The Anti-Paparazzi Fight for Fairness

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Please join us in supporting Paparazzi-Reform Initiative and The Plan!  The paparazzi are completely out of control.

Paparazzi-Reform Initiative is sponsoring two bills in California.

  • The first is California Assembly Bill 1356.  Amending Section 1708.8 of the Civil Code will more clearly define activities in which there should be a reasonable expectation of privacy.  Schools, medical facilities and entrances and exits at specified facilities should not be impeded by those whose incentive is to obtain financial gain from ill-gotten photographs.   Additionally, the bill empowers the victims and the courts to take action against those who create emotional distress and psychological trauma via the unauthorized photography of children for commercial gain.  In other words, it will provide celebrities a way to legally protect their children from the paparazzi.
  • The second is The California Assembly Bill 1356-Stalking Reform Bill which changes the existing law by including a statement that addresses the term “under surveillance”.   The way the law is currently written, it allows the victim’s home, child’s school and places of work and worship to be under constant surveillance.  The victims lose ownership of every part of the personal and private lives and have no recourse against the stalkers until it may be too late.
  • This bill would add to the currently standing bill, the act of surveillance to the already existing list of unacceptable activities.  It would allow the victim to use “substantial emotional stress” as a complaint against a stalker.  Additionally, it would not require the victim to prove the stalker intended to place the victim or members of the victim’s family to fear for their safety.  Instead the victim need only prove that the stalker acted in reckless disregard for the safety of the victim or the victim’s family.
  • The “substantial emotional distress” standard is defined and does not require the victim to suffer physical injury.  Instead, the victim need only prove that the stalker caused the victim to suffer substantial fear, anxiety or emotional torment.
  • The amendment goes further by including the indirect actions taken by people working for the stalker that cause the victim harm as a “credible threat”.  It defines “follow” as the stalker’s movement as it relates to the victim.

When the time comes, you can help even if you don’t live in California!  We will let you know how and when!  In the meantime, please remember that the tabloids pay these people ridiculous amounts of money to take these pictures.  EVERY TIME you go to a tabloid, you are helping pay their salary.  Get the word out!  It is a time for things to change!

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Standing in the line at the store…

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I realize that when you are standing in line at a store and the tabs are screaming their headlines at you, they are difficult to ignore.  What you need to remember is that 95% of what is in them is nothing but BS.  When they have no real news (which they have not had in quite a while) they make up stories to get your attention!  Made up stories are fiction.  They are lies!  You can’t believe ANYTHING you see in a tabloid magazine or on a tabloid site.  Gossip sites are exactly that!  Gossip!  That is probably the only truth on their site!   They have NO sources.  They have NO reliable information!  Anytime you see a story and then you see that other sites or magazines are carrying the same story, remember…they are basically owned by the same people.  They simply copy stories and recycle them.  There are no original stories out there.  Sometimes they are so lazy, the only thing they change is the title. Why would you spend your hard-earned money on something that you inherently know to be untrue?  When you do, do you know who you are actually hurting?  The very people you want to read about!   So, if you are in line and have nothing else to do, browse their stupid magazines.  And then put them back on the shelf!  For heaven sakes, DON’T buy them!  When you buy them, you are empowering them to continue to tell lies;  to pay papz to invade the privacy of celebrities; and you are making money for them (the tabs)!  The same thing is true when you go to their sites.  They make money every time someone visits their site.  DON’T GO!  You are wasting your time.  Basically everything there is a lie!  The ONLY thing you can believe is when you see it via video and the information is coming out of the celebrity’s mouth.  STRAIGHT from the source!  And even then, it may not be the truth (for instance, Rob likes to tell them stories just to see if he can get them to print it!—very funny Rob!  J).  Do you think anyone else does that?  I don’t know.  But, I sure wouldn’t be surprised!

Join “The Plan”!  We are fighting for truth in journalism!  We want the papz to be brought under control!  If you have a celebrity that you love and support—how can you NOT be for #theplan?  #the plan is bigger than Kristen, it is bigger than Rob, it is bigger than any of your petty feelings about who you do or don’t support or whether or not you agree with theories!  It is about both of them AND it is for all the other celebrities that are out there being lied about and being followed by those scumbag paparazzi!  If you don’t want to get involved, the person who you are hurting is the celebrity that you most admire—no matter who they are, because they are ALL plagued by the same vermin.

