Gutless Paparazzi Weasels Fail to Get A Rise Out of Kristen Stewart

by twilighter

It’s a rare occurrence when we get such a clear example of the celebrity gossip machine at work, but the latest tabloid nonsense involving Kristen Stewart and her mother’s truck is about as clear as it gets.  And the bowels of the celebrity gossip machine is not a pretty site.   The story began yesterday as Kristen was photographed and videotaped while purportedly attending a professional obligation relating to her new film Camp XRay in North Hollywood.  In photographs that were widely reported on across the tabloid “press”, Kristen is shown walking into the location and walking out sometime later to her mother’s blue pickup truck.  Written in the dust on the truck’s hood is a “I [heart symbol] Rob.”  The pictures, taken by x17online and another paparazzi firm, are presented in a fashion to make the reader believe that Kristen stopped while in the process of entering the truck to look at the “writing” and various tabloids opined as to whether it was written by her or by a “fan” and/or how seeing it may have affected her.  Some outlets even claimed that she was hurt and/or outraged at the paparazzi and that she cursed them.

Photo of the truck and the message on the hood.

Photo of the truck and the message on the hood.

For an example, see how Rachel Maresca of the New York Daily News used the photos and spun the story.  In her article called “Kristen Stewart Victim of Car Prank: Fan Writes “I love Rob” on Hood of Her Pickup Truck Post Robert Pattinson Split”, Maresca asserts that the “23 year old actress returned to her parked car outside a studio in North Hollywood to find what appeared to be an unwanted reminder of her ex-boyfriend Robert Pattinson right in front of her”.  Continuing, Maresco asserted that “A possible fan or unknown culprit wrote the words ‘I love Rob’ in the dust of Stewart’s unwashed blue pickup truck”.

Photo widely represented as Kristen staring at the message on the hood.

Photo widely represented as Kristen staring at the message on the hood.

Joyce Chen of US Magazine spun it this way in her web article “Kristen Stewart’s Car Vandalized With ‘I Love Rob’ Message After Robert Pattinson Breakup”:  “The Twilight actress looked dumbfounded as she stared at the words ‘I (heart) Rob’ written on the dusty vehicle.”  Chen also noted how “Stewart kept a stoic expression on her face as she drove off in the vehicle in a white V-neck T-shirt, grey hoodie and cropped skinny jeans, a pair of oversized black-framed glasses on her face.”

Leigh Blickley in her article “Kristen Stewart Insulted After “I love Rob’ Message Left on Her Dirty Pickup Truck”, asserted thatIn pictures on, the 23-year-old ‘Twilight’ star can be seen staring at the harsh words left on her dirty pickup truck — most likely a prank pulled by a fan or a paparazzo.” She also asserted, like many other outlets, that there appeared “to be a parking ticket on her windshield … yikes.”

Georginia Littlejohn of Britain’s The Daily Mirror, in an article “Kristen Stewart Fails to Wash That Man Off Her Car As She Spots Declaration of Love to Robert Pattinson On Her Bonnet”, asserted that a “cheeky fan had etched the words onto her very dirty pickup truck but she made no attempt to scrub it off.”  The Mirror continued with a discussion about the so-called Rob and Riley Keough romance, a story that has been widely repudiated story by even the actress herself.

And the Christian Post’s Benge Nsenduluka claimed that Kristen “appeared to be stunned while heading back to her vehicle after spotting a love note on it’s bonnet.” Query why a so-called Christian webblog covers celebrity gossip and then lies about it.  Talk about bearing false witness. Isn’t that one of those stone tablet things, number 9 I think?

Rebecca Merriman of spun it this way in her article “Kristen Stewart Victim of I Love Rob Prank On Dirty Truck” claiming that Kristen “had a look of shock on her face as she appeared to see the message across the bonnet of the car as she climbed back in the vehicle and didn’t attempt to hide her annoyance as she seemed to swear at the pap squad, who laughed at the embarrassing incident.”  An amazing assertion given the video that the website provided as to the incident.  But more on that later.

So take your choice: was Kristen stoic, staring, shocked, stunned, insulted, annoyed, or outraged.  Or did some gutless paparazzi weasels fail miserably at trying to get a rise out of her.  Would never guess it from these photos and these stories. Did she write it, a cheeky fan write it, or did a paparazzi write it. Seems like a mystery from these stories and these pictures doesn’t it.  Or did some slimeball paparazzi hope to goad Kristen into reacting.  Would never guess it from these photos and these stories.

But, what do all these “reporters” for these paragons of journalistic excellence have in common?  They are all liars and they all make a living off of misrepresenting the truth and making people stupid.  And how do we know that?  For once, we can actually can answer all these questions because the involved paparazzi were stupid enough to provide a full video of the incident.

There are several complete versions of the video available on the internet.  The one at is probably the best. It shows how the paparazzi were already filming and laughing about the writing on the hood before Kristen came back out.  How Kristen comes out, goes to the car, says a single remarkably quiet “fuck you” as she is getting into the car, and shows her driving away.  With the sounds of paparazzi laughing in the background.  There is no stop and stare at the writing, no outrage, not much of any visual reaction at all.  Bottom line, Kristen bears the blank expression she often displays to paparazzi scum.

