Justice for Kristen: A History

Justice for Kristen:  A History

The first thing that anyone needs to know upon entering this blog, is that Kristen has nothing to do with anything here.  She didn’t start it, she didn’t contribute to it, and as far as I know, she doesn’t even know that it exists.

I go by veulent_savoir.   I am a retired school teacher and I am the owner of this blog.  I actually had become interested in Rob and Kristen because of the Twilight Saga.  I didn’t see Twilight until after it came out on DVD, but after that I watched every movie as it came out.  Because of the movies, I became more and more aware of the two young stars that everyone was talking about.  I saw the “bites” on the entertainment programs and the pictures in the magazines.  I started kind of trolling on Twitter and became aware of the controversy of whether they were a “real” couple or just PR.  I watch them interact during interviews that I saw on YouTube.  And I came to the firm conclusion that these two young people were not a PR couple, but had real chemistry.  It seemed to me that their relationship was much deeper than they tried to let people see.  But, because they were so in tuned to each other they couldn’t hide it.  In some of the earlier interviews, they actually used the same gestures; the way they would grab their hair, more their hands.  The movements were not something they were trying to do, they just happened—sometimes in unison.

I started feeling a little like a mom.  I was so proud of the way things were going for them.  Seeing them at Cannes was really exciting.  I was so proud of them and how much had gone their way.  And, it seemed for the first time, they were beginning to share their relationship a little more in public.  The embrace between Kristen and Robert after the showing of “Cosmopolis” was a significant moment.

Not too long after that, all hell seemed to break loose.  I actually saw the pictures the first night that they came out on the internet.  I looked them and thought—“Something is seriously wrong here”.  I remember thinking, “There is NO WAY Kristen would do this to Rob.”  I just was absolutely positive.  Within a few days, I had written my first Twitlonger and posted it on Twitter.  You can go here to read it.  It was posted on July 30, 2012.


And so began the journey that I have undertaken.  Along the road, I have met many people.  My opinion as to what actually happened, has changed a bit from time to time, according to the people I have spoken to.  To get a bit of an idea about how my ideas have ebbed and flowed, you are welcome to read the Twitlongers I posted on Twitter.  You will find a sampling of them here along with the date each was posted:  http://wp.me/P2JqVX-xB

During this time, I also started going to Gossip Cop, where I ran across someone named Twilighter.  He was analyzing the pictures and seemed to be very knowledgeable.  I watched carefully as he started adding information to his Punk Theory and soon I was making copies of what he said and emailing it to people who were interested.  Around this time, a discussion took place about the fact that it seemed many of the comments from Gossip Cop were being deleted.  To take a bit more control of the conversation and to eliminate some of the more rabid haters, it was decided to start a blog.  It was to be an invitation only blog.  A very sweet lady from Denmark took on that task. It was to be a place where Twilighter could post his findings and not be attacked, but rather could have civil conversations with interested parties.   She was doing a wonderful job and things were going along just fine, until I posted my Twitlonger entitled:  An Open Letter to Chris Como.  The woman misconstrued my statement about the fact that if he (Mr. Como) wanted to see some real investigation, he should contact me and I could put him in contact with some people that were truly investigating and not just continuing the lie.  She was afraid I would send him to her blog and that some of the people there would be unhappy because she had promised them that everything they said would be held in the strictest confidence.  Although, it had never been my intention to send Mr. Como to her site, she closed it down, without saying a word to anyone.  No one knew where it had gone or why.  After I finally got hold of her and found out what she thought and that she had no intention of reopening it, I decided to start my own blog.  I had some experience and I knew how to use WordPress.

Now, apparently there are some people who are under the misconception that because other sites used WordPress, we are connected—let me assure you that this site is not associated in any way with any other blog with the exception of wertheplan.wordpress.com.  That blog is also mine and was started as a result of things I learned about the way paparazzi and the tabloids operate and the way they treat celebrities and their children.  I attempted to operate it from Justice for Kristen, but there are some fans that refused to even consider helping as long as it was associated with Justice for Kristen—thus THE PLAN moved to its own site.

Justice for Kristen was opened on September 12, 2012.

It really was opened to give Twilighter a platform to share his findings.  There was a lapse in time between my opening the blog and the time that Twilighter was ready to post again, so I posted things that seemed to be interesting.  There is the video that appeared on YouTube that really started getting people to start taking an even closer look at the photographs of “the scandal”.  Even though Twilighter was saying basically the same thing, and the video had flaws, it did start to make more and more people to wake up and start paying attention.

