Paparazzi Never Stop

The quest to reform the paparazzi

By Jim Roope, CNN

(CNN) – A French court has leveled fines and penalties on the French Magazine ‘Closer’ for publishing topless photos of the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton.

However, a former bodyguard says it doesn’t do enough to curb bad paparazzi behavior.

[:35] “It’s one of the lowest forms of employment I’ve ever seen, personally,” said Sean Burke.

Burke, who worked as security for many high-profile celebrities, founded The Paparazzi Reform Initiative and is responsible for helping to enact several paparazzi laws.

He says that what happened to the royal couple while vacationing at a private chateau in France is inexcusable.

In cities like Los Angeles where celebrities are in abundance, he worries about the dangerous situations paparazzi cause.

[2:00] “And who’s going get killed is not another celebrity, it’s going to be a lady with a stroller going across the street because the paparazzi are going through red lights, said Burke. “It’s going to be a pedestrian or an innocent person who’s going to get hurt.”

Burke said the paparazzi will do and say anything to get the photo that gets them paid.

[2:40] “[The things they] accuse you of; of about your private parts, of about your spouse, or about your mom, your dad, your baby, anything they want to try and get you to react; that in itself is inhumane.”

To listen to the entire interview, click here.


Published on Sep 29, 2012 by

princess diana died on august 31st 1997, after being chased by paparazzis in paris. people speak of conspiracies and drunk drivers, but the fact still stands that she was chased by paparazzis, all motives aside. how people haven’t learned anything from her death is beyond me.

i see it all the time, people saying “oh, i hate the paparazzi so much!” and then the minute after they go posting/reblogging/retweeting a bunch of paparazzi pictures. as if none of what they said even mattered.

i have people telling me that i can’t change the world, and maybe i can’t. but that’s no reason for me to just sit back and just follow everyone else because it’s out of my hands.

i choose to not be a part of something, that makes other people miserable. i hope this video makes you think.

as usual, comments with lack of respect will be deleted and in some cases, the user will be blocked.

paparazzi: “why do you hate us so much?”
kristen stewart: “you’re all pieces of shit.”

music: dustin o’holloran – we move lightly


Uploaded by on Dec 30, 2010

This work is an appropriation. To “appropriate” means to take something for one’s own use, typically without the owner’s permission. That’s the official definition because I want to be clear. With this project I have appropriated this footage to emphasize the severity of the celebrity perspective. Public figures like Kristen Stewart, who once upon a time had rights, may now be photographed, videotaped, and published without their permission or knowledge.

I think it’s absolutely outrageous that I can make a documentary about this aspect of Kristen Stewart’s life, granted it is from the perspective of the media, but without even touching a video camera. And although this team of videographers ranges from television stations to fans holding their consumer grade digital cameras, the videos have come together in this one viewing place — YouTube.

All footage and audio have been taken from YouTube, with the exception of the titles and soundtracks. No copyrighted music tracks were used — the bands are ones I knew at my high school and college.

She narrates at the beginning and the end. If you watch through the credits, there’s additional footage, and a clip at the end where she tells a funny short story about the pregnancy rumor.



The Kristen Inquisition – “Documentary”

Watch this and interpret it however you’d like. What I see is an example of how the media/paparazzi/certain fans treat public figures like Kristen Stewart. To me, it’s sickening how she is objectified as a commodity when she’s a human being who loves what she does as a career yet happens to have a more high profile “job”. I invite you all who watch this to practice being empathetic and compassionate. Meaning, put yourself in her shoes and ask yourself how you’d want to  be treated, or if you had a friend going through the same thing, what would you want for them? ~ Peace4Stew