And as to who wrote the message?  These tabloid outlets insult people’s intelligence by claiming it was put their by anyone else other than themselves.  Their goal was to get a rise out of Kristen.  And they failed miserably.  Which is what all of these articles should have reported: that Gutless Paparazzi Weasels Fail to Get A Rise Out of Kristen Stewart.

And as for the parking ticket?  Anyone who has gotten in LA knows what one  looks like.  This looks more like a business card.

One final point.  The photos purportedly showing Kristen stopping to stare at the message. A picture never lies?  Yeah right, this blog proves that they do.  Which is why paparazzi rarely release video.  And which is why there is not one second of any video involving the so-called cheating scandal last year .  Ask yourself why?

So here’s a little pop quiz if you can hold your nose: review the video at

And if you don’t believe these stories or don’t look at them, be sure to retweet the following: Gutless Paparazzi Weasels Fail to Get A Rise Out of Kristen Stewart at

2+2=5, WTF!

by twilighter

[We now know what one of Kristen’s tatoos looks like and that the tabloids have it all wrong As usual.  Keep Reading.]

I never was much for mathematics ever since college calculus bowled right over my head, but I always thought that 2 +2 = 4.  Then why does 2 +2  suddenly now  = 5?  Couple random thoughts from a poor mathamagician:

1.  Mid April, all seems well in Robstenland.  Yet by May 20th, it’s all gone to hell.  The Dior campaign is released on June 12th. Random or intentional?

2.  Rob takes both dogs and takes out his own garbage.  And poses for the paps.  Just like Kristen did back in April.  Imagine that.  Little did Celebuzz understand the significance of that then.

Kristen taking out the trash April 17.

Kristen taking out the trash April 17.

3.  Rob’s rep Nick Frenkel apparently leaves his good friends at GC hanging out to dry for days.  They are so late to the “breakup story” that it had mold on it before they got to it.  Is that how Nick treats his old pal Dan Abrams? I don’t think so.

4.  Kristen goes on a smiley road trip.  Becomes a Hooters Girl.  And gets a tatoo. (more on that later).  Arriving home just in time to go to the big blowout party that she doesn’t attend or isn’t invited to.  Because Rob is already sooo over her.  According to People and their  so-called paid informant. A side story they altered and tried to bury.

5.  Rob throws a big Hollywood bash complete with hookers and escorts. Because he is such a Hollywood guy.  And hangs out continually at CM.  But PopSugar, X17online, and the other tabloids miss a key opportunity.  Why is Ellen Page the only one to arrive at Rob’s house during daylight hours and is not dressed like a hooker?


6.  Kristen the cheater now becomes the sympathetic figure, the girl who lost it all yet gallantly struggles onward, while her knight in shining armor starts taking hits as he drinks himself into a stupor nightly with a different woman.

7.  Ah yes the women.  They are the staple of tabloid tripe.  First the tabloids had Rob with the Katy Perry, then Emilie deRaven (again),  then Sarah Roemer, then the mystery brunette, then the Dior blond, and now Riley Keogg, one of Kristen’s closest friends.  And they still haven’t got it right because they are being played.

 8.  And then there is that girl in a car story.
Opps.  Guess we have to make that five, since there is also the mystery brunette who is in the rear right.  Funny how the tabloids missed that, isn’t it. Hiding in plain site.
Rob 2
Should kind of remind you of this tabloid nonsense.
Romantic Dinner with Rupert

Romantic Dinner with Rupert

Oops.  Now you see Charlize, now you don’t.  Funny how this second photo didn’t appear in US Magazine’s July 26, 2012 original (or even subsequent) accounts.

No, its a caste party Charlize is between them.

No, its a cast party and Charlize is between them.  Funny how that didn’t make it into the tabloid  story.

9.  And circling around the broader story from the party are the usual suspects from the old girl in a car story.  Jarecki, Sarah Roemer, and Kevin Turen.  And throw in a dose of Emilie de Raven for good measure.
10.  And Katy Perry flies into and flies out of Rob’s love life faster than a Formula 1 car making a pit stop at LeMans.
And all this in a little more than a month.  I don’t know about you, but it sure seems like someone is spending an awful lot of time and money on selling an illusion.  And trolling across the internet stirring up the pot.  Maybe because its very well monitored and has been studied incessantly by those friends at Abrams Media. Or maybe because the celebrity gossip machine is too busy making up stories and making money off of you to bother with anything remotely like the truth.

But then again, maybe 2+2=4 after all?

Try this one on for size.  Riley Keogg at the Roosevelt Hotel pool in Los Angelas yesterday afternoon with one of Kristen’s closest friends, CJ Romero.  So much for Riley stepping in on Kristen’s guy. Do you really think CJ would look so kindly on Riley stepping out with Rob?

CJ and Riley at the Roosevelt.

CJ and Riley at the Roosevelt.

