The Grand Punk Part 2

The Grand Punk- Part 2

Sometimes when things seem too unbelievable to be true, they are just that: not worthy of belief.

I think this whole was dreamed up and brilliantly executed by Rob, Kristen, and Rupert and that the celebrity gossip machine is about to get punked bigtime. It’s a big payback for all the crap they have had to put up with for years. And I think there is also something even more significant behind it.

In Part 1 earlier we examined the context of the “scandal” and the version of events according to FameFly Net, the paparazzi firm that purportedly photographed it. In Part 2, we critically examine that version of events and their photographic evidence.

A short version of their pictures is available at US Magazine at:.…. and purportedly, all of them are up at… . Be warned, I know some of you are loath to look at them. But if you are interested in learning the truth, look at them very carefully indeed.

Let’s start with what I’ll call the CAR MAKE OUT SESSION photos and Fame Fly Net’s version of events.

a. How does Rupert get to the area and into the car where the car makeout session happens? Per FameFlyNet’s version, Kristen is already there in place waiting for him, the pap is watching and waiting, and has followed her there intentionally because he was “curious” as to why she is there. Remember, Kristen purportedly dropped Rupert near his house at the end of the day so if you believe that you have to wonder how did Rupert get there in the first place? Take a cab? Walk? Materialize from thin air? Irrespective of that, why would Kristen wait alone for Rupert in an rundown area of town in an abandoned warehouse area (dangerous???) for 15 minutes if she was really there all alone? And most importantly, why wasn’t Rupert’s arrival photographed. The minute anybody or any car approaches Kristen’s Mini Cooper, you would expect that that paparazzi’s shutter is going to be flying.

But yet, we don’t get one photo of his arrival or entry into the car as he “slips discreetly” into the car (See LA Times article and FameFlyNets version of events). And precious few others were taken while she was purportedly there for seemingly minutes. What kind of pap is this? Ran out film? Ran out batteries? What’s the deal with this paparazzi? Not paying attention? Can’t identify Rupert. No video camera?

And if there are other pictures or video, why is US Magazine or FameFlyNet holding them back if they have more of them. Some may argue that they are holding them back to drag out the story and make more of it and more off of it. That they will be released later. Perhaps, but it doesn’t exactly make you warm and fuzzy about their credibility does it? And the claim from PopSugar is that they have all the photos. So if they have more, cough them up. The burden of persuasion is on them. And until they do if they exist at all, based on what little they have provided thus far, it’s a little bit early to be calling someone a whore, a homewrecker, a trampire, or anything else.

b. Why were the photos released in a scrambled order and why are they incomplete? The scrambling is obvious if you look at what order they are in when they were provided. This may seem like a minor matter, but it certainly doesn’t help clarify what really happened that day. There should be many more photos and video for that matter. Yet they intentionally try to make it difficult to comprehend the sequence of events. As other have rightly pointed out, other than the version of events provided by them, how do we know whether the car makeout session happened first and the overlook second, or the other way around. (More on that in Part 3 of the Grand Punk) The mere photos themselves do not establish the sequence of events.

c. What do the photos actually show? Much has been made of what people think appears in the photos as opposed to what you actually see when you look at them. Close face to face proximity, Kristen flexing her bicep, suggestions they are kissing, but certainly nothing showing how he is “kissing all over her body” as they claim. That line in FameFlyNet’s version of events is intentionally designed to titillate people’s sexual imagination, but the photos themselves fall far short. As much as some have wanted to see oral sex happening here, you sure can’t see it in these photos unless you want to use your imagination. But is that what the evidence shows? Ever sat in the front of a mini Cooper? Not impossible but there is a reason they call it a mini. I challenge anyone to show us which photos proves that Rupert went down or Kristen or that she ever removed an item of her clothing during the entire incident, whether it be her shirt, her bra, her sweatpants, or anything else.