Peace4Stew AND Peace4Rob

About Peace4Stew AND Peace4Rob

*If you’re going to leave me anything in my ask box, make sure it is positive in nature. Otherwise, don’t bother.* ~RESPECT~ Peace4Stew and Peace4Rob started with the idea of supporting Kristen Stewart’s and Robert Pattinson’s peace by informing and educating people about the inappropriate tactics/behavior some of the paparazzi engage in to obtain their pictures. Many times it is disrespectful in nature and unsafe for the celebrities they are following. They seem to have little regard for respecting human rights and privacy. If you’re a fan of respecting people and you want to know how you can support your favorite celebrity/celebrities in being respected by the paparazzi, media, other people, follow us at @Peace4Stew and @Peace4Rob! Be informed and make the choices that are aligned with peace & respect! This is an initiative in the making, and the more there are of us working together, the more of an impact we’ll have and of course, the more likely we can create peace. We choose peaceful means to inform, though we may inform in a fun and sarcastic way as well. Try not to get offended. 🙂 (Ultimately, this is an appreciation, inspirational and informational blog)

Song: Robbie Williams – Karma Killer
no copyright infringement intended
I wanted to make this video for a long time. I finally found time and did so. Paparazzi destroy celebrities’s lives..
I think this video is a bit boring cause i used the footage from that one day…yep, that August day that tore our hearts apart seeing Rob’s breakdown..
Well, enough with the drama! Enjoy and comment please!!!!

  • How soon everybody forgets these instances. It happens and the fans see it, get all outraged, and a week later start posting pap pics again. Sigh…. I wish everyone would realize how intrusive these people are and it doesn’t matter if he is a star. It shouldn’t happen to anyone. No matter where he is or who he is he doesn’t deserve to be treated like this. I You’d think that after what happened to Diana we would have learned. We’ll never learn.

    jarielynn 5 months ago

  • That’s true :/ you see fans getting angry about the paparazzi and how the invade into celebrities’s lives, and then they beg for paparazzi pics of their favorite celebrity just to see him/her… :/

Uploaded by on Jan 13, 2010

Published on Jul 4, 2012 by

This was not on my schedule. I was about te make another vid, about a very light/happy theme. But I just couldn’t get that “I hate you” (Kristen to papz – Cannes) out of my head. Plus, I made a kinda similar vid last year, and it was mostly about Kristen. Honestly, I’ve always wanted to make one about Rob too, because I never managed to forget that footage of him BEGGING the papz to leave him alone, in LA.
So when I “discovered” this wonderful piece of music, I thought it was perfect for this theme.

Some ppl will say “C’mon! Get over it already. It comes with the territory. All celebrities know that.”. True. But you have to admit that what came with THAT territory was way much harder to handle than any other. The way Rob and Kris kept handling this whole craziness is part of the reason why we love and respect them so much.

One last thing ; I’m not a hypocrite. I do watch some papz vids/pics sometimes. And I do look for news about Robsten all the time. But, most of all, I never watch stuff where they look really angry. I had to make a lot of research for this vid, because I’ve never gathered that much papz footages since I started vidding :). And I most certainly do not want to take sthg -anything- that Rob and Kris are not willing to give.

Music : Guardians at the Gate (Audiomachine).

“Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for “fair use” for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use.”

Published on Jun 20, 2012 by

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Sellebrity Trailer (2012) – Celebrity Documentary Movie HD

Fame today is more than an obsession. Fame has become what millions of us follow, believe in and seemingly what we care about most – as well as a billion dollar-a-year industry. But what does our intense fascination with celebrity say about us? And how much is too high a price to pay for our own curiosity run rampant?

“$ELLEBRITY” is a candid dialogue about the tone and texture of celebrity, past, present and future; an
examination of our pop culture; and an honest look at the quality of our media consumption.

“Sellebrity trailer” “Sellebrity movie” “Sellebrity HD” HD 2012 documentary “Kevin Mazur” “Kevin Mazur” “Tricia Nolan” “Jeff Vespa” paparazzi movie clips movieclips movieclipsDOTcom movieclipstrailers movieclipscomings


Published on May 3, 2012 by Paparazzi make a living by chasing down celebrities and shoving cameras in their faces and up their skirts. We decided to hunt a few down and give them a taste of their own disgusting medicine.

For information about paparazzi reform scroll up and looked to your left.  Click on the Paparazzi Reform page.