And the rings and clothes are back. With rings flying across fingers faster than you can say soul mate.


Kristen on a plane from Nashville on June 24th. Same jacket Rob wore for Cosmopolis promotion in NYC last year.

Rob in NYC in August of 2012.

Rob in NYC in August of 2012.

And Kristen’s Black Flag tatoo:  llll .   Located on her left outside wrist, just behind where the watch band would rest.

The wrist tatoo

The left wrist tatoo

What does it mean? You do the math.

llll = 2013, 2012, 2011, 2010.

And as for that infinity tatoo, I’ll let you do the math.

[Editor’s note July2, 2013 3:47 PST.] – here is an updated photo of Kristen’s two tatoos.  Not for commercial purposes, no copyright violation intended.  Purely for educational purposes.

Kristen's tatoos debut in Paris.

Kristen’s tatoos debut in Paris.

So just a little word of advise to those who ever claimed to be a fan of Rob or Kristen:

“Before you go berserk on the internet and trash one or the other of them so-calledly in name of defending one or the other of them, be aware that things are not what they might seem. The math doesn’t add up for most of what the tabloids and the celebrity gossip machine is saying.  That’s the easy part.”

Kind of reminds me of that old movie that Peter Sellers and Ringo Starr did back in the late 1960’s, The Magic Christian.  The Magic Christian is an unrelenting  satire on greed, money grubbing, and capitalism. Kind of sums up the tabloid world where truth is cheap and the profits are endless.  Towards the end of the film, Peter Sellers and Ringo fill up a huge vat with urine, blood and animal excrement and add millions of dollars to it. Attracting a crowd of onlookers by announcing ‘Free money!’, they successfully entice people to recover the cash. The sequence concludes with many members of the crowd submerging themselves in the vat in order to retrieve money that had sunk beneath the surface.

“So just because the tabloid press is willing to dive in doesn’t mean that you have to.  Save yourself a long bath.  Do the math.”

This Shit Has to Stop!

tshtsFor a long time now I’ve stayed quiet on a lot of things that have been said about Rob and Kristen, mainly because I know in my heart that once again the media have become bored with the fact that our Golden Couple are perfectly happy and living their lives away from the media spotlight. I’ve lost count in the amount of times they have tried AND failed to make us believe in their lies.

From the moment Rob and Kristen got together the media have been jumping through hoops to get their hands on their so called “EXCLUSIVE”. The evidence is clear in the video I posted before this. There is a reason Rob and Kristen have not come out and publicly said ‘We are together.’ They already get mobbed wherever they go, confirming it would only make things worse.

We’ve survived a lot over the last year, however I doubt our frustrations and anger have anything on how Rob and Kristen must feel about these continuous fabrications. Just like the rest of us Rob and Kristen have feelings, they hurt, what right do the paparazzi and media have to dig into the personal relationship between two people who quite clearly belong together. For years, they put themselves into the spotlight in order to bring Meyer’s “Twilight Saga” to life, they did not sign up to be harassed and stalked 24 hours a day by the vulture we called ‘Paparazzi’. Like most people, I have supported Rob and Kristen throughout their careers, way before they met each other and fell in love. However if it’s one thing that I hate its bullying.

I came to a huge realisation today whilst deciding whether or not to create this Robert-Pattinson-and-Kristen-Stewart-were-spotted-having-a-long-coupley-kiss-at-a-nightclub-in-Cannes-finally-putting-speculations-of-their-off-screen-relationship-to-restblog, it doesn’t matter what the media say about Rob and Kristen, hell it doesn’t matter what we discuss about them whether it be their romance, twilight, what movies they will be doing next, when they will get married, when will we see Kristen’s baby bump. We’ve focused on what accessories Kristen wears, knowing for a fact that it will have come from Rob. Gold ring, necklace, bracelet. Yet we are all forgetting the most important thing of all, she has Rob by her side.

Earlier this week we had three sets of photographs that speak volumes for me. The first ones being Rob arriving at an undisclosed location but WAIT, he wasn’t just driving any car he was driving KRISTEN’S car; you know the same one that she was driving when she had that minor fender bender in April. Not only was he driving her car, but he went home to THEIR house. Let’s not forget that they tried to say Rob ordered a removal van once again to move out. No such thing occurred. The van was a POD storage van arriving at a completely separate house in the Los Feliz complex where Kristen and Rob’s house is one of many. Then there were the pictures of Kristen with Suzie and Kassie. Once again, the paparazzi have tried and FAILED to photoshop the pictures in order to fit their own story by removing Kristen’s ring and then pasting her finger back onto the original image, how stupid do they think we are, we’ve studied that golden ring for years. Only yesterday we got pictures of Kristen and friends, once again Kristen interacted with us, (like she stated she did in Toronto when asked by Ben Lyons) this time her clothes said it all, ROB’S white T Shirt, ROB’S shades and what looked to be ROB’S hoody which he wore on his short trip to NYC before the Met Gala. Now for the most recent images. Kristen with friend in LA, wearing ROB’S cap, and a second pair of ROB’S shades. The indicators I’ve pointed out, prove once and for all that Rob and Kristen are together, happy and living their lives the way they want. IN PRIVATE. So I urge you all, if you must talk about Rob and Kristen use your DMs, Email, but don’t tweet, let’s see how much the paparazzi and media can write when there are no tweets from their fans to steal.