d. And what of the reflection in the car door? See this one for an example and look at the rest.… Where is the photographer in the reflection? He has to somewhere? And irrespective of where he is in this one or in any of the others or what angle he is to the car, note how the building shown in the reflection in Kristen’s door is relatively close. This is not a high powered telephoto shot taken from great distance. There is not enough room for the photographer to stay hidden as he or she takes the photo. And yet they are not there, they simply disappear. And don’t tell me he’s on the roof of the building. The angle is wrong, and remember, he was just casually following Kristen, how does he know he needs to bring a ladder to climb buildings.

e. Following up on d. above, both Kristen and Rupert would have had to have known that the photographer was there. Unless of course he or she was invisible which we know can’t be the case. Both of them look to the camera. See PopSugar 31 and 47 where Kristen turns and looks to the camera and Rupert eyes the camera. This building reflection appears in every photo of the car make out session provided, making it clear that all of them are from one and only one location.

e. Why no video? When so many of these cameras provide that capability or these paparazzi have easy access to a video camera. To busy taking photos? Then why aren’t there more photos of them in and around the car?

f. And finally, the entire FameFlyNet version of events is that Kristen is so into Rupert and so out of control. Yet the only photos we get of her actual face are two partials that show anything but passion, the two bicep flex photos Popsugar #4 and 52, and # 31 where she looks back in the direction of the camera with a look that would be impossible to describe as passionate.


a. As much as FameFlyNet and US Magazine try to imply that Kristen and Rupert drove all over town looking for places to make out, their photos fail to establish any other location was involved in terms of them making out with each other than at the overlook. Zilch! Zero!. Nada! Despite the original paparazzi’s call for reinforcements, no photos, no description, no video, no details, nothing as to any other place. This assertion is completely unsubstantiated. And if not, why not?


a. How do paparazzi now numbering four according to FameFlyNet and US, even get into a position to be able to see what they see and why don’t they see and film more? This should have been the most photographed scene in history of celebrity photags, and yet all we get is roughly 27 photos, many of them innocuous? (See PopSugar 3,8,13,23,55) We should have this incident from multiple views, videos, with virtually everything but sound, and instead we get the slop that everyone has gotten so excited about, which is a very limited slice of “reality” if it’s reality at all. If there are other pictures or video US Magazine, bring them on. But in the current absence, the burden of persuasion as to the truth of their assertions remains on US Mag & FameFlyNet. And there is nothing worse than a claim based on a partially told story.

b. In one of them, Rupert is standing sort of looking over the guardrail with a …. CELLPHONE ??? to his ear. Am I seeing things or is that what it looks like. Take a look at PopSugar #55. Did he decide to take a break from his marathon make out sessions to make a call or two? And what about Kristen in the same photo, is she on a call as well?

c. Another thing I noticed as an avid photographer was the remarkable clarity, depth of field, and a lack of lens distortion of any kind in the overlook photos particularly. Compare these images to what you see at the car make out session. Long telephoto lenses, particularly super longs, when shooting from a distance tend to flatten perspective making everything that is in focus seem like it is closer to the same plane, not to mention flattened depth of field. They are also harder to hand hold (which leads to camera shake blurriness) because the angle of view of the lens is so narrow. And lens and barrel distortion as well as other design issues with even modern high tech lenses can lead to a deterioration of the image. Especially when you are zooming at the farther end of a telephoto.

Why is this important? Something tells me that this camera is a lot closer to them at the overlook than it was at the car makeout session and again too close for the photographer to evade observation. Unless of course they were posing for them and not worried about the photographer standing there.

I am not saying that the images are completely fabricated. I am here focusing on the issue of how far the photographer was from the picture’s subjects when it was taken and what that may or may not suggest about whether they knew they were there.

d. Which leads to another observation about both sets of photos. Even if you accept what some have said about what they show, is there anything about them that definitively reveals whether they were authentic or whether Kristen and Rupert merely posed for them.

e. And let get right to it. The famed dry hump pictures. Of her but with her clothes on. Rupert is able to bring her to the heights of ecstasy without even taking off her clothes.  Right. Again, maybe the delusions of some guy’s wet dream but utterly lacking in believability. Which is maybe why in several photos it appears that one or the other of them is laughing.

