of downtown LA or the Hollywood Sign.  Their version of Kristen sitting in her car turns out being taken right in front of the corporate offices of Summit Entertainment in Santa Monica at Stewart Street & Colorado Avenue.  And multiple photos of Rupert walking turn out to be taken within three hundred yards of his house in the Hollywood Hills just minutes away from the guard rail site.

Yet, not one photo shows him being picked up, dropped off, or getting into or out of her car; Kristen’s car driving off; or their purported final good bye kiss.  And not one shows Kristen being tailed from a gym to Los Feliz and back or anywhere else for that matter.

Hours of surveillance ends with only 55 photos, many of which are highly duplicative with minor variations.  Suggesting more questions than they do answers.

6.  Despite being perhaps one of the more noteworthy news events of the year, not a single paparazzi of the alleged four has ever been identified or ever stepped forward to claim that they were the ones who took the pictures.  They remain “ethereal photographers”, faceless and nameless, never to be cross examined or even questioned as to what they claimed happened.

Despite some claims the contrary, the paparazzi account of what they saw that day is only available through second hand hearsay, primarily from the authors at US Magazine and through FameFlyNet President Scott Cosman who provided a version of their account to the LA Times.  Other than his claim, there is absolutely nothing to show that FameFlyNet photographers were even involved in taking these pictures or that his four “paparazzi” existed at all.  They could have just as easily been staged by Rob and Kristen with Rupert’s assistance and simply dropped into FFN’s lap.  Which also explains why FFN was so clueless as to their origins and so reticent about identifying or producing the paparazzi for questioning.  And Cosman’s claim that the photographers didn’t even know who the guy with Kristen was with until they “examined the pictures back at the office” stretches credulity to the breaking point.

Imagine for one moment a trial where the prosecution is never required to even call a witness to a crime.  Where a person can be convicted and imprisoned based on what someone claims another witness saw or heard. And that person doesn’t even have to appear at the trial, they can just write about what they claim happened.   Is that the kind of American justice you believe in?

7.  Many of the “cheating photos” show evidence of staging and photo digital manipulation to throw people off the track of where they were taken or to signal to careful observers that the pictures are not what they purport to be .  Despite that fact, the defects in those photos are readily detectable and eventually discovered,  and the location of their shooting mysteriously comes to light.

Most of the South Centinela Avenue parking lot photos show evidence digital alteration of the side view mirror image, the rear view mirror image, and rear hatch back window reflections that cannot be matched to the actual scene.  See the “Grand Punk Part 10” and “The Smoking Gun: Conclusive Evidence that the Kristen Stewart Cheating Scandal Was Staged” at

PopSugar #49

Most of the Pacific View Drive guard rail photos show evidence of digital manipulation of Kristen’s height in relation to Rupert and the guardrail or both, or show evidence of distortions in the size and/or length of their hands and arms, show lighting errors and evidence of the use of artificial fill lighting, and obvious continuity errors involving rings, hats, and the condition of cars. See just one example below.  An exhaustive analysis of the guardrail photos is contained in The Grand Punk Parts 11 and 12.

PopSugar #51 analyzed

PopSugar #51 analyzed

With one exception, none of these changes make the photos more salacious but rather simply alert careful viewers that the photos are not what they purport to be. The one photo that becomes more salacious defies the laws of physics and gravity.  See that photo below.

PopSugar #59 analyzed

PopSugar #50 analyzed:  Kristen’s gravity and physics defying hair.

Although some of these defects are subtle, nearly all of them are easily detected by just looking at them critically.

And then there is the little matter of how the shoot locations came to light.  They didn’t become known because of the work of the tabloids.  FameFlyNet even had to send photographers to the scenes after they were identified to photograph the sites.  Something that is readily apparent on their own website where they list those pictures as  being created on 7/26/2012 and how images of these “two together at these locations have just surfaced in the past two days”. FFN was obviously trying to cover their tracks and figure out what the hell had just happened. Some tabloids even thought the Pacific View Trail overlooked the Pacific Ocean and included pictures of the Pacific Ocean in their accounts!  See for example, Hollywood Lies regurgitated version of the story from July 25, 2012:

hollywood lies 3

Complete with a picture showing the Pacific Ocean and a  view of where “they were allegedly caught kissing by photographers”. All the details?  No, TOTALLY CLUELESS!

These shoot locations came to light because of the observations of people on blogs and in comments or more likely because the people actually responsible for them being taken leaked them onto the internet.  Otherwise, we would have never known where they were taken.

Despite the problems inherent in the photos, these photos constitute the second of the four key prongs of the argument supporting this  so-called scandal.

8.  In spite of being successful, with a few notable exceptions, at keeping her relationship with Rob away from the paparazzi, Kristen was purportedly discovered in a so-called cinch with a married director in broad daylight, in public, showing little attempt to hide her identity.  And in a car she had not been pictured in for months and that she had self-described as being a paparazzi magnet.

This from a woman who has managed to hide a relationship in plain sight for more than four years.  A couple who was photographed holding hands only a few times, and in what one would term as  intimate embraces in public only a few fleeting times more (the Montreal kiss; leaving the WFE premier; at the Cannes Film Festival and after party; and at Kristen’s Los Feliz house in October of 2013).

There was no surreptitious encounter, secret hotel rendezvous, no attempt at disguise or subterfuge.  And at times during the so-called cinch, it appeared that either Kristen or Rupert stared dead at the photographers.

PopSugar #31

PopSugar #31 Kristen Didn’t know she was being photographed?   Yeah right.      Photo not for commercial purposes, no copyright violation intended.

Despite unsupported claims by some of spy cameras, secret surveillance, and long range telephotos lens, evidence establishes that all of the photos were taken at relatively close range under 65 feet and under circumstances making it impossible for the photographers to secret themselves from view.  See “The Grand Punk Part 10 and 11.” Notions that they were photographed without their knowledge, consent, or cooperation are baseless and contrary to the physical evidence. Just as are claims that they were contractually forced to cooperate in them being taken. See Busting Urban Legends About the So-Called Kristen Stewart Cheating Scandal:  The PR Relationship Contract Clause Myth at

9. Despite high profile claims by People Magazine of both Kristen and Rupert’s “statements of apology”, People Magazine failed to disclose the source of, form of, or circumstances of how they obtained such statements and failed to establish how they link each of them to those purported statements.

People Magazine tried to leave people with the impression that Kristen and Rupert provided them with official press release statements which was anything but the truth.  One of their own employees at the time tweeted that the so-called apologies were provided by sources not from the parties themselves, sources that were never identified. Neither Rupert nor Kristen have ever publicly acknowledged the existence or accuracy of these statements.  And if it had come from through their reps and they wanted it out their, the reps would have freely invited People to identify the reps as providing them, providing further authenticity to the release.  Yet People has been noticeably silent about exactly who they purportedly got these  statements from.  Yeah right, I can talk tabloid lingo with the best of them.

Already reeling from being scooped by US Magazine on the original account of the so-called “scandal”, People wasn’t about to get scooped again while they awaited some confirmation of the statements authenticity.  We saw them do much the same recently when they admitted they ran the Rob and Kristen breakup story without confirmation from the actor’s agents.  Checking with reps is a myth that they try to promote just to shore up their credibility, something many people mistakenly believe. But one that is obviously untrue.

Striped of all the fanfare, the only basis for believing the apologies at all comes from the fact that neither Kristen nor Rupert failed to deny making them.  Yet even if it is believed that they in fact made the statements, nothing establishes that the statements contained within them are the truth. And the truth of the matter remains, we have know idea where these “apologies” came from. These tainted apologies are the final two prongs of the four key prongs of the argument supporting this  so-called scandal.

10.  From July 22nd to September 5th, Kristen was completely out of the public eye despite rampant speculation and misreporting as to her whereabouts.  Rob was completely MIA from July 22nd to August 13th.  And when they reappeared, Rob was sporting a suntan and Kristen was trying her hardest at the TIFF to convince people that she was malnourished from the stress.

Rob and Kristen’s complete disappearance from the public eye between July 22nd to August 13th is a mystery that remains to this day.  As does Kristen’s continued disappearance until September 5th.  And unlocking that mystery is the key to understanding what really happened in the so-called Kristen Stewart Cheating Scandal. Various unsubstantiated tabloid accounts tried to place them in various places but always apart.  Most accounts tried to claim they were licking their wounds and trying to recover from a explosive breakup.

But right on cue, Rob appeared for his promotional duties for Cosmopolis in NY and eventually at the VMA’s in Los Angeles.  And Kristen appeared for her promotional obligations in Toronto for On the Road.  Despite tabloid tales of starvation and depression and breakup trauma, neither looked worse for the wear.  For a discussion of the Kristen myth of Living on Redbulls & Nicotine see the later portion of “The Grand Punk Part 12.”

11.  Despite a monumental public humiliation and betrayal, and the first public proclamation of her love for him while apologizing for an indiscretion with another man, Rob “forgives” Kristen in a matter of a couple months and the two are seen together again both publicly and privately in ways that are entirely contrary to tabloid claims that they have parted company.