Thanks to Everything Robsten

Musings from Misty

Hi everybody. Once again, real life kicked me in the arse, so I was out for awhile. What do I come back to? A whole shitload (and I might as well apologize right now for my mouth) of drama. And where did all this drama originate? Where else? X freaking 17. Imagine that. Whichever one of those stalkers posted a pic of Kristen supposedly all stressed out, having a long, drama-filled conversation on her phone, and he GUESSED she was talking to Rob. Guess this, Xfreaking17 – that picture wasn’t even TAKEN that day. The date was altered. It was taken last year – see Twilighter’s post on Justice for Kristen titled The Pattinson/Stewart Breakup: Three Critical Details – you can see for yourself that the date on that photo was altered. Why do something like that? Well, everyone remembers April, right? All the good-feel pics we got of Rob and Kristen out in public, at Coachella, just out and about, having fun with friends? Well guess what kids. Good feels don’t sell. And that’s why the paparazzi and tabloids had to switch up the game some. They weren’t getting the web hits they needed to pay the bills. And they did it so easily. All it took was ONE slime-ass paparazzo to alter some pics of Kristen looking unhappy, and bingo. The tabloids are back on top. Selling like crazy, collecting those clicks on their websites like the swampland in Florida sellers pieces of crap they are. Drama sells – happy doesn’t. Twitter timelines are batshit crazy. All because of that ONE X17 paparazzo.
Everyone remembers what Rob says about “castrating paparazzi”, right? Well, remember the pics of them at Coachella? He looked like he wanted to hit a few of them, didn’t he? I imagine all those stalkers HAS to get under your skin after awhile. How would YOU like it? Being stalked all the time? Both Rob and Kristen have movies starting soon – don’t you think they’d like a little down time, alone time, before their busy schedules start up again? In my humble opinion, Rob and Kristen decided to switch the game on them. Rob would duck the paparazzi as much as he could – and Kristen would go out and take all the heat from the papz. Has anyone noticed they do that for each other from time to time? When they came back from London after New Years, Kristen lured the paparazzi at JFK that day. Rob was on a separate flight, and slipped into LA unnoticed, on the same day. Kristen took the heat that time. And Rob’s done the same for her. I honestly think Rob is very tired of the papz all the time, but he stays in LA because that’s where his love is, that’s where Kristen is. Do you honestly think, as much as he despises the paparazzi, that he would stay in LA and leave Kristen? No. He’d be back in London with his family and friends. Other actors base themselves overseas – Rob could easily do the same.
There really is no need for all this drama. I believe in both of them. They are both very intelligent young adults, that have been through more bullshit at their ages than most people live through in an entire lifetime. They’ll do whatever is right for THEM. They don’t owe us anything except a good performance in their movies. I absolutely believe they’re still together, but if they’re not, IT’S NONE OF MY BUSINESS! I admire both of them tremendously, and love their love. But if they’re having issues, don’t you think they deserve our respect, some space from all the bullshit that’s Hollywood? Put yourself in their shoes. How do YOU feel when someone butts their nose into your private issues with your significant other? Not very happy about it, I’m sure. Now imagine this entire Twilight fandom butting their noses into their business. One of their friends, CJ, had to delete his twitter account, or suspended it himself for awhile. There were so many Rob and Kristen “fans” and “haters” commenting on his instagram, and tweeting him, that he finally had enough. And I don’t blame him. Their other friends on twitter and instagram might be next. They get the same amount of comments from Rob and Kristen “fans” as CJ did. Seriously, is that any way to treat someone your a fan of? Harass their friends for information that is none of your business? They give so much of themselves to us already. April was a gift to us. Let us take it as a gift, and leave them alone now. And PLEASE stop all this unneeded drama. It’s really stupid, if you think about it, especially considering the “source”. Only this source has a name – Xfreaking17.
Alright – rant over. Thanks for reading – and please just peace out. There’s real drama we can get excited over – and that’s coming up next. The Paparazzi Reform Initiative needs our help. This is for real work that we can all chip in and help on. Productive ways to stop all this needless drama. That’s coming up next! Thanks for letting me vent – I needed it! Peace out, Misty

Oh the Tabloid BS Rob & Kristen Stories Just Keep Coming- Part 2

by twilighter

Buckle in, this is going to be a long one.

The cyber ink had just barely dried on our last such fabricated story (Liberty Confronts Rob & Kristen at Coachella) before the celebrity gossip machine was at it again.  Doing what it does best: generating bs stories and spewing them across the internet irrespective of reality or truth. And as usual, relying on fabrication, faceless tweeters, unnamed sources, and questionable photographs. This time going back to one of their favorite BS fantasies:  Kristen & Rupert Hookup Again.