Because of my Twitlonger to Chris Como, I gained a lot of followers on Twitter.  A couple of them were pretty interesting.  Giovani Agnelli (the director to whom Kristen “ran to for comfort”) was one.  He retweeted the letter to his followers.  Another was a person that said she knew a friend of Kristen’s.  We began to email back and forth and she basically confirmed what my original belief had been.  At that time I posted  the article you can read here:  http://wp.me/P2JqVX-xG  Although I was stating MY OPINION, the person with whom I had been communicating became very unhappy with me—feeling that I had betrayed her confidence.  As a result, I deleted the post, I didn’t want her to feel  that I could not be trusted.  I have reposted it now after so many months—only to give you an idea of where my thoughts have been.  According to her “source”, however, the apology was real—that it was given by Kristen to People magazine and that it was against the advice of all her people—but she wanted to get the word to Rob as quickly as possible.

Now Twiligher does not agree with that. And, before anyone asks, I don’t know him.  I have never seen him and I don’t know his real name.  But, we have had multiple discussions via email and I have come to respect his opinions and his work.   We have had different opinions on and off as time has gone along—mostly behind the scenes via email.  But different opinions and theories have been the strength of this blog.  People can come here and discuss their theories without the fear of being attacked by people that can’t see passed their own hate.  There are discussions held here.  People debate, not demean other people’s opinions and theories.

That is a brief history as to how Justice for Kristen came into being.  Please feel free to leave comments, but no vulgar language or insults will be approved to post.  If you have a comment, do so in a civilized and intelligent way.  Opinions are welcome, judgments and insults are not.

And now a word from one of the wonderful people that I have met as a result of this journey:


First, I’d like to thank you for visiting our site. I haven’t been a part of this website from the beginning, but I hope I know enough to answer some questions that will lead you to further investigate this site. I too was one of the Kristen Stewart fans who was horrified by her bullying and vilification at the hands of the tabloids, and by former fans. Fans that couldn’t seem to accept that she and Robert Pattinson were NOT Bella and Edward. I am one of those who believe that their personal lives are not anyone’s business. So I was one of those trying to argue with the vile comments on tabloid websites, but couldn’t seem to get past the hatred, couldn’t reason with most of the commenters there. So finally, after seeing this website mentioned several times, curiosity got the better of me, and I came here. And will never turn to tabloid websites again for answers. I do go to the comment section occasionally to point out that their “sources” = BS = clicks = $$, and to try to bring this website to people’s attention. (@NobodySpecial – this was especially for you! It’s me – Nunya! If you’d like this removed, just ask!)

One of the things that bothers me is that many people on these tabloid sites wonder why Kristen hasn’t done anything, sued anyone, to clear her name. To get into the lawsuit area, let me just say this. Kristen is a “public figure”. For a public figure to sue for libel, slander, etc., they must prove that the publication had intended “actual malice”. Do you realize how difficult that would be to prove? Or her attorneys would have to prove that the publication knew that the statements made by these elusive “sources” were untrue. Think about it – do you really think they would admit to that? Again, something else almost impossible to prove. It does get much more complicated – you’d have to be an attorney specializing in constitutional law to know the finer points, but those are the basics. Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act enters into play somehow, but my knowledge is very limited in this. Again, an attorney specializing in constitutional law would be better equipped to handle those questions. I assure you, these tabloids have  attorneys on retainer for issues that do arise.

Law aside now, what good would it do for Kristen to say all this wasn’t true? She’s already been tried in the court of public opinion, and has been hanged without a trial, without a jury. Why bring it all up again? The tabloids are certainly doing a great job of keeping the so-called “cheating scandal” alive. Don’t you think it would only add fuel to the fire if Kristen were to come forward now? She and Rob know the truth – and they have both said time and again that they keep their private lives private. Wouldn’t any comment by her just fan the flames? She and Rob are very private people – do you believe they’d just want to rehash all of that controversy? Would you? I’m of the belief that the tabloids have made enough money from them, from their pain, from their happiness. Why give them even more money? Most people have heard Kristen say that she hates the paparazzi getting a payday from her image – how do you think she feels about the tabloids monetary gain of her humiliation, her vilification?