Think about it!  Join #theplan .  You can get info from  By the way, I’m sorry.  My blog was started before #theplan .  If you refuse to get involved because of the name of the site where it is located, then YOU are the one that is being petty and ridiculous.  Don’t think about the messenger, think about what the message is and what we can do if we ban together!

Join now!

Make It Stop!

Last night, ABC 20/20 had an episode about paparazzi and photographing celebrities’ children.  You can watch it here.  This is once again an example of the tabloids and their exploitation of people’s lives.  The paparazzi are a plague to mankind, but do you know who puts them there?  We do!  The reason they are there is because the public wants to see celebrities in every aspect of their lives.  The tabloids provide a venue for them to do that.  They pay the paparazzi  enormous amounts of money to take shots that they can put in their magazines and on their websites.  The tabloids are the ones we need to take down.  If we don’t go to their sites or buy their magazines, the paparazzi would have no reason to follow celebrities around like stalkers and invade every aspect of their existence!  We have got to make this stop!  We are the only ones that can make it stop!

Join the plan and help us demand truth instead of lies from the tabloids.  Help us demand tabloids quit publishing pictures of celebrities and their families during their daily routines.  Making movies is a job.  Being an entertainer is a career choice and shouldn’t allow  24 hour access to a person’s every move.    Celebrities have a right to a private home life.

the plan

Join “The Plan”

A few short months ago, I was just beginning to learn how to use Twitter.  Not too soon after I started, “the scandal” broke.  Even if you are not a big fan of entertainment news, you would have to have been off the planet to not know to which scandal I refer.  Since that time, I have had a real education on the way the things work!  I’ve learned many of the ins and outs of Twitter.  I’ve learned how to open and maintain a website. I’ve learned about photoshopping and I’ve learned that what I read or even see is not always true.  I’ve learned about paparazzi and the abhorrent way they treat the people that are actually their “bread and butter”.  I’ve learned that there are people out there that are downright mean.  But, I’ve also learned that there a multitude of people out there that really care.  They too are sick of the lies, the doctored photos—whether they have to do with “the scandal” or just doctoring the way models look in magazine in advertisements.      

I believe that there are a lot of us out here that want to see things change.  We are starting a grassroots movement to bring all media, whether written or video, to task for their unacceptable handling of the news—especially entertainment news. 

Journalism used to be a noble profession.  The people that are running it currently are turning it into a joke.  Journalism—at least their kind of journalism—seems to be who can tell the most lies and get the most hits or purchases of their particular site or magazine.  Were you aware that every time you go to a gossip site you are generating income for them and that you are also perpetuating the lies that they tell about the people you are most interested in?  Were you also aware that they are not necessarily owned by individuals, but in reality are “divisions” of the big name gossip sites.  That is why you see the same article in so many places.  They simply take the article from one of their sister sites and recycle it.  It makes it appear that the article is printing the truth, but in reality what is happening is that the same people are putting the articles out from different venues.  It probably should be more accurately described as plagiarism.  What kind of journalism is that?  They have lowered the standard by not writing original articles.  They simply cut and paste articles from one site to another.  They may change a word or two, although I have actually seen articles that have been printed on two different sites that literally used the same article verbatim and only changed the name of the author!  What?  How could two different people write exactly the same article—word for word?  They didn’t.  That’s what I’m talking about.  They simply copied it from one site to another and changed the name.  But they don’t change the name to protect the innocent.  The innocent are far more likely to be the subjects of their lies.  Of course, telling the truth would entail actually having to work for a living.  They would have to do some research and they would have to check their sources and not just make them up.  For more information about the way they do things, check out  Don’t let the name fool you.  They don’t just do it to Kristen, they do it to everyone!

We want a change.  We are DEMANDING a change.  If you believe that it is time for the media to start telling the truth, join us in our campaign.  “The Plan”