Let’s start with the truth before we move on to the bull.  On Thursday, April 18th, Robert Pattinson goes to the Malibu Seafood restaurant with some friends, including Marcus Foster, Jack Standon, a Foster band mate, and two female friends, Nettie and Michaela. See and a story from at

Close followers of Pattinson will recognize Nettie as a long time Pattinson friend and the long-time former girlfriend of Tom Sturridge, with whom she brokeup with in 2011.  She was also a featured player in a tabloid account bemoaning how Rob and Kristen failed to celebrate Christmas Eve together in 2011. See Sturridge subsequently moved on with Sienna Miller. In spite of that fact, Nettie remains close to Rob and also Kristen.

On Friday and/or Sunday, April 19th and/or April 21st, Kristen goes to Malo Taqueria at 4326 W. Sunset Blvd. in LA, a place she recently celebrated her birthday at with Robert Pattinson and a large gang of friends.  Included in the entourage on the recent night(s) in question, are once again Nettie and Michaela. Following what was probably a pleasant but uneventful dinner, what haqs been termed as a “girls night out”, the entourage leaves the restaurant and awaits in the parking lot for their cars to be valeted. Kristen ends up in the passenger front seat of a black car with someone else behind the wheel. Hardly the fodder for a twitter melt down. But if you think this is how the story got reported, you are in for a serious awakening.  The celebrity gossip machine is more than willing to make a tabloid mountain out of a pimple on a mole, let alone out of a molehill.

Now for the bull.  On the afternoon of April 22nd, Eleanore Hutch of Hollywood Life began to report on a Kristen and Rupert reunion, relying primarily on an photo of what appeared to be Rupert sitting in a black car outside of Malo Taqueria as Kristen and her friend approached it.  The headline of the story was complete with a photo montage including what was claimed to be a photo of a “standard” Acura wheel, a picture of Rupert with his “dark Accura”, a blowup of the figure in the car captioned “Is this Rupert in his Acura?”, and a label stating that the main photo was of “Kristen Stewart leaving Malo Restaurant on April 21”.  As if a label and them saying those things proves these things to be true. Yeah, right! 

See the Hollywood Life image below.

Hollywood Kife story as it appeared online on the afternoon of the 22nd.

The Hollywood Life story as it appeared online on the afternoon of the 22nd.

The story continued as follows:

“The same day that Robert Pattinson was seen leaving California, Kristen was spotted getting into a car with a man who looks remarkably like Rupert.

Boy, this is really weird. Kristen Stewart went for dinner with some friends at LA restaurant Malo Taqueria on April 21, and afterwards she was seen getting into a dark car that looks like an Acura with a man who looks very similar to Rupert Sanders. And Rupert does happen to drive an Acura! This incident occurred on the same day that Robert Pattinson was seen leaving LA. Could Kristen possibly be in communication with Rupert again?

Kristen Stewart Hanging Out With Rupert Sanders?

Kristen, 23, was having dinner at the restaurant with a bunch of girlfriends — the same eatery where Rob threw her a romantic birthday party one week ago – and when she was leaving she was seen getting into this dark car, reports X17. And the man in the car bears a strong resemblance to her former director.

Did Kristen meet up with her old lover while Rob was away?

Perhaps they had a good reason to talk, especially since Snow White and The Huntsman 2 has been given the green light.

Kristen Stewart & Rupert Sanders:  Their Devastating Affair

Kristen and 42-year-old Rupert’s affair scandalously came to light in the summer of 2012, and it has been conjectured that the two became close on the set of Snow White And The Huntsman. Kristen has already signed on for the sequel, while Rupert has been removed from the project.

It was a long and hard road for Rob and Kristen to get their relationship back on track, while Rupert and his wife Liberty Ross have since filed for divorce.

We sure hope that Kristen was getting into the car with a man that just looks like Rupert, and was not actually Rupert. But, it is weird that they drive such similar looking cars. has reached out to Kristen’s rep, who said that the man in question is not Rupert.

What do YOU think HollywoodLifers? Was Kristen with Rupert? Do YOU think she is meeting up with him?”

The nonsense, innuendo, and misstatements contained within this story are typical for the celebrity gossip machine.  And Hutch is one of the more ridiculous examples of a tabloid journalist who works for that venerable patriarch of celebrity trash reporting, Hollywood Life.  For example, even on the face of her own story, Hutch provides no proof that this event even happened on the 21st, although that was Hutch’s hoped for spin: that as soon as the cat was away the mouse was sure to play.  But that spin was only as salacious as it was true.  And despite the story’s assertions, Hutch utterly failed to prove that the car was even an Accura at all, let alone the one that Rupert has been seen in before, and that Kristen “hung out” with Rupert based on the photos.  The car’s grill and lower bumper appears inconsistent with any of the Accura models and the characteristic Accura logo is missing from the middle of the wheel rim.  And finally Accura doesn’t have a “standard” rim.  A multitude of rims are available for each of the models.  But why let the facts get in the way of a good lie.

