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One Response

  1. Stop persecuting Kristen. It’s so not right.No other actress has had to endure so much media coverage. This is beyond strange and drifting into the surreal. Our grandchildren will look back on this episode in our history and think us all lackwitted,. I am beginning to agree. They’ll say it all boiled down to the fact that she had Rob when so many women envied her, As for those pictures, why do they exist at all. One would think a man his age would have better sense than to behave in such a way when the world knew that the paps followed Kristen Stewart everywhere, If the man wanted out of his marriage why not just ask like
    a normal man. I no longer believe the official pap version. Something happened, But someone is lying big time. No matter what the case Kristen has been bullied enough. The press need to let this go. We need to let this go and quit visiting yours and all the other gossip sites.

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