Justice for Kristen

This is also an area where you can see videos highlighting some of the wonderful work she has done.  Check on the left side of the page to see a listing of the videos that are currently available.  She is an amazing actress–many people underestimate her.

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“Many people judge what you do, few feel who you are.”


As you may see by watching it, this is a kinda different video.
The support-kind-of-video. I don’t really know what i did with it…
The song probably would better fit like a singer or something but, yet, i interpreted my own way and fitting to her.
Just trying to show what Kristen has always been and is still, i guess.
Really, one mistake or whatever does not determine who you are, and the fact that most of the people who have worked with her or have known her in the past are defending her and taking her side is just the prove that among all the people in the world, we are the last ones to have a right to judge.
I particularly liked the Jodie Foster defense and many of the things she said should open many eyes… The ‘imput words’ i put from minute 5:00 are taken from one sentece of hers indeed.
Anyway i should not even be here talking about it. I don’t need to.
Everyone thinks whatever they want.
After all we are no one to change other people’s minds, but…
How long does someone have to pay for a mistake?
Think about it. We are all humans and she didn’t kill anyone. She probably happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time and, yes, she did a mistake i’m sure she’s killing herself over every day…
But just remember we know really nothing of what has been going on in their lives. So stop judging as if you knew. We never did!
Just stop.

Hope you can appreciate this anyway.
Feedback is always welcomed xx

Song: Read all about it – Emeli Sande
Coloring: aruxes44
random note: i’m in the middle of a move and about to not have connection for don’t know how long, so i may not be around for a while. Just if anyone cares or wonders lol

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33 Responses

  1. I really like what you have done here with the blog. Great job Sue. Keep up the good work.


    • some peole was suspiciou of photos and went to the location. Like you said the car was not there at that location when photograph it no place at this location that car could get those refections ‘ The location is Sanders street.A very narrow street.But this is the location was photogrraph, But the paparazzi said it a park He was not telling the truth,A white guard rail, that was made to look taller, to look like a fence The video is [ liberty did it // an insider told ] This source was the photos and knew that she had seen the photos before. But the face on those photots was not that of Kristen Stewart.

  2. Thank you for making this. Her director and friend Giovanni Agnelli already told the world via twitter back in July that she never slept with Rupert but no one bothered to listen. At no time has anyone credible stated she did yet that is all that has been printed. So sad to see her dragged through the mud this way. She is a very strong young woman!

  3. Abby, I don’t do facebook, so I have to email you the pics. I am a technological idiot, so I have to rely on hubby, who says he needs an email address to send them to you. Could you email me?

  4. Abby, did you try to email me with this address? I just looked at it again and noticed it had an extra . in it. I took it out. Could you try again? We tried again to send the pics, which are in JPEG format, to your REPLY window and, again, it didn’t work. Hubby says he needs a real email address with an @ sign in it. Or as a last resort, I could snail mail them if I had an address.

  5. Thanks for making this website. I hope someday soon the whole world would leave her alone because she faced hell for three weeks by the media, paps and haters. Enough is enough. Tabloids create BS and people keep eating it up and lapping it with spoon. It saddens me that people would do extreme lengths to create untrue stories and spin them with lies. They know absolutely nothing. Hoping and praying for their well being.

  6. I am such a huge fan of Kristen. I think she is a wonderful actress and I just think she is real and genuine person. She is so sweet and funny and I just really get annoyed with how the media portrays her. She is a beautiful and fun girl, and they say she never smiles, and it is so disrespectful. I think people hate her for being amazing and being with Rob. They are jealous…period. How is it everyone who works with her says how amazing she is to work with….and people who talk crap about her have likely NEVER watched a movie with her in it. They see pics the media shows or soundbites that feed the image the media wants to portray and it really makes me hopeful that the Rupert thing was a big punk to say F you media, now who will believe anything you say about anyone? That is my hope because it’s ridiculous!

  7. I hope you put two site to gether That is [Liberty did it // an insider told when are together to see the hold story, You can see the people involve Because you see that, That car was not where they have it in that site with Kristen standing in the car door way,Because the same refections are on the car, That location only trees and bushy, And by the looks of it, Sanders is standing there. He should see his refection there too But you are not going see that . He was not there as soon

  8. I just found this site. I love all of the videos. Even those with sad content. Kristen reminds me of a fairy tale princess who was raised to think and act like everyone else. She could have so cashed in on that look but she never did. She stayed true to herself. With her comfy shoes. her jeans and hooded sweatshirts she’s just another American girl. I’m not going to take a side in the so called scandal because it’s old news and not worth the paper it was written on from the day they got back together. If it’s of no moment to Rob why is the world”s news
    agencies and tabloids so intent on painting her as a fallen woman? I’d
    like to know where are the women’s right’s groups defending her.This persecution by way of the media would have never worked not so long ago.Is Rob’s beautiful face really what’s stopping the Gloria Steinhams
    .of the world from seeing and taking action in support of her? Or is it big business? The big studio who would have gladly sacrificed her to
    keep Rob and Rupert Sanders, an up and coming director with a singular vision while behind the camera and none when else where.
    Did Lions Gate and Summit entertainment intend for Kristen to become just another failed child star eventually? Instead like the fairy tale princess she resembles her sadness rallied her fans to her, We wrote,
    and commented, and blogged a unified horror at her treatment. It’s so
    strange. The movie that landed her in this trouble was a surreal blueprint for getting her out of it. We may have been like the small bird who helped her find her way out of the tower: But these news hounds that have been sicced on her trail will not give up.Lions Gate may be
    ready to let her go but we, her fans are not. I wonder who they envisioned pairing with Rob next. I think a lot of plans were made. Most
    likely without his knowledge He may look like a prince but before this is over he might need The Huntsman’s savagery, This IS Hollywood we’re talking about, where we look forward to red carpets and ballgowns, Because we’ve had to close our eyes to so much ugliness.