Rumors of their “reconciliation” began to surface almost immediately after the so-called scandal broke, but solid evidence of them being together is evidenced in photos of the them taken  on October 14th and 15th in Los Feliz, and at a home purchased by Kristen in Los Feliz sometimes referred to as Los Feliz 2 on October 17th.  These last photos are most telling as the tabloid responsible for taking them was forced to take the photos down due to a criminal trespass that occurred in order to get them taken and the intimate behavior shown between the two of them in the photos.  And though that tabloid and several others were forced to take them down, the photographs have remained on a number of Rob and Kristen fansites indefinitely for all to see.

12.  Despite a virtual torrent of subsequent stories about them from the celebrity gossip machine, nearly all of these stories are baseless fabrications made up for the purposes of getting webhits and virtually all are made on the basis of unnamed and unidentified sources which are incapable of verification or testing for their credibility and truthfulness.

I endeavor to say that never has so much baseless bullshit been written about two people in Hollywood history.  Following the “cheating scandal, the celebrity gossip machine rained nonsense onto the internet in endless quantities for months on end, and continued to do so well afterward.  Something that has continued to this very day.  To review a multitude of such nonsense stories, read my blogs at There is not enough time in the day to debunk this endless BS.  I venture to say that the vast majority of things written about Rob and Kristen’s personal life on the internet is patently untrue. Something which Rob himself has affirmed in an interview.  And particularly where it is based on unnamed sources and it appears in a tabloid.

13.  That despite claims after the so-called scandal that Rob refused to talk to her, couldn’t stand to be in the same room with her, refused to promote Breaking Dawn 2 with her, and would cease any involvement with her following the promotions, Rob and Kristen appeared together in multiple promotions for the film on MTV and in LA, Paris, Berlin, and Madrid; they vacationed together in England over the Thanksgiving holiday; and returned from England and remained together into the New Year.

Though some claimed they did so only to get through the promotions period, they continued together into the new year and even after a several week hiatus while Rob was filming The Rover in Australia. This entire period was marked by several unsubstantiated accounts of problems within their relationship and Rob stepping out. It got so ridiculous that I was predicting the stories before the tabloids were even writing them.  See  “Predicting Tabloid Garbage: Assessing Five Rob Kristen Stories Waiting to Happen at  Which were all obliterated when Rob returned straight to Kristen.  That continued through and up to Kristen’s birthday which was marked by a major gathering of their friends at a restaurant in Los Feliz and them looking very much together.

Following that event, both Rob and Kristen were virtually chased through Coachella by a pack of paparazzi while they were trying to enjoy a weekend of music and fun. It was not long after that that Eleanore “the serial liar” Hutch of Hollywood Lies (Life) fabricated the Rupert Sanders As a Valet story.  See “Oh the Tabloid BS Rob & Kristen Stories Just Keep Coming- Part 2” at  And the stage was set for even more tabloid nonsense.

14. Despite periodic claims of  “breaking up”, “taking a break”, and “trial separations”, all available evidence suggests that they remained together up until May 12, 2013.

Despite claims of PR contracts and relationship strife, all of the available evidence up to May 12, 2013 suggests that Rob and Kristen remained together throughout without incident.  But almost over night a series of developments  exploded across the internet in May and the tabloids were selling a breakup big time although they were all over the map on why they claimed that it happened.  For a review of some of this nonsense, see Examining the Case for a Rob & Kristen Breakup at ;  and 2+2=5 WTF? at .  We will examine this nonsense more closely in Part 14 of the Grand Punk later.

15. Despite a year long obsession with the notion that a Kristen/Rupert hookup actually happened on July 17, 2012, there is insufficient provable evidence that such an event ever happened.

And I am stating it as a fact.  I am sure that this conclusion is going to stir some controversy, so let me start out by saying that I am not some starry eyed teenage Robsten fan or a true believer in the Robsten dream.  I will leave that to others.  As I have stated before, I could care less about whether Rob and Kristen are together or not, whether they have found the “perfect love”, or whether they “hate each others guts”.  This story is not about that for me.

What this story is about for me is the truth, and how multi-million dollar tabloid corporations manufacture “news” and millions of people blindly accept it without a second thought.  How the traditional news media is being quickly overwhelmed by a 24/7 tabloid entertainment notion of what constitutes the truth and news. And what people are driven to when they are trying to navigate life in the fishbowl that Hollywood has become.

I’ll put it simply, the notion that a Kristen and Rupert hookup actually happened is a four legged stool that is only as strong and believable as the legs it stands on.  Those legs in this case are, the FFN/US Magazine account of how the so-called hookup occurred; the photographic “evidence” that they offered of it; People Magazine’s claimed “statement of apology” by Kristen; and People Magazine’s and US Magazine’s claimed “statement of apology” by Rupert.

The Grand Punk Part 10, 11, and 12 collectively obliterate the notion that the FFN/Us Magazine account of the hookup is credible, something that a reasonable prudent person should rely on in making an important decision in their own lives. Similarly, they demonstrate that the “photographic evidence” is equally tainted and are patently insufficient to prove that the event actually occurred.  And as for the final two legs, the apologies, relying on an unnamed, unidentified source to “sell” the notion of a “statement of apology” is a travesty of justice that should not be tolerated.  People should not have to deny rubbish, the purveyors of news should have to prove their claims.  This stool is little more than a pile of rubbish than can’t begin to support the claim of a Kristen & Rupert hookup.

And don’t even try to get started on the divorce.  People get divorced every day for many different reasons.  The Rupert and Liberty divorce can’t revive a notion that was already dead in the water.  It is at best circumstantial evidence of a problem in the marriage that cannot be linked to the existence of an actual Kristen and Rupert hookup.  And there was already plenty of evidence prior to the so-called cheating scandal to suggest that that marriage was troubled.  Right out of Liberty’s mouth.

That is not to say however, that there are not going to be people who continue to believe this b ull.  Rob said it best, “Tabloids make people stupid.”  And some people find comfort in the stupidity.  But for those of you who are really interested in understanding what actually happened, continuing to pretend that the hookup occurred is a waste of time.  It’s old tripe that hasn’t really changed in over the past year.  And it’s time to throw out the trash.

Where Do We Go From Here?

Let’s bury some scenarios. Back in The Grand Punk Parts 6, 7, and 8, I presented eleven scenarios that have been offered to attempt to explain what happened in the so-called Kristen Stewart cheating scandal.  Five of them are immediately dead on arrival.  Any scenario that is based on the notion that a Kristen/Rupert actually happen should be rejected.  Given this conclusion all of the Kristen and Rupert Were Having an Affair and Got Caught Scenarios of The Grand Punk Part 7 can be discarded, including the prevailing FFN/US Magazine account Scenario 1 “The Lucky Paparazzi”, Scenario 2 The Lucky Paparazzi Un-embellished, Scenario 3 The Paparazzi on a Mission; Scenario 4 The Private Eye, and Scenario 5 The Kristen & Rupert Didn’t Care if They Got Caught.  May they rest in peace.  You may review them for historical purposes and to do combat with online babblers but they will not further your understanding of what actually happened in this case.

Given the discussion here about the reality of the Rob & Kristen relationship, I think can also safely bury Scenario 11, The Faux Romance.

In Part 13 of The Grand Punk we will take a look at what’s left focusing particularly on the staged scenarios and chart a course for our further examinations.  In the meantime, try to weather the tabloid shit storm that this day is sure to bring.  And take a very serious look at what happened at Coachella this year.  It may provide the clues for why the last two months have been a wild ride.

2+2=5, WTF!

by twilighter

[We now know what one of Kristen’s tatoos looks like and that the tabloids have it all wrong As usual.  Keep Reading.]

I never was much for mathematics ever since college calculus bowled right over my head, but I always thought that 2 +2 = 4.  Then why does 2 +2  suddenly now  = 5?  Couple random thoughts from a poor mathamagician:

1.  Mid April, all seems well in Robstenland.  Yet by May 20th, it’s all gone to hell.  The Dior campaign is released on June 12th. Random or intentional?

2.  Rob takes both dogs and takes out his own garbage.  And poses for the paps.  Just like Kristen did back in April.  Imagine that.  Little did Celebuzz understand the significance of that then.

Kristen taking out the trash April 17.

Kristen taking out the trash April 17.

3.  Rob’s rep Nick Frenkel apparently leaves his good friends at GC hanging out to dry for days.  They are so late to the “breakup story” that it had mold on it before they got to it.  Is that how Nick treats his old pal Dan Abrams? I don’t think so.

4.  Kristen goes on a smiley road trip.  Becomes a Hooters Girl.  And gets a tatoo. (more on that later).  Arriving home just in time to go to the big blowout party that she doesn’t attend or isn’t invited to.  Because Rob is already sooo over her.  According to People and their  so-called paid informant. A side story they altered and tried to bury.

5.  Rob throws a big Hollywood bash complete with hookers and escorts. Because he is such a Hollywood guy.  And hangs out continually at CM.  But PopSugar, X17online, and the other tabloids miss a key opportunity.  Why is Ellen Page the only one to arrive at Rob’s house during daylight hours and is not dressed like a hooker?


6.  Kristen the cheater now becomes the sympathetic figure, the girl who lost it all yet gallantly struggles onward, while her knight in shining armor starts taking hits as he drinks himself into a stupor nightly with a different woman.