It looks more like her acting like a porn star. Remember the plot of Cali, and Kristen’s statements about it?

Look at them PopSugar 9???, 17 Rupert looks to the camera, 19,20,21, oh how passionate. 22 with Kristen leaning over with her hair flying. 35 my personal favorite, if this is a look of passion, I have never seen one like it before. 41 another Kristen hair flying leaner with both of them laughing. 43, 44, and the final hair flyer 50. Is this passion, someone’s imagination, or a joke.

f. Again, consider the context. Everything about this so called incident is so out of character for Kristen. Broad daylight, interlude in a public place without any attempt to hide her identity? This woman is probably among the most recognizable women on planet. And the object of every paparazzi’s desire. She knows it and she knows that she is constantly being followed. Why at the overlook is Kristen so obviously identifiable when people are so-calledly all over the place interrupting their interlude?

People hiking, people walking dogs. People going to SEE THE HOLLYWOOD SIGN. No one could mistake identifying her, particularly in PopSugar #8, #23, and #55, and all the rest of them for that matter. And yet she continues the conduct in open view with no attempt to hide herself despite waving around Rob’s hat so that it could be seen. And no photos of her trying to avoid detection as FameFlyNet claims or photos of hikers or dog walkers interrupting them.

It took years for the paparazzi to even catch her holding hands with Rob (Paris tarmac) and years more to catch her in a long distance, blurry full-on make out session (in Montreal during OTR) and that is virtually the only time since other than at Cannes. Is she really going to parade around LA with a married guy with children guy twice her age and dry hump him for all the world to see? Is this in any way consistent with her character? It may be consistent with some guy’s demented wetdream, or some poor porno film, but it isn’t consistent with anything else we have seen from her before.

g. Well you could say that people act out of character every day and that she was madly in lust and couldn’t control herself. But if that were the case, why not just strip in the car and have real sex? Why not go into bushes at the overlook and have real sex? Why go out at all? Why not just get a hotel? If they were both so out of control, why is the contact between them so limited? Take a really close look at the pictures again at the overlook. Suggestive perhaps, but his hands are never anywhere inappropriate in the many where you can clearly see them. Hugging, spooning while standing, close face to face contact, smiling but not even kissing. Don’t fill in what you are seeing, just look at them. They looked posed, and not very well posed at that. Remember, Hollywood is all about illusions.

h. Finally Kristen wears Rob’s favorite hat to her tryst and goes out of her way to make sure you see it multiple times. Interesting in one photo PopSugar 55, as she’s seen walking from the car to the overlook she obviously doesn’t have it, but apparently must go back to get it to get it to make sure it’s in the photos at the guardrail (See PopSugar,10,12, 14, 30, 32,40,51,54, and walking to Rupert in 55. And my personal favorites the money the US Magazine Money Shots 5 and 16. But no, the hat is missing in 8, 9, 17, 19,20,21, 22,28,35,41,43,44, and 50. I think that’s what they call a continuity error in the business.

And never in the entire incident at the overlook does she put it on her head to hide her identity in the entire sequence.

i. She even wears Rob’s sweatpants and uses them to let Rupert dry hump her in her clothes from the rear in broad daylight in a public place in front of the paparazzi that she obviously sees. And laughs and smiles about it for the cameras. After virtually never allowing photographers to so much as see her kissing Rob for over four years. That is about all I can stomach in terms of logic in one night.

LATER IN PART 3 of the Grand Punk, we will continue critically examine the evidence and how the “immediate apologies” short circuited an evaluation of the facts. And if and why those apologies occurred and what it was meant to accomplish.


13 Responses

  1. seymourblogger commented on The Grand Punk Part 2

    Well, well, and well again. And nice inference at the end.

  2. nena commented on The Grand Punk Part 2

    It is like you are in my brain!!!! I have thought all of this,from the beginning!! It is nice to see it all down !!!

  3. Good point about the baseball cap… sometimes she has it, sometimes she doesn’t…odd. I always wondered why she would hold it in her hand while snuggling, if that’s what you could call it.

