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  1. I an confused, all sections are called The Grand Punk 1-9 but at the end of 9 you say The Grand Punk does the best job of all in terms of squaring with the proveable evidence. But I dont under stand what the The Grand Punk is? I love this web site! Thanks so much

    • Twilighter coined the term “The Grand Punk” at the beginning of the scandal. It is his belief that Robert and Kristen, with the help of Rupert and Liberty, used these pictures, at least in part, to humiliate or ‘punk’ the media to get it back for all the nonsense they have had to put up with over the years.

    • Twilighter coined the term “Grand Punk.” He believes that a main reason for the scandal is so Robert and Kristen can humiliate or ‘punk’ the media for all the harassment they have had to suffer at the hands of the paparazzi over the years.

    • Scenario 6 is the Grand Punk, the one I think most fits the provable evidence and what this whole thing is about.

  2. Hi, I have a question… There’s no doubt that this whole “cheating scandal” was staged (or fake) but you said that Scenario 6 fits. it’s been 6 months now so, when is that punk supposed to end?? please answer =)

  3. I have a PhD in Photography. I teach a class of 30 college students. I also do some photography on my own. I tried to type a comment on face book and also Twitter. Well before I could finish, they were snatched off. WOW. It would take at least 20-25 photographs to complete this scenario. Also there is a ghost leg in your photograph. It belongs to Sanders because of the length. Then I read somewhere that Ms. Stewart is just over 5′ 3″? If that is so, then this is not her. This woman is at least 5’7″. This is a stand in or Sanders wife with a wig. See, you measure the person from the crown; which is the head to the bare foot. In this case, Ms.Stewart be 5’2″ even. the other woman would be 5′ 6″. Sanders is over 6′. This is why you have a ghost leg. This is not only fraudulent, This is disgusting. Something should be done about this.

    • hey Im still interested in what a ghost leg is? I do believe T57 in is analysis of the pictures but would love to hear from a photographer on this also!! Not insulting you T57 at all!!

  4. explain a ghost leg again? I would love to talk to you by email, get back to me please

  5. I’ve always thought these pictures were not real, but what I don’t understand is why, and who was in on it, were they all four in on it, if Rob and Kristen know these are false why did they do it and have you ever noticed that Roberts Family really hasn’t said anything really, why let Kristen take all the mean words and all the hate, it’s so stupid, would someone tell me why all this was done and what did they think they would get out of these false pictures????????

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