7.  Ah yes the women.  They are the staple of tabloid tripe.  First the tabloids had Rob with the Katy Perry, then Emilie deRaven (again),  then Sarah Roemer, then the mystery brunette, then the Dior blond, and now Riley Keogg, one of Kristen’s closest friends.  And they still haven’t got it right because they are being played.

 8.  And then there is that girl in a car story.
Opps.  Guess we have to make that five, since there is also the mystery brunette who is in the rear right.  Funny how the tabloids missed that, isn’t it. Hiding in plain site.
Rob 2
Should kind of remind you of this tabloid nonsense.
Romantic Dinner with Rupert

Romantic Dinner with Rupert

Oops.  Now you see Charlize, now you don’t.  Funny how this second photo didn’t appear in US Magazine’s July 26, 2012 original (or even subsequent) accounts.

No, its a caste party Charlize is between them.

No, its a cast party and Charlize is between them.  Funny how that didn’t make it into the tabloid  story.

9.  And circling around the broader story from the party are the usual suspects from the old girl in a car story.  Jarecki, Sarah Roemer, and Kevin Turen.  And throw in a dose of Emilie de Raven for good measure.
10.  And Katy Perry flies into and flies out of Rob’s love life faster than a Formula 1 car making a pit stop at LeMans.
And all this in a little more than a month.  I don’t know about you, but it sure seems like someone is spending an awful lot of time and money on selling an illusion.  And trolling across the internet stirring up the pot.  Maybe because its very well monitored and has been studied incessantly by those friends at Abrams Media. Or maybe because the celebrity gossip machine is too busy making up stories and making money off of you to bother with anything remotely like the truth.

But then again, maybe 2+2=4 after all?

Try this one on for size.  Riley Keogg at the Roosevelt Hotel pool in Los Angelas yesterday afternoon with one of Kristen’s closest friends, CJ Romero.  So much for Riley stepping in on Kristen’s guy. Do you really think CJ would look so kindly on Riley stepping out with Rob?

CJ and Riley at the Roosevelt.

CJ and Riley at the Roosevelt.

And the rings and clothes are back. With rings flying across fingers faster than you can say soul mate.


Kristen on a plane from Nashville on June 24th. Same jacket Rob wore for Cosmopolis promotion in NYC last year.

Rob in NYC in August of 2012.

Rob in NYC in August of 2012.

And Kristen’s Black Flag tatoo:  llll .   Located on her left outside wrist, just behind where the watch band would rest.

The wrist tatoo

The left wrist tatoo

What does it mean? You do the math.

llll = 2013, 2012, 2011, 2010.

And as for that infinity tatoo, I’ll let you do the math.

[Editor’s note July2, 2013 3:47 PST.] – here is an updated photo of Kristen’s two tatoos.  Not for commercial purposes, no copyright violation intended.  Purely for educational purposes.

Kristen's tatoos debut in Paris.

Kristen’s tatoos debut in Paris.

So just a little word of advise to those who ever claimed to be a fan of Rob or Kristen:

“Before you go berserk on the internet and trash one or the other of them so-calledly in name of defending one or the other of them, be aware that things are not what they might seem. The math doesn’t add up for most of what the tabloids and the celebrity gossip machine is saying.  That’s the easy part.”

Kind of reminds me of that old movie that Peter Sellers and Ringo Starr did back in the late 1960’s, The Magic Christian.  The Magic Christian is an unrelenting  satire on greed, money grubbing, and capitalism. Kind of sums up the tabloid world where truth is cheap and the profits are endless.  Towards the end of the film, Peter Sellers and Ringo fill up a huge vat with urine, blood and animal excrement and add millions of dollars to it. Attracting a crowd of onlookers by announcing ‘Free money!’, they successfully entice people to recover the cash. The sequence concludes with many members of the crowd submerging themselves in the vat in order to retrieve money that had sunk beneath the surface.

“So just because the tabloid press is willing to dive in doesn’t mean that you have to.  Save yourself a long bath.  Do the math.”

Examining the Case for A Kristen & Rob Breakup

by Twilighter

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It’s amazing what people are willing to accept as truth just because someone says something on the internet.  Even when it is based on nothing more than faceless tweets, blog comments, and tabloid articles.

People Magazine breakup account.

People Magazine breakup account.

Take the latest Kristen Stewart/Robert Pattinson breakup rumor that has rumbled across the blogsphere. A rumor that has pitted one part of the Twilight fandom against the other, with Rob fans spinning the story as all Kristen’s fault with her affair, her clinginess, her demands for marriage and a baby, and her texting with Rupert; and Kristen fans spinning it as it’s all Rob’s fault with his serial philandering, his Katy Perry fling, his drug and alcohol abuse, and his general refusal to admit Kristen was his girlfriend at all for fear of losing his ever worshiping fans.  And the Nonstens piling on with their claims that they were never a couple at all, they are both gay, or they broke up long ago.

But what is even more amazing about this latest nonsense, is the amount of vitriol that has been cast at Rob And Kristen between the proponents of these warring points of view, and how few people actually have taken the time to analyze whether there is anything to these rumors in the first place.  Casting aspersions as if they really knew what they were talking about.  In my humble opinion, I think a lot of these so-called one time fans ought to be ashamed of themselves.

Given this vitriol, which is probably the only thing that is absolutely true in this latest internet flareup, I think its time to take a deep breath, settle down, and actually examine whether the initial premise and subsequent developments of this alleged breakup are true.  Which leads us to the obvious question:  Is there provable evidence which shows that Rob and Kristen have in fact “broken up”?

What is the case for a Rob and Kristen breakup?  It goes something like this:

1. On the morning of Rob’s birthday, May 13th, purportedly Rob and Kristen have a huge fight about her getting new texts from Rupert Sanders on her phone.

2. On the afternoon and evening of  May 13th that argument continues by phone, eventually scrapping Kristen’s big plans for a birthday celebration for Rob  that evening.

3. On the evening of May 18th, People Magazine claims a source that says that Rob and Kristen have in fact “called it quits after more than three years of dating”, but that the source also said “that it would not be surprising if the on-and-off-again pair got back together again.”

4.  On May 19th , Rob was seen moving much of his belongings and the two dogs from Kristen’s house in Los Feliz to his own house on Aberdeen in Los Feliz.

5.  On May 23rd, Kristen supervised the removal of the rest of Rob’s belongings from her house by a moving truck.

6.  Rob was seen with Katy Perry at a wedding rehearsal in Santa Barbara on May 27th, at a Bjork  concert on June 10, and may now be involved in a rebound relationship with her.

7.  Kristen has been sighted on several occasions out and about with her friends without Rob after the split and seems to be recovering nicely from it.

8. And finally, Rob and Kristen have not been seen together since after this purported breakup and have not been seen together in public since early May.

Now let’s see how the actual “evidence” stacks up in relation to this breakup rumor and assess whether it “proves” that a breakup has occurred.

  • The Phone Call Fight

Its hard too keep things straight when a tabloid frenzy gets going but that is exactly what I am going to attempt to do.  So let’s start at the beginning. This whole story started from a  X17online “exclusive”: “Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson Fight on His Birthday”, which they posted on May 14th at 5:58 PM PDT. Following a previous day of frustration when the tabloids and the blogsphere failed to figure out where and how Rob’s birthday party unfolded.  And you know the tabloids, in the absence of real news, they do what they do best: they make stuff up.

You remember X17online don’t you?  They are the two bit celebrity web blog/ paparazzi pack that was responsible for the widely repudiated story back in April, “Rupert Sander: Valet Driver.”  Yeah that one. Not to be confused with Martin Scorsese’s Oscar winner, Taxi Driver.

In their account, X17Online claimed that their photographers spotted Kristen at a friend’s house on the afternoon of the April 13th in “breakdown mode” over what appeared to be “a possible breakup” with Rob.  Quoting from the account:

“Kristen was pacing back-and-forth in her friend’s apartment, smoking. She looked really upset, talking on the phone for almost an hour — I’m guessing she was talking to Rob. She was really animated, like she was trying to explain something. She was getting frustrated and seemed very emotional, our photographer tells us.”

Afterwards she supposedly drove to another friend’s house, parked , and then continued the conversation for another 45 minutes in the car.  The article ended with the provocative question: “Could there be trouble in Twilight paradise?”  Two photos of Kristen were provided.

By 9:08 PM PST on the 14th,  X17Online posted a new one line article called “Rob and Kristen Fight on His Birthday” that said “Rob and Kristen fight on his birthday instead of celebrating” along with 13 photos including the two previous ones. Wow, that added a lot.  What is the most interesting thing about the photos is that all of them, including the two released earlier,  appear to be taken at night, appear to be taken at the same approximate place,  and seem to be minor variations on what really amounts to five basic pictures:  8 pictures of Kristen taken from the right side of the car, 1 that appears to be taken that is more wide angle; 2 pictures of purportedly her getting out of the car; 1 picture of a two story apartment building; and 1 of her standing in the doorway of the second floor apartment of that building. Despite following her for hours from the afternoon into the evening with a intervening 45 minute conversation in a car, all we really get is these four basic shots, and of course no video.

9 pictures of Kristen from the left side of vehicle.

9 pictures of Kristen from the left side of vehicle.

2 pictures of her getting out of car.

2 pictures of her getting out of car.

1 picture of an apartment building.

1 picture of an apartment building.

One picture of Kristen inside doorway of the apartment building.