Then there was also that little matter of Hutch’s claim that Rupert was Kristen’s former “lover” which is little more than bald speculation; that they became “close” on the set of SWATH which Hutch herself admits is conjecture; and Hutch’s speculative and unsupported claim that Rupert was “removed” from the SWATH sequel. The choice of these vague descriptive words is very intentional, designed to get people to infer things without any basis.  Topped off by a disingenuous “hope” that maybe they were only getting together “to talk” because SWATH II had been green lighted. Please, Eleanor, we are not idiots.

By 4:30 p.m. EDT on the 22nd, Hollywood Life followed with another story which was essentially a regurgitation of its last one, a typical ploy of the celebrity gossip machine.  This time there well known blogger, Hollywood Life Staff, was provocatively asking the same questions.  It is not surprising that even at Hollywood Life, no one wanted to personally claim this piece of tripe by name.

By a little after 5:00 p.m. EDT, on April 22nd, was already calling foul in a web debunk entitled “Kristen Stewart and Rupert Sanders “Reunion” Made Up By Hollywood Life”.  Mincing no words, they claimed that “Jay Penske’s [Hollywood Life’s owner] comically misguided webloid has been (willingly) duped by conspiracy theorists who believe paparazzi photos of Kristen Stewart from over the weekend show a possible reunion with Snow White and the Huntsman director Rupert Sanders”. GossipCop also asserted that the actual dinner event had taken place on April 19th not on the 21st, before Rob had left town, and that “For years, HollywoodLife has mislead and misinformed its readers about Stewart and Pattinson”, recounting many examples, and that the site “remains a scandal-crazed, facts-poor joke.” Ouch!  But typical, GossipCop itself was relying on unnamed sources.

As early as 7:30 A.M. on April 23rd, undeterred, itself began to report on the “exclusive” series of photos that it claims were taken at the restaurant parking lot on the evening of April 21. Why it took them allegedly two days to get around to printing all of them on the 23rd is the first of many mysteries to their part of this nonsensical story. But the 21st was critical to their story as well, because Rob had in fact left for NYC earlier that day, leaving Kristen behind. X17’s delay was most likely due to their desire to hawk the dubious “Rupert” photo to Hollywood Life, for which they probably made a pretty penny.  X17online has always straddled the line between being a paparazzi pack of dogs providing pictures to other celebrity websites and being a lesser known, two bit, junk online tabloid themselves.

X17Online coupled the release of the photos with a provocative headline “Was Kristen With Rupert Sanders Last Night?!, and an accompanying “story”.  Yes, a story, as in a fictitious narrative shorter than a novel; a fairy tale; a lie or falsehood.  Not to be confused with a story, as in a news article or broadcast, or a factual narrative of an actual incident or event.  And remember, they were Eleanore Hutch’s original source.  Below is their highly detailed and well documented account. [Editor’s note: inject a heavy dose of sarcasm here]:

Though the pictures numbered more than twenty, only three were truly significant. With the first two, X17online tried to establish that Kristen left the scene in a car driven by none other than Rupert Sanders. The first picture should seem familiar as it is the one that the Hollywood Life based their original story on. Captions on the these photos are mine.

Exclusive Photos – Was Kristen With Rupert Sanders Last Night?!

Apr 23, 2013 07:30 AM

Disputed X17online photo complete with their "red arrow" identifying Rupert.  As if we would miss what they were trying to convince us of.

Disputed X17online photo complete with their “red arrow” identifying Rupert. As if we would miss what they were trying to convince us of.

“ Would Kristen Stewart actually hang out with Rupert Sanders again? Would she possibly go back to the relationship that temporarily separated her from Robert Pattinson and broke up Sanders’ marriage?

We snapped these exclusive shots of Kristen Sunday night at Malo Cantina in Silverlake — the same place Rob took her last week to celebrate her 23rd birthday and the guy driving the car that took KStew and her pals home looks suspiciously like Rupert and the car looks like his black Acura!

After RPatz left town on Saturday, was Kristen getting lonely?”

Yeah right. Now let’s look at the details. First, at least twenty photos were supposedly taken and displayed and yet we get one, ONLY ONE, that purportedly shows a person they claim is Rupert Sanders.  And that photo above shows a face and forehead remarkably well lit within the otherwise darkened car, yet barely tall enough to peer over the steering wheel.  Despite the fact that Rupert is over 6 feet 3 inches tall. It is also unclear if he is in the driver or passenger seat since we only see his head, no shoulders, or hands on the steering wheel, nothing.

Second,Kristen is in the company of two of Rob’s long time friends, and yet brazenly gets into Rupert’s car “with her pals” and drives off with him? Hmm. Sounds perfectly reasonable to me. NOT!

Third, but wait, there is more. Despite a picture showing Kristen in the passenger seat of a black car, X17’s paparazzi  somehow manage to fail to  photograph Kristen either getting into the black car or sitting in the car while the “Rupert” figure is still in it! Let alone driving her away, or taking her home.  Imagine that, even in these days of the rapid fire DSLR cameras. These paparazzi must be the same guys that took the pictures for last summer. [editor’s note: yeah, it’s time for another dose of sarcasm here].

