Just Another Night on the Town for Kristen

Poor Kristen…..


Yesterday, several people posted a video  on twitter of a young woman and her friends going out for a concert. Big news, huh? A 22-year-old woman going out with her friends to a concert? Does that sound like it warrants a video on YouTube? It does when that 22-year-old is named Kristen Stewart. I’m not going to post the link for that video, because frankly, it made me ill.  This video made me cry, and I’m a tough, older biker lady who doesn’t cry (much). When I do, 99% of the time it’s because of some injustice, cruelty, or bullying done to another human being, or an animal. So if you’re one of those who cry, I wouldn’t recommend watching it. This video happens to be of Kristen Stewart being attacked by the rabid hyenas also known as the paparazzi. However, this happens EVERY DAY to other A-list celebrities. Actually, that’s not entirely true – they stalk anyone who is a “public figure”. The A-list celebrities just bring a bigger paycheck, so it seems they stalk them more often. What I wonder, is WHY, if you’re a “fan” of these celebrities, would you want to watch something like this? To get a glimpse of your favorite star? Does the star look like he or she is enjoying this type of attention? Some of the celebrities DO like the attention – but those are few and far between.
How did Kristen Stewart ask these hyenas for all this attention? She went out with a group of friends to see another friend of hers perform at a concert. Seems like a normal thing to do, right? I know I have friends in bands, and I go out to see them often, and usually have a great time! When you go out to have fun, usually it involves lots of laughing, dancing, and mingling with other people also enjoying your friend’s music. However, because Kristen is a celebrity, a “public figure”, she spent her evening out huddled in a corner, not dancing, not mingling, but trying to remain as hidden as she could. But she did brave these hyenas, and all the intrusive fans, to support her friend Marcus Foster. That’s what friends do – support each other. But it seems Kristen not only has to fear the hyena pack of paparazzi, she also needs to hide away from a few persistent fans. Fans who wanted to intrude on her evening of “fun”, insistently trying to take pictures, begging to talk to her. Kristen Stewart loves her fans, but there is a big difference between asking for a quick  picture and going away, and hounding her until she complies with your wishes, or lets you hang out with her and her friends. Doesn’t seem like much “fun”, does it? Does this young woman EVER get a day off?
To add insult to injury, the next day on twitter, “fans” posted these intrusive hyena photos, and even this video! A video that made me cry. AND asked people to retweet it! Do they not see how uncomfortable (and that is a gross understatement) Kristen is in these pictures? Do they enjoy seeing her like that? I understand that people want to see the person they’re a “fan” of. I do understand that. But at what price? I’d MUCH rather see her smiling and happy! Wouldn’t you? There are plenty of YouTube videos available, pictures available of events, countless other respectable places where you can see your “idol”. Watch their movies! Why support something that obviously puts the person you’re such a “fan” of in a seriously distressing situation,  what could be a dangerous situation.
What I ask of each and every one of you are two things. First, the next time you are tempted to click on those pictures, or watch those videos, pictures and videos made by these hyenas, please stop yourself. Find a video or picture of them where they are happy! Pictures of them at events, or on talk shows, places they appeared for their job. Wouldn’t you also, like me, like to see your “idol” happy? And the second thing is, the next time you are tempted to click on a tabloid article screaming a luring headline, please stop yourself. All you will read in those “articles” are lies. Lies created to tempt fans to click on them. Those articles never have any proof, all they have are the unnamed “sources”, those elusive beings that claim to know such private, personal things about your “idol”. Seriously think about that. Do you honestly believe that any of your “idols” would tolerate anyone close to them running to the nearest tabloid to blab about any of their personal life? Would you tolerate someone like that in your life? Most likely not. As you probably know, it’s quite easy to find out who that person is in your group of friends. In a celebrity’s line of work, they have to use the services of hairdressers, stylists, chauffeurs, etc. Do you honestly think they would talk about their most private times in front of these  people? People they don’t know well? Again, no. They didn’t achieve the success they have by being foolish.
So, if you are indeed a true fan of someone, please stop helping the tabloids pay the paparazzi! If everyone would stop reading the lies, the tabloids wouldn’t have any money to pay those hyenas. Since the hyenas are in that line of “work” (stalking is a job now?), would they take those pictures for free? No. Unfortunately, in that line of “work”, be it tabloid journalism, or the hyena paparazzi, this statement really is true: “It’s all about the benjamins”.
This is the first time, in my many years, that I have been a true fan. Sure, I’ve liked a few stars, but have never been a “fan” of anyone, until now.  What I’ve seen, since becoming a fan, is truly disturbing. Not only the  person I’m a fan of, but every celebrity in the movie business, is a target of these vermin. The tabloids and paparazzi are indeed, out of control, free to lie and torment whomever they wish – whomever will bring them the most money at the time, that is who they will target. If you would like to help stop this horrific treatment of our “idols”, do something. Stop reading those tabloids. Stop looking at those pictures and videos. If you’d like to learn more about this, please go to wertheplan.wordpress.com and see what you can do to help. Princess Diana was killed in 1997. That’s been 16 years ago, yet the tabloids and paparazzi are still running rampant. The laws aren’t helping – they aren’t enforced. So let’s hit them where it hurts them the most. Their bank accounts. Friday, March 8th, ThePlan is sponsoring a TabFreeFriday, encouraging everyone to not click on the tabloid websites. Let’s start with Friday – hopefully one day EVERY day will be tabloid free. Join #ThePlan. Help make a difference.

