Day 11

Good Morning (or should I say afternoon?)

My apologies for getting such a late start, but I really had to take care of some things in my RL and I knew if I sat down at my computer, they wouldn’t get done.  So, now that all the errands are run and the house has been vacuumed and mopped….I’m all yours!!!!

First of all, let me congratulate you on what you are doing!  The tweets are working!  We are getting more hits to JFK to visit The PLAN.  So things are going great!  Keep what you are doing!  I think that it is really important that we continue to send messages to the different fandoms of other celebrities.  Suggestions as to tweets were in yesterday’s update.  I think it would be excellent to target celebrities that have spoken out against the paparazzi!  As a said yesterday, we are working on some things behind the scenes that I will be telling you about soon!  Here is an update on the security threat we had some concerns about earlier in the week.

We have been assured that there is NO SECURITY THREAT on the Justice for Kristen website.  JFK is hosted by Word Press and they do a really good job of keeping things safe.  We raised the alarm here when the team member was hacked for YOUR SAFETY. We certainly didn’t want anyone else to be affected JUST IN CASE it came from there. We have done a VERY thorough security check on the JFK site, and everything is fine there. Unfortunately, the team member was attacked from other malicious sources.  Remember that you can get a virus, spyware and malware  from any number of sources—including—tab sites!!!   Another reason to not to visit them, right?

We do, however, want you to REMAIN SAFE. There are evil people out there, that do dirty deeds, and we need to protect ourselves. So to do that, every now and then we will issue little security reminders here. So listen to the warnings you hear. Check Microsoft’s website often for security threats. The team member who was hacked found out how they got into her computer. It was through the Java back door we’ve all been hearing about for a while. She picked it up because she did NOT have the correct Java version installed on her computer, so the hacker got in through the flaw in the Java software when she visited another website. She did not have Java disabled in her browsers. Update your computers regularly. Run your full security scans often. Disable Java in your browsers. If you don’t know how, just let me know, and I’ll e-mail you personally. Java is working on the issue, and released an update on Feb. 1 with 50 security fixes in the update. However, Homeland Security is not confident these security fixes will work, and still recommends you disable Java in your browsers. To date, Homeland Security has not issued an all clear. See? We’re just trying to keep you safe!

From what I understand, Twitter is a fairly safe place to be as long as you follow the rules about a strong password and requiring an email address for anything to be changed.  If you would like further info, here is a link provided by Twitter about how to keep safe!

I am going to continue working behind the scenes.  I will check in with you later today!  Keep tweeting those other fan sites—we are going to HAVE to get other fandoms involved or this will never work!

There are still a lot of people that have not sent their @twitter address to me.  If you have already sent it, there is no need to send it again…remember this email is going out to everyone, I have not sent any individual emails requesting your @twitter address.  I will be purging the list soon, so if you HAVEN’T sent yours, please do so soon!

I really appreciate everything you do!



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  1. Pop Sugar has put in two advertisements in between the CS Photos. I believe it is done to change the S/Nos. of the photographs – perhaps trying to confuse the readers of TGP?

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