Kristen's in a car, but where's waldo?, ah, I mean Rupert.

Kristen’s in a car, but where’s Waldo?, ah, I mean Rupert.

Note also how the obscured driver looks remarkably long haired. (See the brown frizzy curls just beyond Kristen if it is Kristen). And why isn’t Kristen brightly illuminated like “Rupert” was.  Ah, it must be a sparkly vampire thing.

And finally, why would Kristen have Rupert, of all people, pick her and her “pals” up at a very busy, very public Hollywood restaurant and then drive them home? After they stood around at the valet stand waiting for their car. See the picture below.

untitled 4

Yeah right. Why am I having such a sense of BS déjà vu.  So much for X17online’s “evidence”.

Within another 90 minutes at 9:15 am EDT on the 23rd, Hollywood Life was already busy debunking their own story with claims of multiple new unnamed sources.  That article, entitled Kristen Stewart: Truth Behind Her Meeting Rupert Sanders Look-Alike, was again authored by Hollywood Life staff, and began with the proud proclamation that “Sources close to the situation reveal the truth to EXCLUSIVELY.” [editor’s note: Insert eyeroll here]

An eyewitness at the restaurant tells EXCLUSIVELY who the man in the dark car really is.

“That man is a driver, a valet driver,” the source says. “After he drove the car to the front of the parking area, he got out and the two young women in the photo got into the car. That young girl wearing glasses, Kristen Stewart, got into the passenger’s side. She is a regular here and very friendly.”

The witness also revealed that Kristen was also at Malo Taqeria on April 19 with a group of girlfriends, and she had a blast:

Kristen Stewart was here this past Friday night with a group of girlfriends, like about five or six friends. They stayed for a couple of hours and seemed to be celebrating something. They all sat inside and drank regular margaritas and cucumber margaritas. For dinner, they ordered a bunch of different items and split them, including enchiladas, squash blossom soft tacos and Baja-style shrimp tacos. Kristen is a regular customer, as are most of the girlfriends she was with. They seemed to be having a fun girls night out, laughing and smiling.”

The article continues with a claim that another source close to the situation revealed that “the former flames haven’t seen each other in a long time” and that there was “Not a chance in hell she was with Rupert yesterday or anytime recently.” They “backed that up with another source identified as a “separate insider” who insisted the former SWATH colleagues weren’t together. “It wasn’t him and she was not hanging out with Rupert”. “He has never visited the location, and they were not together.”

They then claimed a final source who revealed that “Kristen has no plans to see Rupert at all, that “they were not hanging out with each other” and “that ship and mistake has sailed.”

The article even included a link to a video file of Bonnie Fuller and Chloe Melas trying to explaining these latest developments.  But they comically ended up looking silly, back paddling for the lives like two people about to go over Niagara Falls in one of those wooden barrels.  If you feel compelled to watch, you can see it at  . But I’ll save you a web hit and summarize with this transcription:

Bonnie:  “Hi Hollywood Lifers this is your Holly Buzz with Bonnie & Chloe.  And we’ve got some really interesting updated information on Kristen Stewart and the Rupert Sanders look alike.  So Kristen was out with friends the other night at her favorite restaurant Malo Taqueria in California. It’s the same one that Rob threw her birthday party at.  Now, ….everybody was buzzing because when she came out she got into a car and in the car was a man who in profile looked very much like Rupert Sanders.” 

Chloe:  (interrupting)  And coincidentally he happened to drive a black Accura which is the same car that Rupert Sanders is photographed driving around in daily.  So yunno there were many coincidences there. But we have learned from a source at Hollywood ….”

Bonnie: (interrupting) “Multiple sources”

Chloe:   (interrupting) “That this is not Rupert Sanders!  So ,Ya!” [Insert Chloe’s gleeful  clapping here, squealing like the high school freshman she is forever destined to be] .

Bonnie: No, we’re really happy we did a lot of investigating over night.  We found sources who were actually at the restaurant that night and who knew who the driver was. It is a valet who works there after six o’clock at night. And he does apparently look a bit like Rupert Sanders. And we also found out from multiple sources that Kristen wants nothing to do with Rupert Sanders, that he is in her past, she has moved on, she will never go back there, and will never make a mistake like that again.

Chloe:  Well, it looks like it’s just a bunch of ah, very ironic coincidences that happened. But…

Bonnie: (interrupting) But we got to the bottom of it.

Chloe: (Interrupting) We got to the bottom of it.  So for more on the Robert Pattinson-Kristen Stewart-Rupert Sanders triangle come to Hollywood

OMG, I haven’t seen reporting like since the Watergate scandal.  Bring on the Pulitzer Prizes.  But then again, query why Bonnie and Chloe hadn’t done all that “investigating” before they allowed this ridiculous story to appear on their website, why they were still relying on unnamed, unidentified sources, and why they hadn’t bothered to prove the car was even an Accura, let alone the wheel of an Accura. Let alone that they had their dates wrong.  Et cetera, etcetera, etcetera.  But despite Hollywood Life’s recantation, the damage had already been done.