    My confusion has always been..why would you kiss awkwardly in a mini cooper, but then when you get out of the car, there is no make-out session. In fact, she never even looks him in the eye…also very odd. Obviously, anyone who actually thinks he could “kiss her all over” or do anything else for that matter in a mini cooper has never seen or been inside of one!! Not to mention that Rupert is over 6 ft tall!!! Also find it odd that Kristin is sitting with her back to the driver’s side door. Like, how much further away from the passenger can you get?

    I’ve also seen some oddities about a thumb ring Kristin is wearing in pics 4, maybe 23, 27 (pretty clear), 36 (possibly), 51 (possibly) and 52 (pretty clear). yet she is not wearing it in the other pics. Why would she feel the need to take it on or off during this time period?

    Also noticed in pic 8, the lining of Rupert’s jacket looks like red plaid, but in pic 38 and 42 the lining looks light blue or gray plaid???

    Sorry I am commenting at such a late date, but I just found this website and your Grand Punks and I find them fascinating.

    • Thank you thank you thank you!!!! I have always questioned this BS story from the start. I mean honestly, they had finally kissed on the balcony at Cannes, and they were cute as hell at Comic Con, then 5 days later she’s off with Rupert?? Seriously, the pics don’t really even look like they are even seeing each other there, I think they might have been altered and the pics were taken of Kristen/Rupert at separate times/places and fit to the papparazzi needs. I wish more people would find this site and realize that a big joke was played on the media, the fans know they love each other and barely give the pappz any pics of them holding hands, touching a lot, making out nothing. I have often thought they would have just gone to a motel/hotel to get it over with…not awkwardly make out in the car in a public place. So unlike her!

  4. If you don’t mind another very late addition… one rather trivial thing caught my eye, and I was reminded of the theory that Stewart’s face and/or clothing might be altered or “pasted” into a photo.

    In ten of the guardrail photos, Stewart is posed with her right foot on the ground, her left knee bent and raised. What seemed odd is that the posture is precisely identical in all ten, even though her upper half is moving into different positions and doing different things: hugging Sanders loosely, hugging him tightly, leaning away from him, facing slightly different directions. Her right foot remains at the same angle, not quite parallel to the fence, even when she is facing directly away from the fence, which looks very awkward. Sanders moves around from one picture to another as well, yet Stewart’s bottom half remains in this identical position in “popsugar” pictures 5, 10, 12, 14, 16, 30, 32, 40, and 51.

    In #54, there is a variation: legs in the same position, but turned slightly clockwise, so that now the left foot, instead of seeming to rest against a horizontal fence rail, is hanging in midair. This could be either (A) a telling mistake, in which the image has been rotated into an illogical posture, or (B) a particularly incriminating photo, since it could look as if Stewart is raising her leg to rub her thigh against his.

    It seemed peculiar to me that Stewart’s legs remained frozen in one posture through ten photos, when her top half is in motion and adopting different positions. It just didn’t look natural. My idea, of course, is that the same image of her legs was used over and over, and different “top halves” pasted on for each picture. I don’t know anything about photography; maybe someone who does could indicate whether this is at all plausible.