One picture of Kristen inside of the doorway of the apartment building.

Why on earth does that sound so familiar?  Ah yes, July 17, 2012, the famed “cheating scandal.”  X17Online must have hired the same bozo paparazzi as FameFlyNet had back then.  Despite the fact that these paparazzi followed her for hours and are supposedly photographers, they can’t seem to manage to take much in the way of any photographs. Imagine that.

And as for their account?

Kristen was pacing back-and-forth in her friend’s apartment, smoking.”

Even though they managed to fail completely to photograph that.

She looked really upset, talking on the phone for almost an hour– I’m guessing she was talking to Rob.”

Yeah right, once again somehow managed to fail to photograph that too despite an hour passing.  And as for the “guessing” who she was talking to, how in the hell would they know that? And what she was talking about?  Well I got news for you, Guessing is a far cry from Proving.

She was really animated, like she was trying to explain something. She was getting frustrated and seemed very emotional”.

Yeah right.  Yet their photographer seemed so wound up in the drama that he forgot to take any photographs to substantiate his comments.  [editor’s note: insert eye roll here]. And as for the photographs of the car conversation?  They don’t exist.

And most telling of all, what of the claim they were taken on May 13th at all?  Well as we have seen before, manipulating image data on data files is easily accomplished with readily available software.  If you don’t believe me see the  The Pattinson/Stewart Breakup:  Three Critical Details located elsewhere on this blog at  In that one I “prove” that the apartment photo of Kristen was taken on the day of her birth back in 1990!  

What’s a person to think?  Well I’ll tell what I think.  This is the same old crap from last year.  Tabloids lie all the time.  I have proven it over and over and over  again on this website.  And as for what X17Online manages to prove from this account, I’ll tell you what they prove:  Absolutely Nothing. Zilch. Zero.  Unless of course lies, assumptions, guesses, and unsubstantiated speculation now pass for proof. Particularly when you don’t substantiate your claims with photographs and video that could have been easily taken.

And remember, we haven’t heard anything from anyone who claims they actually saw anything.  We only have the second hand account from X17Online who has a tremendous bias to lie because this story was obviously going to make them some money.  And as usual they have failed to present these so-called eye witnesses for cross examination, questioning, let alone identify them by name.  Nor have they provided anything to substantiate their account nor their veracity.  Anyone who fairly looks at this “evidence” must conclude that it fails to prove much of anything other than that X17Online is a serial fabricator.

Of course that didn’t stop the tabloids and the blogsphere from going ballistic, and twitter going crazy with claims and counter claims.  And inventing more fiction to explain what happened following this so-called fight.

  • The Birthday Breakup

Which takes us to the next chapter of this seedy saga, People Magazine’s Rob & Kristen Breakup! Sort Of, Maybe, Kind Of.  The actual title of this little missive is “Robert Pattinson & Kristen Stewart Breakup for Now” and was posted by People’s Dahvi Shira on May 18 at 6:00 PM EDT. But again, I like my title better.  This is the same Dahvi Shira who last year admitted in a tweet that People actually didn’t talk to Kristen about her so-called apology, her so-called statement.  And the same magazine that failed to make that fact clear or identify their so-called source.

After warning Twihards to sit down, ( yeah right), the story continued:

” As rumors of relationship trouble continue to swirl, a source tells PEOPLE that Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart have called it quits after more than three years of dating. Reps for the two could not be reached.  But the source says it would not be surprising if the on-and-off-again pair got back together again. The news follows online reports that Pattinson ditched out on his 27th birthday plans arranged by Stewart.”

Followed by some blah, blah, about how they had doing so well together at Coachella and at her birthday, etc.

Is this provable evidence of a Rob & Kristen breakup?  I’ll tell what I think: once again it proves Absolutely Nothing, Zero, Zilch.  First, as usual, it relies on an unnamed, unidentified source.  We are provided with absolutely nothing to verify what the source claims or information establishing the source’s credibility.  We are expected to take it on Shira’s word.  Second, it’s equivocal.  They broke up but they may get back together?  What kind of bull is that.  Talk about covering all the bases. Third, what happened to the gossip magazine that everyone claims is so reliable, the one that always confirms its stories with actor’s reps?

Yet here, they readily admit they didn’t confirm this one with the reps.  But then again we shouldn’t be surprised as they didn’t confirm the one last year about Kristen’s so-called “apology” either.  And to this day have steadfastly refused to describe the circumstances of obtaining that “apology”, whether it was written or oral, and whether it was directly from Kristen or through a source.  Even though Shiri herself admitted that it wasn’t from Kristen but from a source.  And as for Rob’s ditching out on his 27th birthday plans, other than the internet babble, who knows how he celebrated his birthday, with whom, and when.  Anyone who fairly looks at this “evidence” must conclude that it fails to prove much of anything at all other than that People is just another tabloid.

You may legitimately  ask yourself then why did People run with this story without talking to the reps.  Well I’ll tell you why.  It’s a myth that People always confirms their stories with reps.  Part of the crap they push to shore up their “credibility” as the Numero Uno tabloid, which is in serious need of being shored up I might add.  But more importantly they ran with it because they are nothing more than a sleazy tabloid just like the rest of them  and didn’t want someone else to beat them to the storyline.  It’s all about being first in this sleazy business, even when it’s a baseless lie.  They were seriously late to the game last year with the phony “cheating scandal” when they were scooped by US Magazine and FameFlyNet. Which is exactly why they ran so quickly with the unsubstantiated “apology” last year.  You have to hand it to them, People learns from its mistakes.

And so came the onslaught of tabloid stories regurgitating the People story, in typical celebrity gossip machine.

Before I move onto the next chapter in this breakup rumor saga, I do want to give a shout out to E!online and their bloggers Sierra Marquina and Baker Machado.  They posted an article on May 19 called “Kristen Stewart Heartbroken Over Robert Pattinson Breakup” which was perhaps the most patently ridiculous account of the initial breakup stories that was written.  See their account below:

A source tells E! News the Twilight stars broke up Saturday, after more than three years of dating.  Although those close to the couple believe this will be just a temporary split, the source said K. Stew is “heartbroken” and “so sad” over the break-up.  “They are going to stay living at Kristen’s house because of the dogs,” the source continued. “It’s not fully over or he would have moved out.”

Yeah right.  Broken up but living together for the dogs.  That’s a good one.  Its hard to imagine someone could write that crap while keeping a straight face.  But, that’s one of the benefits of hiding behind a computer screen, you don’t have to keep a straight face.  You can lie with impunity.  Of course, that living together business wouldn’t last long.

  • The Sixty Million Dollar Moving Man

Which takes us to the next chapter in this fairy tale of a rumor.  You know the one,  “The Sixty Million Dollar Man Moving His Own Dogs and Junk story This one was again spawned from X17Online photos and a one line story from them.  But it is primary told to us by E!online.

Rob Moves out

Rob Moves out

X17Online’s story which was posted on May 20 at 2:56 PM EDT consisted of 33  photos  and a single line, “Rob Pattinson moved his stuff out of Kristen Stewart’s home on Sunday, and he even took the couple’s dog!”  I guess they missed their own photo that showed he actually took both dogs, not one.  Despite there being a large number of photos, they once again only actually boil down to four, 16 of Rob in his truck at the entry to the driveway at his Aberdeen house (Los Feliz 1),  12 of him driving somewhere purportedly in Los Feliz, and 5 of his truck driving outside of the gated community where Kristen’s house is located (Los Feliz 2).

E!online picked it up from there.  Their actual story by Natalie Finn is called “Robert Pattinson Moves Stuff Out of Kristen’s House, Leaves With His Dogs” and was posted on May 20 at 2:13 PM PST.  Natalie Finn is the journalistic genius who recently fell for the Rob & Kristen Holding Hands in Echo Park fraud along with a colleague which I will mention later.  So much for her integrity and researching of stories. Funny how the same tabloids and writers keep recirculating, isn’t it?   Sorry about my retitling, but I couldn’t resist.  Images of Steve Austin (Lee Majors) running high speed through the desert making those goofy jumping noises were running through my head.  But of course, he was only worth six million.

Relying on the photos and as usual an unnamed, unidentified source, Finn spins the following fairy tale:

“The Twilight heartthrob was spotted clearing out of Kristen Stewart’s home in L.A.’s Los Feliz neighborhood on Sunday [May 19] afternoon, just a day after word got out that the longtime couple had split.  A source tells E! News that Rob arrived with a pickup truck at around 4 p.m. After about 45 minutes, he took off with his two dogs, his bike and a number of suitcases and trash bags. Kristen was there at the time and Rob looked very upset, the source says, adding that the actor went back to his place and stayed put for the night.  Another insider told us Sunday that Kristen was “heartbroken” over the breakup, though some in the know say it could easily be just temporary—and they certainly wouldn’t be the first celeb couple to give romance yet another shot.”

Yeah right.  A double barrel unnamed inside source, with an assist from “some in the know”.  And they dumped the “living together for the dogs” bs.  I am really impressed! [editor’s note: insert sarcasm here].  So if Rob was seen “clearing out” of Kristen’s home, which is in a secured, gated community, why don’t we have photos taken at the house.  He was there for forty five minutes, Kristen was there and Rob looked “very upset”.  Photos might have provided corroboration, but unsurprisingly, they are not forth coming.  What we do get is X17online’s photos of Rob in his truck at his house with the dogs and some unidentifiable stuff in the back.  Is it his stuff? Her stuff?  Their stuff?  Who knows.  Is he simply moving some stuff, preparing for their move back into Los Feliz 1, breaking up, or preparing for a garage sale or to donate to a celebrity charity auction? Who knows.  Or he is he pulling some crap on some gullible tabloids and fans just like he has done so many times before?

