Rob + Kristen = Love


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4 Responses

  1. I was glad to hear of the progress so far away as Hawaii. Is the world finally getting tired of the paparazzi press. Studio photos are always better. I don’t want to see my favorite actors if that is not their wish. When I look at paparazzi/tabloid photos now I feel like I am stealing. If the picture was not posed for and agreed on then that is exactly what it
    is. Stealing.

  2. I agree. Because it never is just pictures is it? It’s pushing and crowding and insolent questions. Even if the questions are not insolent
    it’s none of their business. Nor do they have a right to ask. These people are famous yes. but they got that way by being the best at what they do. It’s their job. Like the rest of us, some are good at their job and some are spectacular at it. Rob and Kristen belong in that in that last group. They bring something new to the screen. Something memorable.
    Whether together or seperately there’s somethingspecial about whatever they bring to a story.

  3. I love Kristen and Robert. I love their work they do work together really well Kristen is a fantastic actress and Robert is a fantastic actor as well.
    They are beauitful people they are made for each other I hope the best for them both I’m a fan of both and love them dearly, so good luck to Robert and Kristen the best of luck to both love these two.

  4. i love this couple

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