As for the people saying the tweet from the People mag employee is false, or why doesn’t Kristen sue for that – all People mag would have to say is they thought their “source” was telling the truth. End of lawsuit, right there. The tweet does exist – here’s the link to a screen cap http://desdenuestrosojos.tumblr.com/post/31941109260/writer-reporter- (thank you once again Coldminds!). I assure you this woman DOES work for People magazine. The tweet was deleted by her shortly after tweeting. Just go to her timeline and scroll – you will see she does indeed work for them. I dug a little deeper – she is in fact their employee. Why would a supposedly “truthful” magazine issue such a false apology? For money. This supposed “scandal” happened in July 2012. It’s now April 2013, and the tabloids are STILL making money from it. People magazine saw the dollar signs – do you think they would give up all that money? Kristen Stewart and Rob Pattinson had been a virtual money machine for them and ALL the tabloids for years. The Twilight Saga was coming to an end. Perhaps they saw their money making machine drying up, and saw a perfect opportunity to continue suckling on that cash cow. Read this article http://entertainment.howstuffworks.com/tabloid.htm as it explains in easy to understand terms how these tabloids operate. And despite arguments to the contrary, People magazine IS a tabloid. Why not give “Robsten” even more opportunity to make them money?

As for the people commenting on tab sites thinking Kristen Stewart is a part of us – I assure you she is not. She may or may not be aware that we even exist. We’re just a group of people interested in the truth, and were tired of seeing this young woman vilified and bullied – and yes, even death threats. None of us are receiving payment for what we do here. Most are professionals in their field – some are not. Some are intimidatingly intelligent! Some not so much (I fit into that category!). However, we do all share a common bond. That bond is a quest for the truth. Everyone here is respectful in their comments. If they are not, they are asked not to return. Everyone is welcome to suggest their theories and to ask questions. Any comment quoting a tabloid as a source will be immediately pounced upon. We do NOT tolerate tabloids here at all. The more you read here, the more you’ll understand why. Most of us are very aware of the tabloid machine by now.

One more thing I’d like to address, and that is wordpress. Since Hollywood Life (that was really painful to type their correct name) and Justice for Kristen use the same “domain”. All wordpress is, is free web software, letting anyone create their own blogs. Here’s the link http://wordpress.org/ . Just because two websites use the same software doesn’t mean they’re connected in any way. They just happen to use the same web software. Just because I use Windows, doesn’t mean I’m in any way connected to the guy in Canada also using Windows. WordPress is just software.

One last thing I’d like to add. Justice for Kristen DID start the investigation into tabloids, and led us all to the conclusion that tabloids are extremely amoral. That it shouldn’t be JUST about Kristen, but about ALL the celebrities vilified and lied about by the tabloids. And so, The Plan was born. If you like what you see here, on this site, then please to to our sister site wertheplan.wordpress.com . There we fight ALL tabloids with social media, and other methods, trying to educate the general public about how bad the tabloids actually are. And that they go hand in hand with the paparazzi.

If you decide you’d like to look at the evidence that Twilighter has compiled, irrefutable evidence about those “cheating” photos, scientific evidence, then check out the Grand Punk series listed here. Science doesn’t lie. You know the old saying “Can’t fool DNA?” Well, you can’t fool physics or astronomy either. His writings (sorry Twi!) do get a bit dry, and a little hard to follow, but they are factual. He is an attorney, and would not tolerate anything but factual evidence. He has donated many hours of his time AND resources in the quest for truth.

Thank you and welcome to Justice for Kristen.


4 Responses

  1. I just want to say thank-you for this site. Of all the craziness out there right now, your site makes the most sense.

  2. Very nice that someone see the truth I fil sorry for kristen nut u may stop the press live them lone

  3. I recently stumbled upon this blog and find it very enlightening…not just about Ms. Stewart and Mr. Pattinson, but the light it sheds and the extreme and dangerous behavior of the paparazzi. I agree that we learned nothing from the tragedy of Princess Diana. Thank you for your efforts:)

  4. I normally do not follow “stars”, but my sis-in-law introduced me to Twilight and i liked the unusual of it all. When she told me how Robert and Kristen were together in real life I thought it cool. Then all this other stuff fell out of the sky. Those poor people in Hollywood. How does anyone ever get together let along stay together. I fell so bad for them I even wrote a letter in hopes an old woman’s word would give them something to move them in the right direction. Am glad someone is talking good for them among all the gossip.

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