So what does this do to add provable evidence to this little breakup rumor?  Yes, you got it: Absolutely Nothing, Zero, Zilch. That’s the only fair conclusion that can reached.  Unless of course assumptions, guesses, and unsubstantiated speculation now pass for proof.

  • Rupert Sanders Strikes Again (not to be confused with The Empire Strikes Back)

Which takes us to the next chapter in our rumor saga:  what is a good breakup rumor without the reasons for it.  The tweeters had already been busy spinning tales, but it was time for the big guns to be heard.  Enter Britain’s The Sun, another venerable powerhouse of journalistic integrity (NOT!) with a story posted on May 22nd.  And you guessed it, based on an unidentified, unnamed source.  You remember this one don’t you?  I featured it in an earlier blog of mine, “The Three Most Ridiculous Rob and Kristen Breakup Rumors of the Last Forty Eight Hours.” This is the one where Kristen is in the shower the morning of Rob’s birthday and Rob accidentally picks up her phone because he wants to take a picture of something with it, but instead accidentally discovers new text traffic between Rupert and Kristen.  Yeah right. This one is too easy.

There is absolutely nothing supporting this claim other than that The Sun says it. And once again, this is a tabloid that has a long standing history of serial lying about Rob & Kristen and many other celebrities as well.  I could just as easily claim a source who said that it was Rob in the shower, and Kristen needed to take a picture of Bear with Rob’s phone, but accidentally discovered photographs of Tom and Rob doing the nasty while they were in NYC.  And that she threw him out. That would be no less nor no more credible than the story The Sun provided.   Then again, it might actually be more credible given Rob’s long term bromance with Tom, and his stuff hastily packed stuff put in garbage bags.  Or how about it was actually Rob who was using Kristen’s phone, but this time he discovered photographs on it of Kristen doing the nasty with a group of her gal pals.

See how easy it is to generate this bull?  So what does The Sun’s Story  add to the breakup rumor in terms of provable evidence?  You got it, chant after me; Absolutely Nothing, Zero, Zilch.   Anyone who fairly looks at this evidence must conclude that it fails to prove anything other than the fact that The Sun keeps making things up because its profitable and there are plenty of people out there that are stupid enough to believe it and pay for it.

Of course The Sun story spawned a legion of alternation explanations for why the breakup really happened.  Everything from what I mentioned in the opening paragraph to others like Rob’s mother never forgave Kristen for what she did, Kristen’s mother cohabitation with them ruined their sexlife, and Kristen spent too much time with her pack of juvenile delinquent girl friends.  I’ll leave you to muddle through them, but rest assured, they are no more believable than the ones that have been offered here.

  • Moving Van Part Deux ( not to be confused with Francis Ford Coppola’s excellent remix Apocalypse Now Part Deux)

What is a breakup rumor without some good moving truck nonsense?  Particularly when it come to a Rob & Kristen breakup story.  Enter Hollywood Lies and Britain’s The Daily Mail Hollywood Life’s story, “Robert Pattinson: M0ving Out of Kristen Stewart’s House for Good”, was posted on May 24th at 12:10 EDT and was penned by Elenore “the serial liar” Hutch.  I won’t bore you with the catalog of lies, misrepresentations, and tabloid tripe that has come from this women’s mouth during her career. Quoting the article:

“Nothing tells a girl you’re done with the relationship like a moving truck in the driveway!  A truck was spotted leaving Kristen’s house on May 23, presumably containing all of Rob’s possessions.  Twi-hards can begin weeping, because Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart appear to really be over. On May 23, a moving truck was seen leaving Kristen’s Loz Feliz home, and it was likely full of Rob’s stuff. We realized things were taking a turn for the worse when Rob was seen driving away from Kristen’s house on May 19 with many of his belongings and their two dogs!”

Oh Elenore, you are so pathetic: the truck “presumably containing”,  they “appear to be really”, the truck “likely full of his stuff”.  About the only thing that is full of it Elenore is you.  And how about that truck in the driveway?  Oops no picture of that.  Despite the fact they needed all that time to load all that stuff.  The moving truck spotted leaving Kristen’s house?  Oops, they did it again, no photo of that either. Its beginning to sound like a bad Britney Spears remix.  What you will find contained in the article is a photo, one showing a “Pod” moving truck entering the gated community where Kristen’s house is one of over one hundred and nothing more.

moving truck

Moving truck enters Laufflin Hills subdivision.

Well I suppose the truck might have been going to Kristen’s.  And maybe it eventually ended up in Kristen’s driveway.  After all, it had to be going somewhere.  It’s possible it was heading there.  But the last time I checked, supposing, guessing, and speculating is a lot different from Proving.

In typical celebrity gossip machine fashion, it took The Daily Mail only about two hours to trump Hollywood Life’s story in an article entitled “Kristen Stewart Cuts a Sad Figure After Watching Moving Trucks Take Away the Last of Robert Pattinson’s Belongings from Her Home”,  posted on May 24th at 2:27 PM EST :

“It looks like the split is finally official. Kristen Stewart supervised a moving van on Thursday full of what is believed to be the last of Robert Pattinson’s personal belongings from the Los Feliz, California home that they once shared.  With a car full of friends to support her during the dramatic moment, the 23-year old actress looked as serious as ever when they made a shopping run to Gelson’s grocery store while the storage POD on a large truck left the house.”

Wow, so now Kristen was actually there supervising the moving truck.  Oops, no picture of her doing that.  And how about that second sentence, now there is a devious sentence if I ever saw one.  Are they trying to imply that the picture is of her as she is watching the truck drive away (the dramatic moment) or are they saying it was taken as she drove to the grocery store, looking serious as ever? In actuality it doesn’t really matter.  The Daily Mail fails to provide any evidence to confirm that Kristen was actually at her house supervising anything.  And if you look at that photo set, it fails establish that the car she was in was at her house.  It looks much likely that it was taken at the grocery store parking lot.

Kristen with friends in a car.

Kristen with friends in a car.

And most tellingly, since one of the photos The Daily Mail  provides implies that the truck was within the gated domain of Laufflin Hills, why are there no photos of it actually at Kristen’s house?  Yeah right, different day, same old bull.

But why does this moving truck nonsense sound so familiar?

Moving Van purportedly leaving from Rob's Los Feliz estate on July 28th

Moving Van purportedly leaving from Rob’s Los Feliz estate on July 28, 2012.  Picture is actually an unrelated scene more than a mile away from Rob’s house.

Oh yes, the famed moving trucks of July of 2012.  You remember them. The ones that were supposedly taking all of Rob and Kristen’s stuff out of Los Feliz 1 after the so called cheating scandal because he was selling the house.  The house that he never managed to sell. Yeah right.  The UHaul that turned out to be planted by a paparazzi for a faked photo, and the large moving truck that turned out to be actually at a place one mile away from Rob’s house.  See my earlier blog, “Thought for the Day (October 6, 2012) :  A Look at Bauer-Griffin”,  elsewhere on this blog at

So what do the moving trucks prove about our little breakup rumor? You got it.  Absolutely Nothing, Zero, Zilch.  Are you seeing a pattern here yet?

  • Rebound Love (not to be confused with Golden Earring’s Radar Love below)

I’ve been drivin’ all night, my hands are wet on the wheel.

There’s a voice in my head that drives my heel.
My baby call said I need you here.
It’s half past four and I’m shifting gears.

When she’s lonely and the longing gets too much,
She sends a cable coming in from above.
Don’t need no phone at all.
We got a thing that’s called radar love.
We got a wave in the air
Radar love.

Ah, the perfect song for a tabloid author.   Just a bunch of voices in their heads.  Let’s take a look at yet another chapter in this sad saga, this one the Rob and Katy Perry Love Affair.  Nothing proves a breakup like a rebound love affair.  And nothing sells a tabloid like a BFF menage et trois gone wrong.  All the drama of two girls mud wrestling over the affections of a single dude, elements of caddy back stabbing and betrayal, double dealing your BFF gal pal for her boyfriend, the wronged boyfriend finds true love etc., etc., etc.

Prior to the “breakup” nonsense, you would have thought that Rob, Kristen, and Katy Perry were nothing but very good friends.  Appearances together at Coachella, the Teen Choice awards,  and at birthday parties and such.  But faster than you can spell BS, the tabloids turned that so called friendship on its head in an attempt to prove a Rob and Kristen breakup.

It started almost immediately after the so-called split as the tabloids began to explore who Rob should hookup with next.  Talk about letting the cadaver get cold. That was followed by a Hollywood Life account on July 24th claiming that good friend Katy had been urging Rob to dump Kristen all along because she couldn’t be trusted and she had broken up a family.  But it wasn’t until the Santa Barbara wedding tweet that the rebound love story really took off in the tabloid fairy tale realm.