10 Responses

  1. To me they are bunch of animals to me. And also trouble makers. I don’t know they live with themselves.


      Get a close look at Taylor Lautner’s expression. He isn’t walking with eyes on the ground, hiding his face, He appears to be taking that loud milling bunch of paparazzi very seriously. I think I get the backwards baseball caps now. When you are blinding others to your face you are likewise blinding yourself in turn. Those ball cap bills are backwards to be easily seen by their own group walking behind them. Ditto the person’s name sewn into the front or over the clasp. The stars are taking these paparazzi and the possible threat a huge and angry group of them may pose to their safety very seriously. We hear and through the camera see a lot. It’s probably not a tenth of the menace the famous people and the people in their party feel.
      Does that kind of behavior strike you as professional or businesslike in anyway? No. I thought not. If the paparazzi are on someone’s chain as
      has been mentioned then they are in danger of slipping it. JW’s account ofJessica Alba and her escort spring to mind. Paparazzi do consider
      the stars their meal ticket and, ” I’m working here, I’m workng here, ” their mindset. Like a pack of competing dogs, they want their strip of meat, and their is no law that says they cannot take it.
      One day will that careful restraint on the stars part break? Or a paparazzi be too insistent with the wrong person? That is not even the point, though it could happen so easy. The point is these people should not be treated this way, inundated by a wall of screaming flesh in an effort to gain a sellable photo.And that is what this is all about. The bill
      that gave these paparazzi the right to do this needs to be revisited. All things have a time and a season to everything under heaven we are told. The time of the paparazzi has lasted long enough. So say we all?
      I do like that line from Battlestar Galactica. And don’t kid yourself that is what it will take to rescind anything signed into the Constitution. There are five members in this household and, ” So say we all.”
      ” So let it be written. So let it be done.”

  2. Same here with my many years was not a fan of anyone but now I am. I’m as outraged as if hurt my own children. My God, just the cry of many serious and powerful personalities to do something.

    • I, too have been a fan of many stars. Or maybe I was just a fan of Hollywood and movie making in general. The action and special effects
      I have spent many a hard earned dollar on. When everyone went crazy over Twilight I gave it a pass. I heard it was a teen movie with practically no action or special effects.

      I didn’t see the first movie until the 3rd one was already out on DVD. Finally I bought all three and sat down to see what all of the fuss was about. I forgot about special effects and action scenes. Instead I became lost in the strange and yet simple story and in the faces of Bella
      Swann and Edward Cullen and the whole Cullen Clan. Jacob Black and hiswhole tribe and their strange legacy of shape shifting.

      This was story telling at its finest with actors who were almost too beautiful to be real. I had seen Kristen Stewart many times most notably in Speak, The Messengers and The Cake Eaters. But this beautiful young girl was made even more beautiful by the longing stare
      of a forever seventeen and eternally young vampire. Taylor Lautner’s young Jacob didn’t stand a chance. Because these two were meant to be together in this story. And then suddenly it wasn’t just a story. They had a life together past the theater doors. And I was hooked.

      Still am I guess. Iam their fan hopefully together but if not apart. So I too adopted these two with their cares and woes and learned to see my beloved Hollywood through their lives. I didn’t like it much. The paparazzi and the tabloids and the speculative lie., Everthing about Hollywood that I had loved was daily being covered in what my great grandmother called night soil but you and I call sh*t.

      So I stopped buying enetertainment magazines. All of them, I stopped
      watching any news program that was gratuitously cruel about either of them especially her. I felt for them having their every movement reported on. And Kristen treated as she is. I found this sight and The Plan and Do I Dazzle You. And so many other sites where positive things are said of them.

      Their troubles educated me on a lot that is wrong with the world. That their business is not my or the world’s business. That paparazzi are the scum of the earth and seem quite content to stay that way, and that there would be no paparazzi without tabloids. That tabloids can print lies from non-existent sources and make millions. That even a toddler like Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes daughter Suri, is not safe from the glare of their attention. That they would go out of business if it were not for people like me in love with Hollywood.That I will likely always love Rob and Kristen and be proud of their future movie life. But that I will never care again as I have cared for these two.

  3. Kristen is getting a raw deal all the way around. I thing\k she’s a great actress. I love her. I wish her and Rob all the happiness in the world.

  4. You should really read what Jada Smith said on Gossip Cop about bullying. She should also mention about Kristen too.

  5. That is so sad, it must be hell not to ever be able to go somewhere and have them attack, I mean that’s what there doing is attacking you and it should be a law that they have to be so many feet away or not even there. This is so sick, I feel so sorry for them, all actors and anyone who have to put up with that kind of shit.

  6. Everyone needs to go to The Plan, if you haven’t already, and read the e-mails from Sean Burke of Paparazzi Reform Initiative about the papz being illegals. It will really open your eyes to “the new paparazzi”, and their tactics. Thanks!

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