Day 8

Whoa!  You guys were burning it up out there yesterday!  I’m so proud of you!  I know it is easier on the weekend, because many of you work.  But if you can keep that stuff going, it would be amazing!

We are definitely getting under the skin of some.  Be careful about opening anything.  Just check first, OK?  If it is sent to you by someone you don’t know, think twice.  I got caught on it yesterday because I opened something that was sent directly to me and I didn’t know the name.  It just took me to a SPAM site.   If I post a link, it will have THE PLAN as my avatar and will have my name on it. Just make sure that you have your settings set so that it requires an email to change anything on your account.  Even though I thought they had gotten me, as far as I know nothing happened, because I had that set.

Always remember…if they are insulting, talking inappropriately, etc., you can block them and you won’t have to listen to their ramblings!  You don’t have to lock your account…that only means that no one will see all the work you do.  As long as you have that setting requiring an email to change anything on your account, I think you are safe from hackers.  No promises…but that is what has happened to me so far…  J

I had a couple of entertaining spats with some haters yesterday!  One said she wasn’t going to join “The Plan” because it was associated with  I suspect that she is one of the people that doesn’t agree with Twilighter’s theories.  I told her that was fine, but that “The Plan” had nothing to do with theories, it was about stopping the lies and stopping the papz.  I asked her if she was for or against that.  She said she was against the lies and the papz, but she still wouldn’t join because she wouldn’t go to  I told her that was fine, it was on Facebook, too!  That took the wind out of her sales and so she suggested that I just leave her alone.  I haven’t responded to her anymore.

So if you are having problems with someone, ask them if they approve of the treatment of (fill in the blank with the person they are “in love” with) in the tabs.  Do they approve of papz stalking and ambushing celebrities?  Do they approve of the papz taking pictures of celebrities’ children?  THE PLAN is about more than just stopping the lies about Kristen.  It may have started as an effort to make the tabs quit printing lies about Kristen, but the truth is, they print lies about just about everyone.  If they love the papz pictures, have them look at some of the videos.  Ask if they really want to see pictures of their idols when they know the way the papz behave.  They will either admit that they don’t care about the way their “idol” is treated, in which case they are really not fans or they will join us.  That’s all we can do.

Someone asked about the celebrities who want the exposure that the tabs give them.  I realize that some of celebrities use the tabs as a way to get their faces out there in public.  I think it is pretty clear that Rob and Kristen don’t want the papz following them around all the time.  I think that celebrities that are parents are pretty clear about not wanting their children subjected to it!  As a general rule, I think that most of the celebs don’t want to be stalked and followed by a bunch of photographers everywhere they go.  I think that if a celeb wants to be photographed, you will see them waving, smiling, and interacting with the photographers. But, when someone is ignoring the camera, isn’t aware of the camera, or is flipping off the camera, it is a fair bet that they aren’t one of the ones that call the papz.  JMO.

The other thing that I would like to get out to the masses is that where the information is hosted about THE PLAN is really irrelevant.  I already had the blog and it was a convenient place for me to put the information.  The fact that the information is on, doesn’t mean that the information is inherently bad.  If they don’t want to see the information that Twilighter has put out or they don’t take the time to look through some of the other pages, that’s fine.  But when someone refuses to go to a blog because of the name, then they are proving that they have a closed mind about the subject and nothing we do will change it.  Tell them it is also on Facebook and drop it.  We don’t need people that are too immature to think beyond the fact that they don’t like Robert’s girlfriend or they don’t like what Twilighter is saying.  The truth is I haven’t always liked what he said or even necessarily agreed with his theories.  But, he is doing one hell of a lot more actual intelligent investigative work than ANYONE else out there.


At any rate, you did an amazing job Sunday!  Thank you for all your hard work!  Remember, this is a long term project.  We won’t win overnight.  It is going to take a long time!

For some great tweets, check my TL.  They aren’t my tweets, THE GROUP is putting out some wonderful thoughts and I RT them when I see them.  Also, be sure that you check yesterday’s update for some links to some videos that show how papz actually interact with celebrities.  You don’t see that when you look at a picture in a tab and people just don’t realize what animals they really are.

Another thought, I saw that people are anxious to see Robert and Kristen.  If you know of some videos that have Robert and/or Kristen on television interviews, photo shoots, etc. (places they are happy and at their cutest!) you might put links out for them.  Maybe that will calm down the hunger for papz pictures!

Thanks again for helping!


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