In an on, then off, then on again story People reported on May 27th the so-called Rob and Katy visit to a random wedding rehearsal in Santa Barbara story.  It started with a tweet and a People report which was pulled, and then eventually replaced later on People ‘s website with an account called “Robert Pattinson and Katy Perry Spotted at a Santa Barbara Wedding Rehearsal” which was posted at 4:45 PM EDT after they had so-calledly talked with the tweeter.  The tweeter, purportedly a Stephanie Sands, who incidentally subsequently pulled her purported tweet, supposedly started this firestorm by  tweeting:  “Rob and Katy at Santa Barbara wedding.  New Item?”

Within about 90 minutes the story’s spin took a more ominous turn.  The Daily Mail, in their story called “R-Patz and Katy Perry are Spotted Together at Wedding Rehearsal…As It’s Claimed Their Friendship Caused Kristen Stewart Split”, [editor’s note: Who Makes up these titles anyway?] was posted at 6:09 PM EDT, stuck with the claimed platonic get together but claimed the story was “getting curiouser and curiouser”.  I didn’t even know that curiouser was a word until I read it. Citing an earlier, and I might add, never substantiated claim that Rob and Katy attended a Daughter concert together in the Bowery in NYC around the time of the MET Gala.  Yeah, you guessed it, based on faceless tweets, unnamed sources, and no photos that time either.

Within two hours, Life & Style was spinning their story “Robert Pattinson and Katy Perry Spotted Together at a Wedding Rehearsal” posted at 6:27 EDT in a much more provocative light with the following:

“We were wondering about Katy Perry’s motives when she convinced her friend Robert Pattinson to dump Kristen Stewart, but we think we get the picture – the “Part of Me” singer was spotted with the Twilight hottie at a wedding rehearsal at a luxury hotel in Santa Barbara, CA, on May 26.”

Talk about innuendo in the absence of other corroborating evidence.  Despite the fact that no one  ever took a photo of their presence at that camera happy event.  And the only two to tweet about it were inconsistent about what had actually happened.  Hey, but that was more than enough to launch the tabloid universe’s new spin machine, Robaty, and it was off to the races, corroborating evidence be damned .  Whoever coined that celebrity nick name was a real genius.  Or rather, should have been shoot on sight.

More recently some have tried to build upon this rebound Rob & Katy love affair with a joint Bjork concert sighting of the two on June 8.  Stringing together a Perry tweet, a couple fanfic photos with Rob, and a single concert venue picture that is less than conclusive.  And irrespective of whether buy that this is a picture of them together or not, it hardly resolves whether in fact they were on a romantic date, attended as friends, or this was just yet another ploy by Rob to “keep them guessing.”
So what of the so-called rebound love affair.  Does it prove anything?  You got it.  Absolutely Nothing, Zero, Zilch.  Other than that tabloids are more than happy to trample all over past friendships in the name of fabricating a juicy story.  That’s the only fair conclusion that can reached. But who say celebrity gossip is fair.  It clearly isn’t.
  • A Girl and Her Friends (not to be confused with the hit television series Friends)

Which brings us to the next chapter of this little breakup rumor, Kristen’s appearances out in public after the breakup.  I can’t begin to catalog how many tabloid articles have been written about Kristen’s state of mind following the breakup.  According to multiple accounts, she was heart broken, devastated, texting Rob constantly, and bemoaning that a part of her had died.  The dying thing was Hollywood Life’s. Talk about high drama.  But remember, this is the same girl that the tabloid industry tried to convince you was  Living on Redbulls & Nicotine (see The Grand Punk Part 12 at last year after the last so-called breakup.  Barricading herself in her home, refusing to eat and wasting away, and continuously crying.  After all, breakups are tough, and they utterly destroy you.  At least that was the script that the tabloids wrote for Kristen.

But as usual she was not prone to follow their script.  Take a look at these photos taken since the break up:

Out an about

There are many more.  About the only time she looks pissed, and I don’t mean devastated, is when she is hounded by the paparazzi hoard.  But of course some of the tabloids refused to give up on their script for her and have instead penned articles claiming that it is all an act or that she is getting out there just to stick it to Rob by showing everyone how little the breakup is affecting her.  Of course some of the tabloids can’t resist the urge to imply that maybe, just maybe, she has decided to switch teams and is now pursuing romance with some of her girl friends.  But as usual, all these accounts are typically based again on unnamed sources.  But from the physical evidence of the photos themselves, there is very little that can be actually determined.

Any which way you cut it, these appearances don’t prove a damn thing about a Rob and Kristen breakup.  Unless of course, speculation, mind reading, and body language analysis now constitutes proof.

  • The Invisible Couple (not to be confused with the 1933 Sci Fi classic, The Invisible Man or the 1968 comedy classic The Odd Couple)
And now for the final chapter in this little saga, Rob and Kristen as the invisible couple.  The idea that since they have not been seen  together since May 8, they must not be together, and therefore must have broken up.  Let’s examine the first prong of this argument, that they have not been seen together. It’s pretty clear that their last confirmed sighting is one of May 8th as they were leaving NYC following the week of the MET Gala.  They were photographed both leaving the hotel and arriving at JFK airport that day.  Why the paparazzi failed to capture them arriving in LA is itself an interesting phenomenon.  But they clearly did since both were seen there eventually. So, did they in fact go to LAX, or fly through another of LA’s airports, or not even fly into LA? No one knows.
Which raises a critical point.   No matter how relentless the paparazzi coverage, we are exposed to only momentary isolated slices of their lives.  Which is as it should be. No one knows how often they move about with the world oblivious to their comings and goings.  Not being seen together doesn’t mean that they haven’t been together.  And if history is any lesson, Rob and Kristen weren’t seen together for nearly eighty five straight days after disappearing from the scene in July of 2012 until reemerging on October 15 at the Ye Old Rustic Inn in Los Feliz.  To be followed by a string of appearances including a Prince concert on October 26, in Hollywood  on Halloween, at the MTV Breaking Dawn interview on November 1, and at the OTR after party on November 3.  Not to mention that little pool party pda session at Los Feliz 2 on October 17, the one the tabloids had to take the photos down on because the paparazzi trespassed on the property to take them.  Do you really think they were apart for eighty five days and suddenly decided to meet up again.  Yeah, I didn’t think so.
The fact of the matter is that before their so-called reconciliation last year and after it, and for that matter long before it, when they want to be seen, they are seen.  When they don’t want to be seen they disappear like ninjas.  And no amount of scrutiny by the paparazzi and the tabloid press changes that reality. So what does their lack of being seen together prove?  Yeap, you got it: Absolutely nothing, Zero. Zilch.  And even if they weren’t, how does it necessarily follow that they must therefore be broken up?
But then there is the matterr of the so-called Echo Park sighting on June 13.  The one where Rob and Kristen were supposed to be sitting in the park holding hands.  E!online’s  Sharareh Drury and Natalie Finn (as mentioned earlier) reported on it.   Even though it is probably bogus, what happened as it was reported offers an rare and interesting insight into the bowels of the tabloid universe.  And you really don’t want to know what it looks like in there because it looks a lot like sausage making.  It started with a tweet from someone identified as  Jane Misserati.  As expected, the tabloid universe exploded with reconciliation rumors running rampant from E!online to Hollywood Life to  But within hours,  several of the sites were beating a hasty retreat after a incredulous Rob fan (ByeByeDreamBt) claimed that E!online was ruining Rob’s Dior launch and that Rob and Kristen’s schedules that day made it impossible for them to meet.  Isn’t Rob lucky to have such adoring fans that are always looking out for his best interests.  [Editor’s note: insert sarcasm here].  ByeByeDreamBt sounds like a real catch.  Just like genital herpes.
The twitter exchange between the Drury and Rob’s irate fan (ByeByeDreamBt) is classic:
E!online did take the story down eventually, but there was no full retraction.  That’s what happens when tabloids step in their own dung, they just pull the story and pretend it never happened.  But other sites weren’t so willing and insisted that there was a window of opportunity for Rob and Kristen to hand hold in Echo Park, irrespective of what ByeByeDreamBt had to say.
What can be taken from this incident?  Just more evidence that the tabloid industry does a lousy job at investigating and verifying their own stories. And when caught, they do everything they can to cover it up.
  • And in conclusion
So there you have it.  The case for a Rob and Kristen Breakup.  What do you think, does this evidence prove that Rob and Kristen have broken up?  Or has the tabloid industry and overzealous fans been fooled once again?  But remember, the tabloids made the claim, so they have the burden of proof.  So, vote in our online poll which I would like to dedicate to ByeByeDreamBt. Girl, you really need to chill!
But you may ask me, “what about the sheer volume of all this stuff.  There are hundreds of tabloid articles talking about the breakup. You know what they say, where there’s smoke there is fire.”
Well I’ll tell you what I think.  If you take a big pile of  cow dung and expose it to a little sunshine (as in “critical thinking”), you might just realize that you have mistaken the steam that arises from it as smoke.  When all you really have is a big pile of steaming crap that stinks.  I think that sums up the Rob & Kristen breakup rumors pretty well.  And I can’t think of a more fitting image to describe this latest pile of Rob and Kristen nonsense.
One final note, I can play tabloid too.  You have been working hard so let’s have a little fun.
Note the pictures below.  They were taken well after the Rob and Kristen breakup rumors exploded across the internet.
Cast your vote.  Who is the mystery person?  I’d like to dedicate this poll to Jennie, a regular commenter on our blog.  She helped me to wrap by brain around what might be hiding in plain sight.
For those of you who answered, the first two options, I would pose the following question.  Why would Rob or Katy barely disguise themselves and appear with Kristen for paparazzi photos well after the breakup?  Here’s a hint: Its hiding  in plain sight.