  9. I was on the Internet last night and I read what you said to Bonnie and what she wrote, I was floored, thanks. So being new to this site I’d like to ask a question, today they are saying that Rob is leaving Kristen behind and broke up with her and said he wanted to be just friends, is that true? I would like to believe that she and him are not breaking up, that they will stay together and get married one day and leave all this behind and live out a happy life. I never believed she cheated either and I’m sad that if this is truce, that they are throw, please let me know what you think about all this, Bobbie

    • Bobbie,
      If you learn nothing else from this blog, please learn that the tabloids are ONLY in it for the money. They don’t care about facts, they are simply interested in getting hits for their sites and selling their stupid magazines! They make up stories to keep all of this going. Their stories don’t have to be true, they don’t really care about the truth, because the truth wouldn’t be sensational enough to sell their magazines. Don’t believe anything you read on any of the tabloid sites (including GC). GC is just as unreliable as any of the rest of them. It was well documented that Rob and Kristen were at an after party after the Golden Globes. They were just fine! Nothing has changed. When you read something like you read about them breaking up, the probability is that they are stronger than ever. If the tabloids say they are breaking up–believe the exact opposite and you will be much closer to knowing the truth!

    • u are right we should not believe what the tabloids tell us because they only tell lies but then why do u believe the lies they are telling u? who told u they broke up not rob and k , not their publicist. oh, thats right the tabs! rob and k never broke up beacuse cheating was fake.

    • To be honest I’m still not sure whats going on myself, I’ve had people tell me she did cheat, then I’ve read that she didn’t, I found this site and so I’m going to go with this, I don’t believe she did cheat, but as far as her and Rob breaking up I have know idea, time will tell, I come here for news now, I read all those tabloids and what’s on the internet and it’s so confusing and I know that they are lies but it’s hard to believe anything your read. Since I’m new to this site I’m just a beginner myself and I’m full of questions too.

      I would love to believe they are together and will marry one day and be happy but I guess it’s for us to find out and I hope we will, I think they are such a nice couple, just watching them through the years when they made the movies they seemed so into each other, the body language said a lot.

      • I love your most recent comment, but won’t post it as it has confidential info. Your point is well taken and I will look at the possibility of extending the deadline. Even if someone misses it, however, they can go ahead and send me their info and I can add them back if they have been purged. As to your last comment….I wish I was diabolical enough to do exactly the same thing! 🙂

  10. I realize now that those tabloids are full of crap, thanks guy’s, I thought they were but sometimes it’s so hard to know when it’s true. I hope that they both will remain lover’s and Friends, they did grow up together in so many way’s, it’s sad to watch all your videos and see them change, they lost there freedom, there lives were turned upside down, they had no kind of life after they made those movies . The video of Kristen showing from the beginning of twilight was so sad, she was so sweet and nice and then she changed and became a different person and Robert to changed, I can’t even begin to guess what it’s been like for them both, they can’t have a normal life.

    And now it’s sad to read that Robert broke up with her and I know it’s not true but all these stories are so full of crap and every minute it changes and everyday it changes and now that I have found this site it’s really a awakening to see what it’s been like for them.

    Velma thanks for your words too, I will just wait and see what is to happen between them, I do wish them the best, I think they have a very special relationship, I’ve always enjoyed seeing them together and the love they had for each other showed in there eyes when they looked at each other, I’ll miss seeing them, when they did interviews and I’ll miss the Twilight movies to, I know a lot of people thought they were stupid but I enjoyed everyone of them and the books to. See ya soon B

  11. OK, so I know that all magazines are not truthful, I get that but it’s hard not to read them when they are looking right at you, so now I read them thinking to myself wow they really come up with these lies, but it’s so damn terrible. I can’t even imagine how all these stars can put up with it and how it must get them down?

    So now I’m reading that Rob and Kristen are planning on getting married and then there’s the one that Kristen reached out to Rupert Sanders because she is so sad, that one blew me away, how do you know whats the truth and whats a lie, is there anywhere or anything that is the truth or is it like you just have to stop reading these things and wait and see what the truth is? I mean are they together or are they really broken up? are they going to marry or is that a lie too?

    Another thing I’m kinda knew to all this and I would like to understand Twitter, how do you post on there and is all the actor’s on Twitter really posting there own words or is that someone else too? LOL I know I must sound so funny, but really I’m trying to learn all this. Thanks Bobbie

    • Stop reading tabloids and stay on this site if you really wish to know the truth.