16 Responses

  1. I have the film $ellebrity in my Netflix cue, it is on Very Long Wait status. The paparazzi have really “upped their game” in the last 10 years, now it is much less valid for them to say “well too bad, it is the price you pay for being a celebrity” as you always hear the photographers excuse.

  2. This is so damn great I cant believe it, I really think more people should do this!!!!!

  3. I saw Kevin Mazur on TV last night on ABC, talking about the paparazzi and his documentary. I have talked with Desdenuestrosojos about sending their Hyena Law they wrote. I have found 7 videos where the papz are especially horrrible, the LAX one, one where K cries, one with R and the papz following him and he gets out of car. I just noticed you have these on your post about the papz. Have you been in contact with him at all. I will send the vids to Desdenuestrosojos and will see what to send to Kevin. I was wondering if possible to include your post on the papz with credit to both of you of course? I just cant sit around an do nothing! I wonder if it would do any good to send the original US weakly article that was nothing but lies. Maybe your article about the moving vans? He is the only one I have seen to take a stab at the papz and he is a former one . Let me know your thoughts, I can give you my email if you want. Thanks for all your work

    • Mazur is the Director of $ellebrity. Lainey, just the other day had a column about this this DOC., complaining that actors always use papz for their gain and then turn around and bash them and cry “lack of privacy.” She used Ben Affleck as an example saying “Affleck on purpose was papped kissing his wife and dropping his kids of to school because he wants an Oscar nomination.” Well this is obviously bullshit because Affleck is papped almost daily with this wife and kids. he was just going about his normal life

      Nena: would be great if you could link us to this interview.

    • Nena,
      I have no problem with you sending anything or linking this site to Mr. Mazur and I am sure that Twilighter wouldn’t either. As far as I know Twilighter has not been in contact with Mr. Mazur. Perhaps, he could be our contact to bringing some of this to light. I don’t know…but it couldn’t hurt.
      Sue aka veulent_savoir

      • You know all the tales of Sean Penn being violent with the paparazzi I
        really use to think that the guy just had a hair trigger temper and probably just about anything set him off,. Now I have a whole new respect for the guy for punching that paparazzi. When they tell actors it’s all a part of fame. Actors should say yeah and getting Sean Penned is part of being a paparazzi. Why is this harassing legal? Kris I also hate that they get a pay check for what they do. There has to be new laws made or enforceable limits set. We’re going to end up with a Princess Diana of our own if something isn’t done. Photos at events
        are one thing following a guy down a street like a rabid dog is a whole
        other thing and cops should be allowed to stop such behavior

      • That is such a good point. about Sean Penn. And if the Papz get flipped off, we should all say well that is what you get for being a papz

  4. I don’t understand how the papz get away with what they do to celebrities. Let’s just say if a normal everyday person stalked, harrassed, slandered,took pictures, trespassed on another’s property or chased them down in a car that person would be arrested for their actions against the celebrity or any person. So why doesn’t the same laws pertain towards the papz who do this to celebrities? What makes their actions any different from those people who have stalked celebrities and have been arrested and jailed for what they did? I think if the law enforcement would treat the papz the same as they do other stalkers and the court system would take them to trial for their actions a lot of this would stop. So are they exempt from the laws because I don’t understand the double standards here for papz and regular people. Fans who have done the exact thing the papz do have been arrested and tried for their actions. So what is the difference? The police in the video who would not help Robert Pattinson when he was being stalked and harrassed by the papz should have been suspended for not doing their duty to a citizen asking for help. A celebrity is still a citizen who pays taxes which pays the salary of the city employees like the cops. I couldn’t believe they just stood there and did nothing. If that had been a gang of drunks harrassing Pattinson they would have done something. Are the police afraid they will get by PR by the papz so they do nothing? If this is the case then the problem lies with law enforcement not following the laws. So is it the laws or those paid to enforce them? I know the papz hide behind the 2nd Amendment but I don’t think it says you have the right to harrass and cause danger to the one you are writing about. The pap that got killed recently while chasing Justin Beiber’s car and crossing the road to take pictures should have been arrested by the police at the scene for interfering in what the police were doing at the scene. Instead they just told him to move. He crossed over three times and the police told him to leave three times before he was hit. Why was he not arrested like anyone else would have been for disturbing the scene and interfering with police business? Why can’t they pass a law that stops the papz from doing what they do?