Be Calm and Carry On

by Twilighter

I thought I would briefly followup on the excellent posts by  Veulentsavoir and Misty earlier today and try to put the developments of the last  ten days in perspective.  To say that there has been a media frenzy is an understatement of major proportions.  And to some extent I have intentionally reserved comment until some of the nonsense burns itself out.

But make no mistake, it is by and large nonsense.   For despite endless articles and heaps of speculation, tweets run amouk, and tabloids on steroids, the celebrity gossip machine is no closer to being a source for the truth about Rob & Kristen than they were ten days ago.  And if anything, they have once again proven themselves to be utterly incapable of telling the truth about them.  That is simply not profitable.

It started with a blatant lie, the Rupert as a Valet story.  It continued with a dubious account of a so-called telephone argument and a fantasy breakup that had more causes than the reasons for global warming (Rob’s trust issues, Rupert’s discovered text to Kristen, Kristen’s clinginess, Rob’s philandering in NYC with Polly Stedham, Kristen’s demands for marriage and a baby, Rob’s “thing” for Katy Perry) , blah, blah, blah.  It has finally started to burn itself out with supposed fresh accounts of returns to work, new romances, and declarations of happiness in freedom.  Yeah right.  The frenzy is finally starting to calm down.

I leave you with this thought:

Lies, injustice,  and deception have always thrived in chaos.  But it is in quiet, thoughtful contemplation where the truth and justice prevails.  And it is always faster and much easier to light the inferno than it is to extinguish it and fully understand its causes.

The essential framework of what we know and what we don’t know about the so-called Kristen Stewart “cheating scandal” remains unchanged.  If anything, the events of the last ten days makes it even less based in reality than ever before.

So as the Brits once said in contemplation of a mass bombing at the inception of World War 2: Be Calm and Carry On.  That’s what I intend to do.  We have plenty of time to take apart the nonsense that has run amouk. And we will continue together to unravel the travesty that unfolds before us anew every day.

This Shit Has to Stop!

tshtsFor a long time now I’ve stayed quiet on a lot of things that have been said about Rob and Kristen, mainly because I know in my heart that once again the media have become bored with the fact that our Golden Couple are perfectly happy and living their lives away from the media spotlight. I’ve lost count in the amount of times they have tried AND failed to make us believe in their lies.

From the moment Rob and Kristen got together the media have been jumping through hoops to get their hands on their so called “EXCLUSIVE”. The evidence is clear in the video I posted before this. There is a reason Rob and Kristen have not come out and publicly said ‘We are together.’ They already get mobbed wherever they go, confirming it would only make things worse.

We’ve survived a lot over the last year, however I doubt our frustrations and anger have anything on how Rob and Kristen must feel about these continuous fabrications. Just like the rest of us Rob and Kristen have feelings, they hurt, what right do the paparazzi and media have to dig into the personal relationship between two people who quite clearly belong together. For years, they put themselves into the spotlight in order to bring Meyer’s “Twilight Saga” to life, they did not sign up to be harassed and stalked 24 hours a day by the vulture we called ‘Paparazzi’. Like most people, I have supported Rob and Kristen throughout their careers, way before they met each other and fell in love. However if it’s one thing that I hate its bullying.

I came to a huge realisation today whilst deciding whether or not to create this Robert-Pattinson-and-Kristen-Stewart-were-spotted-having-a-long-coupley-kiss-at-a-nightclub-in-Cannes-finally-putting-speculations-of-their-off-screen-relationship-to-restblog, it doesn’t matter what the media say about Rob and Kristen, hell it doesn’t matter what we discuss about them whether it be their romance, twilight, what movies they will be doing next, when they will get married, when will we see Kristen’s baby bump. We’ve focused on what accessories Kristen wears, knowing for a fact that it will have come from Rob. Gold ring, necklace, bracelet. Yet we are all forgetting the most important thing of all, she has Rob by her side.

Earlier this week we had three sets of photographs that speak volumes for me. The first ones being Rob arriving at an undisclosed location but WAIT, he wasn’t just driving any car he was driving KRISTEN’S car; you know the same one that she was driving when she had that minor fender bender in April. Not only was he driving her car, but he went home to THEIR house. Let’s not forget that they tried to say Rob ordered a removal van once again to move out. No such thing occurred. The van was a POD storage van arriving at a completely separate house in the Los Feliz complex where Kristen and Rob’s house is one of many. Then there were the pictures of Kristen with Suzie and Kassie. Once again, the paparazzi have tried and FAILED to photoshop the pictures in order to fit their own story by removing Kristen’s ring and then pasting her finger back onto the original image, how stupid do they think we are, we’ve studied that golden ring for years. Only yesterday we got pictures of Kristen and friends, once again Kristen interacted with us, (like she stated she did in Toronto when asked by Ben Lyons) this time her clothes said it all, ROB’S white T Shirt, ROB’S shades and what looked to be ROB’S hoody which he wore on his short trip to NYC before the Met Gala. Now for the most recent images. Kristen with friend in LA, wearing ROB’S cap, and a second pair of ROB’S shades. The indicators I’ve pointed out, prove once and for all that Rob and Kristen are together, happy and living their lives the way they want. IN PRIVATE. So I urge you all, if you must talk about Rob and Kristen use your DMs, Email, but don’t tweet, let’s see how much the paparazzi and media can write when there are no tweets from their fans to steal.


Thanks to Everything Robsten

Musings from Misty

Hi everybody. Once again, real life kicked me in the arse, so I was out for awhile. What do I come back to? A whole shitload (and I might as well apologize right now for my mouth) of drama. And where did all this drama originate? Where else? X freaking 17. Imagine that. Whichever one of those stalkers posted a pic of Kristen supposedly all stressed out, having a long, drama-filled conversation on her phone, and he GUESSED she was talking to Rob. Guess this, Xfreaking17 – that picture wasn’t even TAKEN that day. The date was altered. It was taken last year – see Twilighter’s post on Justice for Kristen titled The Pattinson/Stewart Breakup: Three Critical Details – you can see for yourself that the date on that photo was altered. Why do something like that? Well, everyone remembers April, right? All the good-feel pics we got of Rob and Kristen out in public, at Coachella, just out and about, having fun with friends? Well guess what kids. Good feels don’t sell. And that’s why the paparazzi and tabloids had to switch up the game some. They weren’t getting the web hits they needed to pay the bills. And they did it so easily. All it took was ONE slime-ass paparazzo to alter some pics of Kristen looking unhappy, and bingo. The tabloids are back on top. Selling like crazy, collecting those clicks on their websites like the swampland in Florida sellers pieces of crap they are. Drama sells – happy doesn’t. Twitter timelines are batshit crazy. All because of that ONE X17 paparazzo.
Everyone remembers what Rob says about “castrating paparazzi”, right? Well, remember the pics of them at Coachella? He looked like he wanted to hit a few of them, didn’t he? I imagine all those stalkers HAS to get under your skin after awhile. How would YOU like it? Being stalked all the time? Both Rob and Kristen have movies starting soon – don’t you think they’d like a little down time, alone time, before their busy schedules start up again? In my humble opinion, Rob and Kristen decided to switch the game on them. Rob would duck the paparazzi as much as he could – and Kristen would go out and take all the heat from the papz. Has anyone noticed they do that for each other from time to time? When they came back from London after New Years, Kristen lured the paparazzi at JFK that day. Rob was on a separate flight, and slipped into LA unnoticed, on the same day. Kristen took the heat that time. And Rob’s done the same for her. I honestly think Rob is very tired of the papz all the time, but he stays in LA because that’s where his love is, that’s where Kristen is. Do you honestly think, as much as he despises the paparazzi, that he would stay in LA and leave Kristen? No. He’d be back in London with his family and friends. Other actors base themselves overseas – Rob could easily do the same.
There really is no need for all this drama. I believe in both of them. They are both very intelligent young adults, that have been through more bullshit at their ages than most people live through in an entire lifetime. They’ll do whatever is right for THEM. They don’t owe us anything except a good performance in their movies. I absolutely believe they’re still together, but if they’re not, IT’S NONE OF MY BUSINESS! I admire both of them tremendously, and love their love. But if they’re having issues, don’t you think they deserve our respect, some space from all the bullshit that’s Hollywood? Put yourself in their shoes. How do YOU feel when someone butts their nose into your private issues with your significant other? Not very happy about it, I’m sure. Now imagine this entire Twilight fandom butting their noses into their business. One of their friends, CJ, had to delete his twitter account, or suspended it himself for awhile. There were so many Rob and Kristen “fans” and “haters” commenting on his instagram, and tweeting him, that he finally had enough. And I don’t blame him. Their other friends on twitter and instagram might be next. They get the same amount of comments from Rob and Kristen “fans” as CJ did. Seriously, is that any way to treat someone your a fan of? Harass their friends for information that is none of your business? They give so much of themselves to us already. April was a gift to us. Let us take it as a gift, and leave them alone now. And PLEASE stop all this unneeded drama. It’s really stupid, if you think about it, especially considering the “source”. Only this source has a name – Xfreaking17.
Alright – rant over. Thanks for reading – and please just peace out. There’s real drama we can get excited over – and that’s coming up next. The Paparazzi Reform Initiative needs our help. This is for real work that we can all chip in and help on. Productive ways to stop all this needless drama. That’s coming up next! Thanks for letting me vent – I needed it! Peace out, Misty

Oh the Rob & Kristen BS Just Keeps Coming and Coming Part 3

by twilighter

    “So mark my words.  And don’t be surprised the next time you see Kristen coming out of Los Feliz 1 on Aberdeen.  And don’t be surprised when she is behind the wheel of the Mini Cooper again.”