  5. Sorry for the late comment but just found this site. This was discussed on Crushable when someon posted a Youtube video of the guardrail location. The area they are in is not Pacific View Trail but a residential street named Pacific View Drive. You can google map the area and it has all the landscape objects and man made objects that are shown in the outside pictures of the rail area. Down to the weeds growing in the road next to the guard rail and the ruts in the road by Kristen’s car. It is a one way narrow street and there is no underbrush or trees where a pap could hide to take pictures. Kristen’s car in the picture is facing the only road leading into the street so there is no way a pap could hide without her seeing them and there are houses three feet from each other lining the streets. The car is facing going towards the main street leading into the street they are on. Since this is a narrow one way street with a dead end into a driveway she had to go into the street, travel down through the residential homes area, turn around in a driveway and come back down the street for the car to be facing the way it is.The guardrail in the picture does not match up to the height of the actual guardrail. The picture guardrail is curved where the actual rail is straight. What i noticed the most besides all the obvious things was the direction the sun is in and the shadows and highlights cast by the sun’s light direction. They don’t match up in the pictures. I am a landscape artist and a lot of the time I take pictures of the landscape so when I get back to the studio I will know where to paint the highlights and shadows caused by the sun light casting on the surface of the land and the vegatation. The sun’s position changes but not as fast as it does in these pictures. The shadows and highlights in the pictures are coming from sun light in two different position locations but in the same picture frame which is impossible incase the Earth has two suns. When Rupert is leaning over her and she is on the rail facing the valley you see the light from the sun coming from behind him (direct light on his back) so the shadow of his legs not blocked by Kristen should show up on the rail and the curb. You see nothing but the sunlight showing on the back of his jacket and no shadows cast by his body position to the light. The light showing on his back is very bright which with that amount of light would make a shadow cast in front of his body. Kristen is blocked by Rupert so she wouldn’t have a shadow. He blocks the light from casting her shadow. The sunlight shinning through the tree is off as well. If the light is coming from behind Rupert then why is the tree casting a shadow on the side of Kristen, the road and the railing since it shows the sun shinning through the tree directly beside Kristen on her left. There also is no light shinning on the railing even though there is light shinning through the tree beside her. The sun can not be in two different positions in the same picture. It shows the light coming from behind Rupert and light shinning beside Kristen and in front of Rupert. The sun can’t be behind Rupert and also in front of him at the same time. In another picture there is a shadow of Rupert’s foot on the curb but no shadow for the weeds that are directly beside Rupert’s foot. These railing pictures look like they were taken at two different times of the day since the position of the sun is shinning in two different directions in the sky. If the shadows and highlights are off this bad it shows the human images were photoshopped into the pictures taken at different times. Like I said the shadows that should cast off the people and objects are not there according to the direction the light is coming from. The highlights you would see on the objects are not there which should be according to the direction the light is shinning through. Photos are photoshopped or God was playing around with the sky that day and repositioning the sun quickly and gave the Earth two suns.

  6. You sound like you know what you are talking about and are very precise with your descriptions. Thank you. But after all of this time and
    in light of their reconciliation is there a point to this anymore? I like Kristen and Rob very much. I know Kristen’s history and that no one
    has ever hinted at similar past behavior. I believe she was either lied to about Rob with enough details to make it seem true, Or she was out and out seduced by an older guy who knew what he was doing. It was
    a full court press. With Kristen as the ultimate goal and/or the embarrassment of Rob as a first or secondary benefit. This guy had a wife and kids. Why take chances with his marriage and career with behavior like this? Knowing how the paparazzi dog her footsteps. It wasn’t like he couldn’t afford a motel room for pity’s sake. But he knew Kristen would never go for that. It would put her on her guard as to his
    intentions. Moving from place to place, Talking, getting out and walking, each time getting closer to Kristen. touching her, leaning in to her while she mulled over whatever news he gave her, How many in the course of her career have tried to go a step too far? Was his behavior although unwelcome nothing new to her, something she;d learned to put up with? When he called her to get her out of that gym she went to meet him quick. No side trip home to shower and change. So what he had to say must have been
    important to her. The only photo where he seems to have her full cooperation is the kissing in the car, If that is indeed her, So what we have is a very distracted Kristen in public kissing her director and future boss, How far can a good camera stretch a thank you kiss?.
    By the time they parted he probably knew he had wasted his time.But the photos were out there, And about to come down on both their heads. When they came out they could not deny them. Because there it was in photographic proof, She issued an apology and later he did the same. He reportedly told Rob she was the biggest mistake of his life. Rob and Kristen briefly split. Probably because he was too angry with her to be in the same room with her at first. She went to pieces
    and spent her time trying to talk and sending him texts. A few weeks later they get back together. and the world has been wondering about them ever since. It’s none of our business.