    • I totally agree. I don’t understand why they don’t get into trouble either. A picture is one thing, but I don’t know what it’s going to take to stop this. I have stopped looking at the pap videos because they make me sick. I much prefer to see a fan pic as they aren’t so intrusive. Rob and Kristen have been hounded worse than anyone. It needs to stop. They will never get any peace together or apart. They are always going to be watching for Kristen to “cheat” again or to see if Rob is with someone else. It’s enough to drive a person crazy and probably has!

    • One more thought. How sad that both of them live in a gated community. I don’t think a person should have to lose their freedom if they are a celebrity, but they do. That is just wrong.

  5. this all happens because there are people buying the mags, paying to know whatever there is available about their favorite actors and it’s going to stop once people learns what respect is…the fact that they work making movies don’t give the people the right to sneak into their day-to-day life.

  6. I have stayed in the Santa Monica/Malibu area three times in the past year. I would never dream of tracking down Kristen’s house, not to mention waiting for her to come home. She was so sweet to her fans. Unbelievable!
    I watched Princess Diana and Charles get married. I think that may have been the start of how abusive the paps are now. Look what happened to her… That has been my fear for Kristen and Robert. When I was young there was no Internet and cell phones, etc. that technology has intensified the abuse toward actors ten fold. Of course we couldn’t have discussions like this, but at what cost is this stalking, abusive, criminal behavior going to stop. Diana was loved by the world and her death didn’t stop or put stricter guidelines to how they operate. It has gotten worse not better!
    It is my hope that when this story goes public, many people, young and old, will realized what they are keeping in business. Buying a magazine is obvious. I don’t think a lot of people realize how they are contributing to this evil money machine when they click on sites and leave comments. I have done it. I was guilty. But this scandal has made me realize that I was contributing to the problem.

  7. It a legal form of stalking someone. If it was Joe public we could at least get the police involved.

  8. I just watched some of the videos and I am just so sickened. I have seen the one at LAX before but didn’t understand what was yelled. All I can say is OMG! This is the most vile, vicious and inhuman thing. If more people knew what is actually going on when they look at a paparazzi pic, they would be so upset. This is so intrusive and anything but harmless. I felt so bad for Rob. And poor Kristen. They just won’t let her be. This is just so wrong. This goes way past the 2nd Amendment. Just sickening.

  9. Well, you called it. There is a report on E! that Rob and Kirsten were seen out together holding hands, laughing and had a bag of groceries. No pics yet but I’m sure we will see some soon. You are so right about the rag mags. Glad I came here and got the truth about this garbage. I had been checking to see when they would run a reunion story, which is what they called it. What scum!

  10. I would love to get a petition going to make stricter laws on the paps, or even better lets start having them and their family and friends followed, videotaped, and pictures taken the exact same way start putting their pics out. We could also claim the second amendment. I personally refuse to go to their sites, follow or even buy their mags, its all bs anyways. I truly believe they killed Princess Diana and the investigation covered it up period! Yeah yeah they say the driver was drunk but personally i do not think he would have been going so fast had they not been chased. When is the government going to step in and stop stalking and deaths from these idiots? We pay to see their movies not THEIR personal lives. I would love to see actors/actresses start suing every last one of them for the lies they post. Yeah they will have to prove the lies, but seriously it would not be hard to do as every last one contradicts themselves on a daily basis. As a society we owe it to them to stand up and say enough is enough let them live life. They are human and honestly how many of us could handle just one day of what they go through? My heart goes out to them, I personally think Kristen is an amazing actress but honestly could care less about her personal life, that is her business and her business alone. I hope she holds her head high and continues to do what she loves, and follows the path she wants. I wish them all but the best, as for the paparazzi I hope you all face just one day of what you put them through.

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