I managed to take a cell-phone free, non-internet access, extended Memorial Day weekend away and I have to admit it felt good.  Kind of like that special feeling you get when you know that no matter how many people are out there worrying about what you are doing, where you are doing it, and whom you are doing it with, they really don’t have a frickin clue.  When you are so under the radar(online), that nary a paparazzi, or a tabloid, or a gossiping neighbor  has a clue as to what is really going on. Ah …, it must be a really good feeling, one that Rob & Kristen enjoy virtually every day.

But, the world marches on, and I eventually had to come back from the wilderness to the unreality of all that is going on in the so-called Kristen Stewart “cheating scandal”, and its latest twist, the Rob and Kristen Breakup, Part  ___ (fill in the blank with a number from 10-100 here). And no breakup story is complete without dozens of BS tabloids stories to tell the tale.  As in fairy tales, a type of short story that typically features folkloric fantasy characters such as fairies, goblins, elves, trolls, dwarves, giants, mermaids, or gnomes, and usually magic or enchantments.  A story as in fiction, not to be confused with reality.

As I have said many times before, never have two people been subjected to more continuous false reporting, false tweeting, and general BS than these two. So lets take a look at the highlights of the BS since I slipped out of town such a short time ago.  There isn’t enough time in this life to review all of it.

Let’s start with the “Rob Dumped Kristen and Moved Out of Her House” story, although there is an alternative version of this fairy tale that is called the  “Kristen Dumped Rob and Kicked Him Out of Her House” story.  Why did this happen?  If you read any number of  tabloids you could variously believe that it happened because: 1). Rob ditched out on his own birthday party, pissing Kristen off; 2). Rob miraculously and conveniently discovered a text from Rupert on Kristen’s cellphone while she was in the shower, pissing him off;  3). Rob couldn’t get over the fabricated “cheating scandal, something he has tried to do for almost ten months with Job-like patience; 4). Rob stepped out with Katy Perry, an unknown blond, or an unknown female to be named later, pissing Kristen off; 5). Kristen stepped out in a lesbian relationship with Tamra Natasin, pissing Rob off; or 6). Kristen was just too clingy, pissing Rob off. Blah, blah, blah.  All based on unnamed, unidentified sources.  Including even a fresh account from People Magazine based on two contradictory tweets that was printed, pulled, and replaced with yet another story claiming so-called sources who as usual remain unnamed. ( the  Rob & Katy Perry at the San Ysidro Ranch wedding rehearsal story).

Where do all these stories have their roots?  Yes, the Xonline17 story of April 23rd.  You remember that one don’t you?. The one where Rupert Sanders suddenly takes a job as a valet at a restaurant in LA.  Followed by the Rob Moves Out of/Is Kicked Out of Kristen’s house story.  The 65 Million Man Moving All of His Worldly Belongings in a Pickup Truck tale.  As is evidenced by him driving in a truck with some stuff in the back, including both of the dogs and both of their bikes. Going into his house on Aberdeen in Los Feliz.  Oh yeah, that’s the place that all the tabloids assured us he was selling back in August of 2012.  Funny how that never seemed to happen isn’t it?

And remember, don’t let the tabloid crap slide, this was the house he couldn’t stand to stay in because all of the “bad memories” associated with it.  And yet here he is again.  Isn’t that amazing. So much for the tabloid tripe. I don’t want to rub it in any one’s face but I blogged nearly nine  months ago that he wasn’t selling the house, and when I was in LA in September, the house looked very much occupied down to the garbage being taken out and the paper being delivered.

I have already emasculated some of this garbage in a prior post, The Pattinson/Stewart Breakup: Three Important Details at located elsewhere on this site. But now let’s look at this weekend’s garbage.  Here are my two personal favorites.

Story #1

Moving Truck at Los Feliz 2

Moving Truck at Los Feliz 2

This one is too good to be true, combining all of our personal favorites: staring unnamed, unidentified sources, penned by Eleanor ( the Unbelievable) Hutch, Butch, Bitch (sorry, I couldn’t resist), and with photos provided by that venerable journalistic wonder  Isn’t that special.  Note the caption, “a moving truck is seen leaving Kristen’s house on May 23, 2013.”

Only problem is, it isn’t leaving Kristen’s house at all. That’s a TOTAL FABRICATION. Its entering a gated community of  over a hundred houses in the Laufflin Hills subdivision, one of which just happens to be Kristen’s.  There is absolutely no evidence that the truck even went to Kristen’s house, let alone ended up at Los Feliz 1.  If it did, why haven’t we seen the photos of that since there are only two ways in and out of Aberdeen.

As usual Hutch is the epitome of clarity. From her article and I quote:

“Nothing tells a girl you’re done with a relationship like a moving truck in the driveway!  A truck was spotted leaving Kristen Stewart’s house on May 23rd, presumably containing all of Robert’s stuff.”

And later in the article,

“Twihards can begin weeping, because Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart appear to really be over.  On May 23, a moving truck was seen leaving Kristen’s Los Feliz home, and it was likely full of Rob’s stuff.”

So Eleanor, which is it: “presumably containing his stuff” or is it “likely full of his stuff.” Or are you simply full of it?  And do you think that just because you tell us twice that the truck is leaving Kristen’s house that we are supposed to believe it is? When your blessed photo doesn’t even establish that fact?  Kind of reminds me of this photo.  Remember it?

Moving Van purportedly leaving from Rob's Los Feliz estate on July 28th

Moving Van purportedly leaving from Rob’s Los Feliz estate on July 28th

Yeah, the one from last year in July that turns out was no where near Rob’s house, but was rather fabricated by the tabloids into a fake story to try to make people think there was a moving truck at Rob’s house.  See  for a refresher course on this lie.  What’s with the tabloids anyway, moving trucks, buying houses, and unknown blonds with boobs. They are so damn predictable.

Hutch’s article winds up with a regurgitation of the The Sun’s nonsense about the text in the shower, and a gratuitous “This is just so sad. We really wanted Rob and Kristen to make it work!”

Eleanor dear,  I think Bitch is a better name for you after all.  No Lying Bitch, now that’s perfect. But I do have to hand it to you. You didn’t go over the top and claim that Kristen supervised the moving truck as the DailyMail did today.  But watch out Bitch, your competitors are nipping at your heels.

Story #2


Story #2 includes the so-called smoking gun evidence of the mystery blond according to that journalistic paragon, the Daily Tripe (Mail) and its cited source, Radaronline. So this is the mystery blond that all the tweeters and tabloids have been writing (and lying) about. She’s an English playwright named Polly Stenham.

Per the article and citing Radaronline, it’s supposedly an Instagram picture of the pair showing “the talented 26 year old with her arm draped around Robert and another pal as they enjoyed a night out in NYC shortly before his shock split from Kristen.”  Posted by Rob’s musician friend Mathew Daniel Siskin, although it has mysteriously disappeared from his social networking site.

But there are actually four people in the photo not a pair.  And they fail to mention that the woman in the foreground is none other than Tamra Natasin, as in Katy Perry’s assistant, and Kristen’s purported lesbian love interest according to many other tabloids and tweeters. Polly is an acclaimed young English playwright who penned a play that happened to star Tom Sturridge in early 2013. Imagine that.  Sturridge who was on Broadway in NYC back in early May, when both Rob and Kristen came to see his play Orphans on separate dates.  Oh how the plot thickens.

And who exactly is taking the photo? None of those four obviously.  Kind of makes you wonder doesn’t it.  Is this actually from the night of the Met, which Tom & Sienna Miller, Katy Perry, and Kristen attended, and also the night when Rob and Kristen purportedly partied in NYC? Kind of explains why Tamra would be present, wouldn’t it.  Take a look at an earlier posted photo from the Robsessed website that appears to be from the same evening.

Photo posted earlier on

Photo posted earlier on and on instagram

If so, these photos were from about May 6, not “shortly before his shock split from Kristen”  on May19.  And yet the Daily Tripe jumps the gap and tries to turn Stenham into the mystery blond. Pathetic really.

So where are we as of Tuesday May 28th?  I’ll tell you where we are.   Repeat after me, never have two people been subjected to more continuous false reporting, false tweeting, and general BS than Rob and Kristen.  And tabloids + unnamed sources = BS every time.  The breakup story started based on a pile of bull that has only grown as more and more tabloids have piled on.  The pile may have gotten higher, but it still smells the same.

So mark my words.  And don’t be surprised the next time you see Kristen coming out of Los Feliz 1 on Aberdeen.  And don’t be surprised when she is behind the wheel of the Mini Cooper again.