Somewhat remarkably,  most of the rest of the celebrity gossip machine had been in no hurry to pick up this piece of dog shit.  Even the professional liars have some standards I suppose.  But have no fear.  Once websites such as Hollywood Life, Gossip Cop and became engaged, many more were sure to pick up this piece of crap and run with it. And add yet more scintillating details.

Within another day, Tracy Gee of was blogging the following story:

Kristen Stewart got photographed hopping into Rupert Sanders cheat-mobile AGAIN?

While Robert Pattinson was in New York handling some business, Kristen Stewart was in LA doing something that looked oddly familiar.

Kristen was hanging out at this Mexican restaurant with some girlfriends but she took off with another man. The paparazzi snapped photos of her getting into the passenger seat of a black car that looked like the same vehicle that was busted cheating with Robert in… And the guy behind the wheel looked like dirty director Rupert Sanders too.

Is she taking a ride in the cheat-mobile again? Did she really run back into the arms of her affair the minute that her boyfriend left town? I wouldn’t put it past her.

Kristen’s rep refused to comment on the situation but they did throw this theory out there to help her save face. It was just her girlfriend’s car and that was just a valet that was driving it.

But let’s be real. Kristen’s about to get busy with the upcoming Snow White and the Huntsman sequel… but Rupert’s not going to be there to, um, keep her busy this time. He was dropped from the project. So now they have to sneak in some cheating time while they can since they can’t play during work hours anymore.

Robert did land back in LA last night and he didn’t look pleased.

See the pics for yourself right HERE. What do you think? Guilty or innocent this time?

So now X17online’s “Rupert picked up Kristen and her pals and drove them home” suddenly morphs into Kristen was with her friends but then “took off with another man”.  It’s truly amazing how tabloids can bend even a lie.

Which prompted me to comment on their blog, thusly:

Wow.  You guys are really scumbags when it comes to truth.  First of all, this car is so-calledly an Accura, not Kristen’s Mini Cooper.  If you are going make up lies, at least try to know the false facts of this so-called cheating scandal.  Second, as for Kristen’s rep, she has refused to comment on this ridiculous assertion, as she always does regarding tabloid tripe. Although many others have already confirmed that the guy driving the car that night was a valet and the car in fact belonged to a female friend Kristen was with that night.  And as for “sneaking” in some “cheating time”, being picked up in plain view at a busy Hollywood restaurant after having stood around at a valet stand outside, is hardly consistent with sneaking. And as for Rob, he looks pissed because as usual he can’t even walk out of an airport without being hounded by a pack of paparazzi scum that websites like you support.

So let’s get real. I wouldn’t put it past you to make up BS just to try to get webhits on your pathetic website.  Funny thing is, I’m your only comment, but you are too gutless to print it because it calls you out on your nonsense.  Have a nice day.

And just as I predicted, it was pretty funny as thehollywood5 were too gutless to retain my comment.  They immediately removed it and to this day still don’t have another comment on their so-called story.  And as for the paparazzi “snapping pictures of her [Kristen] getting into the passenger seat”, if they did take those photos we sure haven’t seen them yet as X17online never provided any such photos.

Although the story had been slow to get traction, eventually the celebrity gossip machine did its usual thing and divided into three seemingly completing camps: She definitely didn’t hookup with Rupert; she definitely did hook up with Rupert; and maybe she hooked up with Rupert, what do you think?.  All based on the same old account with some embellishments, and on the same set of pictures.  For some examples of each see: NO- New York Daily News and Now Magazine; YES- The Mirror and Celebrity Dirty Stinking Rotten (yeah, them again); and MAYBE – The, the San Jose Mercury News, Marie Claire, and Sugarscape. And there was even a fourth version, she was hooking up with a new guy that just happened to resemble Rupert, provided by those mental giants over at The Stir.

And just like at the dump where garbage draws flies, this story just kept decomposing.  With new stories about how Rob raced back from NYC to confront Kristen about the story, how Rob appeared glum at the airport in LA upon arrival because of the rumors (probably more likely due to the fact that he was being harassed by dozens of paparazzi),  and as recently as April 30th when the internet once again lite up with a story claiming that Rob faked out Kristen by making her take a “mock” lie detector test about the Rupert reunion as a joke. That last one was picked up by several other sites, some even having the audacity to claim that making her take the test actually happened and wasn’t meant as a joke.  All of those accounts were debunked by Rob and Kristen themselves, as they resumed their everyday activities together like nothing had happened including being papped in a convenience store seeking a candy and Snapple fix. Ah, Carl Bernstein would be turning over in his grave.

Which takes me back to a question I asked before in my last post.  Why does anyone ever believe anything that comes out of the mouths of the celebrity gossip machine. That is truly a mystery that no one can answer. For another tale of the celebrity gossip machine lying its face off, see It’s Time to Put Something to Rest: US Magazine’s Account of the Kristen Stewart “Cheating Scandal” is Fabricated at

And so until next time, keep calm and carry on.

Robsten is Forever!