    • @guene If you read it anywhere but here it’s lies. There is no reputable reporting when it comes to Rob and Kristen. Even Forbes Magazine an impeccable source of information usually were quite happy to regurgitate stories from sources like Hollywood Life and OK
      Magazine. The same goes for International Business News and even
      the Christian Post. Rob and Kristen’s faces are making people rich a
      little thing like truth in reporting is not going to stop them milking Rob and Kristen’s personal life and reputation as if it were their own very own money making machine which as things stand it is. If they ever get around to suing anyone I’d start with these so reputable publications. You expect sleasy reporting from the tabloids. But from scions of the economic and Christian press you do not.

  12. hi everyone! newbie here! feel like im in some AA meeting lol. The lovely veulentsavoir directed me here and thought i could support you in your crusade. i dont comment alot, im the type of person who prefer to read and stay quiet when i have nothing nice to say. Big fan of KS and tolerate Rob but you dont find me trash talking about him. I wanna applaud everyone for standing up for KS, God knows she need her supporters more than ever. Im not good at debate or conveying my opinions, i’ll just leave them up to you. The best way i could help this young lady is to stay away from the rags and love her unconditionally.
    i wish everyone the best and for KS to find her peace of mind and happiness.

    and btw, im a fiorels subscriber for almot a year now. just thought i share;-)

    • Contrary to what you say, I think you are very articulate! 🙂 I had to look up fiorels. Didn’t know what it was! Do you think you might be able to make a post pointing people to this site and “The Plan”? The more we can make people aware and have them get involved, the better! Thanks!

      • sure no problem. anything i can do for KS, in any smallest scales i will.
        last summer when i heard no news about her, i made a mistake of coming to gossip sites..e.g the one in livejournal. my God, the hatred of people out there towards her is really saddening. i cant do anything about it because i know i will end up getting my ass handed to me. i dont understand where they get this hatred for a girl they hardly know. i stop coming there eventually, way too sensitive for that site in the first place. Ii cant wait for the day where stew will start to redeem herself again.
        and oh, fiorels is fanvid maker i support in youtube. she makes cool and inspiring vids.

      • fiorels did the vid above thats why i mentioned her

      • That is a brilliant idea! It will take me a day or two, but I will put that together for you! Keep checking back! 🙂

      • actually, im one of those people who doesnt know how to work the twitter even if my life depended on it, hence, sans twitter account. so i really dont know how to participate with this ‘PLAN’:((

  13. I just looked at some videos by Fiorels and the one called “You Don’t Meet Many People Like Kristen Stewart” is wonderful…

  14. I too was so surprised by the hate for her, it’s so sad, she must be so hurt by all the mean and terrible things they say about her. I’ve see all her movies and I think she’s a great actress and from her interviews she seems like a very nice woman and very smart to, so I hope one day they will leave her a lone and be kinder too.

  15. KS & RP are two ‘people’ and I have never understood our human capacity to tear other people down. I’m a firm believer in if you dont have anything nice to say, hush.
    I have every faith that KS & RP are finding their own way to happiness and despite all the bumpf the tabloids publish, know exactly where they stand with each other. I’d FINALLY managed to see the Breaking Dawn duo and was once again moved by their portrayal of Bella and Edward. As a result, I googled them to see what they are up to now and was horrified to see two young people being torn up by the press.
    I hope this blog achieves what it sets out to do, get people to wise up and put away the need to know whats ‘going on’ inside out beloved famous people’s heads. As i stated above, they are people, just like you and me, and ALL of us enjoy our own privacy.
    So here’s to respect – may we all learn to treat others as we wish to be treated – in person, on the phone, and in the electronic world we find ourselves in now.
    And here’s to everyone else on this blog – the stalwart few who hoped to change the world with kindness and not hate.

    Sorry if I’m being a little, epic in my speech, but the abuse KS suffers can actually be applied to many and just because we are not their fans doesnt mean that the injustices that they have suffered should be overlooked. Hence my overall outlook upon these matters.

    Take care

    • I was glad to see my favorite couple have reunited and still I’m seeing
      comments of it’s all PR. For what I ask. Someone made a good point BD 2 has run in theaters as far away as Antarctica and the Dvd sales are weeks old. The only thing new that I see that they have to sell is Rob’s buzzed of locks which so many are mourning. It’s only hair ladies. And it will grow back. Meanwhile can you give them some peace and quiet.

  16. I just found your blog and believe the same way you do. I wish the photogs would just leave her alone. Like she said in the video, I’d just like to meet her and tell her how wonderful she is as herself and as an actress.

  17. I think she is an amazing young women to put up with all this negativity. I must say I have read all the tabloids especially HL and I don’t know how they come up with some this stuff. They will keep writing untruths about Rob and Kristen just to make us comment to one another to keep this going. I don’t commen anymore because I found that some of these comments are down right cruel. These people who comment on these cites should be followed around sometime when they leave their house and see how it feels to have people on top of you all the time.

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