    • Ryanne: If you continue to read through the instalments, I think you’ll see that there is a point, and that part of the message of these posts is that most of the assumptions everyone makes about the pictures and the people involved are either provably wrong, or completely unfounded.
      Some of the events you mention come from the photo agency credited with the pictures. It’s very clear that their description of events is completely at odds with what is seen in the photos, and can’t be relied on. Later Grand Punk posts go into more detail on the pictures themselves, and indicate the problems with the photographer’s account of what Stewart did that day and how the pictures were obtained..
      Other “facts” about Stewart and Pattinson come from tabloid reports following up the “cheating” pictures, and are extremely unreliable. Stories about their breaking up, getting back together, arguing, going to pieces, etc. etc. come from unnamed sources, the same sources tabloids use when they report Kristen Stewart is pregnant for the ninth time, buying a house in Paris, sleeping with all her co-stars, or becoming anorexic. A big part of this site is discussing the way celebrity news sites lie and mislead.
      Keep reading!

  7. @Badger I read up to five, You make some very interesting points. But they are points that will escape most people. I had to read part of it over and over to make sure I was getting the sense of it. Only those with enough
    technical knowledge will understand or even try to believe you.. And that’s if they are impartial. When it comes to Rob and Kristen there is no such thing as impartial. If you provide charts and graphs even scale
    models as you have done they will still hold fast to their opinion. Had you been around when Harry Houdini was trying to contact his mother you could have easily proven That the seances were fake, light and shadow and persons helping the seer to effect the voices and sounds,
    You would have said,” See Harry they are tricking you.” And Harry would have believed you that time. But he would have continued to go to psychics hoping that the next one was real and could let him speak to his mother. Because he still wanted to believe that someday it could happen. People believe what they want to believe, Their true fans look at the glowing reports she’s had from every cast and crew that she has ever worked with, Plus the fact that there has never been even a hint of true scandal attached to her name. We see the way she looks at Rob as if he hung the Moon and quite likely a few of the stars as well. We see love. Her detractors see a good PR job. because that’s what they want to see.. I don’t know much about photograph manipulation and what I do know you have taught me. But being a family councilor I do know quite a lot about emotion and the human soul’s capacity to both love and hate, Rob and Kristen gave people something to aspire to without
    even knowing it. A true love, a pure love on screen and by their being so caught up in each other a real love,, a great love in real life. And then the world saw her break it, True or not that’s what they saw. A lot of people were relieved thinking he would leave her behind and forget
    about her Others blamed her, and were so angry at her for throwing away something that they had wanted coveted, This comprises about 23%
    of their fans. The other 77% remain loyal to both Rob and Kristen. I’m
    very much afraid that at this late date the only thing that will definitively prove your grand punk theory is if they produce a marriage license from way before the troubles and say, ” Ha all the split ups and family drama of why we would never marry when we were married all along
    Oh, and this time Kristen really is pregnant” Then they’ll say, ” Huh, guess we were wrong after all. Now what were you trying to say about those photographs.”That’s what I know of human nature. You can;t prove it to the head until you have proven it to the heart.

    • Ryanna: Let me correct a misunderstanding. I’m not responsible for this site or any of its content in any way. I just leave comments occasionally. I jumped in and replied to your comment, which was directed at the source of the Grand Punk series, not at me. Sorry to give you the wrong impression.

      • @Badger… Thank you for clearing that up Badger I.m starting number 6 today, I;m learning as I go and it’s slow but the comments have
        often helped a lot and yours twice in particular have helped me. I did not mean to seem to be quarreling with you God knows I wish you or some one who knows what they are talking about could once and for all put a stop to what people are doing to Kristen. I never wrote a thing to anyone but friends on the internet until I clicked on to one of the sites about them and saw the horrible things that were being said about her by some. It made me angry and I began pointing out the obvious stupidity of some of the claims using a pseudonym. Many others who sound older have said that they also began commenting
        because of the over the top hatred and the outright lies spun around one young girl. I thank yo for your help.

  8. Ryanna: No quarrel suspected. Yes, it seems that you’re one of many, myself included, whose interest was caught by the verbal attacks on Kristen Stewart. I paid no attention to celebrity news before, but for some reason this got my attention. The young lady seems to bring out people’s protective instincts – in addition to her treatment being very unfair.

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